Bishop T.D. Jakes - The Instinct to Increase

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T.D. Jakes' sermon at Lakewood Church on The Instinct to Increase. Very powerful and uplifting!

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May 23, 2015




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JOY KINGS 5 days ago
Praise God I am still here 2020!! Thank you Bishop, powerful sermon 💯🔥🙏🏿🙌🏾❤🇱🇷🇬🇧
Dipupo Osinloye
Dipupo Osinloye 29 days ago
MY GOD! You're so real everyday! 2020...Corona Virus...but The Word of God is still as potent as ever!
Renea Loser
Renea Loser 4 months ago
Empress 2020
Empress 2020 4 months ago
Still relevant in 2020. Bless you pastor Jake's and family. ❤❤❤❤
Toni-Ann Baker
Toni-Ann Baker 5 months ago
This is my year of increase and using instinct more, THANK YOU JESUS
InTj Dre
InTj Dre 6 months ago
TD “ Truth Daily” Jakes is the realest 👏🏽
Tracy Knowles
Tracy Knowles 7 months ago
increase god help in river ... prey better Job.. deliver fear relationship moving mountain no unlike love self neighbor glory holy
Nova Star
Nova Star 7 months ago
Some people are just great motivational speakers...Others feel they can incorporate the "word of god" into their conversation.
Liz Gichora
Liz Gichora 7 months ago
Tiffany McClain
Tiffany McClain 8 months ago
Amen amen God is doing awesome things in my life. It just took a change of perspective!!
ByFaith 123
ByFaith 123 8 months ago
"Book Face"..... :)
LaDora Malone
LaDora Malone 9 months ago
Im understanding even more now, what is meant by working out our own salvation. Thank you God
Nancy Shelton
Nancy Shelton 9 months ago
I'm receiving this at this time this ls my word for my season yes Lord to your word and way ,😍
House of Grace Worship
This came at just the right time. He always does that lol
Karina J
Karina J 10 months ago
Yes God !!!!!!
John Steward
John Steward 10 months ago
Karina J Yes
Funmi Ogayemi
Funmi Ogayemi 10 months ago
This message came in the nick of time when all hell is breaking loose on my inside! Thank you Bishop.
Tamara Indigo Queen Doyle
2019-2020 I will worked that thing on my level. It's my time, my year
Donna Turturro
Donna Turturro 8 months ago
Tamara Spiritual Indigo Healing Doyle in
Authentic [YNOTCLOTHING] #ynotclothing
" I AM" just Gifted!!!!! 🎁 #ynotmousetrap #ynotclothing
Don Bahashem Yahawashi
False prophet leading folks astray for money getting paid 501c3 charters
Lvngit Tv
Lvngit Tv Year ago
Thank you father for leading me to your word. Just what i needed today. July 2019 xxx
Henry Mario
Henry Mario Year ago
Waoh this was a very powerful sermon. Thanks so much Dr. TD Jakes
Infinity Bless
Amen 🙏Let no man stand in anyone’s way Lord Jesus
Sharon Shante
Sharon Shante Year ago
This is awesome.Am just gifted
5th Dimension God
david james
david james Year ago
Thank you Lord. I wil be faithful to you Lord David James West, a Christian man
Sabrina Alston
As that globe in the background swirls around it is my prayer that we Love God Love One another and Live for GOD and Live for HIM
evening with Monica parrott
Keep preaching relationship Bishop, thank you. God bless you.
Ten Senah
Ten Senah Year ago
Fear is a liar. Thank you Bishop
mahalaleel forever
This guy is a false teacher Paul warned about, tickling people's ears. Never calling out the real problems , preaching nonsense while he keeps getting rich and deceiving people ,
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 8 months ago
TD Jake's sermon "Don't let the good times fool you."
SunShine Year ago
gunsand turbos so why are you watching him? Psalm 105:15 TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED, AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM Matt 7 JUDGE NOT, THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED. Open your heart and secure your relationship with God. Religion can blind you.
Christopher Chovenye
He spoke of it. 37
Simeko Revador
Jesus loves us ruvid.net/video/video-6FXMx4-dW4c.html
Teresa Bearden
Why do you preach on the first part but you don’t preach on what Jesus says it don’t make sense just to preach own wealth and not the ones and I are scared
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 8 months ago
Nigga, this ain't his only sermon. He's been preaching 30 years, how you gonna ask, "Why don't he preach about..."
Cocoa Robinson
Cocoa Robinson 8 months ago
@Danielle Burks don't lesson
Danielle Burks
Teresa Bearden follow the scriptures sweetheart
7Roeth Year ago
All increase and all blessings. All as if God is some great personal accountant. Yet yall cant catch on? Where is your discernment? Greed is not the gospel! Blood of Christ and resurrection is the gospel. This ought be fundamental teaching to yall by now. Wake up!
