Black Mirror Season 1-5 Every Episode Ranked

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In this video, I rank every episode of Black Mirror from Season 1 to Season 5. All of the episodes are ranked from worst to best and I give small reviews for each of the episodes that are in this list. Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology show created by Charlie Brooker and is on Netflix.
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
conejo Day ago
Fuuking hate season 5, its just all so fucking dumb especially the miley cyrus one, the happy ending is just so disney it ended like the emoji movie wtf
Maurice Wilson
Maurice Wilson 3 days ago
anyone else see hang the dj at 19 and immediately ran to the comments
Zeynep ERDOĞAN 4 days ago
what are you on about black museum is THE BEST EPISODE EVER.its so underrated fr
henry M
henry M 5 days ago
Is it just me or does anyone else just find San Junipero really dull and tbh not dark or interesting at all ?
OIL GUY 5 days ago
am i the only one who thinks san junipero was shite
Commander1SUV 11 days ago
how is the worst episode not the miley cryus episode?
kieran s
kieran s 12 days ago
1. Hang The DJ 2. Shut Up And Dance 3. White Christmas 4. Black Museum 5. USS Callister (underrated!!)
Kendra Hundt
Kendra Hundt 12 days ago
I agree with his opinions on Be Right Back 100 percent, even though it’s unpopular. It was really thought-provoking and heart-wrenching.
Kendra Hundt
Kendra Hundt 12 days ago
Play test was forgettable for me. The ending didn’t make much sense. Did he end up playing the game or just imagined it? The acting was great though.
Sams 13 days ago
I feel like I’ve crossed dimensions here, as there seem to be several episodes missing from Netflix, any internet discussions or ranking lists, anywhere! (spoiler alerts) They are animated, one about an artist who converted himself in to an Android who was obsessed with the colour blue, and pursues to find his roots, the one set in space where the true reality of what dimension the ships crew are in after travelling at light speed (this one is particularly disturbing), one with a girl who is caught witnessing a murder in the opposite apartment to hers and a chase across town begins with an ending that leaves the girl in a situation that loops, the one set on a farm where they are attacked by aliens on a regular basis and they have these huge mech warrior suits to deal with them, (these next episodes are not animated) the one where there is an entire civilisation evolving inside somebody’s fridge, and you see them progress through the ages, the one where a woman is replicated into computer data and imprisoned inside a home assistant, to assist herself, where are these episodes?
Curtis Steele
Curtis Steele 14 days ago
Lmao yeah this list sucked... You keep talking about darkness like that's the point of black mirror... And if you believe that you are COMPLETELY missing the entire fuckin point lol seriously... If you want darkness go watch a Japanese serial killer film or American horror story... This is sci fi with social commentary... Not horror and plain old "darkness" you silly clown...
Curtis Steele
Curtis Steele 14 days ago
If you add anything from the newest season this is instantly an untrustworthy video... The newest season sucked so much ass and there is thousands of reviews to confirm why... It's also coincidentally the first season to have a primarily American cast. Which implies it had been writers and directors .. Waldo was genius for example... It's literally a story of trump before Trump ran. So it proves we value pop culture and popularity over ethics and good politics... Basically im saying right off the bat, if that's your worst than I can't even watch this video. Miley Cyrus was the worst concept and story. Not even remotely as deep as the rest of the show... That gay street fighter one? Also wak as fuck. No not because it's gay, im actually bisexual and I found that episode incredibly boring and lame as fuck... Your list sucks right from the beginning dude...
Scott Febery
Scott Febery 16 days ago
Why does everyone dislike Hated in the nation, that's definitely my favorite
ᗝᎥᑎᛕ ᑭᎥǤǤᕼ
Why am I addicted to the entire history of you
sacha 21 day ago
my top 5 are probably: 1. shut up and dance 2. san junipero 3. white bear 4. black museum 5. the entire history of you/nosedive bc i can't decide
Mo 22 days ago
y'all need to appreciate smithereens much much more !!!!!!
Mo 22 days ago
why is san junipero considered so good ? i'm sorry but i found it real boring lol i don't get it
Mo 22 days ago
black museum = underrated
(ES/M/Alu) Guzmán Eulate. Luisa
Hated in the nation was genius though
(ES/M/Alu) Guzmán Eulate. Luisa
Season 5 was incredibly dissaponting, honestly. I would definitely rank those three episodes as the three worst
(ES/M/Alu) Guzmán Eulate. Luisa
Season 5 was incredibly dissaponting, honestly. I would definitely rank those three episodes as the three worst
(ES/M/Alu) Guzmán Eulate. Luisa
I honestly think Be Right Back was not that good, and Hang The DJ was a masterpiece.
