Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Official Video)

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Music video by Black Sheep performing The Choice Is Yours. (C) 1991 The Island Def Jam Music Group
#BlackSheep #TheChoiceIsYours #Vevo


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Jun 16, 2009




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Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus Day ago
Uhghh! C'mon!
Frank Henry Struck 2nd
Still listening to this song in 2020
Sandra Ruiz
Sandra Ruiz Day ago
Loved this song in 91 as a 17 year old and the whole song was fire especially the best part we all went crazy jumping haha
Jennifer Jennifer
I just watched Black Sheep on a rerun of “In Living Color”!! I got on line searching for anything that was ever associated with this amazing talent. ...still can’t get enough. I am waiting for Mr. Long and Dres to come to Twin Cities, MinneSNOWda!!
J Simmons
J Simmons 2 days ago
DOpe beat...their album was terrible...but this song was/is recognizable.
Guillermo Alfaro
Guillermo Alfaro 3 days ago
I was in sixth grade when this came out!!!!! Listen to the words!!! Music today is garbage
Matthew Ohan
Matthew Ohan 4 days ago
3:51 song that everyone kind of remembers. 23 second hook that everyone remembers! Guaranteed more than half the views were from people searching engine, engine number 9 song! I remember everyone would start walking to the dance floor right before that part, then everyone would loose their damn minds!
LenaLines 4 days ago
"UH!" "COME ON!"
Aizaac 5 days ago
Paint dat wall Miles
Sertaç İpek
Sertaç İpek 5 days ago
Random white comment passing by... PS. I prefer the Bloodhound Gang cover better :p
Vanilla Addict
Vanilla Addict 5 days ago
I'm here because of a Kia soul commercial with hampsters lol
L I 5 days ago
This was played at every house party and club back in the 90s and had everyone pumped
willow perez rul
willow perez rul 7 days ago
Engine engine num 9!!!
willow perez rul
willow perez rul 7 days ago
2020 jammmin
Imaspiderman 1
Imaspiderman 1 8 days ago
Come on miles I Gotta roll But still I like how spider verse referenced this and Hypnotise
12am nation
12am nation 9 days ago
Unique mecca audio reminded me of this classic....#salute dres
John Ace
John Ace 9 days ago
91 I thought this was a little older but now that I think about it I was like 22 when this came out
notvertexx 10 days ago
My generation is full of “gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang” jesus this is what ive been missing out on 😨
Mikeymarcus _07
Mikeymarcus _07 10 days ago
I think I finally found it and if I did not this shiiiiiii is fireeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but it is
stephen heath
stephen heath 10 days ago
Dres was a dope emcee.for sure
David Nissim
David Nissim 10 days ago
Admit it, you’re only here from the Kia commercial with the rapping hamsters
Fine Frontier
Fine Frontier 9 days ago
what are you talking about?
Gary Hall
Gary Hall 11 days ago
Love this track
Xavier Cabrera
Xavier Cabrera 11 days ago
Any 2010 Kia Soul hamster commercials out there
Meni69 11 days ago
the ooh, come on samples are GOLD
Ivalina Passe
Ivalina Passe 12 days ago
Dope as Usual!!!!!
TJung111 13 days ago
narrator: They got with that..
N Philip
N Philip 15 days ago
Slamming Tune!
shawng7902 15 days ago
Somebody's granny has banging ass legs for sure back then. Could follow her up 100 floors.
bushweednever 15 days ago
So this is where Weapon of Choice comes from. Dope!
Tevin Johnson
Tevin Johnson 15 days ago
NBA Streets volume 2 Soudtrack
Kai Freeman
Kai Freeman 15 days ago
@ 2:26 was he talking about the #9 train because that debuted in 1989 but I believe that it became a popular line in 91'. If so then that would make sense!!!!!
Idk so yea
Idk so yea 15 days ago
Sy Jeanlouis
Sy Jeanlouis 16 days ago
The Spidey Lore
The Spidey Lore 16 days ago
Uh....im from 2005 and I got this song from into the spider verse
Marcus Soto
Marcus Soto 17 days ago
the mmph cmon is the only thing that was kind of annoying no offense
justright 17 days ago
This is my shit from day 1
Abdelghani Benamara
lord jamar spotted 0:53 - 0:54
krzys767 19 days ago
Br Uh
Br Uh 19 days ago
The this OR That Ruins it
Jose Galvez
Jose Galvez 19 days ago
You can hear this or you can hear nothing
pontiacGXPfan 19 days ago
Still listening in 2020
seermail dot io
seermail dot io 21 day ago
This is one of those tracks that was way ahead of it's time. Shot out to good music. The days you actually had to have talent not just half naked women running around in your video.
Peter Schroeder
Peter Schroeder 22 days ago
One of the best hip hop songs ever.
A.J. Towin
A.J. Towin 23 days ago
Omg being 21 again lol
Devin Doyle Actor
Devin Doyle Actor 24 days ago
sick bass line - upright - haunted jazz
MrTommylotto 24 days ago
I haven't heard this song in so long. I just got chills again. Classic!!!
sexyfatbastid 25 days ago
The recording volume on this was always mad low. Ditto for Digable Planets & EPMD.
Atomic Werewolf76
Atomic Werewolf76 25 days ago
So fortunate to have been born in 76...got to see Hip Hop grow, mature, get weird, split into a thousand directions and go into the subway tunnels to survive the commercial holocaust. I'll never quit listening to the real sh*t.
