BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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11 ноя 2018





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Steven Luo
Steven Luo 4 часа назад
Lol I bought last money for 70$.
Leeskie Ferrell
Leeskie Ferrell 8 часов назад
For a while over the last year to year and a half, i felt that the content you guys put out was missing something. Seems like things are getting better now from at least my perspective. Keep it up!
Leeskie Ferrell
Leeskie Ferrell 8 часов назад
just after 6:00, Linus starts to do a Lyle impression then decides better of it lol
Kai Nahui
Kai Nahui День назад
Do you want my i7-860 for 100$
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 10 часов назад
Oh yeah nahui wir sind überall
cong mou
cong mou День назад
RawPotatosDK 2 дня назад
Dude csgo doesn't Use as much as tf2 it is litteraly a rat compared to a dragon
MEODOWLA 2 дня назад
How do you read Chinese for purchasing stuff from that website?
joe m
joe m 2 дня назад
Wtf I literally looked up engineering samples then this comes up on my recomended
Og-zerocool 2 дня назад
ARM is the wave of the future.
Y34RZERO 3 дня назад
I remember a long time ago I found a motherboard for a laptop processor. This was about 10 years ago. It was the only board on newegg. It worked.
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes 4 дня назад
you could get RGB
AJ MULAKEL 4 дня назад
how in the hellllll you supposed to even know what's going on in TOA BOA if 90% of the time Google Chrome can't translate to English?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fad Sid
Fad Sid 4 дня назад
Willie Annall
Willie Annall 5 дней назад
I'm pretty sure those "pow pow" noises are copyrighted to the batman franchise....
Slash gorgan
Slash gorgan 5 дней назад
have to laugh at your plug for origin after just watching you slate their gaming rig on $1500 dollar gaming pc secret shopper
Bacon Snot
Bacon Snot 5 дней назад
I'm pretty sure all those missing contact pads are for VCC (ground) pins, and instead share a common one somewhere
BagsOfFun96 5 дней назад
He said you can't use a stock cooler with this cpu. Why tho?
рома иванов
рома иванов 5 дней назад
What about 2011 and 1356 from China?
Tech Fruit
Tech Fruit 5 дней назад
selling mobile cpu as desktop: CHING CHONG 100
Nayro Jinges
Nayro Jinges 6 дней назад
why in a (fake) kitchen doh?
darkSorceror 6 дней назад
10:23 "Cos even gamers sometimes run Cinebench"
darkSorceror 6 дней назад
7:59 If you're buying an RTX 2080ti, you probably can't even afford a $100 CPU off Taobao
darkSorceror 6 дней назад
5:28 "Everything is actually showing up totally normally" Except Google Chrome it seems. Better try another motherboard.
NAWW 6 дней назад
I used to have a gaming Asus laptop with 4720hq and gtx 960m
roxcyn 7 дней назад
How did I not know you're Canadian?
deadfred821 7 дней назад
I can't.... the look on your face in the thumbnail is the same face I made when I read the title...
James Robert
James Robert 7 дней назад
0:50 did he say "Canadian Ruble"?! What a fucktard!!
Canes Venatici
Canes Venatici 7 дней назад
Lol I love those Chinese. Hate the evil scheme of their government though.
Donas Dropas
Donas Dropas 7 дней назад
Does integrated graphics working on this cpu? I mean can i take this cpu and use it with p106 mining card? - asking real questions here
FromShaneToLp 7 дней назад
WTF is a Canadian Ruble?
ITheIncredibleFishI 8 дней назад
Linus you ordered it completely wrong. As a foreigner NEVER order directly from taobao. ALWAYS order with a Agent. Look up superbuy they order it for you so you avoid taxes and stuff like the seller did with you.
konradson 8 дней назад
Very interesting, indeed. But what if you do some more tests, like with maths software, like statistics: SAS, SPSS, Lisrel, STATA... I guess that these people doing this kind of things with old Intel processors have too many of them, and have also an incredibly wide market to sell them. Now you plug this micro into a onda mainboard (there's other video with motherboards with good retrocompatibility, where you can plug more generations of Intel processors than what is normal), add DDR3 memory and you have a rather unexpensive computer. In this same mainboard you can put an 8th Generation i7... So imagine how many possibilities for an extremely large market like Chinese. Or just, someone in any other country, buying a good amount of these chips. Outside China, it may be expensive to buy one, but what if you buy 100?
