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Joel Osteen
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You are who you are today in part because of what you’ve spoken over your life. If you want to live blessed, you have to declare what God says about you-you are valuable, talented and redeemed.
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Jun 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Raveena Gasper
Raveena Gasper 14 hours ago
Amy Maris
Amy Maris 20 hours ago
Great words. Thankful for your ministry!! My takeaway? ‘Great will be the peace of your children’ from God’s word in Isaiah to my heart. I will be repeating out loud believing God.
Rekha Jee
Rekha Jee Day ago
namakula sylivia
I am blessed, strong, determined, full of potential, prosperous, victorious, beautiful, full of favor, overjoyed,talented, forgiven.....Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏
Patrick Fokeu
Everyday spend time blessing yourself
Jdjdjdj Jdjdj
My daughter like Joel Osteen alot. May God be our protecter and savior. Coz we are the children of the most high God. 🤗🤗🤗
Cyrine Boutouria
I want subtitle in english please
mmj psln
mmj psln Day ago
Thanks joel by your words i'm at rest.God bless you.Amen
jake buenavista
jake buenavista 2 days ago
Sholeigh Zion
Sholeigh Zion 3 days ago
When we curse our lives we are in agreement with the enemy but when we bless ourselves we get in agreement with God. The odds may be against us but God is for us. Amen. ❤
Amen Thank you man of GOD
Julie Rose
Julie Rose 3 days ago
I am encourage by pastor olsteen spiritual encouragement ,may God continue to bless him to bless others
Beggy Tim
Beggy Tim 4 days ago
I am healthy, strong and blessed😌
Julie Rose
Julie Rose 4 days ago
it's not what people says about you that define you, it's what God says about you that really matters , the spirit of God is accurate in reading the heart of man, no human can read the heat
Agnes Lenietha
Agnes Lenietha 4 days ago
Frizzy Anne Bacalso
Humberto Montemayor
We are made from the seeds of Greatness and the Powerful favor of God's Good Grace flows through our veins!! Whatever you feed the most shall prosper, Love or Hate, Greatness or Failure, Good or Evil.... Speaking Victory versus Victimhood!!🗣🙏🗯😇💯⚡
Charles Cayton
Charles Cayton 5 days ago
Charles Cayton
Charles Cayton 5 days ago
You're right about that Joel
Charles Cayton
Charles Cayton 5 days ago
Thank you so much your sweet good man I love hareing your awesome video 💖🙏😇 god loves you
Esperanza Houze
Esperanza Houze 5 days ago
Thank You God for unprecedented favor You are giving me!!!
jesus is love and saviour
Joel ostin you never said please jesus forgive my all sins i want to repent. Please stay away from joel ostin . Read holy bible kjv only please
Pamela Julie
Pamela Julie 6 days ago
Thank you for your inspiration I always say I have all and God will follow thank thank very much you inspired me more love Blessings I feel so happy even if I dont have but I have it all 😇❤💫💫🙏🙏
Roy Mathew
Roy Mathew 6 days ago
This message blessed me♥️♥️
c lee
c lee 6 days ago
father I can't speak .how?
Great Grace
Great Grace 6 days ago
I'm so blessed i cease to speak negativity over my life and speak blessing thanks Joel
Amber Auger
Amber Auger 6 days ago
I am so blessed with love and the most loving family even though we have a difficulties we do our best to discuss the issue and face it with confidence and God... Do not ever speak bad words about yourself it hurts your spirit instead remember how blessed you are and speak positive words instead this is true bless yourself all the time speak amazing words over yourself and it will become a habit God loves you and you amazingly made in his image a prayer warrior... Declare your love for yourself and God ... You will bare awesome fruits
Shakila Shakila
Shakila Shakila 6 days ago
Thanks for give me confidence I declare that am function of God created, I'm blessed, I'm healthy, I'm victory, I'm happy, I'm strong, I'm redeemer, I'm free in Jesus name
Lindsey Combs
Lindsey Combs 6 days ago
A lot about yourself and not a lot about God. Be humble and lean into God, not your own self reassurance.
AnnaLeah West
AnnaLeah West 6 days ago
I needed this today
Morgan 6 days ago
I loved "I AM A MASTER PIECE" I felt God create me and I AM worthy of his love therefore I AM love and forgiveness. I shared this video with a few people that I knew could benefit.
Mireya omaira Gondola
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 7 days ago
Gods blessed You with Your teaching all of us. Thank You ,Joel
Nancy Ripley
Nancy Ripley 7 days ago
I need a prayer of healing onmy liver ER. Doctors found a spot on my liver .I live with pain
Njideka Patricia
Njideka Patricia 7 days ago
Morten is blessed .njideka is blessed.we are healthy
Njideka Patricia
Njideka Patricia 7 days ago
Morten and his family has cancelled all the negative talk and also me and my family has cancelled it in jesus name amen
mayma matong
mayma matong 7 days ago
Yes I'm blessed , I'm love, I'm healthy, I'm talented , I'm strong, I'm prosperous, I'm accepted, I'm redeem, I'm creative, I'm valuable, I'm forgiven in Jesus name .
mayma matong
mayma matong 7 days ago
I'm really blessed by this message
Kingsley Hunter
Kingsley Hunter 8 days ago
Beautiful and very inspiring word. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen.
