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This week, we're taking a look at a winter classic, courtesy of one of the most painful scenes in television history: the dinner party from The Office. Jan's (very) slowly-braised veal shanks are clearly seen served with Risotto alla Milanese, a classic saffron-scented version of the decadent Italian staple. Put it all together, and you've got the perfect dish to weather the winter - or at least the world's most awkward dinner party.
Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/ossobuco
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 60
Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 8 months ago
Snip snap snip snap snip snap!!
karieltheone 10 days ago
No, no, NO. You are supposed to leave the marrow inside the bone, you have to suck in the marrow after you are done with meat.
Ashley 10 days ago
If you haven’t you should do Kevin’s Chili (I’m not sure if you did)
John 29 days ago
DR.KILLER 505 Month ago
Says the Anomalies Penut
Ish Month ago
I could read that in Michael’s voice
Elizabeth Quast
I hate the onion that was dropped into the stove because I can't pick it up and throw it away.
SpySecretSquirrel 6 hours ago
Chef Ramsey: finally some real fucking food
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams 9 hours ago
i like how he says "sauce pin" makes me feel better about how i pronounce things differently
Abdul Alkurdi
Abdul Alkurdi 14 hours ago
That's A LOT of saffron
Cleo Glover
Cleo Glover 15 hours ago
Kind of bothers me a bit the shanks weren’t dusted at the sides with the flour spice just the top and bottom...
A Dragon fruit
Are we not gonna talk about how he played fortnite and browsed Reddit in this video? No? We are just gonna ignore that? Okay
Nathan Winthrop
Nathan Winthrop 2 days ago
ayy with the sneaky spinal tap reference at the end there.
centipedeloaf 2 days ago
Babish really advertising the nintendo 3ds
Ducko 2 days ago
“I have to go my apartments on fire” “Flooded” “Flooded” That’s the best scene
Austin Music
Austin Music 2 days ago
Melody 6 days ago
He really did say soft teeth... that is such a horrible image.
Melody 6 days ago
How the fuck did she say it was disgusting? I am so confused.
Spamwise Gamgee
Spamwise Gamgee 6 days ago
You need Italian practice banish, great video, sometimes terrible Italian
tobias wood
tobias wood 7 days ago
where the hell is the beet salad
Yudhistira Laksono
Talks about fond, also pot isn’t dark enough.....
Carter Wells
Carter Wells 8 days ago
Veal? I thought the name was changed to tortured baby cow.
A Random Dude Typing Nonsense
Hannibal Lecter anyone?
joseph frederick
joseph frederick 8 days ago
There's no such thing called multitasking, multitasking is basiclly halfassing two things instead of wholeassing one thing.
Gito 7 days ago
so you're multitasking...
newptuen 9 days ago
ewww fortnite
ypcomchic 9 days ago
Where did you get that big a** awesome cast iron pan??!!
Fafafuhi 22
Fafafuhi 22 10 days ago
When was the exact moment that babs said fuck sayin saucepan... I'm gonna say sospin
dying wish
dying wish 10 days ago
Skeezlouiez 10 days ago
SteelingCableNG 10 days ago
Anyone else notice that lone onion at the right corner of the screen?
Tomson Fred
Tomson Fred 12 days ago
Oh my GOD that looks amazing. I'm definitely making this sometime in the next few weeks
pokemonmanic3595 12 days ago
“Hey Babish!” “Yes chef?” *tense music* “Very nice that risotto, service please.”
Just a random guy on the internet
Haha I get that reference
yo yo boss
yo yo boss 12 days ago
You are the best man this thing is amazing good job on the ossobuco thank you very much
AintItJay187 12 days ago
Idc what anyone says... that was the funniest "The Office" episode
Didun850 12 days ago
Great, now I'm hungry
SapereAudio 15 days ago
Oh my god I hope LG paid you a fortune for that mega ad
Wiled man 24
Wiled man 24 16 days ago
Me watching this while eating chicken flavored mama noodles
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett 16 days ago
Looks yummy. but I'll just go with a nice Ribeye.
Antonio the Burrito
my trying to watch a decent movie: my little sister: 0:19
sk8ter4fun 18 days ago
Dinner party is one of the best episodes
Seven Seven
Seven Seven 18 days ago
Whoever is eating that will definitely be tipsy
SYZE MARTE 19 days ago
That little piece of Onion that fell into the stove. Irritates me so much. Annoying
Nonexistent 20 days ago
Babish: beautiful golden hue Me: I don’t think ur drinking enough water...
Janani 20 days ago
Lol I have. A relatively affordable phone thst has a split screen 😂
Undercoverbus 22 days ago
.... Are they gone? ....Is it safe???? Can we now talk about how The Office was fucking terrible?
AzuriteT3 22 days ago
I'v watched this video a bunch of times now. I want VERY badly to commit ALL of this to memory so that I can make this recipe whenever I want.
Subscribe to me For a cookie :D
2:09 RIP the poor little onion that got separated from his friends
Eli J.
Eli J. 24 days ago
I had this for dinner tonight. It's a pretty good dish.
T D 26 days ago
The phone branding ..... You can play your music with your timer on.... Can't we all do that?
Arturo Costantino
Arturo Costantino 26 days ago
Everything perfect except it should be 1/2 tsp saffron.
Liam Choi
Liam Choi 27 days ago
if you didnt dip the veal into the wine like michael scott, i wouldve unsubscribed
Miriam Cooper
Miriam Cooper 28 days ago
I never skim the fat. My papa might back from the dead and kill me for that.
Beany 28 days ago
They call him, italian babish
Ohioma Imoukhuede
Ohioma Imoukhuede 28 days ago
I love Osso Bucco. Never made it because veal is like a million quid and not widely available but I will try this at some point...not sure if I have a big enough bad enough Dutch oven though
Ben Kiser
Ben Kiser 28 days ago
Your risotto looks a bit gloopy.
Garrett Lancaster
Garrett Lancaster 29 days ago
1:04 6:14 7:32
That was an incredible amount of saffron that he added. Had to be close to $25 worth in NYC
Arka Biswas
Arka Biswas Month ago
The horizontal cut on the onion was unnecessary
smd Month ago
should get an overhead camera
An Hw
An Hw Month ago
One of my favourite dishes. I had it in Milan, where the dish originated, years ago and it was so good!
Declan Moore
Declan Moore Month ago
Have tried cooking an osso buco in a kiln??
difta Month ago
that was a lot of saffron damn
Missy Misdemeanor
Osso Buco reminds me of the Santa Claus.
Froggo Month ago
That one onion piece
E l l i o t
E l l i o t Month ago
How about the soup from ratatouille?
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