Morgan Sedge
Morgan Sedge 8 дней назад
Hey Linus 4th gen cpu's Rock i have a intel core i7 4790K on my gaming rig i am very satisfied... would like to know what you think of my rig although i don't suppose that would be possible
Concept Productions
Concept Productions 8 дней назад
the 970 evo pro... right
Jenna Orlowski
Jenna Orlowski 9 дней назад
2:43, Rollercoaster Tycoon love💖 We need an update with the new RMC track! It would be fun to build some RMC coasters!
brake gaming
brake gaming 9 дней назад
Legends say if you open the metal plate of the cpu it says made in china
이민호 9 дней назад
i5 4690 vs i7 4720hq
Aatmik Mishra
Aatmik Mishra 9 дней назад
just dont watch it waste of time
Faeiz Mahrus
Faeiz Mahrus 10 дней назад
China , China never changes
RandomTechS@#T 10 дней назад
Chingtel j7 tzu-al core
Mr StayAlive
Mr StayAlive 10 дней назад
I have a g750j ROG with the 4700hq in it, nvidia 770m card and it still runs all the newest games, not in full 1080 but it will run those games if the cpu is set up so that it handles the physics. Decently strong cpu though very dated
DNZ ACL 10 дней назад
What about using a ryzen 5 2600 cpu which costs around 150 dollars, has 3.9 boost clock and 6 cores with a 19 mb cache capacity. I think for budget gaming, intel is really not the way to go these days. AMD offers a better value and flexibility due to their higher core counts.
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter 10 дней назад
is $80 savings even a spectrum which you measure graphic card prices??
kyle1058 10 дней назад
At 10:00 "20 , what is that like 3%?" No... No, it's not. Still a good number though.
tecknos africa
tecknos africa 11 дней назад
I'm running to this Chinese website , may be I would find some amazing CPUs mod . wow ! the website isn't in English
あたまわるわる 11 дней назад
can chinese watch video on youtube?
Bemused Indian
Bemused Indian 11 дней назад
What a weird random Canadian video... ;)
Menelik 11 дней назад
Wafer fabrication or manufacturing of Intel's microprocessors and chip sets is conducted in the U.S. (Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Massachusetts). China, Ireland and Israel. Following manufacturing the majority of our components are then assembled and tested at facilities in Malaysia, China, Costa Rica and Vietnam.
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor 11 дней назад
Can you do me a favour Linus how do you run a x79 2011 8790 e7 alpha 28 Xeon server core on a 2011-3 because I have not got a 2011-1a board
Matthieu Simard
Matthieu Simard 12 дней назад
Taxes and fees. That's all we get living in Canada.
Alexander Kardashevskiy
Alexander Kardashevskiy 12 дней назад
9:44 Blya Blya Blya Blyaaaa :D P.S. Русскоязычные поймут.
Axel Shark
Axel Shark 12 дней назад
I also got one recently. 1 googolplex hz. Today I will call Chuck Norris for a power supply.
Lyndon Jacob
Lyndon Jacob 13 дней назад
YO YO YO DOG! You got ripped off! You dont pay tax and duty to shipper. That was a scam and you didnt even catch that it was.
LeoCanyonLover 13 дней назад
I have that ptocesor
Leo Wang
Leo Wang 13 дней назад
SOFT ROCK 13 дней назад
120 canadian rubals??? did i heard that rite??
Luke Doescher
Luke Doescher 13 дней назад
but does it run minesweeper...
Kevin Ocampo
Kevin Ocampo 13 дней назад
Have this in an older gt72 and it still impresses me how fast it is compared to mine ryzen 5 1600.
Robin Sun
Robin Sun 13 дней назад
chain number 1one
Jeff Strongman
Jeff Strongman 13 дней назад
Lol Chinese don't waste, eat flowers eat feet off the animal.They are the true number 8 wire
Michael Blacke
Michael Blacke 14 дней назад
lol free market etc rules
Tuxnor 14 дней назад
wooot :) .. great vid,,thx
New User
New User 15 дней назад
this is awesome my wife is currently working in china for a few months.. i should find boot leg processors for her to bring me back!!
el33t_crew 15 дней назад
*looks at the title* isn't everything chinese?
Monkey Fung
Monkey Fung 15 дней назад
Enviroment protection
Tino LaFratta
Tino LaFratta 17 дней назад
This guy reminds me of the leader of the evil gang from the movie "The Warriors" from the 70's
THE GAME REVIEWS [TGR] 18 дней назад
Он сказал "канадиан рубль"??? разве не канадский доллар?
