BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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Nov 11, 2018





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Comments 7 065
Amadeus Kurisu
Amadeus Kurisu 5 hours ago
R9 200 if you can even find one of those
Sonu03785 10 hours ago
love the CHINESE
RIYAD 20 hours ago
is that a Logitech k120? :v
Bearable Table
HOw to order from TAobao? I thought they only ship to mainland China :O
David Han
David Han Day ago
1:30 taobao is actually under the same company as Aliexpress. In another word Aliexpress is the international edition of taobao.
Alecsander Stage
seriously what the fuck happened to Ivan?
AlexRVX8 Day ago
Le cringe
Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins Day ago
Chinese sites never ceased to amaze me
SCU Later
SCU Later 2 days ago
This $100 cpu paired with the Nvidia p1xx card from the crypto days would be a killer deal
H2O Gaming
H2O Gaming 2 days ago
With Intel xtu you can get this CPU to 3.9 Ghz and match a 4770
琉璃雅 2 days ago
多来中国 发现黑科技
Michael Kaba
Michael Kaba 3 days ago
Origin is shit simply because it's his promotion
Michael Kaba
Michael Kaba 3 days ago
Linus Media Group is at it again snowing people.
Michael Kaba
Michael Kaba 3 days ago
Linus Media Group is at it again snowing people.
Ryutaku Zaki
Ryutaku Zaki 3 days ago
How many degrees is your outlet?
Un1fy Rax
Un1fy Rax 3 days ago
1:01 Origin BC
Zipp4Everyone 3 days ago
4:48 Now THATS power efficient design right there =P
Bagdadsky_Hornik 4 days ago
11:20 the answer is - you go and grab used or even new Ryzen 5 2600. In fact, here in central europe, used 4770k is actualy more expensive than new r5 2600.
cricketol 4 days ago
would work great with a crypto miner and gpu mine
Alex Ambriz
Alex Ambriz 4 days ago
7:20 I told you it is all the way in Thats not the first time you say that
Chris Busenkell
Chris Busenkell 4 days ago
Oh man! I thought we had something awesome on the line for subject matter...the way you opened, thought you were turning around and gonna start rolling LIVE PORNO, take a tour of the best and the worst porno sites the internet has to offer!!
Now we need someone to convert a desktop CPU into a laptop CPU
HowdyShrowdy 5 days ago
""You're using a hard drive Evan wtfff?"" xddd
Robert Furr
Robert Furr 5 days ago
Hey Linus do you have any 4th gen core i7s?
FIKZ YT YT 6 days ago
linus is our tech guide into the future one day this mf gonna be teaching us how to upgrade our flying cars
Oriru Bastard
Oriru Bastard 6 days ago
I only wish I had a 100 bucks to spend on a whim.
jsc 6 days ago
U need to find a seller on eBay that offers free shipping and mark the package as gift to a avoid sales tax and duty.
raja alauddin
raja alauddin 6 days ago
Hello LTT. Can u please review china RAM from aliexpress. Like the brand lanshuo or others. Just to make sure everyone dont get scam from just cheap product.
veenoable 8 days ago
Still using 3rd gen motherboard
Sarge Hawk
Sarge Hawk 8 days ago
Yea me with the i7 2600
B a a n d r o i d W a v e
here in Argentina, a massive wave of chinesse vendors attacked the biggest e-shop with pirated, and bios-flashed GPUs. they are scamming people and nobody gives a shit about it.
XXLuigiMario 9 days ago
Watching this on an MSI laptop with an i7 4720HQ
Sayan Biswas
Sayan Biswas 9 days ago
It was actually Jesus who did the soldering
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 9 days ago
All dogs in the neighborhood bark like crazy due to the pitch of a excited Linus' voice
MoonJumpMania 10 days ago
Chances are that chip won't last too long
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 10 days ago
Run a liquid cooling sink but with refrigeration gas
Stefan Zubal
Stefan Zubal 10 days ago
I need to be able to download Linus gaming sound effects .... pew pew pew
Diebels Alt
Diebels Alt 10 days ago
On 2:36, you clearly see Linus's CPU overload, when he think's about this impossible setup 🤣
the wild runners
the wild runners 11 days ago
dont you know what they always say?? china can do anything
hacizin 12 days ago
what a discusting guy, he pretends to be more protagonist than the topic :facepalm:
dan b
dan b 13 days ago
Linus... You are Canadian! It is Zed... NOT zee.........
mad dog
mad dog 13 days ago
You've been successfully degraded by the 'families'. You showed a sex scene in discussing a processor...like it was nothing. YOU ARE A DEGRADED HUMAN BEING. Now your relationships with women---your mother, grandmother, sister and daughter---are diminished...which means your children suffer...if you even want children. If you are or get married, your relationship is less than it would be. You don't even question. That is what NAZ1 Propaganda Minister said he would do: "Give me control of a country's media and I will turn it into a nation of swine." You are the swine. Congratulations.
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah 23 hours ago
Hassan Saleem
Hassan Saleem 14 days ago
Next LTT video: we got hacked!
Silverbreaker 14 days ago
u have rubels in canada - really?
Screen Patch
Screen Patch 14 days ago
“Jerry rigged” Jerryrigeverything
Yannis Vlogs
Yannis Vlogs 15 days ago
Steve Martino
Steve Martino 15 days ago
It's a nice conversation starter for nerd gatherings though, pass that shit around with the blunt
Omvrios Zeus
Omvrios Zeus 16 days ago
on the next epdisode Linus Tech Tips was killed by Yakuza for thumbing down the product
Muhammad Al Khalis
Muhammad Al Khalis 17 days ago
No one: Me:Linus Bizarre Adventure
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