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Nov 27, 2016




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Comments 190
edwin stiphout
edwin stiphout 13 days ago
Latrice Payne
Latrice Payne 13 days ago
Andrew's Awesome Love That Guy❤
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz 16 days ago
I wonder how many times he's gotten sick , intensive diarea or perhaps hospitalized from eating all that crazy stuff and creatures
That one guy you don't need to know
I would love to hang out with Andrew. He seem like a really nice guy and I would love to eat some of the foods with him.
Tiny mod
Tiny mod Month ago
Lol slavery and rubber .....
neecerfer Month ago
Andrew is one huge, sickly looking, non humble know it all, he’s devolved completely ..
Raiden 2 months ago
So by visiting and sampling the "Psychodelic effects" administered by Shamans, these people are "overprivileged". Is this option not available to everyone? Why would you even say it like that? You came across as some sort of "overprivileged" Democrat abusing others for sharing in other cultures. I thought that was the idea of visiting other cultures. Your choice of wording probably wasn't meant to be offensive but it came across that way. You wouldn't refer to Peruvians as "overprivileged" for visiting and experiencing white culture so why in reverse?
Somphoth Siratsamy
Somphoth Siratsamy 2 months ago
Jauna Galiano....
Somphoth Siratsamy
Somphoth Siratsamy 2 months ago
What happens when your butt whole can't take the diarrhea anymore?
Sonia Tovar
Sonia Tovar 2 months ago
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Rubber plantations ruined the land and enslaved it people. Was that that Henry Ford guy. 🤔 And those huge fish are Arapaima.
fenriz218 2 months ago
Brother, you sound like you're stuttering and suffer from ADS. President Ford & big fish... are you serious? As for rubber... well, I guess you don't own a car, so...
Quasaricemage 2 months ago
I think his favorite episode is the one where he gets to eat sweaty, mexican Assholes....
Yola Montalvan
Yola Montalvan 2 months ago
What about the food in Lima Peru? I wanted to see that.
sableantelope 20 days ago
Then you want a more convential food show. This show is more about traditional but often overlooked foods, rural food and home cooking moreso than restaurant cuisine. Lima does have an amazing food scene, though!
Shemp 2 months ago
Fat white guy saying over privileged
VioletUnicorn 918
VioletUnicorn 918 2 months ago
Omfg it’s AMAZONIAN RIVER, or The Amazon, not Amazon river 😡
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Cry me a River!
Bobby LongHorn
Bobby LongHorn 2 months ago
i like the grubs , but i still like the heads removed lol
peace leader
peace leader 2 months ago
Dude...there are hippies and others hippies, hmmm,
Fan of your Trip Report
This proves that Andrew is a very modern man.
Jeremiah Gillanders
Jeremiah Gillanders 2 months ago
Agoutis and Majas are two different rodents.
fenriz218 2 months ago
I thought that Mayans are from Mexico...
Nickardo Robinson
Nickardo Robinson 2 months ago
no coca Andrew
Tejas Waghmare
Tejas Waghmare 2 months ago
Wanda ! Is Smoking Hot 😘
Crowtein 3 months ago
I wonder how much strange Andrew gets while he’s off galavanting about the world?
Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook 3 months ago
Bizarre foods was my teen years... I still love an miss this show
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
He has a newer series delicious destinations
C.R 3 months ago
for me it was when my kids were little lol. still watching and loving the show.
Uvaldohemeterioperez Hemeterio Perez
Jajaja casi lo mata
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn 4 months ago
Is the fish they are talking about at 11:09 the same as a Arrowana?
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
@Daniel Kinn but check it out don't just take my word.
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn 2 months ago
@Shawn Williams Thanks. I didnt know that. Good looking out
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
@Daniel Kinn the exact same species.
Daniel Kinn
Daniel Kinn 2 months ago
@Shawn Williams Is it the same species or same family?
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
They also known as the Arapaima
ardnas yoremop
ardnas yoremop 4 months ago
OMG fucking GROSS 😵
Saskia Sadist
Saskia Sadist 4 months ago
When she hit the guy with the wood lmfao
Saskia Sadist
Saskia Sadist 4 months ago
Food is most delicious when it is home cooked and fresh. In my wildest dream to travel the world and taste food from every culture while appreciating their history and culture.
peace leader
peace leader 2 months ago
Yep your right.
gemma soyls
gemma soyls 4 months ago
Me cago en la boca de los iguito del jungle peruano.
Lala Addas
Lala Addas 4 months ago
If I had to eat a food only one for the rest of my life it would be middle eastern, all this other stuff seems really intense.. I've been all over the world..of course I didn't get these bizarre foods but middle eastern food is the best for sure.
