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This week, for the first time ever, we're double-dipping into the same source material two episodes in a row. Why? Last week was National Grilled Cheese Day, and well damn it, it got me in the mood. So while we don't have any accurate stats or specs on the 'grilled cheese deluxe' from Cheezer's, this is my very best effort to make a grilled cheese worth standing in line for. Unless you're an astronaut, of course.
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Comments 100
Binging with Babish
So that’s my favorite cheese blend - what’s y’alls?
Summer Of Saad
Summer Of Saad 6 hours ago
The one you can get from a restaurant for a cheap price.... i guess
Dr. Vikyll
Dr. Vikyll 8 hours ago
Pure Norvegia
Magu Gardens LLC
Standard grilled cheese, add mayo and a tomato slice.
Derek Anaya
Derek Anaya 4 days ago
A triple creme Brie is usually my go to for grilled cheeses. After years of grilled cheeses, it has been the best so far.
Jay Baker
Jay Baker 4 days ago
Cheddar and Havarti cheese
GamersAlmanac 7 minutes ago
Been eating grilled cheese for 27 years and literally never thought “let me have an olive with this”
4G64SicKShoT 2 hours ago
Now pb&j
Eli 2 hours ago
You should try plain mexican string cheese thats the stretchiest cheese ever
Brooke Hollister
Brooke Hollister 3 hours ago
my head literally smacked onto the table when he said he was going to make his own bread
j Peron
j Peron 3 hours ago
Saw you out in the east village yesterday, but didnt recognize until it was too late! Huge fan!! Question. What is the magical vanilla, molasses like syrup you use??
iiKareeMii 4 hours ago
I knew this sounded familiar
The Oofer
The Oofer 4 hours ago
I never had a grilled cheese
korosensei desu
korosensei desu 5 hours ago
This is definitely something you'd pay at least 50 bucks at a five star place.
Daniel Bean
Daniel Bean 5 hours ago
Your one of the blokes I'm gonna remember til the day I die
Official Peta
Official Peta 6 hours ago
When you realise the finished product isn’t on the thumbnail
Official Peta
Official Peta 6 hours ago
Who else feels kinda useless aftercthis when you are proud of making a basic grilled cheese
Corythe_gamer 7 hours ago
you should make a video cooking tomato soup !
Jumpy Mango
Jumpy Mango 7 hours ago
That American accent
Super Boyo
Super Boyo 11 hours ago
Fuck you
Ksi Deji
Ksi Deji 14 hours ago
Plz try to make the mystery food the always on the griffins table in family guy
kinn grimm
kinn grimm 14 hours ago
now give that white bread a bath in a milk egg mixture before you grill it and add some slices of roasted turkey to that cheese mixture and you got what i think would be perfection. EDIT: well i missed out on the fried slices of apples which need to be put on there too, they go fantasticly well with cheese
Hb Lockyer
Hb Lockyer 15 hours ago
Or just make a normal grilled cheese sandwich
Franz Lafuente
Franz Lafuente 16 hours ago
Gotta say this is more interesting than science class.
The Average Venetians
You my friend are a genius
Steph da Costa
Steph da Costa 19 hours ago
Is that Vinny the same Vinny that work with Brad?!
That One Kid
That One Kid 21 hour ago
I love watching all of these as I cronch dry ramen and pretend it's something better
BADER SAMA 22 hours ago
I can’t see the face.. who was cutting the cheese threw out the video?
I don’t own that many cheeses
Abbey Williams
Abbey Williams 23 hours ago
Wait i thought that’s usually how you do
cushiboi Ez
cushiboi Ez 23 hours ago
You made me sad im in the phillipines
Joshua Uy
Joshua Uy 23 hours ago
Bruh u should make yor own restaurant
Jessica M
Jessica M Day ago
You got a lot of cheese🤣
Josh Barton
Josh Barton Day ago
You are amazing
Epicboy 625
Epicboy 625 Day ago
Oregano go's great on grilled cheese
Mark Zoobkoff
This recipe is fucked.
Mark Zoobkoff
I do enjoy most your videos, but this one, not really.
