BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

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BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'
Available on iTunes @ smarturl.it/KillThisLove/iTunes
Available on Apple Music @ smarturl.it/KillThisLove/AppleMusic
Available on Spotify @ smarturl.it/KillThisLove/Spotify
Official BLACKPINK Merchandise: smarturl.it/BLACKPINKShop/
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Comments 100
Jenlisa Jissse' BLINKing
Guys also stream *AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST* to 600M views 😊 it just needs 3M views.
Jenlisa Jissse' BLINKing
Guys please stream *BOOMBAYAH* to 600M views 😊😊 it just needs 300K views.
Killuni Forever
Killuni Forever 17 minutes ago
Come on! Hit 400 M views Blink!
My Opinion
My Opinion 17 minutes ago
400m les't go
ferdi ferdian
ferdi ferdian 17 minutes ago
i dont understand
h t
h t 16 minutes ago
English subtitles turn on the CC button
JenChuLiChaeng 18 minutes ago
Kaja Rybus
Kaja Rybus 20 minutes ago
Riz Arabas
Riz Arabas 22 minutes ago
Hi. How to stream live to blackpink?
Elizabeth Ortiz Miranda
Cr7 Love
Cr7 Love 22 minutes ago
Me gustaría que Cristiano Ronaldo escuchará a Blackpink , PSY fue tan famoso que hasta Cristiano Ronaldo bailó un paso del baile del caballo
ILYA L 22 minutes ago
Perfect music👍👍👍
Sara com as loucuras
Sara com as loucuras 23 minutes ago
Quem gosta dos BTS deixa lake
Cr7 Love
Cr7 Love 23 minutes ago
BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V 357,433,882 vistas
Miriam Sanchez
Miriam Sanchez 24 minutes ago
bp 4life
bp 4life 25 minutes ago
Like if bp are the most successful kpop group!
Patricia Apaza Yana
Patricia Apaza Yana 27 minutes ago
Soy cruceña soy de santa crus y para mi la mas bonita es jeni
Kawus Teros
Kawus Teros 28 minutes ago
Favv 💙💙💙💙💙
Kim may
Kim may 29 minutes ago
Queen JenChuLiChaeng 😍😘
Hearty B
Hearty B 31 minute ago
Countdown says 9.9 million likes how come it's 8.2 in here?
JenChuLiChaeng 17 minutes ago
Snaketube deleting 1,7 likes😈
h t
h t 23 minutes ago
+Hearty B yeah the MV doesn't show The Real views
Hearty B
Hearty B 25 minutes ago
+h t live countdown i saw 10 min ago says it's 9.9 . but okay
h t
h t 27 minutes ago
RUvid Took the likes away the day after the MV. Released they just haven't returned them
lexie BP
lexie BP 32 minutes ago
360M! lets go blink!
Kool Chikee
Kool Chikee 33 minutes ago
YASSSSSSSS THAT BEAT THO -Kool Chikee, obsessed with beat drops
kanjana sedenon
kanjana sedenon 33 minutes ago
i love you blackpink
jennie nini
jennie nini 33 minutes ago
Deborah Flores
Deborah Flores 34 minutes ago
Mareska 36 minutes ago
Nuong Nuong
Nuong Nuong 36 minutes ago
xxxktxxx xoxo
xxxktxxx xoxo 37 minutes ago
357,132,252 views - 05/22
Patyul Jr
Patyul Jr 39 minutes ago
Bhumika Arora
Bhumika Arora 40 minutes ago
Ohhhhh mmmm gggggg 357 million views😱😱😱😱
Daniel Farhan
Daniel Farhan 40 minutes ago
Zul Irfan is your big fans...him can dancing copyright your blackpink
Kami Pamei
Kami Pamei 42 minutes ago
Lisa 😍💜 my queen nearly gave me a heart attack..... Hotness overload
Dedek Quen
Dedek Quen 43 minutes ago
I love you blackpink im sesil 😍😍
אופל פרץ
אופל פרץ 45 minutes ago
Anar Mammadov
Anar Mammadov 46 minutes ago
Lisa Rose Jennie Jisoo My favorite member Lisa 😇😇😇
Bich Tramm
Bich Tramm 46 minutes ago
I LOVE BLACKPINK ❤️❤️ Agree like 👇
Pegasister_Blink_ Neverland_K/DA
+Bich Tramm thật ra là có tới 3 trang như vậy. 2 con tên là góc nhỏ của momoland còn đỡ chứ con thứ 3 góc nhỏ của mmld mới là con khốn nạn nhất
Bich Tramm
Bich Tramm 43 minutes ago
Chời ơi thật hả bạn 😤😤 K thể tha cho nóooo
Pegasister_Blink_ Neverland_K/DA
