BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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Nov 11, 2018




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Comments 80
Tabish Shah
Tabish Shah 10 hours ago
4:47 voltage in degrees
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 18 hours ago
Weird random Chinese sites? Taobao? Lmao no.
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel Jimenez 2 days ago
or get a used i7 3770k
Ktuś Jakiś
Ktuś Jakiś 6 days ago
I ran a Q6700 in a board that supported only Core2 Duo E4400s
Ubeyde Bulat
Ubeyde Bulat 6 days ago
Papapapapaa blablablablablabla
Thank You Kanye! Very Cool!
Ok so who was looking at rep clothes at LTT when they found this
NoName 9 days ago
They have JerryRiged 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOOOL
Marto 11 days ago
Don't you hate it when your voltage is 0 degrees 4:47
Cooper Stiles
Cooper Stiles 12 days ago
Andrew Gardner
Andrew Gardner 12 days ago
2:43 Flashbacks to Roller Coaster Tycoon 2.
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 12 days ago
Why are they using yen when its chinese
Onion Gaming
Onion Gaming 14 days ago
Linus. Make a gaming setup with only things that Dennis Liao stoke from the office
Sevak Rafael
Sevak Rafael 14 days ago
I saw an add with Linus while watcing Linus. Linusception.
patrick diaz
patrick diaz 14 days ago
200 dollars? man, could you imagine paying that much for that little performance in 2020?
Mr. Schäeffer
Mr. Schäeffer 11 days ago
actually the QL3X wich is the i7-7700 is around 68 dollars it is the best weird cheap cpu.
Syam Ahmad
Syam Ahmad 17 days ago
Country of copy and create fake products
Jboulda 98
Jboulda 98 17 days ago
5:10 what is that?
Mike Haggar
Mike Haggar 17 days ago
I bought one of these and it bricked in the first week. Don't buy them, they're junk.
Victor Mbithi
Victor Mbithi 19 days ago
Hey LTT ...how can i get EVGA GTX950 SC
Simon Zinc-trumpet Harris
Comes with pre-installed Coronavirus!
Troubled Boy
Troubled Boy 18 days ago
Simon Zinc-trumpet Harris enough cornball
Thomas Borisov
Thomas Borisov 21 day ago
Canadian rubles?
steve ed
steve ed 22 days ago
Cheap copy the Chinese are trying to copy intel and hope they can sell it better and cheaply which is not good and you buy one it will either spy on you or break on you. Boycott Chinese products 😊
Po Li
Po Li 23 days ago
haha, using a i7-4980hq on a b85 desktop, it is freaking fast!
SHNA VLOG 23 days ago
Andrew 24 days ago
If recyclers can Master this process then I believe that it can really help cut down ewaste in the future. This awesome. Win win for everyone. Getting a high end laptop CPU in a desktop for around $100 is okay now but the process should get cheaper in the future.
Glossy 26 days ago
why does he keep making wierd faces. help
Steve G
Steve G 26 days ago
Probably meant for the crypto mining chinese market, when there was a boom in that crap.
Metl_Play 28 days ago
Intel XTU schould help with mobile cpus. My I5 4200HQ and I7 4800HQ worked with it
Alexander Sheppard
Alexander Sheppard 29 days ago
Have you ever played Raid: Shadow Legends?
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks 29 days ago
9:36 Where do I buy this soundpack???
justanother Mmail
that cpu will not last , give it a week
Klaas J
Klaas J Month ago
What is that dumb plastic plate over the motherboard. Who came up with that crap
Big Stank
Big Stank Month ago
make a pc that can run ark survival evolved on all the highest settings. that game is the biggest strain on a pc imo
I cant look everytime he touches processors the way he does makes me cringe
Matthew Sheeran
Matthew Sheeran Month ago
He doesn't seem to know that these are recycled in China off of old laptops and repackaged doh! There is another channel where they go through this for other chips and CPUs are no different only more profitable for the back alley recyclers.. in fact there are whole Chinese towns that specialise in this sort of thing. Half price is about about right for anything that is used second hand and of inferior quality. Now he finally works it out doh!
GuiHong Wang
GuiHong Wang Month ago
Now china have a core I4 on lattop is real
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
I was wondering why my friend's all-in-one PC was running slow and while doing some diagnostic over Teamviewer I discovered it had some garbage laptop CPU that was barely 1.3 GHz.
DrNegative Month ago
The Chinese can reverse engineer anything.
sub1ime81 Month ago
I wish manufacturers would bring back having desktop & laptop sockets be the same. I still recall the early 00s when I'd get a socket A Athlon XP mobile chip that ran at similar desktop XP chip speeds but lower voltage, then overclock the bejesus out of it with some aftermarket cooling. Good times!
