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Bao is a beautifully animated, thematically mature, subtle and nuanced portrait of the human condition - in other words, it's a Pixar production. To celebrate the Oscars this coming weekend, let's dive into the director's mom's own recipe, as we attempt to recreate a food so delicious, you'll want to raise it as your own until it tries to leave you and you eat it.
Domee Shi's Mom's Recipe: bit.ly/2NAQ7qL
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
Check out the new Spanish-language BwB channel here!
Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: open.spotify.com/user/easybakeandy/playlist/04Gp926I7HFqBLVDI2eRJI
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19 фев 2019




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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish 27 дней назад
Which part of eating a magically-sentient food tastes best: its thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, or ability to love?
Mig Salas
Mig Salas 2 дня назад
Nobody got the steve1989mreinfo reference
AbsolutelyAlice 5 дней назад
Fear. It makes it tastier.
Fiascospino 5 дней назад
*It’s screams*
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 5 дней назад
Make eat drink man woman
Chee Heng Matthew CHAN
Chee Heng Matthew CHAN 6 дней назад
Normally i would add half a cup of child tears to the dough mixture, adds a more salty taste
Koanda Bear
Koanda Bear 2 часа назад
CJYi Cheah
CJYi Cheah 10 часов назад
What???? We actually don't put honey 😂😂Just sugar
Alexutulll 17 часов назад
After i saw that the the recipe left some raw meat it got pretty grosse
Player 1
Player 1 23 часа назад
u see what you did there at 5:30 XD
Cooking Zen
Cooking Zen День назад
What kind of watch is that? I really like it, plus the episode
Michael Gildersleeve
Michael Gildersleeve День назад
Love the steve1989 reference
Ainslie Waterford
Ainslie Waterford День назад
wait was that a Steve MRE reference
Templyn День назад
Nice job man!
Brandon Ortega
Brandon Ortega День назад
Please do the leftover night from the incredibles!
ethangamingvidz День назад
Who else cried whatching boa
The average normie
The average normie День назад
Can i have a list of the ingredients?
Tommy Clout
Tommy Clout День назад
Kosher salt > salt
Beeby8 Reviews
Beeby8 Reviews 2 дня назад
3:37 I kinda wanted it to cry and come alive when he bit into it.
Lucas Dale
Lucas Dale 2 дня назад
its CHA siu not CHAR siu. otherwise i enjoyed the vid
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 2 дня назад
TIL SteveMRE fans are fuckin' annoying. Stop commenting about it!
Josh Beebe
Josh Beebe 2 дня назад
The nice mmmckay that mre guy rocks. I laugh everytime.
Remy McSpanky
Remy McSpanky 2 дня назад
That steve1989 reference made my day.
Zhenny ByeBye
Zhenny ByeBye 2 дня назад
Lining the steam basket with cabbage leaves also works perfectly! No oil needed!
゚BobFredIII 2 дня назад
Who else thought they went into the wrong theatre during incredibles2
Eric G
Eric G 2 дня назад
kirk corpin
kirk corpin 2 дня назад
Siomai rice
kirk corpin
kirk corpin 2 дня назад
Cooper13 2 дня назад
I heard that SteveMRE reference. Fucking love it.
NuclearElite 3 дня назад
Don’t they look like dumplings
JokeDeity 3 дня назад
I...I can't believe Babish just did a Steve1989MREInfo impression...I love that so much. I kind of didn't know that anyone else knew who he was. I love his videos and I'm so surprised to see him impersonated by a much bigger channel.
Tim Nikeee
Tim Nikeee 3 дня назад
Pls tell me do i need a bamboo steaming basket or does a normal steming basket in a pot with a lid on work
Ana Luiza Marçal
Ana Luiza Marçal 3 дня назад
Watching while hungry is not a good idea
Vincent Guan
Vincent Guan 3 дня назад
This is fking authentic.....From a Chinese guy.
Vincent Guan
Vincent Guan 3 дня назад
You may want to put some Red yeast rice in the sauce, which will give you better color.
Wasted Timeandeffort
Wasted Timeandeffort 3 дня назад
Did anyone else get the reference at 5:30?
Fortnite 5 часов назад
I don't get it, please explain it to me
Panchito 3 дня назад
Not chinese enough Need msg
McMuffinMan17 3 дня назад
Fr when people first saw this before the incredibles how confused were we all?
SGT DishWasher
SGT DishWasher 3 дня назад
josh hout
josh hout 3 дня назад
He should do a randy from South Park episode there’s so many recipes
Nathan Cunningham
Nathan Cunningham 4 дня назад
You can taste it tho before putting it in get a small amount of the filling cook it if it needs more seasoning
Brad Kannry
Brad Kannry 4 дня назад
Little steve mre reference in the vid, nicee
ByXtremez 4 дня назад
Subtitles stops at 1:14
MothyBoiii 4 дня назад
Tiana Sharma
Tiana Sharma 4 дня назад
C11ck 4 дня назад
Do you think this kind of thing would work with some kind of fish?