The next step lover Get on board or else
Personally think Ashley should be lower it felt tonely weird like it was dark with her aunt driving miles Cyrus but it wasn’t taken seriously like at all it felt like a kids movie at times it was still fun at times but weird it’s hard to explain
Mailroom Clerk
Mailroom Clerk 26 days ago
San Junipero sucked lol. Boring as shit. It's ranked high because the SJW's like lesbians, especially old lesbians.
Kyra Plummer
Kyra Plummer 26 days ago
black museum is one of those episodes i can watch over and over cause the plot was so fascinating to me!
joseph 27 days ago
5 Best 1. 15 Million Merits 2. Shut Up and Dance 3. Nosedive 4. Men Against Fire 5. Playtest 5 Worst 1. Metalhead 2. Hang The DJ 3. Rachel Jack and Ashley too 4. White Christmas 5. The Entire History of You
Silver2909 Month ago
Tell me what you think of this ranking : I haven't seen Bandersnatch yet, so ... 22) Metalhead ( Boring, pointless. ) 21) Crocodile ( Meh same reasons you said ) 20) The Waldo Moment ( Why not ) 19) Be Right Back ( I don't know why but I didn't really enjoy that one. While the concept is still good ) 18) Rachel Jack and Ashley Too ( I like when episodes ends with a questions about what you'd do, strange feelings and everything. This one was fun, but a bit too light on any reflexion ) 17) Striking Vipers ( Good ideas, disturbing but the two friends having sex so easily and in a fighting game that's allowing such actions just pulled me out of it a little ) 16) Smithereens ( Meh not bad but I don't know it ended too abruptly 15) Men Against Fire ( Good but not amazing ) 14) White Bear ( The plot twist is nice ) 13) Arkangel ( Really made me think, good one ) 12) Nose Dive ( A lot of people enjoyed it a lot. I think it's good but not that amazing ) 11) Fifteen Million Merits ( Awesome, but starting here in the list every episodes are ) 10) The Entire History of You ( Nice story and tech ) 9) National Anthem ( AWFULLY DISGUSTING AND DISTURBING, but in a weirdly good way. What a gutting episode ) 8) Shut up and Dance ( Haha got'em :trollface: ) 7) Hated in the Nation ( It's so good it's a shame you ranked it that low ) 6) Black Museum ( Really nice story and ending. Very original ) 5) USS Callister ( I was rooting for the Captain. My Girlfriend says I'm crazy ) 4) Hang The DJ ( Beautiful and lighter episode ) 3) Playtest ( The one that got me into Black Mirror. I had to check if what I was seeing was real. Love that one ) 2) San Junipero ( Same as Hang the DJ but even better ) 1) White Christmas ( The very best, without a doubt. What a master piece )
Jorden Fuhriman
Jorden Fuhriman 28 days ago
Silver2909 i really liked be right back (the ending where he was just shoved away in the attic is what really got me ) and did not really like national anthem, if you swapped those two though, this is literally probably my exact list.
Tofi Lazaro
Tofi Lazaro Month ago
Hated in the nation is my number 1!
edit sss
edit sss Month ago
1: Nosedive 2: San Junipero 3: Fifteen Million Merits 4: White Christmas 5: The Entire History of You
Dylan Kane
Dylan Kane Month ago
I’ll watch an episodes every now and then but it’s always the same shit. There’s always a big twist or conspiracy. I liked Men Against Fire! That was awesome.
T Holmes
T Holmes Month ago
Fav: San Junipero. Beautiful story and I don't usually like love stories. Defying space and Time. The 80s. What's better than that? Least fav: 15 Million Merrits The setting creeped me out but overall the plot was bland and forgettable.