Mando X gobrazy
Mando X gobrazy 26 days ago
2k 🤦🏻‍♂️
Yuda Dwitama
Yuda Dwitama 26 days ago
bboy blue kill this beat on Red Bull BC One Continent Battle
dasyochannel 27 days ago
My friend in my DJ crew was a slob. I loaned him some of my vinyl. He left this on the carpet floor and stepped on it breaking the record. He never replaced it.
rhys evans
rhys evans 29 days ago
Is this where norman cook got weapon of choice sample from??
Selena Diaz
Selena Diaz 29 days ago
No weak ass computer djing back in the day!
Dan Gun
Dan Gun 29 days ago
Dope and Spider Verse
SpookyGhost89 29 days ago
You, brought me here
Dry Towel
Dry Towel 24 days ago
SpookyGhost89 welcome :)
Al Boschi
Al Boschi Month ago
Lyrical kingpin
曾華劭 Month ago
2k10 mlb
George Holstein
George Holstein Month ago
I Love Chicago
I Love Chicago Month ago
2:25 and on ....I get crazy as fuck. I’m 24 and damn I’m been listening to 90s music since I was kid. My parents had so much fun in the 90s man when they were in their 20s . I’m jealous.
Tsarina Doll
Tsarina Doll Month ago
I remember that when this song came out when I was in high school back in '92, a guy who I thought was strictly thrash metal was complimenting how "badass" the baseline was. That sticks out in my memory for some reason lol.
Skrilla Don
Skrilla Don Month ago
Tracks that got ya head just bumping matter o fact the whole place shaking
NitroSpider 04
NitroSpider 04 Month ago
Two words: “No Expectations.”
Armando F
Armando F Month ago
I’m here showing my kids what rhyme and flow actually sounds like!
bdogfish75 Month ago
One of the dopest jams ever
DeniThaDon Month ago
This is a motherphukin Hip Hop all-time classic! I'm glad i was born in the 80's and had the pleasure to grow up with real Hip Hop, no gay and fake pop sh*t! I just pray Hip Hop will rise one day again and help us out from this horror today
Daniel Amde
Daniel Amde Month ago
Doo dah dipity
Demi Hernandez
Demi Hernandez Month ago
lol the "UGH cmOn"
Glen Atuti
Glen Atuti Month ago
The last dance and Spiderman into the spider verse bought me here
Lil Roc
Lil Roc Month ago
Hip hop classic!!!
grendelwasajedi Month ago
is there a version of this without the "uh c'mom" or whatever it is ruining every measure?
Ken Gardiner
Ken Gardiner Month ago
What's up with the DJ scratching on a laserdisc? I don't think I've ever seen a vinyl record that had a CD-like highly reflective coating like that. I could be wrong though, I'm just interested in seeing some specific examples beyond what I see in this video.
Sarai Mendolssohn
Bought a KIA because of this song!
Tremain Worrell
Tremain Worrell Month ago
I'm here for Michael Jordan Last Dance 👨🏿‍🦲💪🏿🏀⛹🏿‍♂️🐃🐐🏅🏆❤🖤🤍🔵🟤⚪ NBA Street Vol 2. 🏀⛹🏿‍♂️📺🎮 You Got Served 🕺🏾🕺🏾& Step Up🕺💃🏫 brought me here
COVID-19 Month ago
Dang...high school times.
Justin Russo
Justin Russo Month ago
Chi ali before he caught a bid.
roi roi
roi roi Month ago
I just remeber this from a skylanders swap force commercial
aMp Month ago
Miig Gallo
Miig Gallo Month ago
rap was a beautiful thing. in 2020 however, its a pathetic joke.
Ricardo Gonzalez
DJPortorro in tha mix emisora Nuevo Amanecer AMEN GOD bless you my family 👌
Josh Clausen
Josh Clausen Month ago
Kia Soul commercial😂
K S Month ago
Teenager in the 90s best music! Class of 1992
svpreme Month ago
i’m glad my dad showed me this and beastie boys, thanks dad☺️
K M Month ago
2:05 KKK
Kevin Ferguson
Kevin Ferguson Month ago
I'm 49 yrs old and this is my first seeing this video. Yes I grey up on hip hop.
Bxyz N Da Hood
Bxyz N Da Hood Month ago
Who ever reading this , your time is coming 💯💰
tmw713 Month ago
I will get with this, outstanding work. True, total art.
Joe Beales
Joe Beales Month ago
If my train goes off the track pick it up pick it up pick it up ...................BACK ON THE SCENE CRISPY AND CLEAN! When I was a kid that always got me so hype and 30 years later it still dose. This song is timeless. Takes me back to my younger years .Funny how music can bring back forgotten memories. Black sheep/tribe called quest /naughty by nature. Damn those were the days .
12345britt1 Month ago
NBA street!
spikze Month ago
Who is here because of the Spider Man Movie?
nwo onnotice
nwo onnotice Month ago
Jennifer Kokoska Kadash
Your choice alone I pray the rest of your life amen
D L 2 months ago
Where's no black sheep.. heres no black sheep. Ah, the teenage days with my Chicago Bulls and Oakland Raiders starter jacket and Air Jordan's. Great times.
Barbara Bee
Barbara Bee 2 months ago
chills down my spine .... this is the schnizznick!🤣🤣
I Let My Dreads Grow!.
This is untouchable!. Reigns Supreme Forever!.
Malcolm X Clan
Malcolm X Clan 2 months ago
August 22, 2020
Adam_ 2 months ago
Legends says they’re still sayin Hu! C’mon!
Igor T.
Igor T. 2 months ago
2020 and still 🔥🔥🔥
Tank Abbott
Tank Abbott 2 months ago
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia 2 months ago
Loved this or that just made me so indecisive and never really decided thinking thats most sure smh
Stephen Margerison
Stephen Margerison 2 months ago
First heard this on mtv, yo mtv raps. Classic.
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