BIRTH VLOG! *Raw & Real* Labour & Delivery Of Our First Baby!

Sarahs Day
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Published on


Mar 29, 2019




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Comments 80
Sarahs Day
Sarahs Day Year ago
Oops... baby brain! I've dated it Monday but this experience was actually Sunday 24th- Tuesday 26th! x
Aimee Kennedy
Aimee Kennedy 6 days ago
Omg, 11 weeks pregnant with my first, same age as you were, amazing partner, cannot stop crying at this, I’m so scared and excited at the same time. My cousin has a 5 month, a boy, we both watch your channel. Thank you so much for this Sarah, just makes everything so surreal for me. Can’t believe the little Kumquat is nearly 12 weeks 😭🥴🥰💕 thank you again.
Jodie Owen
Jodie Owen 17 days ago
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis 2 months ago
I am Jennifer's daughter I LOVE your channel and you are so inspiring to me . I hope you have a great life will your new baby boy best of wishes to you all.
Susan Moir
Susan Moir 2 months ago
ماجد ابو اكرم
@Ii Rose ض1نةبا الخلية ش الله
Lucia Perugini
Melba Gutierrez
Omg she made me cry and I am not giving birth..... I felt her pain and breathed with her. Such a strong woman and brave bless her soul and your family. Congratulations on you baby!!!
Emily Rose Witten
I can't stop watching this over and over since it came out. Masterpiece!!
R A 4 days ago
Jackie Fragos
Jackie Fragos 4 days ago
kurt was such a CHAMP during all of this for you sez wow what love, amazing. this vlog brought me to tears.
Mirah al gold
Mirah al gold 4 days ago
Wow ! I am in tears so emotional 😭 you are so strong all women all strong such a miracle
Angelica Weeder
Angelica Weeder 5 days ago
How does she still look so beautiful even while in labor! And Kurt is so good to her 😭
Agostina Lopezzz
Agostina Lopezzz 7 days ago
Where is the white dress from?! I neeeeed this !!
KaBouter 7 days ago
From 24:00 i coudnt hold my tears anymore. Literally.
KaBouter 7 days ago
I love how the dog reacted like he/she knew. That's so cool xD.
Mary Eurich
Mary Eurich 7 days ago
After having a pregnancy scare this month with my boyfriend, he was feeling worried and anxious; it wasn’t our first scare; he didn’t think he would ever be enough for a child to look up to. He feared he wasn’t good enough. He talked with his mum today and told her of his worries, of course we are our own worst critics, always. He’s an amazing man and everyone he touched the lives of sees that. His mum responded with positive words and happiness, reassuring him he’s beyond enough, and that he would make an excellent father that anyone would be blessed to have. Now we’re here discussing marriage and finishing our home we bought. He said once we have a safe home built with love for us and our needs, we too will have a baby of our own. The first place I went was your video, Sezzy. I love you, and your beautiful family. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video, I bawl like a baby every time. Thank you for being such an amazing role model and inspiration❤️
Kaitlyn Montgomery
I’m trying right now and this makes me so much more excited to bring a baby into this world😭❤️❤️
Ciaran Wallace
Ciaran Wallace 9 days ago
Just gorgeous..so much strength and focus ...a beautiful family xx
Gayna Carter
Gayna Carter 9 days ago
Maybe put a seat belt on !
Justin Meyer
Justin Meyer 10 days ago
Thank you for sharing!
e e
e e 10 days ago
I had a 29 hour induced labor with pitocin and got my epidural at 27 hours. I was in the hospital for 2 months because I had severe preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. I had to deliver 6 weeks early
Rachael Rojas
Rachael Rojas 11 days ago
this was the most. beautiful video. what a beautiful baby. i almost cried. this makes me so excited when i give birth in October
Godisgood Allthetime
What a precious gift. Congratulations! Enjoy your new family member.
Roxanne Newell
Roxanne Newell 15 days ago
Just watched this video for the 2nd time and 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 And now we see fox now and he's so adorable and amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍
lovemykids4life !
lovemykids4life ! 16 days ago
This is such a beautiful video! The bond you guys have is so lovely! This is a moment in time that is so priceless! Great job mom and dad! Hats off to your mom and everyone that made your experience even beautiful! Becoming a mother is a feeling that is so hard to explain! Yet one word always seems to cover it BLESSED 🙏❤
Erin Tollett
Erin Tollett 16 days ago
I have literally watched this 5 times over since its been posted a year ago haha!!!!! I just think its such a beautiful video and I keep finding myself coming back to it. I know that when I am pregnant I'll be watching it throughout my pregnancy to prepare myself
falak rizvi
falak rizvi 19 days ago
I want a babyyyyy
Gift Umeh
Gift Umeh 20 days ago
Watching from 2020
Random Idiot Online
Wait why were they gonna induce you if the baby was so little?
