blink-182 - Darkside (Lyric Video)

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She’s a girl dressed in black from another world
Lives and breathes like a girl from another world
She don’t know my name
She don’t have the time of day
Celebrate medicate ‘til we numb the pain
In this storm it’s still dark like it always rains
She don’t feel the same
She don’t have the time of day
And I wait for her
I don’t care what you say
No I don’t care what you do
I’m going to the darkside with you
She’s a girl
I look back to what could have been
Her cloak and dagger mouth tastes like medicine
She won’t last the night
Spun out in the neon light
You would leave but you need me to numb the pain
You’re possessed and you slept through another day
You don’t feel the same
And I don’t have the strength to stay
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Comments 80
GSAAaerox Day ago
Sounds like a love song to Trilla Suduri.
Pfurlan26 6 days ago
Every live version of this song is terrible. But at the record version is tight
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell 11 days ago
This Isn’t Halloween
Erick Ehlert
Erick Ehlert 12 days ago
I was thinking that he says "I don't care what you see" on the refrain
Jamie Ramsay
Jamie Ramsay 12 days ago
Matt Skiba fucking murdered this song. Absolutely amazing vocals 😦
chloe 12 days ago
I still want to know what made them think kids doing fortnite dances was a good idea
iSkyz 14 days ago
I’m going to the dark side with you -Blink 182 2019
Adam Shaheen
Adam Shaheen 17 days ago
i love the wait and i wait bit though its a bit obvious
Isaac Ochoa
Isaac Ochoa Month ago
This is me lol
Kaneki ϟ
Kaneki ϟ Month ago
This song is so good... but... the music video....
Nelsonarmywar 223
i found this due to my london friend and i thank him
Ållî Gärçîä
I love you BLINK-182
Niall Dunn
Niall Dunn Month ago
Very catchy. But I just think Marc is a cock end. Seen him many times. Hes no Tom. But still a massive dickhead
OgGodly Month ago
Yo I swore this was starset this is fire
Trojann Perez
Trojann Perez 2 months ago
This was the song that turned Blink 182 style of pop punk into a lighter Alkaline Trio Styled Pop punk
Screamit loud
Screamit loud 2 months ago
I now cannot not associate this song with Invader Zim. Still this song is great.
USA NEWS 2 months ago
I don’t want to go to the darkside it’s full of fortnite dances
hidudes 22
hidudes 22 2 months ago
I thought blink182 split into sum 41 and some other band
Ali Graterol
Ali Graterol 2 months ago
Me: trying to learn English perfectly. Blink-182: she DON'T know my name, She DON'T have the time of day.
Lyric Robichaux
Lyric Robichaux 2 months ago
no one: the smiley: SiDeDaRk
Brandon Lee Wright
Brandon Lee Wright 2 months ago
face looks dead to SIN
Brandon Lee Wright
Brandon Lee Wright 2 months ago
dedicate till were done with everything
Anto Andi
Anto Andi 3 months ago
And i wait for you *tom*
daniel the egirl
daniel the egirl 3 months ago
Me waiting for my dad to come back with the milk: And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait And I wait
southparkdudez 3 months ago
*Fortnite dances*
Noah Bingham
Noah Bingham 3 months ago
Darth Vader's theme song
Ambrose Holtham-Keathley
Love it, great job Matt, another heart wrenched.
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott 3 months ago
Ti Caron
Ti Caron 3 months ago
Cest moi la fille
Kuriba 4 months ago
damn thats a good song im listening to it the whole day xd
soundless jstn420
soundless jstn420 4 months ago
Could be betta guys you guys are way betta but I guess that's what you guys are ✌
シ Duckies シ
シ Duckies シ 4 months ago
“I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you do” ❤️💕🥺✌🏼 Edit OMG Highlighted comment!! 💕🥺
Chili Waffles [Fao]
Chili Waffles [Fao] 4 months ago
Do you mind if I use the song to make a M.A.P?[multiple animator project]
Sir Edward T. PansAlot
They probably won’t respond to this comment since they’re such a massive band, and you can do that anyway. You just won’t make money off of the video and you can’t sell it.
Fallish Amber
Fallish Amber 4 months ago
“I’m going to the dark side with you” - Darth Vader
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes 22 hours ago
Kylo Ren to Darth Vader
rael paul
rael paul 21 day ago
who doesn't want to join Darth Vader and the empire lol
lost then found
lost then found 2 months ago
watch out for my clones
Conkr CsTf
Conkr CsTf 4 months ago
Matt actually nailed this song, I love him in it
truenaraku 4 months ago
Wow this is so much better
Surya Laila
Surya Laila 4 months ago
is coming
Gavin Ball
Gavin Ball 5 months ago
Does this version sound SLIGHTLY slower than the music video version?
Kono Made
Kono Made 5 months ago
I miss words to express how this song makes me feel Just... Thank you Blink, that's the dose of life I've missed for a long time
go2hell746 5 months ago
this song was a wasted opportunity. it would have done well if the video didnt exist....
