Bisexual Is Beautiful. My Coming Out - Salice Rose

Salice Rose
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I stand here today proud to be a bisexual woman. I encourage you guys to also be PROUD of who you are & never let anyone dim your shine. Discovering yourself is a beautiful journey..don’t let anyone steal that from you. You are you & that is YOUR power. I stand with you. LOVE ALWAYS WINS. -Salice Rose
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Dec 5, 2019




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Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes 5 days ago
Jocelyn Straughter
Jocelyn Straughter 12 days ago
Omg everyone on the internet is fake she’s so lame trying so hard to be something she ain’t like why dose she make videos like this so dramatic always trying to make a mark so when she dies she wants to be remembered of being this kind happy positive always looks out for everyone blah blah lol fuck
Haanai Aguilera
Haanai Aguilera 15 days ago
Its always right to just be yourself no matter wat
Prettybandzxoo 18 days ago
Your so beautiful 😍 , I wish I was ur body shape tho 😭..
Carlos Zamora
Carlos Zamora 27 days ago
Yo slice if u see this give me a like 👍
Beauty With Brooke
Such a beautiful message♥️ ‘I am me. I will always stand for what I believe in’. You are so strong & real. Thank you for being YOU😍
dulce aguilar
dulce aguilar Month ago
💯 respect, salice.🌹
EKH Month ago
Beautiful girl I still love you I love how u are...
Gotcha Addy
Gotcha Addy Month ago
Yayyyyy! 😊
J.S. Bach BWV 582
I'm confused. She says she's bisexual but still says she can't see herself with a man?
Carmel D.Clark
Carmel D.Clark Month ago
Salice Rose... I am happy for you and so proud of you.What a strong young lady.Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you always. Enjoy your life, It's what matters anyway. It's your life anyway. Take care have a lovely day. 🤗🙏👑💜🎊🎉👍
Kiana Nelson
Kiana Nelson Month ago
Esmeralda Hernandez
Why u make such a big deal out of it, there’s millions of people like u, u not special.
Esmeralda Hernandez
Aisling Butler Lmfaooo every non straight person goes thru shit like this she ain’t special
Aisling Butler
Aisling Butler Month ago
Wow, that's so rude. She finds it difficult especially because of the amount of biphobia online right now. Who are you to judge how she feels? You should be ashamed
Rocky Martinez
Rocky Martinez 2 months ago
You people are Confused!! Period 😒😒🤭🙄
R J MP 2 months ago
Yes!!! Is very hard!!! You have bigger balls!!! That me!!!!😊😊😊😊🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈much love !!!!♎♎♎
Camdyn Pierce
Camdyn Pierce 2 months ago
Thanks so much
Amya Magdaleno
Amya Magdaleno 2 months ago
Love yourself for who you are dont listen to people who is trying to take you down. Just be yourself do hate yourself love yourself and make sure you are happy no matter what. LOVE YOURSELF ♥️😘🥰
Erykah Simone
Erykah Simone 2 months ago
This made me so emotional because I’m lesbian and I haven’t came out to my family yet. 2 years ago I came out to my best friend as “bi”. As I got older I figured out who I really am and watching this video just motivates me even more to just keep going.❣️
Erykah Simone
Erykah Simone 2 months ago
You have such a powerful impact on the world!!❣️you’re so strong💛 we love you‼️♥️
Silvana Merritt
Silvana Merritt 2 months ago
This makes me think of ruby rose video , we love you stay strong
therealdru 2 months ago
I've been there before. You can be the strongest person in a person's life and you get broken down by a tragic event, it breaks who you are. My dad commented suicide in front of me, my mom, and sister. I still haven't fully recovered because it was my dad, my hero. There are times where it becomes really difficult to live, but I know I can't and will not do that to my two sons. They are the age I was when my dad passed. I take it day by day. Because tomorrow isn't promised. Stay Strong. Much Love. I will always be here for you.
Shannon oxendine
Shannon oxendine 2 months ago
It takes alot to come out its your life your choices it doesn't matter what other people think stay true to you and keep shinning
Just Line
Just Line 2 months ago
We all go through VERY hard periods of our lives & it's messy & confusing but knowing that someone you look up to goes through that just like we do & they know the pain & heartache of it. Gives me comfort & security. I have been living my truth as a Bisexual girl for the last 2 years & seeing my girl SALICE living HER TRUTH to the fullest gives me the the same excitement that I got when I came out. I am so HAPPY that you are CELEBRATING YOUR TRUTH MAMAS! I am so HAPPY to be CELEBRATING our fellow LGBTQ community truth & love✨🙌👑💕
Cecilia Aguilar
Cecilia Aguilar 2 months ago
I didnt know she was a lesbian and now a bisexual.
