Black Mirror Season 1-5 Every Episode Ranked

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In this video, I rank every episode of Black Mirror from Season 1 to Season 5. All of the episodes are ranked from worst to best and I give small reviews for each of the episodes that are in this list. Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology show created by Charlie Brooker and is on Netflix.
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Jun 11, 2019




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Emily Seward
Emily Seward 19 hours ago
men against fire and shut up and dance are way too low and fifteen million merits is way too high
Dustin Shirley
I hate San junipero
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez 6 days ago
The the Miley Cyrus episode is so boring and feels like a Disney episode making it the Worst episode of all time
Luka Orozović
Luka Orozović 7 days ago
My ranking: 5. Season 5 4. Season 1 3. Season 4 2. Season 2 1. Season 3
imAweeb 9 days ago
I didn't find the robot takeover in metalhead to be "amazing" or even interesting. It has been done almost a million times in literaturw
The 910toParis
The 910toParis 20 days ago
Smithereens made me cry :(
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 21 day ago
stopped the video at 22. Hated by the nation has been my favourite movie, the way it displayed the concept of taking revenge against society. hate speech, a disease present in our society!
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons Month ago
Every episode from season 5 is too high and Hang The DJ, Waldo, and so many more are so low.
White Christmas is still number one too me and I personally think the entire history of you is a bit overrated its not the worse but its definitely not number one
Tbh I really liked hated in the nation
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Month ago
I'll always love Shut Up And Dance
Susan Zhou
Susan Zhou Month ago
Definitely... 1) White Christmas 2) White bear 3) Black museum 4) Hang the DJ 5) USS Callister 6) Nosedive 7) Be right back 8) Shut up and dance
Benjamin T
Benjamin T Month ago
I hate the idea that all black mirror episodes need to be dark. They are all supposed to be thought-provoking, not just scary.
Jina Koffi
Jina Koffi Month ago
1.) Black Museum 2.) Smithereens 3.) White Bear 4.) Shut Up & Dance 5.) Hated in the Nation 6.) San Junipero 7 - 23.) All equally great!
Jeff O
Jeff O Month ago
Apparently this shit hella gay?
jswinson86 Month ago
BrainPilot: National Anthem lacks futuristic technology, it doesn't fit what the show has become BrainPilot: Shut up and dance was awesome because it lacked futuristic technology even though its more current in the shows seasons Me: Wut?
Erin Jones
Erin Jones Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks men against fire is underrated like I loved it so much
Charmiskit Month ago
I rate shut up and dance and White Bear (especially white bear) lower than most people and definitely you. Shut up and dance mostly because I thought the twist was terribly obvious immediately since no 20 year old would react the way he did to some trolls getting a vid of him jacking off. Sure, I thought he jacked it to his sister (because of his insistence on getting a lock, hating that she took his computer but apparently not doing anything about it till later and him going upstairs after watching tv and seeing his sister), but it was painfully obvious that he was beating it to some seriously illegal shit. White Bear mostly because even black mirror couldn't convince me that something like White Bear would be allowed to set up in the first place. Oh really, the UK would just rip up the geneva conventions, half their laws and pull out of who knows how many global contracts on human rights to set up some stupid theme park for some crazed lunatics. It wasn't the twist of her having been a bad person that ruined it, but the twist that this money making scheme is somehow legal in the UK. I'd probably be not as pissed if it was set in e.g. the US, but come on. My top 5 are probably 1. Be right back 2. 15 million merits 3. White Christmas 4. San Junipero 5. Playtest/USS Callister (same place to me) Least favourite: 1. Striking Vipers. Them suddenly kissing for no reason was stupid. The "totes not gay" attitude in 2019 just fucking pissed me off. The whole premise was fucking stupid. God the episode was terrible. Fuck that episode. Season 5 was weak in general. 2. Crocodile, her going on that killing spree was just... way too unpromted. Like, no. Also, insurance agents can force people by law to take part in some stupid memory thing? Guinea Pigs have super memory? God the whole plot revolving around the technology has so many holes it left me physically angry. 3. Arkangel. Again, what. I don't even know how many human rights violations would have to be broken for an unremovable implant for a baby to be basically remote controlled by their parents and losing all agency without any side effects known would be approved to be used. ESPECIALLY on infants. Once I couldn't buy the setting and saw how much control that thing gave the mother, it made me fucking pissed. 4. White Bear 5. Men against fire. Twist obvious, weak story, weak characters. Loved the technology and could imagine it becoming reality. An episode where the setting looked bleak and dystopic enough that i could buy into the tech being real.
