BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed

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#BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!
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Published on


Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Janiati dwi Anggraini
Lisa so pretty
Marilou yaeso
Marilou yaeso 7 hours ago
Blackpink ilove❤,,iloveyou lisa
Silvie Julian
Silvie Julian 19 hours ago
Rose : I really need this mic because i'm fluent Jennie : I need this mic because i'm good at english Lisa : I need this in case he ask me Jisoo : I donvt even know if i need this
Trisha Ten
Trisha Ten 22 hours ago
oh so rose is basically a new zealander right? she said she was born in new zealand
Trisha Ten
Trisha Ten 22 hours ago
aw queens
Khamila Khamila
Khamila Khamila 22 hours ago
So skinny legs Rose
Rosa Lita
Rosa Lita Day ago
So i watched another kpop group interview.. and I think they memorized the questions and their answers.. i mean its scripted.. so every member have their chances to talk.. I hope if they are invited again.. jisoo have a chance to speak in english more and she has the confident like when she speaks in korea
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen Day ago
LIsa don't know all the words but the ones she knows she speaks them very fluently.
Wolfy Day ago
Lisa gets all cute when she talks I love her!!!!
Abhay Day ago
Holy moly jisoo ur so beautiful...
Kunchok Samkhang
Jisoo's voice ....
Ann Day ago
jisoo is so adorable
Lauren Henley
Lauren Henley 2 days ago
Zach was disrespectful and shady
Lauren Henley
Lauren Henley 2 days ago
Zach seems bored and it's really unprofessional and mean
bangtxt Day ago
? Not really
Lauren Henley
Lauren Henley 2 days ago
I feel Zach was a bit mean in this interview???
peace everyone
peace everyone 2 days ago
i wonder if jennie didnt think of being an kpop artist she still would be a successful beautiful woman....i like how she helps jisoo to understand what zach saying she is such a sweetheart...i also wonder what jennie would do without rose and rose would do without jennie....they r each other support system..
Raffazfd 2 days ago
3:17 upright synchronization 😂 btw, who's watching this on 2020?
SJ 2 days ago
한국가수가 영어로 유창하게 말 못한다고 댓글에서 조롱하는거 진짜 보기 싫다,,
M C 2 days ago
21:40 rosé's "always beautiful" to lisa was like, she's teasing lisa to zach. and the smile tho. hahahahaha 😍💓
actren Klaxen
actren Klaxen 2 days ago
I want marry Rosé, she is so sweet
Dhia Brahem
Dhia Brahem 2 days ago
Jisoo out there being to no use LOL
taka chung
taka chung 2 days ago
love you Rosé
seeyi mui
seeyi mui 2 days ago
Rosé 😻
Anna Marino
Anna Marino 3 days ago
Jisoo wondering what they are saying😂I love you Jisoo
JJ B 3 days ago
I love you, Lisa ❤️
Valentina Vang
Valentina Vang 3 days ago
They’re so humble❤️❤️ omg
Zhila Ahmady
Zhila Ahmady 3 days ago
My baby's english is so good and she is so courageous the others too
Eaint Eaint
Eaint Eaint 3 days ago
Jennie’s accent is really impressive
dami jelky
dami jelky 3 days ago
Rosé is a baby girl 😚
first name last name
theyre so awkward i love it.
jooniversity 3 days ago
man, at first i hated these girls idk why but they are so down to earth :') can't imagine i wasted so much time to discover them
Largeign Demeimoci
smile baby Rosé ya 😍
online sauyu
online sauyu 5 days ago
Rosé will be a successful singer in US in the future
Hafsa Nisar
Hafsa Nisar 5 days ago
wow after 15 mins this guy finally talked to 4th girl. very bad
Chann FlimCoc
Chann FlimCoc 5 days ago
Rose is no more shy in oversea ^^ I love you Rose
Namaku Dobleh
Namaku Dobleh 5 days ago
they are too skiny
Salty bee
Salty bee 5 days ago
I like how when jisoo couldn’t understand the question all the girls translated it
blackpink meme
blackpink meme 5 days ago
Oh i love Rosé 's voice
Chau Gia Thinh
Chau Gia Thinh 5 days ago
Lisa Kekeke
Lisa Kekeke 6 days ago
Lisa: Butt-YG
Razi Pirimov
Razi Pirimov 6 days ago
I love you JENNİE ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Kawaiii. AeRo
Kawaiii. AeRo 6 days ago
JISOO LOOKS LIKE ME IN SCIENCE CLASS DA FAQ IS COVALENT BONDS When she spoke in korean though she was so cute
Lianna Dequit
Lianna Dequit 6 days ago
bruh u seen their faces when they talked about upcoming solos? HAHDKAJSH THE TEA
Sasa Laqueen
Sasa Laqueen 4 days ago
That’s really sad
GSNAKE MLGAH 6 days ago
Rosé is too sexy vocally.💛
Mike Veis
Mike Veis 6 days ago
Rose is so beautiful. She's my favorite
sarah josianne
sarah josianne 7 days ago
Zach is an amazing interviewer. Thank you for including all the members. it was a great interview
Legendary Potato
Legendary Potato 7 days ago
I kept watching this because of Rosé's Australian accent 🤩🤩
wuwuwu baoabo
wuwuwu baoabo 7 days ago
honestly Rosé is the most underrated members. blinks never care about her..Sorry if i offended anyone but i'm telling the truth ..