Sweelen Simpson
Sweelen Simpson 4 months ago
Cassava bread is also called bammi,in jamaica
fenriz218 2 months ago
In Africa we have Cassava, but we call it "kaffer food" (blacks eat it, since they cannot really digest bread). Plenty of dope there too, btw...
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Thanks for the education Bruda
Sweelen Simpson
Sweelen Simpson 4 months ago
Those some fish
Brent Oatfield
Brent Oatfield 4 months ago
Did Andrew actually call someone over privileged? 😂
rulez ryder
rulez ryder 4 months ago
Damn damn yukkkkk Andrew are u for real man??? What a filthy pieace of shit. Eating all day bugs and disgusting food.. Yukkkk
fdhfj 68
fdhfj 68 4 months ago
Andrew was a druggie in the past, no wonder he doesn't want to try the coca Iquitos is an awesome City. I love you Andrew you're the best😘😘😘😘😘
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Yeah he and Anthony Bourdain used to shoot heroin and snort cocaine together. Back in the 80s. Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain.
Saskia Sadist
Saskia Sadist 4 months ago
fdhfj 68 I’ve never done drugs at all and I wouldn’t try the coca. You’re an idiot
Sweelen Simpson
Sweelen Simpson 4 months ago
Good observe
dan timmons
dan timmons 4 months ago
That fat ass will do anything for free food
skankhunt42 4 months ago
I want to eat Wanna. She looks so bomb!!!
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Yeah with a name like skankhunt I bet you masturbate more than you get pussy.
LMTR14 4 months ago
Andrew was a druggie in the past, no wonder he doesn't want to try the coca
memadman 4 months ago
The guide is the key. You would be lost there without one. Not a vacation place..
memadman 4 months ago
@Mo Doom I don't want to go to a Hell hole.
Mo Doom
Mo Doom 4 months ago
memadman pretty much goes for every other foreign country you have never been to before
Eric Melo
Eric Melo 4 months ago
Funny when the girl knocked out the shaman with the stick 😁🙈
Rosalee Rich
Rosalee Rich 4 months ago
I didn't want this episode to end! And the Shaman born in 1942, another sweethearted man with a beautiful spirit! And to his sister, thank you for all your help! GOD bless you all!
Rosalee Rich
Rosalee Rich 4 months ago
The people on "Thomas", are beautiful! Their attitude is an aphrodisiac (not in a sexy way)! Who, in their right mind wouldn't want to live in such a garden of Eden? Even the children were raised to be children! There was smiles & laughter! Not scripted, but simply gorgeous! You can't "bring" all the flavors & attitude back to any civilization. This is why I love this series! Thank you Mr. Zimmern & your staff, for sharing such a loving fellowship in Peru! Now I want to go & stay! 😉❤😍😘
fenriz218 2 months ago
My advice: lay off the dope and that "cheesus blood" that you booze, when your husband is at work, before your brain goes any softer...
liquidmidnight1 4 months ago
Didn't watch it. Very poor video quality. Regards.
Paul Carmi
Paul Carmi 5 months ago
Can't believe how much Andrew turned his life around. Drug addiction to going around the world and meeting some of the best people and some of the craziest food.
caligirl lovesmusic
caligirl lovesmusic 5 months ago
Love andrew Zimmerman bizzare foods!:) 😳😱❤👍
Ian Demetillo
Ian Demetillo 7 months ago
"Inato", sounds like visayan dialect in the Philippines XD
Atlas Discus - Julio Franco
"innato" is instinctive
Julie D
Julie D 7 months ago
Andrew makes being dirt poor sound appealing lol
fenriz218 2 months ago
Yeah, they don't call it 3rd world for nothing - rule of thumb: people there are generally darker and shorter than myself (for which I thank the good Lord).
Hugo Lopez
Hugo Lopez 3 months ago
@Alex thiccboi every level of life has pros and cons
Alex thiccboi
Alex thiccboi 4 months ago
shut the fuck up
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller 8 months ago
Iquitos is an awesome City.
Mr Chainanimal
Mr Chainanimal 8 months ago
Very nice vid, but if you have not been the Andes, you have not been in Peru. Places like Huaraz are a complete different experience. Guinea pigs roasted on open fire are something I'll never forget, really very tasty!
fenriz218 2 months ago
Those little rats are definitely tasty, but for that I don't have to travel to the rainforest and spend my vacation with a bunch of coked up Indians. You'll find them in every pet shop (guinea pigs, not indians, of course).
CHAN LEE 8 months ago
im not sure if i can trust his tastebuds. im pretty sure most of what he says is good are good but he also says they r all sweet. lol meat, fish, bugs, dunno about them tasting sweet.. lol but im hungry now.
Naomi Motlhasedi
Naomi Motlhasedi 8 months ago
God is so good. Always providing for mankind. Thank you Lord.
A Clark
A Clark 3 months ago
@LMTR14 wrong!
