Black people will say anything while roasting

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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 80
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
Qua B
Qua B 5 days ago
Quandisimo Fantastico lmaoo
Big Nibba
Big Nibba 19 days ago
You make shit music and shit videos
GusLevoGus 29 days ago
DexZoe Month ago
El Iy
El Iy 4 months ago
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS this is terrible I’m christian
BLUE RED 2 days ago
Oh don't let me get on yo...... 0 _ 0 LOKIN' ASS!
Antoine Jameson
Antoine Jameson 3 days ago
y=mx+b rofl
Ibraheem Sadudin
Ibraheem Sadudin 3 days ago
Bereczki Kristóf
CJ2KALLDAY 4 days ago
Y=Mx+b y intercept lookin ass nigga... *I have reached enlightenment* 💀💀💀💀
Hènnessy kills
Hènnessy kills 4 days ago
Oh don't make me get on yo LOOKIN AH!
Hènnessy kills
Hènnessy kills 4 days ago
The worst thing is when ur just watching to people roast each other then you laugh, then one of them look at you then start roasting you
Otragics 6 days ago
I wish I could roast people but I’m white
Satchsquatch Satchell Jr
That’s kinda a cool roast “content”
Just a peace of cake
Is true I was fighting with my friend and he call me nigga 😭😭 I'm white Jk I dont get offended if they call me that
Momma Steven
Momma Steven 7 days ago
I know you ain’t talking with your Moses separating the Red Sea lookin-ass hairline.
gregi104 7 days ago
DANG JOS 8 days ago
HAHAHHAHA!!! Oh my god too true!!
Q dude HOME
Q dude HOME 9 days ago
0:40 Wi'cho, "awe shit forgot my mask" face ass
This shit took me back to the HS Lunch table lol
Saito 12 days ago
The younger part of of gen z
I love Pewdiepie
I love Pewdiepie 12 days ago
I roast like this😭
Bow Wow
Bow Wow 12 days ago
Not the bacon chabada burger 😂😂
Alex With Internet
Alex With Internet 12 days ago
That last one was so fire the fire department started freezing
Owen Thomson
Owen Thomson 13 days ago
Like in Scotland anything can be an insult I could genuinely go "shut the fuck up you absolute chicken sandwich on wholegrain Bread"
Treyvon Daily
Treyvon Daily 13 days ago
“Look at yo Looking ass!”
Vang96 13 days ago
Jaquwon Guyton
Jaquwon Guyton 14 days ago
the end had me dead😂
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M 15 days ago
Furious Gamer
Furious Gamer 15 days ago
D I d, h e, j u s t, c o u g h?
Rachel Tait-Enroth
Rachel Tait-Enroth 16 days ago
It took me so long to find this video again. All I could remember was the Caesar salad part 😭
Amy Young
Amy Young 14 days ago
Nion King of Onions
"Boy if you dont get your boom boom ba baa way hairline looking ass"
It’s Divinity
It’s Divinity 19 days ago
“Boy i know you ain’t laughin! Now be both on yo ass!”
Ethan Hayden
Ethan Hayden 20 days ago
As long as it ends in “head ass” or “looking ass”
CjBeLitt 20 days ago
LS EATER 21 day ago
why are the roasts that don't make any sense always the funniest? 😂
Delainey Hunter
Delainey Hunter 21 day ago
I hear that in class all the fucking time my school has alot of black ppl and I am white so I just don't even look behind me I don't wanna be next..lmao
Duval Mob
Duval Mob 22 days ago
My nigga if you don't take yo damn u funny as hell face as on lol love you're shit bro lol
Samurai Shampoo
Samurai Shampoo 22 days ago
Not with your yeeyee-ass haircut
Mitchell Julius
Mitchell Julius 22 days ago
Lmfao, you could see him starting to smile during some of these. I Love that.
