BLACKPINK - Boombayah (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Frog Leap Studios
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Original by Blackpink
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.


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Apr 16, 2021




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Comments 100
CK 4 hours ago
as a korean. thinks me 'omg metal blackpink.. this is insane soooo good' i want more metal k-pop leo!
just me lol
just me lol 5 hours ago
Zuyyin Abdi Nasrillah
Try boombayah with system of a down style
Lito 16
Lito 16 9 hours ago
Lito 16
Lito 16 11 hours ago
Lito 16
Lito 16 11 hours ago
MONTON RAKCHUM 18 hours ago
Sora Toshiaki
Sora Toshiaki 18 hours ago
Compared to other songs he had to do so few changes in this one. Shows how rocky blackpinks are. Also love his efforts.
Lito 16
Lito 16 Day ago
Ni dia 🤭
Dimas Sykes
Dimas Sykes Day ago
Black 99% Pink 1%
Mansur Dovtaev
Cool!!! Very cool man!!!
BB Thrash Can
BB Thrash Can 2 days ago
Kill this love pretty please? I love these so much!
бог яточка
More blackpink, more k-pop covers
Kamika C
Kamika C 2 days ago
oh can you do a monsta x cover? as korean is no prob apparently? 😅
ashen wulfe
ashen wulfe 2 days ago
i need more of this please
Chris Swain
Chris Swain 2 days ago
We need a Blackpink/Leo collab video! That way we get the best of both worlds! Beautiful Korean women and badass metal riffs!
Lito 16
Lito 16 3 days ago
Eko Elkana Sidauruk
We need kpop rock cover more. Please
Aayush Mankar
Aayush Mankar 3 days ago
Fandy Edwardo
Fandy Edwardo 4 days ago
BP will cry when they see this 🤦‍♀️
Sleepyaa 4 days ago
Leo sings the lyrics of this song, one hundred percent improvisation, one thousand percent metal ^^
Dragon born
Dragon born 4 days ago
얼굴과 표정이 완전 메탈에 찰떡이네 ㅋㅋ 카메라 무브도 무섭네 ㅋㅋ
ASMR Nordic
ASMR Nordic 5 days ago
Eurovision soon. How about a cover of Fallen angel? :D
What Why
What Why 5 days ago
I hope BLACKPINK will see this....
wey rush
wey rush 5 days ago
make lovesick girl metal too
DinoRawr2x 6 days ago
This is the best thing I've ever listened to, you sir are BEYOND talented! Please do Popstars by K/DA!
бог яточка
The best music
Mike WOW! zowski
Mike WOW! zowski 6 days ago
Awesome. Do another kpop one. Try icy by Itzy. I think ya could rock that one pretty well
Jake Recio
Jake Recio 7 days ago
Mor tadela
Mor tadela 7 days ago
бог яточка
Yuya Thazin
Yuya Thazin 7 days ago
I love that
A6 Tab
A6 Tab 8 days ago
I want you to cover Dreamcatcher (KPop)
Nayara P.C
Nayara P.C 8 days ago
Yo amo esto ●♡●♡●♡
vasher 8 days ago
My God, I love it when Metal out Kpop.😂👍
Tirza Angganice Silvana
I almost didnt recognize this song is BLACKPINK song😂
Johan Sejio
Johan Sejio 9 days ago
Hope that Leo covers some songs in Anime :)
Bauke van Bloemenhuis
I have no idea what the original song is, but I'll take your version any day, saves me time and a disappointment :)
Эмиль Перепелица
Perfect! Somebody please show this video to BLACKPINK 😄
Verriena 0105
Verriena 0105 9 days ago
Most like listening to Blackpink cover by Leo .. waiting for other Blackpink songs
Brochabol King
Brochabol King 9 days ago
Yayaya! Boom! Bayag! Apir! Leo rock on!😊
18nomah 9 days ago
I love Metal and I love Kpop. This sound is incredible. I demand more and more. Respect to the artistry of singing in perfect Korean while creating something totally new.
gabrielle dormuth
As usual Leo nails it with a fantastic rendition of a popular song turning into a metal cover
None of your business
This was atrocious.
Sydney Hare
Sydney Hare 10 days ago
Even tho I'm a big kpop fan I think I prefer this one over the original
Zirconia 0017
Zirconia 0017 10 days ago
do pretty savage next please🤘
bin bin
bin bin 10 days ago
du-ddu-du pls
오로라 10 days ago
This is not BLACKPINK but this is BLACKPUNK👅
Rijay01 jambea
Rijay01 jambea 11 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 funny
GestahlianChocobot 12 days ago
Why does it sound like System of a Down?