Goku Black
Goku Black Month ago
For me the worst two episodes are Waldo and metalhead.
rediet zegeye
rediet zegeye Month ago
For me, San Junipero is overrated. It was very difficult to relate to and plain confusing at times. My favourites are fifteen million merits, the entire history of you and hated in the nation
Rena Ryuugu
Rena Ryuugu Month ago
My top 5 1.White Bear 2.USS Callister 3.Playtest 4. Nosedive 5.Crocodile or Be Right Back
Matte Matte
Matte Matte Month ago
Metalhead by far the worst one followed by Men against fire.
Measter Month ago
My top 5 1.Fifteen million merits 2.Hang the dj 3.Nosedive 4.Playtest 5.Hated in the nation
Quantum_XJ 2 months ago
1. Black Museum 2. Hated in the Nation 3. Hang the DJ 4. Crocodile 5. San Junipero
zoom -zip
zoom -zip 2 months ago
this guy is insane ive been watching for 2 mins and he is already crazy hated in the nation was such a good episode whattt it was bad because it was long wtff also the ashley episode is better than crocodile and hated in the nation and men against fire hoowwww
Killa Fx
Killa Fx 2 months ago
This is my top 5: 1. Hang the DJ 2. White Christmas 3.The Entire History of You 4. White Bear 5. Shut Up and Dance
Jean-Pierre Gouin
Jean-Pierre Gouin 2 months ago
1) Shut Up And Dance 2) San Junipero 3) White Bear 4) National Anthem 5) Nosedive 6) Hang The DJ 7) Entire History Of You 8) 15 Millions Merits 9) White Christmas 10) Black Museum 11) Be Right Back 12) Crocodile (that finale) 13) Bandersnatch (story wasn't as great as the concept) 14) Metalhead 15) Arkangel 16) Hated In The Nation 17) USS Callister 18) Playtest 19) Men Against Fire 20) The Waldo Moment Season 5 (no twist in any of them practically...) 21) Smithereens 22) Rachel, Jack and Ashely Too 23) Striking Vipers
マイマイ 2 months ago
Hated in the nation is one of my favorite episodes but I have to agree with you, it takes so long to develop the main story and bring the twist.. plus the characters are really great too- it just takes patience to watch
PianoLeaf755663 2 months ago
Hated in the nation is my personal favourite due to the darkness of it
Auranist 2 months ago
This list is kinda bad :/
Zeke Edwards
Zeke Edwards 2 months ago
Am I the only one that thought 15 mill merits, and hang the DJ were boring?
This channel is a fake channel.
6:15 Please say the use of the term "downward spiral" was a reference to the Nine Inch Nails album.
Bobmarley420 2 months ago
The first season was the best
Bobmarley420 2 months ago
I still kinda feel bad for Kenny u can tell he genuinely felt remorse for what he looked at and he didn’t seem to want to harm anyone in real life. It also seems as though he was just looking at pictures of kids and no actual abuse so he’s not supporting them being harmed. He is messed up and needs help but what he went through was still fucked up
Jake L.
Jake L. 2 months ago
1. Hated in the Nation 2. White Christmas 3. USS Callister 4. Crocodile 5. Playtest 6. Black Museum 7. Metalhead 8. White Bear 9. Ashley Too 10. Nosedive 11. Smithereens 12. Entire History of You 13. Men Against Fire 14. Shut Up and Dance 15 Hang the DJ 16. Striking Vipers 17. Arkangel 18. The National Anthem 19. Be Right Back 20. Fifteen Million Merits 21. The Waldo Moment 22. San Junipero btw I dont consider bandersnatch an actual episode in the series its something completely separate I feel.