bạn ơi bạn làm ơn report trang góc nhỏ của mmld trên face đc ko ạ? con khốn nạn đó dám xỉ nhục blackpink đó ạ. mới gần đây hình như nó còn chế ảnh jen biến thành chó bị nancy dắt đi dạo cơ
Endang Sulaseh
Endang Sulaseh 32 minutes ago
Paan wooy
Nesia Fernandes
Nesia Fernandes 49 minutes ago
#Brasil, #Melhor banda do mundo, Black pink
Bich Tramm
Bich Tramm 49 minutes ago
DDU DDU DDU 817 247 324 view KILL THIS LOVE 357 380 863 view I want "KILL THIS LOVE" to 1B view
Pegasister_Blink_ Neverland_K/DA
both 4d and ktl will be 1b this year
Vika Mars
Vika Mars 51 minute ago
УГ А ЧЕ БОЛЬШЕ НЕ НАКРУТИЛ?! И подписчиков добавил вообще СУПЕР
edna graziele
edna graziele 53 minutes ago
Não tem ninguém que comenta em português
Pegasister_Blink_ Neverland_K/DA
"Não" means "Brain" in vietnamese
Bich Tramm
Bich Tramm 53 minutes ago
Who is BLINK? YES: like NO: comment
mherry dith
mherry dith 54 minutes ago
omg :3 i like this omggggg its so nice guys i have a blackpink album when i come to blackpink concert i give this to blink
I'm Alyssa
I'm Alyssa 55 minutes ago
BLINK for 9 months now! Love to Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé! Congrats on breaking so many records! 🖤❤️
Cristina Reyes
Cristina Reyes 56 minutes ago
So pretty
Cristina Reyes
Cristina Reyes 55 minutes ago
I wish i could save this
Cristina Reyes
Cristina Reyes 57 minutes ago
So 3d
Rioarmanda 321
Rioarmanda 321 57 minutes ago
Hai tayo
malee crespin
malee crespin 59 minutes ago
Me gusta este tema y lo se bailar 💋❤
Ryan martin s. luciano
Blinks get ready to j-hope and Lisa dance collaboration ❤️
mo- yeon
mo- yeon 14 minutes ago
Its fake
Cak Bass
Cak Bass Hour ago
good job
Ane E
Ane E Hour ago
why jennie has always more screen time then the others??
h t
h t Hour ago
oh boy here we go again
Dayan Val
Dayan Val Hour ago
hello my cannel suscribete
Nia Genk
Nia Genk Hour ago
Aku suka jeenie lisa and rose
Victoria S.
Victoria S. Hour ago
Dayan Val
Dayan Val Hour ago
hola amiga me apoyas en mi canal
Inter Instar
Inter Instar Hour ago
Iove -lisa 😘😘😘
Bondy Hour ago
BTS aren't catching them. Still 45 million behind. They have an extra week to catch up though, but I'm thinking they might never catch BP. in total views, even with that extra week in hand.
Minh Lê
Minh Lê Hour ago
( 15/6/2019 ) will 400M 😙 BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA
Pegasister_Blink_ Neverland_K/DA
bạn ơi làm ơn report góc nhỏ của mmld trên face đc ko ạ? nó xỉ nhục bp đó ạ
crazy girl
crazy girl Hour ago
crazy girl
crazy girl Hour ago
I love you Jennie I love you Lisa
crazy girl
crazy girl Hour ago
+LuLu’s Channel yes
LuLu’s Channel
crazy girl I love rosé
LuLu’s Channel
crazy girl I love you Jisoo
Minh Lê
Minh Lê Hour ago
Hard stream to 400M
Siska Olivia
Siska Olivia Hour ago
ぽ ぽ
ぽ ぽ Hour ago
hit man
hit man Hour ago
lmfao kbuzz the talko and some other snakes were wrong all the concerts I've watched so far the stadium is packed hahaha stop making up lies to bring down the queens
ıllıllı701574 ıllıllı
+h t But still, she never keep her promise
h t
h t Hour ago
that's one of the reasons whykbuzz is no longer around/her videos got demonetized because of stuff like that
Jane The killer
Love youuuu😘😘😘😘😘
jhenn Bagz
jhenn Bagz Hour ago
*Re-updated* Then = *354,302,343* Now = *357,132,252* *today* = *2,829,909* *BLACKPINK* *KTL* daily update ★
Mm Mm
Mm Mm Hour ago
My Beautiful day
Jennie Love you😍
olivia's song covers
*when they speak English: where are they from...*
Zero Fox
Zero Fox Hour ago
shrouk albarr
shrouk albarr Hour ago
İ 💚you rose and lisa ilove you blackpink
Aura Sari
Aura Sari Hour ago
Anyeong haseyo black pink aku suka lisa jenni rose
Najwa Hama
Najwa Hama Hour ago
I love you jennie
Ball son
Ball son Hour ago
This song is better than Twice Fancy
ıllıllı701574 ıllıllı
Clean this rubbish
Andrea B.