Adelia Dewi
Adelia Dewi 12 days ago
next cover : pretty savage - blackpink please....
Abo 13 days ago
When ur daughter plays that song whole day
Munho Jin
Munho Jin 13 days ago
My throat hurts after listening to this. But GOOD JOB LEO!
최고다 최고!!!
DenimAndLeather 14 days ago
What the white
Xiara Villarico
Xiara Villarico 14 days ago
Can you do iKON'S RHYTHM TA? Thank you😍
naomi zabrina
naomi zabrina 14 days ago
like the devil walking dance at night in the jungle
road road
road road 14 days ago
아니 형님. 붐바야를 부르셨습니까 ㅎㅎㅎ
Just Cycling And Walking
New genre music unlocked: METALPINK
Oskar Erunel
Oskar Erunel 14 days ago
Boney M. - Sunny (1976) next please
Hannry tube
Hannry tube 15 days ago
가끔 kpop 올려줘서 잘 듣고 있습니다.
Nícolas Templo
Nícolas Templo 16 days ago
My dream came true..... but I sure it's better in 1,25 x
Vadim P
Vadim P 16 days ago
Исполнение и кривляния Лео дороже всяческого оригинала, который он "кавирует".
Dezi A
Dezi A 16 days ago
Could you do a cover of B*tch (I censored it for RUvid's sake, but it has an i) by Calica?? I'd love to hear a metal version of it. ❤
T an
T an 16 days ago
한국인인 내가 들어도 가사가 잘 전달되고 있음.
Friska Agari
Friska Agari 16 days ago
today i like metal because of this video :D
Suns 16 days ago
Req. Renegades One Oke Rock. thanks
오로라 16 days ago
"Oppa" ㅠㅠ
Redford Mahinay
Redford Mahinay 16 days ago
Meat Hook
Meat Hook 17 days ago
You ever do that Crazy song by Seal? Maybe I should just look, but it's past my old-man bed time.
Meat Hook
Meat Hook 17 days ago
He makes paninis from Wonderbread.
Mommy MC
Mommy MC 17 days ago
THANKS!!! 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍
Tymonello 17 days ago
Can you speak korean now?
Kim Taeminnie World V
My mom:Don't bother Rebeca because she's in virtual classes I in my room : 1:25
Leefresh Paul
Leefresh Paul 17 days ago
좋아!!! 좋아!!!!! 안녕친구들!!!!!
Ben Knapp
Ben Knapp 17 days ago
But I love it!
Ben Knapp
Ben Knapp 17 days ago
I've never heard of Blackpink? They are from the US?
lukas Den
lukas Den 16 days ago
Artur F
Artur F 17 days ago
Outros get crazier and crazier, yet better and better at the same time. "Africa" outro still a class of its own though :-D
김현승 17 days ago
허미 쒸펄
pilat berapi
pilat berapi 18 days ago
I like
Dave Loves Noodles
Dave Loves Noodles 18 days ago
Fajrin Lubis
Fajrin Lubis 18 days ago
Yess, he makes them better..
ROman j
ROman j 19 days ago
Best then original, thank you.
James 19 days ago
Others: what language can u sing? Leo: yes
Jack Crispy
Jack Crispy 19 days ago
Please cover liquido_play some Rock
Sathit Mingkhuan
Sathit Mingkhuan 19 days ago
my blackpink
Sultan Hafidz Al Fatah
This is 99% black and 1% pink
metta ps
metta ps 19 days ago
Love this. So so good
Noukz 19 days ago
OMG those lyrics are pure nonsense... XD But if it weren't for Leo I wouldn't be able to listen to the end :-)
Hatsune Miku初音ミク
One of the best covers in 5 years 😎
Thanapong J.
Thanapong J. 19 days ago
Wow. love this ver.
Meatsweats 20 days ago
how many edits were in this video...like all your videos have a lot of edits. but this one seemed like you were a busy little bee.
inconceivabledark 20 days ago
It was only a matter of time 😎👏
SamuraiC1imat3 gamer05
It was nice until this white boy ruined it with his White people sound
Imota Keliat
Imota Keliat 20 days ago
Better than original.
Emily Nelson
Emily Nelson 20 days ago
Please please do "breathing" by kate bush! Already a pretty heavy and complex song, but I feel like Leo could put even more emphasis into it!
Khairudin Shahri
Khairudin Shahri 20 days ago
Me blink blink😂😂
sollitary 21 day ago
Enoch Hanokh
Enoch Hanokh 21 day ago
friday i am in love by the cure
Catherine Lee
Catherine Lee 21 day ago
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