JIM MORGAN 3 months ago
Praise Moloch!!
LMTR14 4 months ago
satan fucks your god
A Clark
A Clark 4 months ago
@fenriz218 Try not to be so ignorant, bro.
fenriz218 7 months ago
No prob. God may provide for mankind - yesterday evening he supplied me with an excellent piece of veal and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain that was more divine that Jesus' cock - yet, He let's those poor negros in Africa go hungry. Could it be an indication that He doesn't like them either?
Eren Jäeger
Eren Jäeger 9 months ago
Comen Palomas :v
Richard Custodio
Richard Custodio 7 months ago
Muy pronto bizarre food chile: Perro asado
Fabrizio 9 months ago
Muy comun en muchas partes de Europa.
G. Martin Grimaldo Jr.
Dude sometimes I can’t tell if Andrew is being sarcastic lol
Hello World!
Hello World! 10 months ago
that shaman literally cooked a witch's cauldron, being that shamans also were thought to be witches, interesting
Maudene Yarber
Maudene Yarber 4 months ago
Demons can't expell demons!! Get out of Babylon the Great it has fallen!
fenriz218 7 months ago
That's how it is in those parts: first the witch cooks with the cauldron, then the shaman cooks the witch, serving them to the rest of the village with mashed potatoes and garlic, etc. I blame it on lazy missionary-work, although it's not entirely the fault of the missionaries. The leave Rome all enthusiastic but after a year or so with the savages, they tend to return as atheists and/or drunks.
Hello World!
Hello World! 10 months ago
Peruvian food is the best in the world, greetings from Colombia.
fenriz218 2 months ago
I don't think it would be a good idea for Andrew to go to Escobarland. He's a recovering drug-addict, you know? And Taco Bell, well, they have that north of the border too...
Jordan Justiniano
Jordan Justiniano 2 months ago
@Dania Perez no way best food no exist
Dania Perez
Dania Perez 4 months ago
Hello World! No is not !! It is Mexican food the best in the world !!!
Kazem Roudsari
Kazem Roudsari 11 months ago
Andew what’s the worst food that even a person of your standing would not eat name one
W. Antoine
W. Antoine 25 days ago
Pussy lol 😂😂😂😂
Petchimommy 3 months ago
He couldn't eat the "stinky tofu".
Advent Year ago
Anyone remember when he could swallow the stinky Tofou in Taiwan ?
津波うま味 6 months ago
He couldn't
LMTR14 Year ago
no guinea pigs in this one? maybe he went to peru twice, cause I remember seeing cuy
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams 2 months ago
Yeah different episode. I remember that one to. It was the Aztec episode I believe.
rrr ccc
rrr ccc 4 months ago
Guinea pig 👺
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 6 months ago
LMTR14 cuyi
Tere Aceves
Tere Aceves Year ago
One thing I don’t like about this is they kill animals
JIM MORGAN 3 months ago
At least they don't fuck them.
Maudene Yarber
Maudene Yarber 4 months ago
If you kill animals for food it's okay Yahweh said so but not joy hunting like Nimrod a mighty Hunter in opposition to Yah must have a balance attitude!!After the Great Flood Yah aloud man to eat meat vegetation was drowned during the Flood mankind was told they could eat meat but the blood not to eat and the fat to be buried in the ground at first they ate fruit and veggies!!
fenriz218 7 months ago
No problem at all! As always, the Japanese have found the answer for your predicament - I've been to sushi restaurants, where the chefs are masters of acupuncture. Trust me: you've never eaten sushi fresher when the fish is still alive and wiggling (at least for a while).
Gunpowder & Lace
Gunpowder & Lace 11 months ago
Nataly Munoz 😂🤣😂🤣
Nataly Munoz
Nataly Munoz 11 months ago
Found the vegan
Grizzly Country
Speaking as an American I love shows like this cause you can see other cultures and the biggest bond we all have which is food. America being such a melting pot of people from all over the world it's refreshing getting a glimpse into the other people's origins.
fenriz218 7 months ago
Yeah, I know what you mean. As long as they can supply drugs, whores and half-decent food, I don't care if they're smaller and darker than myself either.
Lilith Sahl
Lilith Sahl Year ago
27:00 Grandé? .....did he just think grandé means good? Grandé means big.... that guys face after he said that lol...
sumeahs king
sumeahs king 4 months ago
Lilith Sahl Idiot.
Karol j.
Karol j. 4 months ago
Ay dios mio que grande ..😲🤣
The Lurchness Monster !!
No, he meant Grandé as in Big!! He said... "Grandé... can I see the big one"? Andrew was asking him for the Big Frog!! 🐸 right after he says "Grandé", he puts his hands apart as if you were saying something is Big. 🖐 😐 🖑 *GRANDÉ!!*
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