Mark Zoobkoff
I do like drunken food but, that's out of this world.
Agha Hammad Ahmed
The way he was telling cheese's names was lit🔥
Oh yeahyeah
Oh yeahyeah Day ago
LordiGodess Day ago
White bread has roughly the same amount of calories as black bread White bread is just sweeter and tastier
A. Bish
A. Bish Day ago
50g sugar!? That’s not bread, that’s cake.
M4 L!8
M4 L!8 Day ago
0:46 who is satisfied about the cheese stretch scene 🧀:-P
Suraj Thakkar
gonna try this for sure. i usually just use cheddar on the outside and inside but it definately gets greasy.
Tony DLC
Tony DLC Day ago
Thats in not cheese jajajajajaja
Kenneth Kuwing
If u can do all foods from cartoon scenes, I think u should make a restaurant of it😆😱😍
John Edward Roxas
I miss regular showww!!! 😭
Leah Scicluna
I pray for the smell in ur house 🙏
The Generalissimo
The thing my grandpa always used was Sharp cheddar, gouda cheese, a tiny bit of fine grated mozzerella, and buttered pretoasted white bread.
Doh Joe Gringo.
Butter, white cheddar and green chili. Stop messing around.
Fs Day ago
How do you Americans eat “yellow American” cheese? It looks like straight up plastic.
Fs 18 hours ago
Paul Porada I can imagine it being good i guess as a way to get the cheese all stretchy and stuff but my European self is kinda horrified with the artificial stuff that’s probably in it
Paul Porada
Paul Porada Day ago
It good as a mixture with other cheeses. Otherwise, it's simply put a poor man's staple.
corey jenkins
Yo babish try a garlic butter its real good for grilled cheese and try adding some tomato, onions and a bit of shredded meat thats how I make it and its so good
FaTDawG604 Day ago
Why didn't you try garlic butter!?!?!?
Marissa Uresti
I need this grilled cheese in my life
EC _9700
EC _9700 Day ago
I'm a cheese maniac- this was torture watching it at 1am
xFreya Eclipses
xFreya Eclipses 2 days ago
Normal people: Flexing with Lamborghinis and other expensive stuff Babish: Flexing with 18 cheeses
Sesend 01
Sesend 01 2 days ago
When you're poor but watch food instead because you don't have food left
Andrie Alinsangao
5:03: Four hours later and once my cylinder has solidified.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Arnav Gairola
Arnav Gairola 2 days ago
*Everybody dies* Banish: “I did’nt really feel like eating store bought products so I went ahead and I grew my own bananas, pears, pines, apples, pineapples, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, dragonfruit, starfruit, lychees, aloe...
Arnav Gairola
Arnav Gairola 2 days ago
Stupid autocorrect
Arnav Gairola
Arnav Gairola 2 days ago
HTME: I made a whole sandwich from scratch! Babish: *Hold my burrito*
Phantom Anna
Phantom Anna 2 days ago
........ How much money did you spend on all these fancy cheeses?!
Arnav Gairola
Arnav Gairola 2 days ago
Holy shit. This guy just invented the new best cheese.
Brendan Manetz
Brendan Manetz 2 days ago
I would’ve added Munster cheese to the bunch. But this is good.
blargiefarg93 2 days ago
I want to do that with brie gouda swiss and sharp cheddar.
spartan 6
spartan 6 2 days ago
ooh thats kinda meta
Stuntman707 2 days ago
ok, just let me harvest some grain and milk the cows.
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford 2 days ago
OMG so not the channel to find when on a diet. I hate my life lol.
juan garcia
juan garcia 2 days ago
This is the cheesiest video I've seen get it 😏😏
Blanchies 2 days ago
1:36 Vinny get in here, babe
hanoniem anoniem
hanoniem anoniem 2 days ago
Who's watching this in Ramadan?
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie 2 days ago
me, a broke ass student who's not a chef: *slap on cheap ass cheddar and be grateful with it*
Johnatan Andrea
Johnatan Andrea 2 days ago
amrican cheese is not tasty i like Dutch cheese
katekatekate 2 days ago
Vinny 💖
Zachary White
Zachary White 2 days ago
The montage of cheese stretch at the end was incredibly arousing.