Ndumi Mthethwa
Ndumi Mthethwa 21 day ago
Oh my word I'm close to tears... it really touched me when the mom came in and prayed for her coz that's exactly like something my mom would do for me.... Mothers are the best... They keep u going when no one can. I don't care how old you can get but there will always be those moments where your mother will be your only hope... just like when you were a baby. Big ups to all the mothers in the world!
Jojo 21 day ago
Does anyone know the song that’s playing in the background of this video? It’s the one from the beginning
Bratati Das
Bratati Das 23 days ago
I m a forcep baby ❤️... My mom shared her feelings.. You are really strong.
Emma Weber
Emma Weber 23 days ago
Oml how do you do it! You looked FLAWLESS even during labor! Also I think we all need someone this supportive in our lives
Grace Rogers
Grace Rogers 23 days ago
This is not like any other birth vlog I have seen..... it is so beautiful and real! You are amazing and remember that you don't get a million dollars for delivering without an epidural, do whatever makes you comfortable. Congrats on a healthy baby xx
Rachel Robertson
Rachel Robertson 24 days ago
shrtlink.ca/beautiful51xxxlady ක්‍රේග් වාඩි වී බීම මේසය මත තබා සිනාසෙමින් චිත්‍රපටයයැයි කීවේය
Nina Staníková
Nina Staníková 24 days ago
Whats the song in 16:30 please? Beautiful!
Mikaela Wright
Mikaela Wright 25 days ago
I’m due any day and I’m so scared!!!!!
Rhia Jane
Rhia Jane 25 days ago
Watching this back realising it’s the same hospital and EXACT room i gave birth to my son in on Christmas Eve 2019! And my midwife Emily was a spitting image of your sister !
Julie S.
Julie S. 26 days ago
Sarah you were so amazing! I'm writing a book on childbirth so was curious after your epidural when you dilated quickly from 5 to 9 centimeters do you know if they gave you any oxytocin (pitocin) to help move labor along? Or it happened naturally? Thanks again for showing how brave and magical women are!
Jadyn Hicks
Jadyn Hicks 26 days ago
I know this is an old birth video but I just want to thank you for sharing your raw experience. This must have been so vulnerable to share. I went through an exhausting 26 hour natural labor with my oldest and I’ve always felt like a little bit of a failure because I cried and moaned and yelled through most of it. I feel like all of the birth videos I see are so peaceful and quiet (which is beautiful and amazing) but it made me feel so seen to see another woman dealing with labor the same way I did. Congratulations on your beautiful baby! You did amazing!
Kerryann Matasaran
Kerryann Matasaran 26 days ago
U ppl like too much epidurals....take the pain!!! Natural is always best....
Uridien 1
Uridien 1 27 days ago
"Let's put your legs up and let's have a baby." Now my go to pick up line.
Jenny Flower
Jenny Flower 7 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 XD
Roxanne Newell
Roxanne Newell 15 days ago
Ayana Wallace
Ayana Wallace 27 days ago
This was the most beautiful, raw, & real labor and delivery vlog I’ve ever seen!! You go mama
Vardagsvegan 27 days ago
Silke Dewulf
Silke Dewulf Month ago
Man these birth videos always hit me right in the feels 😭This was so beautiful!
Nia Lauren
Nia Lauren Month ago
seeing dad cry & when he was kinda iffy to hold him, made me tear up. especially when you said “this is your baby” & he was wiping his eyes😩 watching this process was amazing. congratulations, he is adorable! doing this in November & i pray all is well & easy.
Pinkelphies Month ago
When your mom came in and you fell apart 😭😭😭😭 that’s how close I am to my mom too! Sometimes you just need your mama, and no one can replace her! ❤️❤️ my due date is this Saturday and my mom comes Wednesday! Because of COVID, I can only have one visitor and of COURSE it’s going to be my husband 🌷🌷we will just have to video my mom in 🥰
Carys Harknett
Carys Harknett Month ago
so amazing sarahs your baby is so lucky to have you as its mum
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Month ago
You are such a strong women. You are the most inspiring person to me. Congrats!on your baby boy💞💞💞
Emily Gregoire
Emily Gregoire Month ago
Wow this brings me back to giving birth so much. I’m so empathetic that i can feel what she’s going though during labor.
Nicole The Hole
Nicole The Hole Month ago
My mom was friends with the doctor and asked for to much epidural so much so the doctor had to push me out themselves putting there feet on my moms stomach and pushing if was in Colombia so maybe not in America
Nicole The Hole
Nicole The Hole Month ago
Omg I would never let my mom see me naked
B A D Y O U N G Month ago
Im so scared to give birth 😣😢
Will Month ago
Give us a spell
Meri Eskelinen
Meri Eskelinen Month ago
Whats the song playing around 18.04-> ? 🥰
Kylie Renée
Kylie Renée Month ago
Back again, to watch this video for the 4th time since I found out I’m pregnant 😂
Ashley Goedecke
Ashley Goedecke Month ago
Congratulations, Sarah & Kurt on your sweet baby boy! This was the most beautiful video I've ever watched. Kurt, the way you care for Sarah is so lovely and heartwarming to watch. Sarah, you are so tough! This whole thing had me in tears.
