Binging with Babish: Meat-Ghetti & Spag-Balls from American Dad

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This week, we're revisiting the fanciful mind of Seth MacFarlane (my doppelgänger before I shaved my head and grew a beard) and taking a look at Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls from American Dad. Is there any way to make this recipe actually work? Turns out, no - but maybe you can. Make your best version of this dish, take a picture, tag me on instagram with and the winner of my choosing will get a cutting board, rolling pin, and pair of tiny whisks!

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Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free

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Jun 15, 2021




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Comments 5 507
Babish Culinary Universe
Cutting boards and rolling pins were accidentally listed as out of stock briefly, they're back!
Arthur Barrera
Arthur Barrera 3 days ago
@Wuzzle Wuz he do be twerkin
random mushroom
random mushroom 7 days ago
5:12 D A B
Hugh Janeous
Hugh Janeous 17 days ago
Bob Costas
Bob Costas 23 days ago
Chill with the self advertising
phyn IO
phyn IO 23 days ago
Glendis Shiko
Glendis Shiko 6 hours ago
That's irony
Vinn Datu (backup)
Vinn Datu (backup) 7 hours ago
That’s Reversed Spaghetti
Karsten Schoenberg
Karsten Schoenberg 17 hours ago
Saw an ad with babish in it right before I watched
Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats
Kalghe meisner
That thumbnail made me so uncomfortable I had to click
nab 2 days ago
i think that’s irony
Diamond Red Fox
Diamond Red Fox 2 days ago
Am i the only one cackling over the tag "babish balls"
Moochi Mirchancey
Cody 3 days ago
I'm so sad that he didn't just boil a ball of pasta dough
Cyborg Enderman
Cyborg Enderman 3 days ago
Deep fry balls of regular bread dough and use thin strips of steak maybe then itll turn out less ectoplasmic
Airezzz :)
Airezzz :) 3 days ago
Yes but yes
Bruh 3 days ago
You have sinned
Blackboarder77 4 days ago
I no longer am grossed out by minute steaks tbh.
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 days ago
This wasn't the spagball James Acaster meant, I'm sure of it.
Spirit PBR
Spirit PBR 4 days ago
Seth McFarlane has a stranglehold on your soul
Sad Boy
Sad Boy 4 days ago
"Babishballs" couldn't it have been a better word? 😭
Nurse Valentine
Nurse Valentine 4 days ago
Spag-Balls sounds like a slur.
Blue Soul
Blue Soul 4 days ago
This is really just an impasta spaghetti
Emily Toribio
Emily Toribio 4 days ago
Oh, that’s irony
a pyro
a pyro 5 days ago
TwistedChaoz 5 days ago
Babish balls…?
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 5 days ago
id like babish balls
Element King
Element King 6 days ago
I was looking at the thumbnail and it took me a sec to figure out what was wrong
Robin Thrush
Robin Thrush 6 days ago
Masterzoroark666 6 days ago
Meat Glue I didn't expect to hear about something like that. And also about SpaghBalls and MeatGhetti, tho the latter one sounds more funnier than the first one
Jessica B
Jessica B 7 days ago
I love this channel and I love your cooking babish but I kinda hate how you pronounced Oregano
Jessica B
Jessica B 7 days ago
Commenting while watching, thay babish cutting board is sexy
Scp High command
Scp High command 7 days ago
the Italians are coming...
Skyblast211 8 days ago
This is wrong
Weather Report
Weather Report 8 days ago
Why does spag-balls sound like a slur
SP00NSACK 8 days ago
5:11 *2015 flashbacks*
Gabi G.
Gabi G. 8 days ago
Babish. Amazon noo!
Launcherspider 8 days ago
Just Babish dabs while sneezing
Why tho
Ishaan Patel
Ishaan Patel 8 days ago
this was deeply disturbing.
The Senate
The Senate 8 days ago
Are you ok?
YourUncleMike 9 days ago
Thats irony
Professional Gamer
This dish is me trying to act natural around my crush
sad 9 days ago
The hardest choices require the strongest Wills
Riveriux Phenom
Riveriux Phenom 9 days ago
I like how Babish describes the process step by step as if anyone is going to do this.
Honest Dave
Honest Dave 9 days ago
Can't get past the name Spag-Balls.
Isaac Jacob Roy Vivarais
That's the opposite way!
jojit camero
jojit camero 9 days ago
now do Hot-Burger & Ham-Dog
skylar15123 10 days ago
I always wondered why meatghetti was not a thing after seeing it in its stringy form and now i see why
motty 10 days ago
everything about the process of creating Meat Ghetti is against my morals
Blue Coin
Blue Coin 10 days ago
Is it wrong that I usually hate Haley Smith’s guts?
Jared Poth
Jared Poth 10 days ago
I wonder if you took the dough for the spaghetti and fried it before turning it into noodles. Like fry it as a ball of dough. And boiled the strands of fresh hamburger or something...
Yikes 10 days ago
my idea: some cured ish meat like pepperoni or deli meats, cut into long thin pasta-esque strips. then maybe for the spag balls you could do tiny balls using pasta dough-- she did say that pasta originally comes in balls, and I think that might be what she meant idk but great video! :)