OneSexyVeganBibba 2 months ago
My personal top 10 => 1. Shut up and Dance 2. White Christmas 3. Playtest 4. White Bear 5. Smithereens 6. Bandersnatch 7. National Anthem 8. Men Against Fire 9. USS Callister 10. Hang the DJ
Ange Alexiel
Ange Alexiel 2 months ago
love this show so much, it depicts our future and a ton of intricacies that politicians or most of the ppl cannot prevent... i really think the future will be bleak and darker than it is now .. and i really hope i am 100% wrong... watching Elon Musk for years being an advocate to regulate AI or AGI and others too to politicians who thought it was sci fi , and now he basically dropped the ball , cos in his opinion, either AI will destroy us , or the only way to maybe survive is to merge with it .. and next year neuralink will start trial on humans subject.. of course at first it will great for disabled ppl, but it's inevitable that this tech will be sold like apple watch in a few years... and the face of the world and our lives will change drastically
Brady Morgan
Brady Morgan 2 months ago
Worst 👏 list 👏 ever
ShanG 2 months ago
The national anthem is the worst by far to watch. I cringed so much but thats what makes Black Mirror really good. I hated that episode purely because of the morality of it
RipSnoop 2 months ago
anyone else hate san junipero? extremely boring story and nothing to keep excited while watching through. snore fest lol, even waldo movement is better
sophie tuttle
sophie tuttle 2 months ago
So far, I have watched Arkangel, White Bear, 15 Million Merits, The National Anthem, Shut up and Dance, Nosedive and Rachel Jack and Ashley Too. Least favorite is definitely Rachel Jack and Ashely Too because I didn’t really connect with Rachel and Jack. However, hated the aunt and loved Ashley O. Favorite is definitely Nosedive. Just love the message and snowball effect incorporated throughout the episode. Also loved Lacie’s awkward little giggle.😂
Max Lee
Max Lee 2 months ago
The best are (In no order): White Christmas Black Museum Hang the DJ Nosedive Hated in the Nation San Junipero White Christmas is CLEARLY the best tho
Fynn 2 months ago
I loved the black and White one. Pure Horror
Dylan Buffa
Dylan Buffa 2 months ago
My personal favorite list :) :: 1) USS Callister 2) San Junipero 3) Black Museum 4) Entire History of You 5) White Christmas 6) Nosedive 7) Shut up and Dance 8) Playtest 9) The National Anthem 10) White Bear 11) Crocodile 12) Striking Vipers 13) Be Right Back 14) Hang the DJ 15) Smithereens 16) Fifteen Million Merits 17) Arkangel 18) Rachel, Jack, & Ashley Too 19) Metalhead 20) Men Against Fire 21) Hated in the Nation 22) The Waldo Moment
Mr. X
Mr. X 2 months ago
Are you kidding me? I don't agree with you.
Shebz 2 months ago
watching BANDERSNATCH HIGH ASF was not a good idea
images 2 months ago
Striking Vipers and Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too are the only two Bad episodes
Mattriel 2 months ago
I disagree with most of the rankings in this list.
cali cieffi
cali cieffi 2 months ago
ok but i disagree with like... all of these
cali cieffi
cali cieffi 2 months ago
cali cieffi
cali cieffi 2 months ago
The Waldo Moment is actually pretty good. I said what I said.
Clifford Movies4u
Clifford Movies4u 2 months ago
Smithereens saved series 5 really good episode.
The Army Of Defaults
Agree just watched s5 (all 3 episodes were good) But the 2nd one is in my top 5 now
It’s ya Boi
It’s ya Boi 2 months ago
15 million merits is so fuckkkking goood!!! The speech gives me chills
It’s ya Boi
It’s ya Boi 2 months ago
Bro play test was bad
samanator19 2 months ago
Striking vipers was by far the worst and most garbage episode.
KFM11 2 months ago
I'm so glad you put The Entire History Of You 1st, its hands down the best black mirror episode there will ever be 🙌🏻 and my favourite episode
ᴀʟɪɴᴀ ʟᴇᴇ
1. Nosedive 2. Hang the DJ! 3. White Bear 4. White Christmas 5. The entire history of you 6. Fifteen millon merits 7. Striking Vipers 8. Smithereens 9. Shut up and dance 10. Playtest 11. Crocodile 12. USS Callister 13. Metalhead 14. San Junipero 15. The National Anthem 16. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too 17. Black Museum 18. Arkangel 19. Be right back 20. Hated in the nation 21. Men against fire 22. The Waldo moment The difference between places is not much, the only episode I didn't like at all was The Waldo moment. Nosedive is the masterpiece (It's already happening in China.. .)
Uzui 2 months ago
I know u praised it but u did smitheriens dirty definitely top 3
Ab 2 months ago
Either white bear or white Christmas are number 1 for me
Nattiex999 2 months ago
White Christmas is definitely one of my favorites.. It’s one of the episodes that isnt truly predictable. Hhh.
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