Blockbuster Tapes, Ernest Movies, and Reenacting Back to the Future

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Special Guest (as Neighbor) Mr Sark
Whiskey on the Mississippi Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 100
Denise G
Denise G Day ago
At the mention of Ernest movies Me:SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
ryan acidstorm
ryan acidstorm 5 days ago
OMFG the Vanilla Ice poster was legendary
Cryptic _R
Cryptic _R Month ago
The ending is everything
I am The soup
I am The soup Month ago
smokey and the bandit three was literally the worst movie ever made by a professional
He's a divorced closeted gay guy who holds a grudge.
😂🤣😂 Dennis first communications 🤣😂🤣😂
Preston Drummond
Preston Drummond 2 months ago
Mr sark
red FredBear
red FredBear 2 months ago
I'll take all the Ernest movies
Dillon 2 months ago
Uncle Lou?
ZombieWolfShade 2 months ago
How does Artie still have custody over Dennis?
dachinaman's Gaming
dachinaman's Gaming 4 months ago
wait... is Artie Micheal's real dad???
under hellsway
under hellsway 5 months ago
funny shi ngl keep it up!
Rose Bud
Rose Bud 5 months ago
1:25 Home Alone Movie Posters 1,2, And 3.
zack seals
zack seals 5 months ago
I'll take thats just Christmas snow officer not cocaine
nice axolotl
nice axolotl 6 months ago
Yum yum yum
H_uskyy 6 months ago
BRING ARTIES ODDS AND ENDS BACK!!! Like this so it gets to be seen
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller 7 months ago
are the belly button crumbs for sale?
Elias Ontiveros
Elias Ontiveros 10 months ago
H_uskyy Year ago
What happens to arties odds and ends?
H_uskyy Year ago
That ending roast was fire
RedBullSkits Year ago
69 dislikes Nice
Andrew McCormick
The end killed me
Nickisshown Year ago
Damn Brewstew does a good Forrest Gump impression
Josh M
Josh M Year ago
My diaphragm hurts from laughing. Ow~. 'Artie' is as good as he's always been. XD
K, Jetix's Successor
The last insult instantly cured my depression 🤣😭😂😂🤣
James Padgett
James Padgett Year ago
Is this the guy from Happy Hour Saloon?
Fanny Fanny
Fanny Fanny Year ago
Forkin' brilliant! I laughed! I cried! I fapped to completion (twice)! I cried some more! Awesome, life-changing and deeply moving. C- Somewhat recommended.
Jacob Andersen
That's a voucher to have sex with my ex wife, so why don't you go fuck yourself Sharon
Elvira Julio
Elvira Julio Year ago
Smokey the bandit 4 and Smokey the bandit 5
josh boss
josh boss Year ago
Is there such a true you can buy this stuff
Komega Year ago
is his ex wife dating rick from happy hour?
General Khan
General Khan Year ago
The best way to tell someone to go fuck themselves is right here
La Von Hawkins
I called
Jason Felix
Jason Felix Year ago
Uncle lou anyway.
Emmygirl1 Phluffey
Who else loves Back To The Future?
Pyromike Year ago
That Forest Gump
Smokey Year ago
I feel attacked
Bauti Plays
Bauti Plays Year ago
Cat Bin
Cat Bin Year ago
47 people disliked that: 2.9k people who liked it: why are you gay
The Dankest Of Memes
2:33 “I love you forest but I love heroin a lot more”
k f
k f Year ago
That ending!!!!!
John F Kennedy
that last bit killed me lmao
Juniibee Year ago
Soc and Farti
Roope Laakkonen
I came here for Brewstew
Trash Panda ,_,
Bruh that last line was the greatest insult
Bapp0 _74
Bapp0 _74 Year ago
Bob sounds familiar....
Grifiano Year ago
3:20 Yup
Aiden Geary
Aiden Geary Year ago
Smokey and The Bandit 3 was awful.
Jesus Martinez
Coolboy 60
Coolboy 60 Year ago
How big is this guys garage!
Gamercj10 !