Skarro 22 days ago
y=mx+b lmfao
Jc Pasley
Jc Pasley 23 days ago
My man said 😲
Ricardo 24 days ago
I be sitting across the lunchroom and I laugh at something I saw on my phone and a black person just appears outta nowhere and says “I know yo ass ain’t laughing”
Kean4711 DUB
Kean4711 DUB 24 days ago
Spectonimous 25 days ago
0:40 oh shit was he roasting covid-19?
Subscribing to everyone who subscribes to me
Is anybody else casually just dying while reading these comments😂
Arella Collymore
Arella Collymore 28 days ago
👁👄👁 lookin ass
MM_HORCHATA_MM 28 days ago
On god they be saying anything and it don’t be even making sense. People be hyping them up but not even listening to what they actually sayin 🤦🏽
ZZ likes to draw
ZZ likes to draw 28 days ago
The ones about food are compliments for me Who wouldn't wanna look like a steak I mean they good asf
MKing 28 days ago
LongBeach, if you don’t get your “Day after day, seems like I pushed against the cloud” LOOKING ASS OUTTA HERE!
Jonah Young
Jonah Young 29 days ago
Cough threw me off😂
Garrett Anderson
Me: *breathes* Kid in class: I know you ain't huffin n puffin wit yo... *roasts me*
Kyle Holtzhausen
When he said : " " I felt that.
Diamond Prime
Diamond Prime Month ago
how does this work
Thomas Frierson
Thomas Frierson Month ago
Tell me how he predicted the Rona and the riots
Thomas Frierson
Thomas Frierson Month ago
Head ass
Gamef Gameg
Gamef Gameg Month ago
Taking a hit at wild n' out........ looking ass😂
Priyanshu Gupta
Priyanshu Gupta Month ago
Is the voice of that man in the ad of portable tv....from cobra kai?
mei misa
mei misa Month ago
Was that a cough? 👁️👄👁️(2020)
I Lust Wanted To Play Like Now
So Griffey has corona
Mi La
Mi La Month ago
"Oh don't let me get on your . . . . . . . . face ass" this killed me lmao
Cycy J
Cycy J Month ago
My Le
My Le Month ago
He said Missouri compromise
Quote Month ago
"boy if you don't"
Sphakamiso Zondi
OK Griff, Youre an E=mc2 equation lookin ass. 😂😂😂
ItsMurk Jr.
ItsMurk Jr. Month ago
*Extreme Coughing* looking ass
saoud saoud
saoud saoud Month ago
Griffy used to watch nickatnyte lmao
arthessay bataclao
When he realize that he was roasting himself the wholetime
Sam007Gaymer Month ago
Joe Month ago
When Griffey started coughing I had my Lysol ready
Ndikum Sorel
Ndikum Sorel Month ago
Don't over stop RUvid bro please 🙏 just keep making me laugh forever you know what I'm saying 😂😂
Kevin N
Kevin N Month ago
I'm legit learning Y = mx + b stuff right now what
Joshua Month ago
When the 2nd to last roast came to be the haunt everyone in 2020 ☠
Whilly Silly
Whilly Silly Month ago
Face ass and head ass was used a lot in my school
Bianca Jenkins
Bianca Jenkins Month ago
That last one... he ain’t have to do cuz like dat
Cross Brantley
Cross Brantley Month ago
Lookin ass boi
Cross Brantley
Cross Brantley Month ago
The last 2 lmso
pokiebleh 2 months ago
take a shot every time he says “...lookin ass”
Echo StarvingGamer
Echo StarvingGamer 2 months ago
I do the last one all the time ong
Jeremiah Visor
Jeremiah Visor 2 months ago
I am Chrollo
I am Chrollo 2 months ago
" yo.. you y = mx + b looking ass " 😅😂😂
Delto 2 months ago
Not gon lie, you really caught me with that cough.
Victor Ofo
Victor Ofo 2 months ago
Yeah, you're a Genius bro.
Horror Terror
Horror Terror 2 months ago
When he paused I thought you were going to roast him with a fart noise😂😂
Fate 2 months ago
cuz this really how the shit be😭😭😭
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