Agüeybaná Year ago
Earthbound talk!
Marilyn Cook
Marilyn Cook Year ago
Keep teaching relationships. Thank you Sir Beautiful Blessings To You
Marilyn Cook
Marilyn Cook Year ago
Amen, Thank You for all your prayers for the saints of God, we love you and First Lady so much Bishop Jakes Your so right . Beautiful Blessings To You And Yours. You are lifted everyday !
Jessica Staino
See you soon😄 Love King-Staino💒
ugballah festus
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Year ago
That’s the word for me right there 33:00 “gifted people are also lonely”
jennifur sun
jennifur sun Year ago
i'm old school tooo
jennifur sun
jennifur sun Year ago
is there a first part to this sermon?
Neida Rodriguez
Wow🙌🏼2019 god is still the same❤️today tomorrow and always 🙏🏼
SunShine Year ago
Neida Rodriguez AMEN
Capenzi Year ago
this message was made for me for a time such as this...in 2019. i believe i wouldn't have grasped half of what he said had i listened earlier. this is too powerful. God bless you all.
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 6 months ago
J Hood
J Hood 8 months ago
Ronda Butler
Ronda Butler Year ago
The scary thing is a lot of people are Gifted but not saved in the church. And alot of them is full of pride and arrogance we must pray for the talented and the Gifted in the church. We must also pray for the holy and truly ( Anointed)
Manuel Antonio Villagrana
L🔥V☰ ℹ️✝️❗
Michelle Goodson
Amen 🙏
Praise Rita Idahosa
Wow! Amazing Message! A Great Thanks for Sharing this Powerful Message! Amen!🙋🙋🙋🙋💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Jackie Woodson
Jackie Woodson
Amen thanku jesus
Tiny Tshegisi
Tiny Tshegisi Year ago
Powerful indeed
Sophia Marie
Sophia Marie Year ago
CalvinBJ Year ago
I needed this. I was just about to go back to my old thinking after GOD showed me a taste of just the future. I’m not going back and i’m not looking back to become a pillar of salt.
Brew Werb
Brew Werb 9 months ago
Amen brother! Stay 💪🏾
Tube samkosy
Tube samkosy Year ago
Thanks you Sir, i cannot watch it enough. God bless you sir...Abagana
Lydia Brasnell
Lydia Brasnell 5 months ago
Thanked u very much Bishop t.d .Jakes for that power full message my name is Lydia Brasnell all the way from the twin island of Trinidad & Tobago I need u to prayer for my families
DeAlan Wilson
DeAlan Wilson 4 years ago
We gotta WORK our THANG! on our own level. NOT on someone else's level. WHAT are we doing with the talent and ability that GOD gave to each of us? This is the question JAKES asks us to ponder. We MUST work our abilities on our OWN level. Move and TAKE ACTION on our INSTINCTS and let it EXPLODE us into new realms of living reality. When I created www.ComedyE.com people thought I was CRAZY! "You are a photographer. You don't know nothing 'bout no Publishing Business!" they said. Well proudly, now after only three years, my publication has taken me into rooms and places and around people I would have NEVER before had access to. We are now on television, interviewing stars and celebrities, hosting a NYC Comedy Show this coming spring all because we followed a vision GOD gave to us early one morning in 2001! PRAISE GOD! We MUST work our THANG! AMEN! NOT on someone else's Thang! What is your THANG? Thank you to Bishop TD JAKES for being a vessel of GOD messages to us all. You are truly gifted speaker and blessed by GOD to convey true messages to those who would have ears to hear and minds to interpret and understand.
alz123alz Year ago
Karla Evans
Karla Evans Year ago
Erika Greene
Erika Greene Year ago
Tiana C
Tiana C 4 years ago
Very powerful! I just need to trust the inner voice that God has placed inside of me. I can truly relate to the slave that buried their gift out of fear because that's all I've ever done. Help me to break the bondage of fear, God, so that I can be set free to live the abundant life that you have for me! Thanks for posting this. God bless!
ashanty Blandford
@Randi B. true
Randi B.
Randi B. Year ago
Randi B.
Randi B. Year ago
I pray your prayer, but you and me are already free from the bondage! Speak things that are not as though they were (Roman 4:17) Notice how God is both kind and severe. He is severe towards those who disobeyed, but kind to you if you continue to trust in his kindness, but if you stop trusting, you will [malso be cut off. (Also as in the context of the Israelites and gentiles/the original branches ISRALEITES and the wild olive branches "GENTILES. "(Romans 11:22) Don't be afraid to fail! Trust also in his kindness and you won't be cut off!
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