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With over 4 years of training and living together, BLACKPINK showcases their next-level knowledge of each member's personalities and habits. We find out that Lisa’s friendliness and Rosé’s adaptability make them the best potential time-travelers, and Jisoo and Jennie share some personal tips on how to get the best deals when shopping overseas.

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Welcome to The Swoon, your all-access pass behind the scenes of your favorite Korean and Asian dramas. Get up close and personal with the stars. Tell us what you love to watch, what endings made you want to tear your hair out, and what keeps you coming back for more, ever optimistic that the next one will be The One.

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Oct 21, 2020




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Comments 0
Qin Shi
Qin Shi 19 minutes ago
Dame you hello kitty 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo Hour ago
1:06 jennie's eye AHAHAHAHA
Arun Bohora
Arun Bohora 21 hour ago
Blackpink Bet You Wanna Official MV' ruvid.net/video/video-KTLu7w-rLUQ.html
BLINK 2 days ago
Raiha Rashid
Raiha Rashid 2 days ago
Rosè : “she kept drinking BANANA MILK and coffee milk” to Lisa😂😂❤️❤️ if you know you know ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ hmmm lisa we are watching u two, BANANA MILK similarities❤️❤️😭😭😂😂
akira_vx 2 days ago
is anyone still here? :p
Curious Misfit Explorer
Jennie's "Netflex" the never ending saga hahaha
Mark daniel Cayumo
I love this girl's!
Trouble Rosie
Trouble Rosie 3 days ago
Blackpink in you area
Bong Sothea
Bong Sothea 4 days ago
among lisa
Nurayn Kasinin
Nurayn Kasinin 5 days ago
6:59 anyone knows nanno from a Netflix show "girl from nowhere"? Jennie laughs like her 🤣
Xzsaerd Sxaderty
Xzsaerd Sxaderty 5 days ago
The last space aesthetically rush because sampan steadily intend vice a defective loaf. curvy, majestic odometer
Just a French blink
Gurl I feel bad for jisoo 🤣
Mg Khant
Mg Khant 5 days ago
They are so cute .I cannot help loving them❤️
Jisso fighting with her TV is just ICONIC
Coleen Reign Dionaldo
the reason why i love watching blackpink interviews is they are comfortable with the camera and with each other. like they are used with it.
BP Paradise
BP Paradise 6 days ago
BP Paradise
BP Paradise 6 days ago
BP Paradise
BP Paradise 6 days ago
BP Paradise
BP Paradise 6 days ago
jonatan park
jonatan park 6 days ago
Hey..not yet
ADE PR 7 days ago
Jisoo team 💋
Rankini Mukherjee
Blackpink is used to the word (like)😂 because of rosé😂😂
Nandini Thakur
Nandini Thakur 7 days ago
When lisa introduced herself she never says Hi this is LISA she is always like hi this is LISa
90skidhavingakid 8 days ago
Who came here without knowing anything about them. Just saw bunch of cute Koreans and clicked.
Siva Jyothi
Siva Jyothi 8 days ago
Jennie voice is the cutest
eviaczek 8 days ago
😂 iam so happy iam crying
jendeukie's cat
jendeukie's cat 10 days ago
I am so proudd of theemmm
Bar Rev
Bar Rev 10 days ago
2:28 if Lisa were their dance mentor, Rosé will be her favorite haha. Lisa likes X in ywy2 coz he always ask Lisa how to perfect the dance routine
ノブnobuido 11 days ago
ノブnobuido 11 days ago
sara .s
sara .s 11 days ago
Jisoo is officially my spirit animal. (It’s a joke, this comment isn’t to be disrespectful)
A tiny AmErICanO ChOa Stay
I Luv how Jisoo finally gets to talk
Tiffany Tiffany
Tiffany Tiffany 12 days ago
i love you blackpink jisso and rose
boomvomk43 13 days ago
“To expensive I’m student” Jennie is such a scammer 😭😂
yourmom 13 days ago
I miss ot4🥲
Sreshtha Gajavelli
Sreshtha Gajavelli 13 days ago
Elbagö Elbah
Elbagö Elbah 14 days ago
Çok tatlıkar
Orid Sudiro
Orid Sudiro 15 days ago
hi jisoo
Shatovisha _
Shatovisha _ 16 days ago
Missing OT4 badly 🥺
Naithok Videos ✔
Naithok Videos ✔ 18 days ago
Lisa can sleep anywhere🤐🤐
Vaishnavi GS
Vaishnavi GS 19 days ago
Who snacks the most ? Lisa and rose Me : yet they are skinny
Niño 19 days ago
Labiba Mahpara
Labiba Mahpara 19 days ago
lisa does know english and is fluent what are y’all talking about
Fazria Nishfa
Fazria Nishfa 21 day ago
You are hella famousss jennie, that agyeo doesnt work anymoree 😂
Angel Reji
Angel Reji 21 day ago
Jisoo : Hi. I AM Jisoo Jennie : Hi. THIS IS Jennie Rosé and Lisa follows Jennie 😂
XL pro 😜
XL pro 😜 21 day ago
Blackpink in your area
Unusual Adela
Unusual Adela 22 days ago
Mikey Hill
Mikey Hill 24 days ago
All of them are comfortable in this interview. 🖤💗
검은 까마귀
검은 까마귀 24 days ago
jennie haggling: i'm a student :) jisoo haggling: i don't have money XD
HankedRosé 24 days ago
"I'm making Fire 🔥" . I'm dead 😂
Mature Blink