Crabby 18 дней назад
i have it in my laptop
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 18 дней назад
first of all, it is not a "weird random website". It is the very first successful product of Alibaba, founded by the richest geeky guy in China. Of course, this site is also famous (in early stage) for counterfeited products and taxation issue. But it is OK, i'm not a fan of Taobao or Yun Ma anyway.
quin z
quin z 19 дней назад
i7-4720hq 600RMB
Ricky Ink
Ricky Ink 19 дней назад
Yes,That's a highspeed pc top deck tech station test bench.
Hades Ian
Hades Ian 20 дней назад
This episode was bought to you by Tao Bao
AE Scrub
AE Scrub 21 день назад
The meta master with the dualies here (Dual Berettas are a CS:GO meme)
Zarrx 22 дня назад
i pulled a 4790 non k from an older hp workstation. It was a flippin prodesk 300 or something. They can hold a lot of surprises. For example the atx series elitedesk 800 can come spec'd with a gtx 1080 ti as i've encountered.
Oliver Fowler
Oliver Fowler 23 дня назад
It's a decent deal, but nothing killer. I was able to pick up a 4770k, good Mobo, and 8gb ram for $200 a couple years ago.
cosmo ianiro
cosmo ianiro 24 дня назад
want to try this with ram www.alibaba.com/trade/search?fsb=y&IndexArea=product_en&CatId=&SearchText=ram+ddr3&viewtype=
MrProTechHD 25 дней назад
Canada's socialism at it's finest
ZiTa 1985
ZiTa 1985 25 дней назад
But, brother, you know everything that goes on in the world He is his origin from China But there is no telephone or siren whose map is not made from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia Why when the flag came down was the demons of the Criterion In Egypt our master Solomon was He said it would be far from the Middle East Only the ancient state of Mongolia And after dividing the kingdom of mango Small countries emerged as a pen and after Expansion and imperialism But in the coming years will be a state of unity In the world Every country will now remain the same Elections will win Someone in his own country And qualify for the world who will be president of the world Pero vivir para todos es el dinero que ganan His name will be the serial number for a father who can make money without your name being there It is a serial number after either buy a tea flake email and a special pick number The world will be one Will gain the power to discover new planets Travel will be easy from millions of catchers And re igion will end But will we live until 2100
Yeet Souls
Yeet Souls 25 дней назад
I wonder though, how does this compete with a Ryzen 3 2200G?
thanh an le
thanh an le 25 дней назад
Could you overclock it plz linus? Im wanna see how far could this come
ferriot 25 дней назад
This is amazing, lmao, finna buy this mf shit.
Mein Urteil lautet lecken Sie mich
Mein Urteil lautet lecken Sie mich 26 дней назад
3:33 why would the socket be dead? It's not like that cpu weights like a ton.
nick landreth
nick landreth 26 дней назад
When you said if it falls back in the socket it is probably dead. Did you just mean from bent pens or?
Finnli Herrmann
Finnli Herrmann 26 дней назад
Just build the ultra budget Chinese pc with the mining 1060 from China and this one. Could be very funny xD
Matt Paul
Matt Paul 26 дней назад
Does the iGPU work? Would be nice to combine it with the P106 gpus.
rotem4 27 дней назад
do integral GPU work on it?
No Commentary
No Commentary 27 дней назад
Question to Linus: Can you do some kind of very long stress test with overclock (for a 1 month or something like that) with a good aircooling? I am very curious about the resistance of the solderings between the layers/substrates.
R3sG THEPVS 28 дней назад
Just buy a xeon v3 1231v3
Pierre-Louis Boyer
Pierre-Louis Boyer 28 дней назад
They refurbish CPU from dead laptop motherboards and reassemble them
Lil homo
Lil homo 28 дней назад
my cpu is clocked at 34 degrees celsius
fabian fernandez
fabian fernandez 28 дней назад
Video chips r to much expensive
fabian fernandez
fabian fernandez 28 дней назад
More cheaper more sale
fabian fernandez
fabian fernandez 28 дней назад
I want all chip be cheaper 100 dollars too hohoho
fabian fernandez
fabian fernandez 28 дней назад
10 dollars be better
fabian fernandez
fabian fernandez 28 дней назад
Nice very good
Stefan Wichura
Stefan Wichura 28 дней назад
Use ThrottleStop for overclocking !!!
Aerohk 28 дней назад
DDR3 can easily explain the slow down.
Wolfgagger 29 дней назад
Uncle Celery
Uncle Celery 29 дней назад
weird random website lol.....thats why you thought you were decent but Chinese technicians are cyber punker
Tyler Hopkins
Tyler Hopkins 29 дней назад
Liked this vid, just purely interesting to see something like this actually being tested. I'm sure lots of us here have looked at stuff like this and just wanted to try it, but this is just plain cool lol.
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