Wayland C
Wayland C 2 days ago
You didn't try mayo instead of butter?
mogyoros kurtosh
mogyoros kurtosh 2 days ago
Where is Smoke?
Sera the Educated Feline
The best grilled cheese I’ve ever had is from this Arab burger place called Malik Burger. It was pretty standard, but the bread had a thin layer of mayonnaise on the inside as well as butter/margarine, which really brought out the cheese.
Mint Lemonade
Mint Lemonade 2 days ago
"The least healthiest option is always gonna be the tastiest one" - _ -
Anupam Sudhir Nambiar
I just knew cheese as cheese spread and cheese slices😂😂😢
Sgt. Frosty Jack
Sgt. Frosty Jack 2 days ago
this is art
Anthony Ayala
Anthony Ayala 2 days ago
Do the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show
Logan Goswick
Logan Goswick 2 days ago
You gotta add a sprinkling of just cheddar on the outside of the pan with some butter when you're about to finish cooking, it makes this really great cheese crisp texture and adds a bunch of flavor
Vchat 04
Vchat 04 2 days ago
I layer and toast the sides of bread with a little Parmesan and butter, good ol cheddar slices in the middle
Joseph Mai
Joseph Mai 2 days ago
I miss regular show😢
PockASqueeno 2 days ago
I have a huge ass slice of parmigiana reggiano and almost an entire loaf of whole wheat bread in my fridge. This really makes me want to make a grilled cheese.
PockASqueeno 2 days ago
“The least healthy option is always going to be the tastiest.” False. White bread has literally no taste.
Bradley Hiemstra
Bradley Hiemstra 3 days ago
Putting the olive oil directly into the pan and then putting the grilled cheese in without butter makes the best tasting grilled cheese and its healthier.
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 3 days ago
Some kind of science bullshit 🤣🤣🤣
Your average weirdo *Jarmale*
I can't even properly walk in a straight line, this simple video makes me triggered -_-
Hey it's Mittiw
Hey it's Mittiw 3 days ago
The grilled cheese that I’ve been munching on since I was 5 is sharp cheddar and Gouda (both Sargento) with Parmesan from my local grocer on potato bread. It is hecking amazing.
cole cathey
cole cathey 3 days ago
my grilled cheese. dill havarti and pepperjack inside and mayo w/ shredded on the outside... white bread
GD TwiggleZ
GD TwiggleZ 3 days ago
*Ooh, that's kind of mEta*
ahburs 3 days ago
Remember when this was just 2 slices of bread and a slice of kraft cheese?
5th Element Entertainment
"My favorite's gouda! "
God Speed
God Speed 3 days ago
There’s a restaurant near where I live that serves a grilled cheese with mozzarella and pesto on buttered and seasoned sourdough
psychosparten049 Ayers
I need it
DumbGames 3 days ago
Am fasting and this vid just kill me
DooWahDiddy CM
DooWahDiddy CM 3 days ago
This is so extra I love it
DooWahDiddy CM
DooWahDiddy CM 3 days ago
This is so extra
Kostadin Stefanoff
Red cheddar, Imperial and thyme... best! Also butter both sides of the bread... - that's my kryptonite, not forcing my choice, just sharing it
cravenpeak12 3 days ago
I feel like I need to lose some weight just from watching this video ._.
TheDingod 3 days ago
Grilled cheese is the best. I'm a big fan of using my oven.
Marshall Taufiq
Marshall Taufiq 3 days ago
If your grilled cheese splits Flex Tape : Flex Tape what's your emergency
Cho Wavy
Cho Wavy 3 days ago
I mean a thought it was common knowledge but I suggest when your making your grilled cheese put a top on the pan to melt it faster.
Xavier Taestensen
Never seen someone care and put so much effort in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich...
Victor Morales
Victor Morales 3 days ago
Yeah can you make this for me and ship it to my house
Jona Dodd
Jona Dodd 3 days ago
To make grilled cheese 10x better, add some canned tuna. It’s heaven between bread.
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