Mature Blink 25 days ago
Our maknae Lisa is featured in a live performance of Pretty Savage cover remix by iKon ("Classy Savage") --> ruvid.net/video/video-8fd0-nte_t8.html
Sweet Madeen Sabellina
"Hey, not yet!" so cute Jisoo
Rosa gina Ronsumbre
Rose lisa😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍😊😊😊 lovu💓💓💓💞💞👩👩‍🦰
Jamyang Pelden
Jamyang Pelden 26 days ago
Noons_are_noona 27 days ago
Can somebody tell me the name of the hairstyle....which rose has...please
rakavi Ramesh
rakavi Ramesh 28 days ago
Jisoooo❤🔥 Love you. From Sri Lanka
Andrea Navarro
Andrea Navarro 29 days ago
Roseee i LOVE you ❤️❤️❤️
Ronny Maitimoe
Ronny Maitimoe 29 days ago
You so so good 👍🏻😭
BEAUTY BLINK 💖 29 days ago
There smile always makes my day😊💓💖
Juny Guinat
Juny Guinat Month ago
just the maknae saying that Jisoo's height stopped
Juny Guinat
Juny Guinat Month ago
Rosé loves eating
Star Sky
Star Sky Month ago
Really Miss Them ( BLACKPINK )
6D Ipshita Singh
Jennie - pretty ❤❤ Lisa - sweet 😘😘 Jisoo - super cute 🤗🤗 Rose - very beautiful 🥰🥰
Why bother finding my name
Mai mee tang ka 😂 Who watch blackpink house will understand
Flower Power
Flower Power Month ago
Jisoo must be a scholar when she was in school, because there was no BLACKPINK at that time ❤️❤️
Aww Jennie is sooooooooooooooo adorable and cute 🥰🥰😘
12 Kangana soni
12 Kangana soni Month ago
Why is Rosie soo silent in this video 😥🙁
song jong ki my star
Jisoo always Jennie Jendeukie
Abcd Efg
Abcd Efg Month ago
I really like all blackpink
B P Month ago
7:02 “it’s true” HAHAHHAHA
Abul Hossain
Abul Hossain Month ago
Immean jisoo
za ya
za ya Month ago
Jisoo the cutest 💜🐇
Dharen Month ago
Good Teach
Good Teach Month ago
I'm jisso 😍
jac ja
jac ja Month ago
Jisoo is so damn funny and savage
Maryjoy Gritan
Maryjoy Gritan Month ago
2:46 when it comes to shopping jennie and lisa are literally like-🤣
chorvagee Month ago
*Pink-haired Girl BiO:* Stage Name: ROSÉ 로제 Korean Name: Park Chaeyoung (박채영) English Name: Roseanne Park Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Birthday: February 11, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Birthplace: New Zealand (raised in Melbourne, Australia) Height: 168 cm (5’6”) Blood Type: B MBTI: ENFP Handedness: Left Handed IG/Tlkt0k: roses_are_rosie
chorvagee Month ago
RUvid: ROSÉ Official Pet IG: hank_says_hank Motto: _More of you, less of me_
shruti adity
shruti adity Month ago
Lisa is lovely and rose jisoo last but not the least jennie love you all
Sweet Starlight
Sweet Starlight Month ago
Rosè fans 👇
bennyvineetha gmail
Jisoo, how can you be so cute?
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia Month ago
Hi swoonies I'm James
Auikhlliaukrrvsvyformatter ce
ละว่าง ประเทศไทย กะ Finland จะเหลือกเทศใดดี ตอบ ?
Deo narayan Gurung
I 💜u Girl's
Your cutie pie prinshu
Don't talk in Chinese please I am am American☺☺
Your cutie pie prinshu
@I will hit you with 🖤Blackpink💖 lightstick and fav song from blackpink
Your cutie pie prinshu
@I will hit you with 🖤Blackpink💖 lightstick all
I will hit you with 🖤Blackpink💖 lightstick
@Your cutie pie prinshu mine is jisoo and you
Your cutie pie prinshu
@I will hit you with 🖤Blackpink💖 lightstick who is your favourite from blackpink
I will hit you with 🖤Blackpink💖 lightstick
@Your cutie pie prinshu whats your faves sonh
Esther Sihombing
You all are my Most Favorite❤❤
Den Rizky
Den Rizky Month ago
Blink ❌ Army FC
If jenlisa is for real then what you guys have opinions about it 🤭🤤🤤🤤
Christine Nguyo
Christine Nguyo Month ago
wait did they even go to college
So-Mi Kim
So-Mi Kim 2 days ago
Many K-Pop idols don’t go to college or even high school. They’re trained to become K-Pop idols instead.
Nnek ACO
Nnek ACO Month ago
Abul Hossain
Abul Hossain Month ago
Niall you so funny and cute love yah 🙂😄😊
macy anne
macy anne Month ago
Dr. Wakil Khan
Dr. Wakil Khan Month ago
No one Me - Wow Lisa unnie is so similar to me 🤧🤧 I love her so much she is so cute .. All the members look so beautiful ahh jennie unnie so cute 😍😍
Kamang Dalbong
Kamang Dalbong Month ago
I love Lisa..
Elijah Garcia
Elijah Garcia Month ago
Hey kpop fans I'm James hopefully very soon I get to be a really good drummer for probably black pink or red velvet you all decide I really want to go to Korea
AM INA Month ago
Why would Jennie look this beautiful ?
stephanie Crawford
Who laughed when jisoo said I fought with my try not long ago😂
аня Month ago
so it is really easily seen than all the girls except jennie are extroverts
Mosina Shamsudeen
Mosina Shamsudeen 2 months ago
6:19 jisoo: I can live in my bed for a week... If someone feeds me.... 🤣🤣
J L Dツ
J L Dツ 2 months ago
Their so cute together🥰
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