Howl yourg
Howl yourg Month ago
Your amazing, you look way better than i do after heart surgery
Ece Kübra Başçı
OMG ! It's an amazing and so emotional! Congrulations :)
Anita Van Gurp
Anita Van Gurp Month ago
Wat een prachtige video!! Ik heb met jullie te doen gehad...heb zelf 3 kids, alle 3 in 2 uur geboren. Heb met je mee zitten persen, via mijn telefoon, zoonlief en man vroegen wat ik aan het doen was.....zo herkenbaar, maar er niet zolang over gedaan. Ben trots op jullie, je hebt een heel lieve vriend, man...😘, net als mij❤!! En wat een lief mannetje, is ondertussen 1 jaar??
Hannah Cheng
Hannah Cheng Month ago
what is the music in the shower?
Amber Ferguson
Amber Ferguson Month ago
The same exact thing happened to me with the epidural. I made it through 6 hours of natural labor and I hadn't dilated further from 2 c.m. After I received the epidural I was moving along steadily every 2 hours. Throughout this entire process we battled the babies heart rate. All of a sudden I stopped dialating at 8 cm. And after 24 hours in labor and after 6+ hours at 8 c.m. I had to have a c section. It wasn't the birth I had imagined at all. But my cute little guy is perfect, healthy, sweet and now 1 years old!
Hannah Cheng
Hannah Cheng Month ago
You are incredibly strong, and your BF and family are so supportive. Birth is truly a miracle!
Paulette Hernandez
Does anyone know on what week she was?
Hattie's Space
Hattie's Space Month ago
This still makes me cry, you two are amazing X
Nani Smith
Nani Smith Month ago
When her mother came in and started praying for her...talk about POWERFUL. 😭🙏🏽
Ruba alqhtani
Ruba alqhtani Month ago
Am I the only one that find it not cute it’s just so sad for her
Tatiana Roman
Tatiana Roman Month ago
mercy grace
mercy grace Month ago
First time seeing this but I just have to say respect to all women, you are definitely the most beautiful most powerful beings ever filled with strength and courage
Jaye-Jae Month ago
I’ve watched this about 20 times and cry every.single.time. You’re so incredible Sarah!
Melanie Hoggett
Melanie Hoggett 4 days ago
Honestly Same
F M 15 days ago
Ashleigh Scells
Ashleigh Scells Month ago
2020 anyone
Zina Lamouchi
Zina Lamouchi Month ago
Je suis une mère et je suis passée par ces événements ils sont très dures mais ce qui me touche beaucoup c est la tendresse et l amour du mari qui est là a la soutenir avec sa présence jusqu'à la fin malheureusement chez nous en tant que musulmane le mari n assiste pas
Rebecca Berg
Rebecca Berg Month ago
Oh my goodness. I was in tears. This is so beautiful ❤️
SunshineRay Month ago
I love your dress at the beginning! Where is it from?
goodvibetribe Month ago
You are so strong!!!!!!! This was beautiful. And also, can i get your playlist? lol
its_paulaB Month ago
Sooooo amazing congrats😍😍 !!!! .. where are your pjs from from the day after you gave birth with pink around the cuffs ?! So cute !
Zoe Crawford
Zoe Crawford Month ago
"Oh my goodness it's gone down so much already! There's like, nothing in your belly anymore...!" Good boy 👏👏😁
Yvonne Month ago
Man, watching you go through your contractions brought me back to my birth journey and how awful those pains were. Kudos to you girl! 👊🏻
Biosha Thompson
Biosha Thompson Month ago
I'm 24, nowhere near to be pregnant any time soon and yet I have watched this video 5 times and cried every time! Sezzy and Kurt are just the perfect couple.
Quin Bokwe1
Quin Bokwe1 Month ago
Awww can't wait to have this my lil man siting in my stomach due in 2 weeks from now. My husband will be the happiest father on Earth he can't wait to be a father. Thank you Lord Jesus.
Fierce Kitten
Fierce Kitten 20 days ago
Hey, late to the video, but how is he?
Jessica M
Jessica M Month ago
What a beautiful movie - I was literally crying for most it, tears of joy x
Dominique Van der elst
I want to find someone like Kurt!
LukLex Month ago
I don’t even know you two, but you are perfect for each other. Congratulations
Tiffany Curry
Tiffany Curry Month ago
Somebody PLEASE tell me the name of the ambient sounding music in the background!!! 😍
Matthew Carrubba
Sarah congrats to you on the birth of your beautiful baby boy and hope everything went well for you during the birth and he is so adorable and healthy and you guy's are going to be great parents to him and God bless you all Love you guy's, Matthew Carrubba from Oklahoma
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