Laforêt Sami
Laforêt Sami Month ago
15 million merits deserves to be last it was the most boring thing ever
Sam Calc
Sam Calc Month ago
San Junipero will forever be my favourite 🖤💜 Nosedive, The Entire History Of You and USS Callister are all tied for my second faves 🖤💜
Riley Williams
Riley Williams Month ago
The Ashley episode was awful
Salty hawks Fan
Salty hawks Fan Month ago
Metalhead is the darkest episode I've ever seen
D Batts
D Batts Month ago
Did striking vipors not come out when he made this list or did I miss its rank
JayDee Month ago
Hang the DJ was boring asf in my opinion i feel like women prefer the romantic episodes which i have nothing against but it is evident
firsttimecaller longtimelistener
It’s weird to me that your calling episodes finale and penultimate considering each episode is its own story and it’s on Netflix so the whole season is out at once so it’s just like the episodes are in random order
Alister Thomas
Alister Thomas Month ago
1 Shut up and Dance 2 The Entire History of You 3 USS Callister 4 Hang The DJ 5 White Christmas 6 San Junipero 7 Nosedive 8 Hated in the Nation 9 National Anthem 10 Black Museum 11 White Bear
ObEEto Month ago
I found 15 million merits corny
RedEyePergo Month ago
Play test ftw
Pistolicious Month ago
My List: (Comment If you disagree and I might change) 1. Hang the DJ 2. 15 Million Merits 3. White Christmas 4. Black Museum 5. USS Callister 6. San Junipero 7. Shut Up and Dance 8. The Entire History of You 9. White Bear 10. Smithereens 11. Play test 12. Nosedive 13. Be Right Back 14. National Anthem 15. Hated in the Nation 16. Metalhead 17. Arkangel 18. Striking Vipers 19. Men Against Fire 20. Crocodile 21. Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too 22. The Waldo Moment NOTE: I excluded Bandersnatch since I have not yet watched it
Aygun 01
Aygun 01 Month ago
Hot take: the entire history of you isn’t top 5
A.R Pradipta
A.R Pradipta Month ago
I cried at smithereens, the entire history of you, san juniper, be right back , and nosedive
Adlin Month ago
only halfway s4.. so far my rating. 1. ussr, shut up and dance, crocodile 2. hated in nation, white christmas 3, nosedive, national anthem, 15mm, men against fire, be right back, playtest 4.. any other one that not on that list, its far from bad like san junipero it just some factor like too much hype and ended up underwhelm
HZL Month ago
when Hated in the Nation was ranked lower than Rachel, Jack and Ashley too. W H A T.
PitchSkullBlack Month ago
Am I the only one that has noticed a Blade Runner reference in Fifteen Million Merits? ruvid.net/video/video-WKHO5vZmLnY.html (link is to a video review I did on the episode, and I begin talking about this reference at 5:46 )
lea papa
lea papa Month ago
I was watching all the good episodes last and I was like "WTF have he put at first ones?"
Adam Goff
Adam Goff Month ago
Hang the DJ is my favorite! I don’t think that an episode not being dark enough is a proper criticism.
niamh murphy
niamh murphy Month ago
surprised I disagreed with so much
Rithwik V Menon
Rithwik V Menon 2 months ago
I totally disagree with you....it feels like just the opinion of one person....... which is not something everyone will agree too..... like i believe san jenepero,hated in the nation and hang the dj should be much higher
sylvie webb
sylvie webb 2 months ago
crocodile and ashley too should be so much higher
Asya.Sco_ 2 months ago
I absolutely adored Crocodile wymmmm
Grilled Spaghetti
Grilled Spaghetti 2 months ago
Two of my favorites are 20 + 21. Boy, tough crowd.
Lewis Birkett
Lewis Birkett 2 months ago
Um no, the season 5 eps are easily the worst besides maybe waldo
BarryBonds1886 2 months ago
Metal head is probably in my top 5
If you think it I make it happen
This is the perfect Top 10 Ranking 1.USS Calister 2.White Christmas 3.Black museum 4.Striking Vipers 5.Bandersnatch 6.Playtest 7.San Junipero 8.Shut up and dance 9.Whitebear 10.15,000,000 merits
corex 2 months ago
the video game episode was like what the fuck
G M 2 months ago
I loved it until they made Falcon fuck his friend on a video game
Akhil B.K
Akhil B.K 2 months ago
Rachel jack n Ashely too do not deserve 17
Joe Hopkins
Joe Hopkins 2 months ago
Wow, Crocodile is amazing. That episode is a great look into manic desperation to beyond redemption. You feel irked at first but at some point you just lost complete empathy for her that it become almost laughable.
Aurora 2 months ago
Honestly season 3 was superior...I might be biased because that's the first time I watched Black Mirror.