Fearocity 5 months ago
I honestly came hear because I couldn’t stand the fucking cringe fortnite kids
Smokey Christ Creation
blink is just not the same wtihout tom ...
SadClown :0
SadClown :0 5 months ago
This is the kind of song I listen to at 2 in the morning on a Wednesday night crying loudly in my room. honestly.
giorgio colletti
giorgio colletti 5 months ago
I Am For The Buried
I Am For The Buried 5 months ago
Whos here after listening to its all fading to black
Lє Hαяυ
Lє Hαяυ 5 months ago
I mean, this video is cool and all, but it's so fucking tiring for the eyes. I miss when lyrics videos used to be like five images all attached with Movie Maker and you could actually read the lyrics
Strawberry Jam Productions
Great song tbh, the same thing can't be said to the music video tho
petra petra
petra petra 6 months ago
My favorite song🎶🎶🎶🎶😘
James VII Gilbert XIII
Tom was the band and the music video is aids man songs not bad
Livia Guerrero
Livia Guerrero 6 months ago
Vort Dogs anyone?
Aaron King
Aaron King 6 months ago
Sounds like something I'd have listened to in middle school.
Caleb Gordon
Caleb Gordon 6 months ago
Paralaxitives 6 months ago
Ive loveddd this song for ages, but ive been going through some shit and now im relating to the lyrics and ahhhh, this song makes me cry
Emily Van Dark
Emily Van Dark 6 months ago
I'm an old Blink 182 fan. One of the bands I love the most, like I basically grew up with them. Not a fan of all their latest tracks... But I must say I like this one a lot. Matt Skiba did a great job.
Kvjavs 6 months ago
The song itself is not that bad but holy crap I can't get the images of the dumb Fortnite dancing out of my head.
Ian Cunningham
Ian Cunningham 6 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-zLPjBRjJmh8.html here’s my bass cover of this song
Johnathan Rebeck
Johnathan Rebeck 6 months ago
This song is so addicting! Cant stop listening!
Mad Magic
Mad Magic 6 months ago
Me: Damn look at him My friend: "shes a girl" Me: so?
Michael Autry
Michael Autry 6 months ago
I Love this band
Escaladr 7 months ago
She DOESN'T* know my name x)
Benjamin Callanan Music
This is so a Matt Song. Reminds me so much of alkaline trios Agony & Irony era! Good song
CARLEE MCCLAIN 7 months ago
"and i wait and i wait and i wait" Me waiting for something interesting to happen in my life....
James Hunt
James Hunt 7 months ago
Artist 낭이TV
Artist 낭이TV 7 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Lb-XL9h3Yj8.html Blink-182 - Darkside Slow Cover
Wicked X
Wicked X 7 months ago
is Blink 182 coming to Canada?
Jailbreak _79
Jailbreak _79 7 months ago
I hate waiting for her, she enjoys herself every night without me. I'm going to break up the relationship.
DJahjeBand724 7 months ago
Good song!
Tim Močnik
Tim Močnik 7 months ago
I dont hate that in the music video the kids are dancing fortnite dances it just makes me cringe otherwise they can do whatever they want since i was as cringy as they are when i was their ahe
_caLLiE_ potato_
_caLLiE_ potato_ 7 months ago
My history teacher plays this every day -.- it's grown on me... oof
tom hillyer
tom hillyer 7 months ago
This isn't Blink ... But I like it. Imagine Tom shouting the chorus :O
BeyandoR 7 months ago
She don't?? What?
Perplexed Apple
Perplexed Apple 7 months ago
Dark side official video: Hi I’m mark hoppus and I’m your freestyle dance teacher
Edman DioVerme
Edman DioVerme 7 months ago
The fuck is that video
Morgan Lake
Morgan Lake 7 months ago
I found Blink when I was 43 and now I am 67 and still love their whole aesthetic. I taught my guitar students their songs, and even at 9 years old the boys played them at the school recital and all the classical music teachers loved their performance. even asked the director to bring them back. I see this song from a Jungian perspective....so the Fortnight dancing and joyous children makes sense for me. This is another ode to the Anima and done in a way that shows these guys have e a healthy relationship with their Anima...IF you never go to the Darkside - you will probably do some horrific evil stuff and hurt people...and certainly wont live an authentic life. I don't care what you say, I don't care what you do. I'm going to the dark side with or without you.
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez 6 months ago
to me, this song is about being in an unhealthy, vice fuel relationship where there only catharsis is to engage in this behavior, because that is when they feel closer together. I've been in that relationship, and I can tell you, it sucked. Also, I decided not to follow anyone to anything that leads me to something unhealthy for my physical, spritual, and mental well-being.
Marvin Johnson
Marvin Johnson 7 months ago
This is Pop Punk
Gustavo De Carvalho Leandro
Brad McCool
Brad McCool 7 months ago
Why couldn't this be the music video?
Loïc Germain
Loïc Germain 7 months ago
still have the clip in mind ... ouchh
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez 7 months ago
Tom Delonge is like "damn, that's catchy"
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