anhong zheng
anhong zheng 7 days ago
Rosé - a goddess and best singer
Light Barboza
Light Barboza 7 days ago
Zach is like to a tomato, watch his face xD 😳
Erika Cruz
Erika Cruz 7 days ago
lilii chu
lilii chu 7 days ago
their faces when zach asks them how their writing process is like......😆🤣
ah soloobear
ah soloobear 8 days ago
❤ Rose voice is so sweet
uranturan oseirsen
Rosé looks so confident here , I love you Rosé 💗
Stacey Solovyeva
Stacey Solovyeva 9 days ago
Aneeka 9 days ago
25:08 Thanks YG for making her feel uncomfortable and have to lie 😒 Still 2 years later and nothing but they r preparing for their comeback 😡 YG if u hate Rosè just say it so us fans can support her instead of supporting you.
adam sanders
adam sanders 9 days ago
Da Ra
Da Ra 9 days ago
Sam-Me-San 9 days ago
Zach is just the best interviewer i watch. He just really make the effort of knowing the person he interview, keep it up man.
ANANEE caewnq
ANANEE caewnq 10 days ago
I am happy Rose can speak more , Yeah
SUGAR CRASH 10 days ago
I miss them and i back to watch this , everyone same ?
fekit lav
fekit lav 10 days ago
15:15 omg ı'm addicted
imagine not stanning bts and bp couldnt be me
_rosé it's like.. the unofficial leader_
morning dew
morning dew 10 days ago
Destiny 10 days ago
25:08 Zach to Rose: "How are you doing on your solo project?" 2020: Yeeeeahhh about that..........
Destiny 10 days ago
19:03 Jisoo doing the hair whip choreo when Zach mentioned Boombayah - TOO CUTE OwO
Tenzin Choeying
Tenzin Choeying 10 days ago
Lit intreview
Destiny 10 days ago
9:18 Rose talking about her origin story
* Thalia *
* Thalia * 10 days ago
rose: 😃 jennie: 🙂 lisa: 😀 jisoo: 🙃
yaumen peng
yaumen peng 10 days ago
only in English interview, Rosé can talk more ..... I feel sad for Rosé, I want Rosé talk more in Korea 😭
emma beslar
emma beslar 10 days ago
Zach literally can't take off his eyes from Lisa😄 i'm pretty sure he had crush on Lisa😄 Lisa is such a Barbie Doll alive😍😍😍
Ran Mouri
Ran Mouri 11 days ago
4:55 open cc read.
Taw Taw
Taw Taw 11 days ago
This dude Zach interviewed suck🤯🤯
Corona Chan
Corona Chan 11 days ago
Lisa’s English is so good
BESTFD TOFU 11 days ago
Rose I want your solo
Roseanne Park
Roseanne Park 11 days ago
This man is my favorite interviewer. He search about the girls first, dive into their music, and notice jisoo. LIKE CAN ALL BE INTERVIEWERS LIKE THIS
Byron Li
Byron Li 11 days ago
omg is rose getting a solo
BP TS 11 days ago
OMG !!! JISOO is too CUTE , BEAUTIFUL !!! :))
Kalpana Khadgi
Kalpana Khadgi 11 days ago
Rose English is so satisfying.
Biyrdh Fujiok
Biyrdh Fujiok 11 days ago
Zach ask about Rosé solo , 😭❤ yg please give us Rosé solo
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