Chele Linda
Chele Linda 2 months ago
I kind of felt this was unnecessary. She couldn’t of just talked about it in her room.
Sasha Wofford
Sasha Wofford 2 months ago
I love this .
Pretty jennys channel one
I agree with everything u say f the hateas who cant accept u f them be you mami keep your head up
The Crack heads
The Crack heads 2 months ago
I swear I’m crying I get bullied for who I am and I’m tired of changing for people 🥺😭💔
Emiliano Guerrero
Emiliano Guerrero 2 months ago
are you lesbin
wiwis way
wiwis way 2 months ago
Everyone should be loved no matter their sexual preference. I dont personally know u but know the public love u for who u are F other ppls opinion. U can like one thing today and like another a different day. People need to under2 u need to love yourself first and im 30yrs old and im a different person everyday not sexually but just in general and i get judge but F it im me and i need to love me first wich im still trying to learn that. We learn somethinh everyday about ourselves.
KCMO YARETZI! 2 months ago
This is so inspiring I love this video so much but unfortunately after months of truly finding what my sexuality is I’m scared to come out and say I’m bisexual because of my mom and her side of the family they judge a lot and I don’t know how to to tell her I’m scared for not being accepted about this because she might not support me my friend told her mom and she didn’t mind but I’m scared to say who I am😔
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 2 months ago
She doesn’t understand
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 2 months ago
My sister tried to force me to come out to my family
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 2 months ago
Thank you
Ceidey and Yadi vlog
I will forever support anyone out their who is insecure about themselves and u Salice, u spoke out for those who don't accept themselves for who they are, who think they won't be accepted because their different, who think hurting themselves is a good option for all those people who are lost in their thoughts its okay to be who u are u were born that way and nothing people say or do will change who u really are don't change ur self just because people dislike u sometimes they dislike u because their not as confident as u are never change into someone ur not it will only make matters worse and it can pressure u to do things u never did. 🥺🙏 Just be more confident about ur self's.
Maribel Medina
Maribel Medina 2 months ago
I love her so much🥺❤️
Maribel Medina
Maribel Medina 2 months ago
This made me cry 🥺
Hayley Hossman
Hayley Hossman 2 months ago
I'm ur number one supporter I love u I'm with u a 100 percent
Tiffny234 2 months ago
Im so scared to come out man
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace 2 months ago
Thank you so much Salice. This was beautiful and so are you. You probably won’t see this, but you are an inspiration to so many including me. I am not bi but I am asexual and am worried about coming out and I probably never will and it’s because not many people understand asexuality and I will also be called a liar and confused I know that for sure, but this video boosted my confidence so much. This world needs more people like you, and love will always overpower hate. And I along with millions of people love and look up to you so much! Thank you for everything! 💖
Stephanie M.
Stephanie M. 2 months ago
This is called growth. You shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for finding and being your true and authentic self. 💛💛
Maria Maldonado
Maria Maldonado 2 months ago
I love your coming out video and the message behind it You're gorgeous
Maria Maldonado
Maria Maldonado 2 months ago
I absolutely support you Salice You are gorgeous As long as your happy no one can take away your happiness
Keri-Shawn Youngbear
This really helped me to be who I am and if people don't like it then I don't care anymore, this helped me not to hurt myself again I just wanted to say that i get hate to for a 12 year old girl and I hurt myself for that but now I dont, thank you ❤
Sky Polanco
Sky Polanco 2 months ago
I know u would be a great friend to my Tia jesenia she is a model
Bubble Queen
Bubble Queen 2 months ago
I’m honestly afraid to come out because what if my family disowns me what if they hate me for it 😔😔😔😔😔 I’ve been so sad and depressed lately cause I’m going through stuff that I don’t like talking about 😭
katlyn Paige
katlyn Paige 2 months ago
you saved me salice. love you❤️
Wicyk Family
Wicyk Family 2 months ago
I don't know if I am bie
DG AnGeL 2 months ago
#SALICEROSE love is precious, and there's nothing wrong with letting people know who the true you is, you're a beautiful woman, straight up asf, and I pray that one day when you finally want to settle down whether it be a man or woman, that you find pure happiness from within the relationship. I love you salice, your videos, your content is flipping awesome.
lurdanys mirabal
lurdanys mirabal 2 months ago
i love this being your self is the best thing you could be , i came out bi this year and i’ve been with my girlfriend for 7 months now and i’m so happy 😍❤️ this is beautiful and inspiring 💓 i’m not scared and i won’t be mad if someone judges me i will speak up for myself and be strong 💪🏻..!!