Amanda Edward
Amanda Edward 8 days ago
I am talented I am rich blessed with every spiritual blessing in christ jesus in jesus name amen and amen , I am a confident woman of god
Carlota Sarciban
Carlota Sarciban 8 days ago
I am wonderfully made, I am blessed ,I am a child of God I am strong, thank you for my family
Patrick Fokeu
Patrick Fokeu 8 days ago
Don't curse yourself. Putting yourself down invite more difficulties. God has blessed you the enemy cannot curse you. When you curse yourself you are in agreement with enemy when you bless yourself you are in agreement with God What I say about myself override what others think about me. The enemy cannot curse you. You are God property. My later days will be better than my former days. I'm not average I'm not mediocre I'm redeem I'm strong I'm determined I'm strong I'm free I'm discipline I'm forgiven I'm restore I'm speaking live victory I'm surrounded by favor God is taking me from glory to glory
Peninah Magova
Peninah Magova 8 days ago
Peninah Magova
Peninah Magova 8 days ago
I am blessed, redeemed, forgiven, talented, anointed,determined, valuable, etc.....Amen
Rose Wamaitha
Rose Wamaitha 8 days ago
I am blessed and favoured by God. Thank you pastor for this encouraging sermon. I will always live to be positive in my life. Amen.
jane zeegelaar
jane zeegelaar 8 days ago
Amen Amen 🙏🙏🇸🇷
Jose Alogo
Jose Alogo 8 days ago
The preaching was wonderful...am blessed already...thank you Jesús
Okello Allen
Okello Allen 10 days ago
Pastor Joel I’ve been a minister for 13 years. After been an assistant pastor the last 12 years, things wasn’t going well with my pastor and I. I decided to move on peacefully while maintaining a great relationship with my pastor. Now I’m working closely with our bishop. My bishop showed me how the things I was taught over the last 12 years are not in sync with how the organization is run. Down to my preaching and preparation of a sermon, I have to relearn and get rid of bad habits that I picked up over the last 12 years. This morning I was feeling inadequate, ready to give up. This message somehow showed up on my phone. I didn’t google it, it just showed up. I realize I’ve not been speaking blessings over myself, I have been lying, thinking I’m not able to be a minister. But this sermon has reignited a fire in me, a can do spirit an all things are possible with God spirit a reminder that God won’t asked me to do something he’s not willing to see me through. Thank you pastor, God bless you and your ministry. Minister Allen.
Debra Syfert
Debra Syfert 10 days ago
Hold my hand and pull me out of this darkness I've fallen into, please
Virginia Iway
Virginia Iway 10 days ago
Yes, I love your talk very uplifting. I shared to all our family, friends, community! Thank you! God bles
K A 10 days ago
Thank you for blessing me with your teaching, may The Almighty God continue to bless you and your family 🙏🏿...
jaxon vega
jaxon vega 11 days ago
What he is telling you here's the same thing those satanic people in Hollywood are saying. They want you to believe that you are God who can heal yourself. They want you to believe that you are God who could do anything you want to do because you have that power. You don't. Pretty soon he's going to tell you you dont need God for you are a god. Foolish! May God destroy your satanic temple.
Sonny Bo
Sonny Bo 11 days ago
The Lord love me
Sonny Bo
Sonny Bo 11 days ago
I am the greatness
Sonny Bo
Sonny Bo 11 days ago
Thank you Jesus
Melissa DEJAVU Proctor
elianavo _
elianavo _ 12 days ago
Wonderful sermon. God bless pastor Joel🙏
Ankunda Maureen
Ankunda Maureen 12 days ago
I am blessed in all aspects of my life
Child of God
Child of God 12 days ago
I love Jehovah God, because he has always been so very good to me if he could bless me, he will surely bless you to repent ,be born by baptism,and receive the gift of the holy spirit to guide you in your everyday 🙏 life ,Jesus is the best example when he was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan ,and then we become a new person walking Christlike in the footsteps of Jesus ,there is when we becomes a Christian and we walk the walk of Love,and kindness, loving our neighbors as ourselves, and this world could become a better place ,it should have never been ,me, me me ,but us, us ,us ,Jehovah created us all in his own image and likeness,so remove yourselves from negativity and be blessed ,
James Girardi
James Girardi 12 days ago
God Bless you Joel Osteen and Family 🙏🏼❤️
Grace Ismail
Grace Ismail 12 days ago
Torrin Cooper
Torrin Cooper 12 days ago
Great word!
Sherri Hooten
Sherri Hooten 12 days ago
Very encouraging!
Resy Dantes
Resy Dantes 13 days ago
I am very blessed by the messages
Eder Sarong
Eder Sarong 13 days ago
You say haliluya. You Mike lots money. Man.
Luzian GamingYT
Luzian GamingYT 13 days ago
Yes, we should ask God to bless us.. This is really good message..