Gamercj10 ! Year ago
2:51 I legit thought this scene came from Alvin and the Chipmunks
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Why is his Forest Gump impression so good
We The Peephole
Is that Mr. Sark?
Surface Here
Surface Here Year ago
Who came here because of brewsteaw
Bruh-a-nator Year ago
Clever ending
Bruh-a-nator Year ago
Home alone 3 and 4 are trash
Nokid83 Year ago
the ending IS SO GOOD.
Prptheawesome Year ago
Fucking Artemis... pffffft.
ziggz master
ziggz master Year ago
Does anyone know Brewstew
HowAmILoosin Year ago
Has anyone called that number?
Werid J
Werid J Year ago
You can go fuck yourself XD
Jay Breezy
Jay Breezy Year ago
I’ll give you $60 for your ex wife I’m going to your new dad 😂😂
Warriorbob07 07
Can I just get a voucher?
This is the only good show on this shitty channel 👌🏻
r/rare insults
xenobro productions
Arlen_ mlg1112
123_Lem0nZ Year ago
Mr sark?
amacm69 Year ago
I want fat Lou!
amacm69 Year ago
We want fat LOU!
TronMxd Year ago
1:58 Ah yes, the best book of all time
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo Year ago
TronM WoW
Minna Hope
Minna Hope Year ago
Dude I called that number you do not want to see what it was p.s it was a cops number .p.s p.s I know because it was my uncles number
Bren Tenkage
Bren Tenkage Year ago
great insult in the end, well done Artie...seriously his lawyer has to be a god damn wizard to let him keep his son
Orange Year ago
This is just recycled brewstew jokes.
Draco- Rocko
Draco- Rocko Year ago
Is brewstew still gonna post on his old channel or is this his new channel
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins Year ago
God I miss the Ernest movies
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo Year ago
Uncle lou
Pauly Gaming
Pauly Gaming Year ago
Wait is this what happened to Happy hour Saloon??
Jack Ngo
Jack Ngo Year ago
Pauly Gaming idk
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi Year ago
Il take a daym upload on your main channel
HyperSonic 78
HyperSonic 78 Year ago
What about Earnest rapes a 7 year old?
Gamer Mike
Gamer Mike Year ago
Here's brewstew
Dylan Corbett
Dylan Corbett Year ago
I want Brewstew back
Sedan Hussein
Sedan Hussein Year ago
Dr Lecter it's Jodie Foster
Citavalo Year ago
You know what contains tentacles and rhymes with ocotopie?
John Marston
John Marston Year ago
When I see the intro: OH HELL NAH! I’ve seen to much Hentai to see what happens.. ;-;
Scarface Year ago
Ernest gets a DUI 😭😂
Hardcorehenry 2018
Encino man was a good movie
kate smith
kate smith Year ago
Well it is not Brewstew but it will give me my fix until then.
Arthropods Unleashed
The ending was the best roast ever
Bananaboy 6379
Vanilla ice hmmmmmm Jojo fan: Is THat a joJ0 REfrENcE
Bean Machine
Bean Machine Year ago
This is from brew stew
águila Year ago
😂😂😂😂😂 i love it. So this isnt going yo be in the brewstew channel?
Boy_of_War Year ago
Sharen just got roasted. And she didn't take the kids 😎
evilal20 Year ago
3:48 I lost it 😆
Adam Welch
Adam Welch Year ago
He's a voucher for you so you can go fuck yourself shriron!
Illusionism Year ago
that last insult was literally one of the best I've heard in years, well done
Frostedlols 21 day ago
Are you from brickhill?
Carl Borghammer
Carl Borghammer 5 months ago
Illusionism what the hell are you doing here
Ilja Year ago
The damn end was genius
Brandon Gibson
All this is,is a happy hour saloon rip off
Brandon Gibson
@brogan burke oh ok
brogan burke
brogan burke Year ago
Well its made by the same guy so, yeeeeah
kingthe13 Year ago
Curse you overhead projector was such a pain when my glasses broke
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Year ago
Where's smoking bandit 5: Smoking bandit smokes more
Night-X Year ago
Wait until you see Smoking Bandit 6: The Last Smoke.
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