Nelly Glover
Nelly Glover 2 months ago
Mom you’re gonna make me cry 😭❤️
Jose Argueta
Jose Argueta 2 months ago
I’m girl I’m using someone’s account... I dated a girl 2 years ago and my mother found out because when I was in school I went to the bathroom to give her a kiss and the principal walked in and he decided to call my mother ... I was begging him not to call her I was crying bc I knew what her reacción was going to be 😞 he called her and told her everything then my mom went to pick me up from school and she was beating me 😞 she took my phone away she smacked me she did a lot of bad things I was behaving really bad bc of the situation, I remember that it was like the last 2 days of school so I was not gonna see my girlfriend again 😭😭 I lived in Texas with my mother and my dad lives here in New York ... my mother decided that I was going to live in ny with my dad so I can never see my girlfriend again 😞 then I came to New York and started a new life and everything now I’m 17 I’ve been dating a boy for like about 8 months and I love him really much and I’m sure that I’m bisexual like I know it! But I’m scared to come out!
Mad Max
Mad Max 2 months ago
If only I could see you in person and take you with me to come out to my dad 😔
AnnMarie Martinez
AnnMarie Martinez 2 months ago
Girl I feel the same way so they judge by my dad all the time and I will say it again and yeah
nxailaayt 3 months ago
“BE YOURSELF!” -Salice Rose.
Procreate Tips
Procreate Tips 3 months ago
I have definitely attempted to kill myself because I’m bi 💔 because none of my friends accepted me💔
Lea Binsinger
Lea Binsinger 3 months ago
Just because you came out as a lesbian and later on come out as a bisexual doesn't mean that you're confused or a liar or something. Sometimes, a person needs time to find themself. It's okay. Figuring out who you are takes time and I can imagine that it's confusing to yourself sometimes. But it's good that you found yourself. I'm just guessing, but I think that now, you can finally be you. Finally be really happy and so on❤️ keep going girl. But I have a question. I don't wanna sound rude or something. It's just something that confuses me a little bit and I think you didn't really explained it: How did you figured out that you're bisexual? Because you said that you don't like being with guys. So how did you figured out? I love you and you always find good words to support people and to help them❤️
Tanya Francois
Tanya Francois 3 months ago
It's not about being who we think we should be. Like you said, we are not perfect, no one is, but Jesus is! We cannot trust our own feelings or thoughts to govern the way we live our lives because they are flawed, deceptive and they change. But, we can trust in Jesus. We can trust in the Word of God. That doesn't change. There is only one truth. We can't all have our own truth and live the way we think is right. That would be chaos. We all have to live by one moral standard. And you find that standard in the Bible. People are depressed and killing themselves because of the devil, because of sin, because they don't know the truth, they don't know Jesus Christ! When you surrender to God and His way of doing things, then you will be free, then you will know your true identity, which is found in Him. Your worth comes from Him. There's a way that seems right to a man but leads to destruction. We must follow Jesus because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Things may feel good or right to us but that doesn't mean it is. God told us how we ought to live in His word, we must be willing to give up our own desires and live the way He calls us to live. It's not easy to give up everything we think brings us happiness but know that once you accept and follow Jesus, He will give you so much more! God bless you
Shane Perrigo
Shane Perrigo 3 months ago
I knew she was gay.