DPYR Month ago
Why is the gpu fan is not spinning?
Ajax-ROBLOX Month ago
1:00 first orgin pc then orgin bc
Suzy Siviter
Suzy Siviter Month ago
To save watching it, its not recommended, your welcome.
MacieQ GAMING Month ago
Linus: _voltage is at 0 degrees_ me: *cries in i5 7200U*
Nirbhay Vashisht
Ohh Ivan
Máté Neuberger
Corona virus.
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Month ago
6:06 he backpedaled on that racist chinese accent so quick lmfaoooo
_ ASleepyDragon _
"Probably wouldn't recommend it." *sad face* but WOULD you recommend it
Lew H
Lew H Month ago
Linus with his earrings reminds me of the g Tony expansion in gta 4
Yeager Mcbipper
Yeager Mcbipper Month ago
YOU GOT SCAMMED. The recipient pays the import fees, not the seller. You should have told them to have customs bill you. Dealing with Chinese is always difficult as they are professional scammers.
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
I now want to buy it
NEW OctanGaming234
Uh oh covid alert
patrice fournier
a 4720hq is not soldered chip at least it wasn't in my Toshiba laptop
Donny Mak
Donny Mak Month ago
Taobao is a magical place
Idk What's the name
Actually taobao got 8th gen i7( test verison) for around $120
Dávid Kalló
Dávid Kalló Month ago
Those graphs were fucked up
David Yacoub
David Yacoub Month ago
1:01 "origin BC"
Mashhoodey 123
Mashhoodey 123 Month ago
0:51 my guy called em Canadian rubles 😂 😝 😆 🤣
One-Minute Metal
i have a 4710hq >.>
Bhabotosh Bagchi
It's a Notebook cpu
Aneesh Mohan
Aneesh Mohan Month ago
Funny how these American/Canadian white kids are acting like this is the strangest thing in the world when asian kids have been doing shit like this since dawn of time. When you are a developing country with limited resources you make the best of what you got.
Mashhoodey 123
Mashhoodey 123 Month ago
Aneesh Mohan shut up like no one cares bro your racist!
Vinnie Bhagat
Vinnie Bhagat Month ago
Canadian rubbals🤣🤣
Hampoon Month ago
4:48 Ah yes, zero degrees of voltage
my_ man
my_ man 2 months ago
When was this made again?
vast active
vast active 2 months ago
The sounds he makes when playing a game makes me think he doesn’t play games all to often
Dawud Ahmed
Dawud Ahmed 2 months ago
😂 I found a fake core i7 on aliexpress for £35
Zingg 2 months ago
10 dollars. Final offer.
DoctorX17 2 months ago
1:09 "Samsung's 970 EVO PRO" Linus... you shouldn't just blindly read the copy, you goof
EyeSee Everything
EyeSee Everything 2 months ago
what case is he using there
MervTheGamer 2 months ago
50 $ motherboard ?
পাঁচ ফোড়ন
That's not a Processor, That's a Corona
Bhartiya Gaming Party
dont buy your pc will get corona virus
Jojin Kang
Jojin Kang 2 months ago
Not worth the price. I'd get it for a budget ITX build for if it sold for around $60
snooker pool
snooker pool 2 months ago
Did u made any viedos without any sponsored product?or u just make a viedo when a product is sponsoring you?
Ivan Jovanović
Ivan Jovanović 2 months ago
Gonna need more expensive motherboard for that CPU, no?
lougou 2 months ago
i have a better deal i7 860 for 25 dollars and thats whit a working mohterbord and 16 gb ram and it can actiely game like i stream at 1080p 50fps and i still get around 144 fps in csgo while streaming on the cpu 25!!! dollars and the only thing that have to buy was a gpu(970ti) in my case
Daniel `Isa
Daniel `Isa 2 months ago
HQ is a Notebook CPU ?
Yute Hube
Yute Hube 2 months ago
4:32 lol
Sambal bij
Sambal bij 2 months ago
Desktops are origin is a rippoff, i can buy the same exact pc for 25% less
madmonkeyss 2 months ago
Anyone else relise the sound at 2:43 is from roller coaster tycoon?
spooka770 2 months ago
Andrea Carlevato
Andrea Carlevato 3 months ago
“Random website” :))) Yes sure, TaoBao it’s just the BIGGEST e commerce website in the world, and the 8th most visited site of the planet ;) Ever heard about Alibaba ? That’s it.
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