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle 2 months ago
1 USS Callister (my original favorite was White Christmas but after some rethinking, this was really different from the other ones from the tone of the show to the vibe of it but it's still feels like Black Mirror. I know the other ones are darker and more meaningful but this one played the Black Mirror beautifully in my opinion) 2 White Christmas (this one is the most unsettling one for me because beaing blocked and being stocked in a place for million years of my biggest nightmare, It's really original and I love it) 3 Shut Up and Dance (This one gave me nightmares it's so uncomfortable and It has the most powerful moment at the ending) 4 Bandersnatch (It's really good and It kept me hooked the whole time. The whole message of his was pretty good too) 5 The Entire History of You (You know when you love something and you just can't explain. This explains how I love this one) 6 Hang the DJ (Really good love story and plot twist. Better than San Junipero) 7 San Junipero (I like the afterlife thing on this one, the idea of it. This one had the best cinematography that's how I like it) 8 White Bear (Really dark and I love the ending even though I don't agree to the punishment thing. The person they're punishing is not the criminal anymore) 9 Nosedive (Really fun to watch idk why and it's so sad) 10 Black Museum (I felt sick after watching this, I love the main character probably one of my faves in the series) 11 Fifteen Million Merrits (This originally low in my list but then I realized something. You hate the system until you're in the top. Just wow) 12 Be Right Back (This one also had a powerful moment and the acting was just magnificent) 13 National Anthem (The most disgusting one yet ew that's why it's high on the list. I don't want to remember and rewatch this EVER) 14 Rachel, Jack & Ashley too (I'm really hooked to the music industry that's why It's high on the list. I know that this happens likely to few of the singers out there and people are still mean because they hate the artist without knowing what they've been through) 15 Hated in the Nation ( Best description: Stan Twitter Cancel Culture lol. I love that I hate this episode) 16 Metalhead (I'm a fan of Slasher movies and this one is like one but not most likely. It really played the suspense genre well in my opinion) 17 Crocodile (I also love that I hate this one. You are capable of doing something terrible again and again just to protect your one secret) 18 Archangel (I quite can relate to this one. Stalking and overprotecting a person can make you lose them. Let the kids be kids) 19 Striking Vipers (I love the tone on this one. I don't like the idea of Open relationship though) 20 Smeetherens (I get the message of this one It just didn't comment to me that much specially the ending) 21 Playtest (this one is pretty predictable I guess. I knew the first time the phone rings something bad is gonna happen. It didn't connect to me that much though) 22 Men Against Fire (It's so dark and sad but at the same time It didn't connect to me) 23 The Waldo Moment (It's not even funny nor dark. But it's still less worse than Riverdale and other series) All of this is damn good IDGAF
stalemoon 2 months ago
Nosedive and Shut Up and Dance are the ones that I legit had to sit in silence for a minute after finishing.
Aleks Susa
Aleks Susa 2 months ago
Rachel Jack and Ashley Too is amazing!!
Forever a Loser
Forever a Loser 2 months ago
I do love Shut up and dance it’s my favorite episode and it left me in utter silence, I felt so bad for Kenny and the call from his mum shocked me to my core, and Alex Lawthe still makes me feel bad for him 🥺
cheeto 2 months ago
Hang the DJ should have been way higher, The waldo moment should have been slightly higher, The national anthem and Metalhead should have been way lower. Switch white bear with USS Callister and I agree with the list.
Min Toon
Min Toon 2 months ago
1. Shut Up and Dance 2. White Bear 3. Black Museum 4. The Entire History of You 5. Hang the DJ
Cathal Poyais
Cathal Poyais 2 months ago
Rachel, jack and ashley too is by far the worst black mirror episode
Sarah Minnihan
Sarah Minnihan 2 months ago
1) San Junipero 2) Black Museum 3) USS Calsiter 4) The Entire History of You 5) White Christmas
Catkicker28 2 months ago
Honestly, just a bad list. So many misplaced choices. As if you didn't watch many of these episodes. Should stop making these or have someone else do them who actually appreciates the show.
elizabeth 2 months ago
men against fire was robbed
Let Me Be Frank
Let Me Be Frank 2 months ago
I thought everyone ranked the Ashley O episode last. But I've realized that depending on your personal experiences and taste can affect everyone's opinions differently.
Lisa Bever
Lisa Bever 3 months ago
I would have ranked 15 million merits much lower
cherry onda
cherry onda 3 months ago
Adam Evans
Adam Evans 3 months ago
I loved Hated in the Nation. I think the longer the better just cause I can’t get enough of the show
Alex Walker
Alex Walker 3 months ago
Smithereens was awful
Dom De Paz
Dom De Paz 3 months ago
i’m shocked smithereens is on the top 10 that episode fucking sucked
SHADXXVII 3 months ago
What? Hated in the Nation and Hang The DJ (reason: not dark enough, the hell is this?) are top tier episodes for me, but agreed on the rankings for the most part, nice
Patrick Gaming6497
Patrick Gaming6497 3 months ago
IN MY OPINION arkangel is one of my favorite episodes of black mirror and i love it
Patrick Gaming6497
Patrick Gaming6497 3 months ago
And plus black museum ALSO IN MY OPINION is the best black mirror episode for me
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