Vulpes Ailurus
Vulpes Ailurus 10 days ago
The spaghetti is supposed to start as a ball.
scoliosis 10 days ago
this video is absolutely unhinged
Kristina Garrett
Kristina Garrett 10 days ago
This is the first of your videos that has me 🤢
Deathbyswordpoint 11 days ago
How do you know what cat food tastes like?
Gustavs Beļskis
Gustavs Beļskis 11 days ago
Well...seems like we found a new Lovecraftian masterpiece.
Ianfel 11 days ago
now do the spaghetti in bar forms from simpsons
Boba fett
Boba fett 10 days ago
i hate thks even worse
Slurpwis 11 days ago
This is WAAAAAY too complicated LOL!
Laowai Studies China
Jurassic Park quote!!
Plagiarized Seaturtle
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 12 days ago
I was gonna suggest you attempt Hammond's spaghetti mcbolognese from the grand tour. But you basically already did it with deep frying spaghetti
Orange Gang
Orange Gang 12 days ago
“There are no mistakes”- Master Oogway
Black Cat of Misfortune
Spag-balls is what the aussies call spaghetti
Caitlin Johnson
Caitlin Johnson 12 days ago
Have showrunners ever admitted to adding weird food content to an episode just for Babish to recreate? This feels like one of those times…
Frank axe
Frank axe 12 days ago
Mr Wright
Mr Wright 12 days ago
Zaamandur 12 days ago
That Sneezing Dab :D Subscribed instantly !!!!
Mr kid
Mr kid 12 days ago
2:54 summer sausage now whos strippers name is that? *Chief Randall laughed nervously*
michael fou
michael fou 12 days ago
The Italians are not going to be happy about this...
Kayla Ashley
Kayla Ashley 13 days ago
Spag-balls made me snort
Slash_MC 13 days ago
He kinda looks like Ryan Renalds
holographiq 13 days ago
I read the title as “spageg-balls” in my head and then read it again and when I tell you my brain processed “spag-balls” I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard, I don’t know what’s so funny about that EDIT: THE ONLY HASHTAG HE PUT ON THE VIDEO IS BABISHBALLS WHAHAHAAAAH
Jack Black
Jack Black 13 days ago
Is the contest over yet? I still have an idea for an entry when I can get the ingredients together.
Giorgia Olivotto
Giorgia Olivotto 13 days ago
Why does America
PlainJane 13 days ago
This seems illegal
The Man With The Chips
That's ironic
Bryson Kelly
Bryson Kelly 13 days ago
mr babish i do indeed think that the dried spaghrtti strand to push in the cooked spaghetti into their circular roundness is indeed ironic. xoxo
Luke Costello
Luke Costello 14 days ago
pretty sure when she said "speghetti starts in a ball" she was referring to the dough. You were probably just supposed to bake the dough in balls
Stevoh 29
Stevoh 29 14 days ago
Reverse phycology
Subideable 15 days ago
Babish could voice bobs burgers in another dimension
TFT Television UK
TFT Television UK 15 days ago
I hope you made lotsa Meat-Ghetti!
Martin S
Martin S 15 days ago
thanks i hate improved meatghetti and spagballs
DeepBluemoon657 15 days ago
The Italian in me feels rage
Nudedragon 16 days ago
you only cooked that meat for 10 minutes at that temperature? Sketchy
Nudedragon 16 days ago
"spaghetti comes in balls" where???? from where does your spaghetti come in balls
lateknightucd 16 days ago
That’s irony.
Ray B
Ray B 16 days ago
It is perhaps... irony.
Kapri 16 days ago
Hey Babish Culinary Universe so I have an idea ... no one has a straight Anime cooking RUvid channel and It would be great if you had a few Anime’s dishes on your channel ❤️
Chris Webb
Chris Webb 16 days ago
Maybe a jerky gun but I'm not sure how small of nozzle they have.
Sushi Sebastian
Sushi Sebastian 16 days ago
TheSwolOne 16 days ago
This video is the reason babish always says “I think we can do better”
Spoken -
Spoken - 16 days ago
yo its tooooootally irony
Fukk 7
Fukk 7 17 days ago
Gonna be honest, if the meatghettie didn't have the sauce on it, I might enjoy that meal.
Nu-s chinez imi place orez
Meat & spag ghetti balls
Baby Koala
Baby Koala 17 days ago
Can you please do the London Lemming 🙏
kaleb Blackwell
kaleb Blackwell 17 days ago
Get this 90 feet away from me at all times
MajorCrisis 17 days ago
Make dumplings and grounds beef? I guess?
Odin Tillgren
Odin Tillgren 17 days ago
I want you to make Futurama's Bachelor Chow. Most of the recipes I look up are just trail mix or something like muddy buddies. When a product is advertised as "Makes its own gravy" I don't assume sweets.
Skullkiddtheslav 18 days ago
i gotta see Babish do a Cupcake-in-a-cup from Wall-E
Jerry Gurrola
Jerry Gurrola 14 days ago
I don’t know if he can get human meat legally to make it scientifically correct
a 18 days ago
You should do de brownies cat makes in victorious for tori’s ex boyfriend
Your Dead Friend
Your Dead Friend 18 days ago
please do the hangover cure sandwich from red dwarf
Kromunos 18 days ago
Babish Balls don' sound like something that should go in any person's mouth but oh well...
Mansion Booker Studios
Great job 👏 go watch yeonmi park to save North Korea that need to be freed