Binging with Babish: Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants

Binging with Babish
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Sometimes, you gotta give the people what they want. Play the hits. Let them eat...double-batter-fried-quad-burgers. This week I'm sacrificing both my health *and* dignity to bring you a very accurate recreation of one of Spongebob's greatest hits. Do not try this at home.
Recipe: www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/krabbysupreme
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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Feb 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Binging with Babish
You’re all under arrest.
HydraIsGone 3 days ago
Bryan Sposato
Bryan Sposato 14 days ago
are you for real
Angeloo 14 days ago
Oh no.
Halfway Foreign
I always wanted someone to make this in real life 😭😭😭
More restaurants would serve food like this if so many Americans wouldn't eat like this 3+ times a week.
E J 4 hours ago
Replacements for peanut oil? I'm allergic.
The Peachy Pineapple
Love this
This is Patrick
This is Patrick 5 hours ago
Has anyone ever recreated this lol
JockyRhonson 6 hours ago
I don't care what you say, I'm making this, AND the meme.
RocketManSagan 7 hours ago
why do i watch these im starving now
Wei4Green 7 hours ago
You forgot the MSG for the patties.
Julie O'connell
Julie O'connell 8 hours ago
Oopty scoopty Ima run Photoshop eeee
Hack Hack
Hack Hack 12 hours ago
We all know he has relish
• † AshLeigh † •
After the video ended i knew i was going to see a bunch of comments about Babish drinking sauce. I was right
_unknow4ever _
_unknow4ever _ 13 hours ago
I see my man has modeló.... modelo time?
p4r4n0iD 15 hours ago
*Plankton must've watched this.*
Erjin Son
Erjin Son 15 hours ago
I’ve never actually wAtched a binging with babish video and for some reason I always assumed they’d be female
MonsterMasher 17 hours ago
I'd lose my mind if you did 'Egg Skoopa Koopa's" menu from the Super Mario World animated series.
Inkter P
Inkter P 20 hours ago
this made me hungry for a burger, and i had one for dinner
Jfr Films
Jfr Films 22 hours ago
and i thought regular fast food was unhealthy
Sebastian Estefano Rios Puente
Te amo papi eres el mejor gaaaaaaa
ccggenius12 Day ago
You neglected the process. This is a KRABBY PATTY supreme, and perfect patties are made with love. You didn't even tuck in the pickles and read them a bedtime story...
Adrian Houldridge
Netflix: Are You Still Watching? Someones Daughter: 3:48
Devon Smith
Devon Smith Day ago
When my fiction GF says she's thirst 3:49
Eryka VN
Eryka VN Day ago
So noone's gonna talk about how he replaced vodka with Modelo beer? 🤔
Kyle Ken Capin
You guys are busted.😏😏😏 🚨🚨🚨🚨 👮 9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣
Fauzi Tri
Fauzi Tri Day ago
Netflix: are you still watching? Someone daughter: 3:49
Evandro Dias
Evandro Dias 7 hours ago
Jc AngelS
Jc AngelS Day ago
Make a krabby weiner
Ptato Day ago
this man is risking a heart attack for our entertainment, RESPECT
Emma Avery
Emma Avery Day ago
I guess I’m crazy, I assumed double battered meant, like, coating it in flour and then in batter, then flour and batter again or something. Like a double dip or something.
TacoBella Day ago
i always thought that the thing looked like the most tastiest burger ever
Slavic Mapper
Slavic Mapper 2 days ago
Can you make a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, four by four animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim?
_ bajhur_
_ bajhur_ 2 days ago
NETFLIX: Are you still watching? Somebody’s Daughter: 3:49
rollership 2 days ago
coda 101
coda 101 2 days ago
just made these, so good i can almost see heaven and my ancestor.
Tha Deep
Tha Deep 2 days ago
Why did you step in front of the tv I was watching that your not made of Windex buddy lol
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk 2 days ago
Adam Baker
Adam Baker 2 days ago
This is just a typical yankee food
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 2 days ago
2 shots of vodka
Garc 2 days ago
You forgot the Poseidon's Powder!
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 2 days ago
yo u gay bro
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 2 days ago
3:49 u really on ur knees
Puwpuw Assegaf18
Puwpuw Assegaf18 2 days ago
You're really a spongebob wanna be
Abby's Diary
Abby's Diary 3 days ago
Rio Blackhawk
Rio Blackhawk 3 days ago
I made a meme Why is the cia and fbi at my door
Rocko The Rockツ
That looks good man
John Junior
John Junior 3 days ago
3:10 i love the lil funny commentaries here
Just a Fork
Just a Fork 3 days ago
I would love to chug like three gallons of mayonnaise. Not gonna lie. I kinda have an addiction to it. I am a failure
zylas neil
zylas neil 3 days ago
Damn the last part turn me on. It's like one in pornhub but in the not straight category😉
Jabula _
Jabula _ 3 days ago
Dont let plankton see this!
Brian Koskinen
Brian Koskinen 3 days ago
Netflix: are you still watching Somebody's daughter: 3:49
Razoul 3 days ago
Barnacle head.
LEVI BROWN 3 days ago
That's heart attack on a stick
Pamitha Kularathne
Netflix: Are you still there ? Somebody's daughter: 3:52
Kathy Kaylor
Kathy Kaylor 3 days ago
Wait babish! Crabby Paddy have crab meat in them!
Cotton Cooper
Cotton Cooper 4 days ago
Henrik Anchelia
Henrik Anchelia 4 days ago
OMFG!!!!!! THAT IS SO DISGUSTING.............and fascinating :v
thatonequitekid intheback
The mayo part was the best lmao he actually did it
MBoy _44
MBoy _44 4 days ago
He swallowed jizz
Crazyboi Vr
Crazyboi Vr 4 days ago
If it looks good like If it looks bad reply
Gilang Ridho Utama
When you take cartoons too seriously
Oliver Vergara
Oliver Vergara 4 days ago
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 3:49
Who recreated this? I want to know
Carsona2 4 days ago
You forgot the crab meat
David 4 days ago
I’m going to do it
Kay I
Kay I 4 days ago
This was AMAZING!
O K 4 days ago
Has anyone ever wondered where they get the meat for the Krabby patties in spongebob?
Dynamic Nuts
Dynamic Nuts 4 days ago
Babish: no one is allowed to make a meme out of that. The redit: Wait! THATS ILLEGAL
CS:GO Peak
CS:GO Peak 4 days ago
3:51 when her parents walk in
Chance The Amazing
Ahhhh ha ha it's meme making time
IMMA guy
IMMA guy 5 days ago
3:52 my girl when her phone rings in the “session”
Jake Moschetti
Jake Moschetti 5 days ago
Can not believe what I just saw
Allen Reyes
Allen Reyes 5 days ago
That was HOT.
Fritter Bottom
Fritter Bottom 5 days ago
I thought this was a vsauce video for a sec
Jeff 5 days ago
3:47 hahaha haha you son of a bitch u did it! I died laughing at it
general grievous
general grievous 5 days ago
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someones daughter: 3:49
OceanBlue Heart
OceanBlue Heart 5 days ago
commonwaffle 5 days ago
How did you get the krabby patty secret formula?
DEATHFLAME376775 5 days ago
Guys who is cardiac & why is he arresting babish?
Bryce Hitchcock
Bryce Hitchcock 5 days ago
We failed you Andrew
symphony heart
symphony heart 5 days ago
Noooooo he squirted mayo in his mouth ewww
Max Bett
Max Bett 5 days ago
Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that he uses alcohol
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