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The cake, as they say, is a lie. But this one isn't: a classic black forest gateau, soaked in kirsch and laden with cherries, served entirely without fish-shaped solid waste. Stick around after the show for a sneak peek at "Being with Babish", premiering March 22nd!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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Mar 19, 2019

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Comments 6 273
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 4 months ago
Just wanted to let you guys know I'm hearing y'all loud and clear - very sorry I omitted the original recipe from the game! I was short on time when I shot this last week, and figured it was so full of crazy/toxic ingredients, I should just skip it. I'mma do my best to include accurate renditions in future episodes before I go into the 'Babish' version!
Benji Mlem
Benji Mlem 6 days ago
What about the melted butter in recipe #2? You didn't say if/when you added it?
Theodore Genna
Theodore Genna 13 days ago
At least put the sediment shaped sentiment
Gacha Evan
Gacha Evan 16 days ago
Nick Kewl the stain of Christ Samwich
Gacha Evan
Gacha Evan 16 days ago
Fish shaped dirt
Schrodinator 13 hours ago
I knew the cake wasn't a lie
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle 22 hours ago
I think you forgot the ethylbenzene and fish shaped dirt.
Telamon8 Day ago
you can also make a billion chocolate shavings by turning the chocolate bar on its side and using a potato peeler
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Day ago
*lights a candle with a blowtorch* claaaasic babish
Eric Fouch
Eric Fouch Day ago
Where is the fish shaped excrement?
François Dillinger
It's a lie! All lies!
Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic
This was a triumph.
Dalena ena
Dalena ena Day ago
Es hat gedauert bis ich gecheckt hab dass es hier um Schwarzwälder Kirsch torte geht :D
Hans Day ago
You violated that chocolate bar
Aaryn Samsel
Aaryn Samsel 2 days ago
anyone else look at the thumbnail and think it was made of ground beef
The AdrenaliN
The AdrenaliN 2 days ago
You need to this one more time, but try and do it with the actual Recipe the Game gives you.
Wilhelm Molde
Wilhelm Molde 2 days ago
The 🎂 is a lie
Kil Wil
Kil Wil 2 days ago
The number of girls wishing they could have some of that shaved chocolate is astronomical
Patrick Patterson
I’m pretty sure this one you are allowed a pass for not making it a curate to the listed ingredients lol
The Wisconsinite
The Wisconsinite 2 days ago
The cake its lie
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 days ago
All I wanted was "It's a lie" joke
David Erby
David Erby 3 days ago
That's a pitiful looking cake.
autumn the moth
autumn the moth 3 days ago
AK47MAN53 3 days ago
2:24 “And then I’m putting them into a medium SAUCEpin”
Furious Ryan
Furious Ryan 4 days ago
Don’t it’s a lie ,THE CAKES A LIE
Hanifah khanom
Hanifah khanom 4 days ago
Whipped cream and cake is absolutely delicious don't know what he's on about
[Music] 4 days ago
Did anyone else think those were eyes on top of the cake?
yellowbelow 1
yellowbelow 1 4 days ago
you make whipped cream by whipping cows very mean to the cows
shoot646 5 days ago
I’ve never had kirsch but for some reason my mind relates it to tasting like cherry whipped cream vodka, something I hate
BinaryInf 5 days ago
no u not me
no u not me 6 days ago
the cake is a lie
Give me garlic bread or give me- nvm that's perfect
This video is a lie. You will never eat that cake. You will never bake this cake. Your eyes simply show you reflections of light translating to images that appease you that you will not have physically. You are vicarious.
Zouchiraa 6 days ago
Miss Moxie
Miss Moxie 6 days ago
Don't listen to the robot The cake is a lie
Colton Chavez
Colton Chavez 6 days ago
David Honaker
David Honaker 6 days ago
Hell yes my dude
Disgusting German Brandi yeah that's right it's so gross I'm coming from Germany BTW its fckng expensive I don't know why we selling this type of shit XD
Burak Kartoflany
Burak Kartoflany 7 days ago
This video is a LIE!
Racin’ Ry
Racin’ Ry 7 days ago
The video is a lie
Darkwolfpocco 7 days ago
Frosting is disgusting, Whipped cream is the only thing ill put on my birthday cake, angel food thank you very much.
Broadway JR
Broadway JR 7 days ago
It's not a Portal cake in any way without any rhubarb or fish-shaped objects
sooten hooten
sooten hooten 8 days ago
Neil Watkins
Neil Watkins 9 days ago
You did what you must because you could. It's hard to overstate our satisfaction......
Galaxy Mew
Galaxy Mew 9 days ago
*But is it a **_lie?_*
loli_ cvnt
loli_ cvnt 9 days ago
I'm still mad at those cherries
AIWIDT 10 days ago
As a German.. I hate this
버섯Tv 10 days ago
This video was lie?
Kayla Gaddis
Kayla Gaddis 10 days ago
that chocolate doesnt have a clue how lucky it is
Tyr23 9328
Tyr23 9328 10 days ago
Thanks to you, the cake is no longer a lie!
Yehuda Hasan
Yehuda Hasan 10 days ago
I wish I could be that chocolate bar 🍫
2DZen 10 days ago
Huzzah! The cake is no longer a lie :D
Afro Polar Bear
Afro Polar Bear 10 days ago
4:30 Precision circumcision
SpockMcSchmoke 11 days ago
I think you need a better supplier of Kirschgeist
bribri Draws
bribri Draws 12 days ago
You really want every one to know each other huh? Maybe think about socially awkward foods.
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