Andrea B. Hour ago
For me, Kill This Love is better.
Hsoj Nitram
Hsoj Nitram Hour ago
May 13 - 7.9M Likes!!!! May 16 - 8 M I L L I O N LIKES!!!! May 19 - 8.1M May 22 - 8.2M
Hsoj Nitram
Hsoj Nitram Hour ago
May 22 - 8.2M Likes
LALISA Manobann
Which date we get 8,1 m before?
Mini Rubi
Mini Rubi Hour ago
😮love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
kãm îlå
kãm îlå Hour ago
I love you Blackpink 😍😘💖💖💗💗
Vivian Hour ago
Jennie is my heart❤❤❤❤❤❤
Petrezsely Ádám
At least better than BTS
ıllıllı701574 ıllıllı
Alright blinks we gotta get back on track, we've been slipped up these few days. And don't forget to clean up, so many rubbish here. √ ignore emojis, hashtags, view, stream comments √ report all hate comments (don't reply, don't get provoked) *Stick together, team! Go, go, go!*
ega novanti
ega novanti Hour ago
come on blink!!
Falasteen Mohammd
I love oll
Omega* SeriesTF Bang
The Russian Nutcracker is their best suitable for theit backups
Axi Belle
Axi Belle Hour ago
Blackpink in your area will never get old
mi channel mi
mi channel mi Hour ago
Akmad. Rifai
Akmad. Rifai Hour ago
Меруерт Кадырбаева
кому не нравится Лиза лааавйййккеккк
พีชญา กุลบุตร
BeulPing in my area
360M hwaiting
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover Hour ago
Love love love
ogi gunawan
ogi gunawan Hour ago
ah yeah
ah yeah Hour ago
358m next!!!!
Ladjah Altura-Malana
I love your song
Mikael Khawarizmi
Awas ada mobil 1:10
not ch
not ch Hour ago
ไครคนไทยมั่งวะ หาแทบไม่เจอ คนไทยไลท์หน่อย
Rana Chaib
Rana Chaib Hour ago
The fact that with this comeback we gain more than 5 million subscribers Our fandom is getting bigger and bigger Next comeback let’s hit 80 million or more for the first 24 hours
Andrea B.
Andrea B. Hour ago
Let's aim for 100M within 24hrs on the next comeback.
Frohar perfectstar
Who’s your favourite character mine: rose
ıllıllı701574 ıllıllı
I like Jisoo but I have to admit Rosé is irresistible
I Stan Yg cause I Stan queens blackpink
Blinks : so how many awards and achievements do u want this year ? Blackpink : yes
CoelhoZZ Hour ago
Só bora 360M hoje !!!
Ages Agestar
Ages Agestar Hour ago
fancy you twiceu once
2 years old gg didn't have any full album. that's embarrassing 🤭
taelice love
taelice love 25 minutes ago
fancy you twiceu once media play? try another new this tea is getting old!
taelice love
taelice love 27 minutes ago
fancy you twiceu once try to watch their encore stage fancy nayeon & jihyo cant even hit the high notes.
Lucky me Lucky you
Lucky me Lucky you 31 minute ago
itzy one week digital sales: 45m twice one week digital sales: less than 40m. 😁
Lucky me Lucky you
Lucky me Lucky you 32 minutes ago
itzy outcharted twice in korean charts lol
ıllıllı701574 ıllıllı
Report this pathetic creature
03 1
03 1 Hour ago
돈 쳐 쏟아 부운 것 좀 보세요 퀄리티가 다름 ㅜㅡㅠ 나는 이제 앙콘..앙콘이랑 나머지 멤버들 솔로 제에발 원해 로제 솔로 어디쯤이야 ㅜㅠㅠ 리사는 뭐 할지 너무 궁금하고 또 지수 솔로를 위해 통장을 개설했으니 얼른 컴백해줘
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