Chandni Anchal
Chandni Anchal 11 days ago
All I needed the message God speaking through you 🙏🙏
Kathy Mannoia
Kathy Mannoia 14 days ago
Winifred Hazelton
Winifred Hazelton 15 days ago
His ministry has blessed my life
Simon Mwania
Simon Mwania 15 days ago
Hallelujah..Thankyou pastor..Yes i have to develop a habit of Blessing myself.
Janice Jackson
Janice Jackson 15 days ago
Thanks for giving me the hope that I needed.
Brittney Renea
Brittney Renea 16 days ago
Dele Akindele
Dele Akindele 16 days ago
With love from Lagos Nigeria
Dele Akindele
Dele Akindele 16 days ago
I bless myself, thank you for reminder who IAM
Star Sanchez
Star Sanchez 16 days ago
Amen !🙌🙌
Rath Phoung pannha
Rath Phoung pannha 16 days ago
I would love to thanks for your SMS ❣️
JeepGirl OlllO
JeepGirl OlllO 17 days ago
Your an Apostate pastor! Preach about Jesus and God NOT how people feel about themselves.
Shirley Cheevers
Shirley Cheevers 17 days ago
A a million 101 thanks to you pastor Joel. You have given me so much hope in instruction in life. I would never be where I am with my walk with Jesus had you not been there to help me along the way.
Lydia Ozuna
Lydia Ozuna 17 days ago
Thank you so much! I do indeed feel encouraged and inspired to use my words to bless myself and fulfill a wonderful destiny. 🙏😊
London Williams
London Williams 17 days ago
Your right aman for that🙏🏾🙏🏾
Blank Hero
Blank Hero 18 days ago
I Am Grateful For
Blank Hero
Blank Hero 16 days ago
08:47 Empowered
Blank Hero
Blank Hero 17 days ago
08:46 Equipped
Blank Hero
Blank Hero 18 days ago
08:45 Determined
Kriss Smith
Kriss Smith 18 days ago
I started listening to affirmations n writing my I own during lockdown. It has really blessed me and my mind is being renewed. Learning to fill my cup before filling another is not selfish but necessary n Christ centered. Love you Joel n Lakewood family. ❤❤
Judy Scantlin
Judy Scantlin 19 days ago
I truly do love hearing Joel Osteen speak he gives me encouragement and truly believe everything he says he has a great family i love them all thank you Amen
Oohyeafl Oohyea
Oohyeafl Oohyea 19 days ago
Amen thank you so much for this message I really needed it may God bless you always I know a lot of people say different things but you have a blessing within you to help us your sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus you definitely help us who is motivating us as Christians with God's words Our Father God spoke over us again thank you so much and may God bless you and your family
Dori C. Bermudez
Dori C. Bermudez 19 days ago
You have what you say! Good or bad . So make sure you everything good especially over your life. I have to catch myself before I speak even a whisper...if you feel tired all the time, listen to your words.. I learned for myself, I was saying the wrong words.. Now I say I am strong, powerful, healthy, and well able, full of energy praise God!!!!🙌
olivia's beautiful world
Julie Danao
Julie Danao 20 days ago
I'am Bless I love to listen the sermons of Paster Joel osteen ,thank 's God for using you as instroment .God Bless us always Julie Danao in Philipines
Aarti Punjabi
Aarti Punjabi 20 days ago
Amen !! Glory to God ..God bless u richly pas 🙏
Beaks & Chirps
Beaks & Chirps 20 days ago
Praise the Lord! I am blessed I am prosperous I am healthy I am forgiven I am equipped I am redeemed I am accepted I am free I am focused I am talented I am valuable I am the child of the most high God. Amen!!
becky love
becky love 20 days ago
I’m Positive I’m healthy I’m blessed And I’m the child of the most high God❤️🙏🏾
Elaine Carpentero
Elaine Carpentero 20 days ago
Praise God 🙏
Dawn Charran
Dawn Charran 20 days ago
Love this word , it remind me to speak positive over my life
SANAM 20 days ago
I am really inspired by your words and also blessed,God bless you brother stay blessed from Sunita Paul
ulat14 20 days ago
Wow he is applying the law of attraction ❤️❤️❤️
shailladotcom 20 days ago
Love this comments session! So much love! Much gratitude and love from Oz ❤❤❤❤
Maria Veronica Valera
Im talking a positive to my life right now declaring the favor from God,to my daughter, to my family and to our countrymen right now because i believe something will happen .🙏🙏🙏🙏amen..
Maria Veronica Valera
You are truly a servant of God.. Your word is powerful because you serve a Majesty who is powerful too and that is God. Thank you for your life.Praise the Lord from the Phillippines..
Docteur Saintel
Docteur Saintel 21 day ago
Il very bless by this words of God. can you translate into french for me.
Douglas Herr
Douglas Herr 21 day ago
How about spending some time in the morning with God in prayer and Bible study
Docteur Saintel
Docteur Saintel 21 day ago
I love you for the Word of God. can you translate into french for me. I come from côte d'ivoire . Let God bless you.
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