Charles Segovia
Charles Segovia 3 months ago
👌🙌💯 that is absolutely correct we don't have to rush our life's.to be that someone for anyone and honestly to each his own cause .only God can judge . And yes you are so amazing cause you have inspired many as myself and thank you for being who you are #SaliceRose
Diya Penner
Diya Penner 3 months ago
I love you salice 🥺😭🥺😭 you made me cry soo so so so much and my "family doesn’t like stuff and I’m bisexual 🥺 and idk want to do buh thank you so much salice🥺😭🥺😭💗💗🤧
Sarah Nicole
Sarah Nicole 3 months ago
Salice, You definitely helped me cope with what I went through 2019 and I support every little thing you do to bring awareness. "No one isn't perfect but I am me"
chasity Provencio
chasity Provencio 3 months ago
I thought I was the only one that felt like this
BresLifey M
BresLifey M 3 months ago
Every Girl is Bisexual Now Ah Dayz its Okay 👌💯 2 Be Who U Are Just come out When ur Ready
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 3 months ago
Ik this is talking about sexuality but like I’m trans it’s hard to be in a house where your not accepted I’m happy that you said something about your true identity I will always support you no matter what
iiMxnisha 3 months ago
Coming out is already hard, but knowing there's ppl in the world who want to kill you cause you love ur own gender is really tough, it really is
DEE 3 months ago
its_Brownie gacha
its_Brownie gacha 3 months ago
I used to be bi but I'm a lesbian because all the boys I dated were crackheads or gold digers
Emily 3 months ago
I’m pansexual, meaning I love people based on personality, not looks or gender. I was never “scared” to come out, but I would always have something in my mind like, “they won’t accept you. Who cares. It’s your life, it’s your sexuality” I love myself in countless ways. I’m not perfect, but I love myself. My mother, she never cared about my sexuality. My father, he was never in my life. He left when I was about 6 years old, the last time I saw him in person was about when I was 10 or 11. Most of my family still don’t know, but I don’t care. I’ll tell them one day, and if they figure it out sooner, or don’t accept me, then who cares? I love you. ALWAYS be yourself, beautiful
none of your business doesn't matter
Don't worry I'm bi
Al Shuck
Al Shuck 3 months ago
Yes!!! Yes girl! Speak your truth! I’d rather be hated for being bisexual than hate myself for not being me. I’ve already been down that road and I will never go back. Congratulations on finding yourself. It’s a beautiful journey even when it’s scary. ♥️
Susanjanet 3 months ago
We love u girl, lots of hugs to to you!😘🌹😘🌹😘🌹😘🌹😘🌹
Angel Escalante
Angel Escalante 3 months ago
Damn I got diss bars for eons Salice I gotchu
Jandaree Garcia
Jandaree Garcia 3 months ago
You should be your self and not care what everyone says
Israel Manrriquez
Israel Manrriquez 3 months ago
This video has gave me strength to tell my truth in coming out to people that might not take it so light thank you for this I had more strength because of you I love you keep changing peoples worlds ❤️❤️❤️
robert simbwa
robert simbwa 3 months ago
Love u
Zahra Lezama
Zahra Lezama 3 months ago
This video made me want to be me because i have been bisexual since i was 7 years old and i am 11 years old now.but i don't have the confidenceto tell my mom
juagix 3 months ago
Keeping it real as always Salice Rose 🔥
Bryson Blue
Bryson Blue 3 months ago
You are the most beautiful person in the world and I have a lot of respect for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rauldel Pineda
Rauldel Pineda 4 months ago
It ok you be you I love how your are and I think it sucks that people put labels on people and then judge not being your self is not ok you be you hope she sees this people dont let anybody tell you what to do
Rauldel Pineda
Rauldel Pineda 4 months ago
We ever hated this put your self in her shoes
Melissa Lazo
Melissa Lazo 4 months ago
It dose not change who she is
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams 4 months ago
I love you salice 🥺
avrionna criner
avrionna criner 4 months ago
Wow I am balling rn thank you for being so strong and open with who you are
Denise Reynaga
Denise Reynaga 4 months ago
Your a AMAZING STRONG BEAUTIFUL women always be you
Destiny Q
Destiny Q 4 months ago
thanks for sharing i love you !
Jeanette World
Jeanette World 4 months ago
You are so brave
Nutella’s Gacha Life
Sharel Munoz
Sharel Munoz 4 months ago
Salice Thank you!!! Thank you for this beautiful message!!!
Nevena Glisic
Nevena Glisic 4 months ago
its ok not to be ok...when she said that i just broke down crying ❤️😭🥺
Tia Chenard
Tia Chenard 4 months ago
ahhh ur so amazing stay strong
Tia Chenard
Tia Chenard 4 months ago
your so beautiful
Kylee Boucher
Kylee Boucher 4 months ago
This made me cry
Roxie McGhee
Roxie McGhee 4 months ago
This made me cry bc, salice has really helped me understand that its okay to be, its okay to be gay 🥺🙃
Matthew Meadows
Matthew Meadows 4 months ago
please fuck me
please fuck me 4 months ago
You are beautiful just the way you are do not let anybody tell you who you cannot and can date❤❤❤❤
Sylvia A. Rodriguez
Sylvia A. Rodriguez 4 months ago
In my opinion a person's sexuality doesn't define who they are... the fear of the worlds opinion your family and friends encloses many humans from what they have to offer the world. We should embrace each other because we care about each other not because some of us sleep with men or some with women or some with both that's private and has nothing to do with what we have to offer the world and each other... we are all HUMAN... love you salice rose😘
Briana Doherty
Briana Doherty 4 months ago
I don't understand all the talk about her/yours sexuality??? Can we please just appreciate a gorgeous fucking woman shaking that ass to a great song?
danie830 4 months ago
Thank you so much!!! I'm in tears!!!
Kerissa Joseph
Kerissa Joseph 4 months ago
Love uuu
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