OnlyWater Ent.
OnlyWater Ent. 4 дня назад
D Angus
D Angus 4 дня назад
I would simply eat the finished pork belly, no dough needed :)
Roger le
Roger le 5 дней назад
This is too much work, I'mma just go to my grandma's
Wandering Marine Veteran
Wandering Marine Veteran 5 дней назад
5:30 Steve1989 reference!
Sphynx 5 дней назад
"You selfish weirdo"
LeafReinert 5 дней назад
That Steve reference. Nice!
Shug Holman
Shug Holman 5 дней назад
The mre Steve reference caught me off guard. Kudos
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 5 дней назад
Do Eat Drink man woman
CryAboutIt 5 дней назад
This guy is like a British Babish, but he has a science channel instead of a cooking channel.
kymmi lee
kymmi lee 5 дней назад
I’m impressed, and I love how your video shows the mistakes you’ve made such as not putting oil on the parchment paper. And I love your dry sense of humor. Keep posting!
Valerie D
Valerie D 5 дней назад
4:04 you have fermented red bean paste on hand, but ginger is too much to ask 🤣
Christian Twitty
Christian Twitty 5 дней назад
Saskia Lay
Saskia Lay 5 дней назад
LegendaryBeaner 6 дней назад
Let’s put this comment on a post.. Nice!!! Love that reference to Steve1989mre!!
Ben Sousae
Ben Sousae 6 дней назад
wonderfully looking bun buns
FlyingGrunt28 6 дней назад
Pronouced “Cha- Siu” not char sui despite the spelling
Gooogle Cooper
Gooogle Cooper 6 дней назад
You are so handsome.
Thomas Britton
Thomas Britton 6 дней назад
Wait wtf is bao??? I haven't heard of it but really wanna watch it now.
Mitch Bowers
Mitch Bowers 6 дней назад
I can't believe that Steve1989MREInfo reference omg
Zer0 6 дней назад
Re-watching this, I wanna make that! That said, my home is kosher. I'm wondering if you'd know if I could replace the pork with kosher beef (or chicken, etc.) and if there are any milk ingredients I could replace with something else.
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
He’d just end up eating the child like Bao’s mom did
Furlow Torent
Furlow Torent 6 дней назад
I torcher myself by watching this show... All reminding self that I'll be able make things like this if get ass in gear and get into a real house again :P
chefboi rB.
chefboi rB. 6 дней назад
That Steve1989 reference is ABSOLUTELY DECADENT
BalistikBaritoz 6 дней назад
yeoooooo steve mre
Jerry DeGolier
Jerry DeGolier 6 дней назад
My favorite mre man quotes
Gingerbred_Hed 6 дней назад
Oh man that looks soo good!
dethgnome 6 дней назад
Hearing him say baozi like bow-zee was really funny. It's pronounced more like bao-zuh.
Theortheo 6 дней назад
Let's get this pork onto a tray, Nice m'kay !
John Vega
John Vega 6 дней назад
Make tamales for cinco de mayo
Darcraven games
Darcraven games 6 дней назад
Bao was fuckin sad man
Ramblr 6 дней назад
Babish watches SteveMRE. My life is over.
Apex Predator
Apex Predator 6 дней назад
Was that an "MRE Guy" reference? 😃
mind is a universe
mind is a universe 6 дней назад
I don't think the traditional recipe uses yeast there is a video from the dumpling sisters i always use that recipe and i really love it
Finn Toshi
Finn Toshi 6 дней назад
i’m so hungry
jasondaman8 7 дней назад
That steve1989MREinfo reference was quite.... Nice!
8 Gohan
8 Gohan 7 дней назад
Nothing to do with the video, but this guy at my school was eating a jar of vegemite today.
Shad Bird
Shad Bird 7 дней назад
Is Vinny really here with Babby?
Duffy0duck 7 дней назад
Hey babish, do you have a step by step recipe for your own char siu buns?
Arthur Hastings
Arthur Hastings 7 дней назад
Woah, A Wild Avocet
Woah, A Wild Avocet 7 дней назад
It’s asian cooking, you eyeball everything
MilkOnMars0 8 дней назад
Ryan Peak
Ryan Peak 8 дней назад
You should do pizza gyoza form the 2012 ninja turtles cartoon! I imagine that's something you could make 4 variants of with little effort.
Rsbroon’s Tunes
Rsbroon’s Tunes 8 дней назад
Have you watched the channel you suck at cooking
Andrew Haines
Andrew Haines 8 дней назад
Binging with Baobish
Andini Wirawan
Andini Wirawan 8 дней назад
Bao buns...buns buns...😅
Anthony Quan
Anthony Quan 8 дней назад
Gotta use a cabbage leaf instead of parchment paper
Chloe Roberts
Chloe Roberts 8 дней назад
You should make Chang’s lunch from Orange is the New Black
Austin Wang
Austin Wang 8 дней назад
Shout out to my other Asian viewers who realized that he wasn't saying the whole word baozi not just bao
Sour Candy
Sour Candy 8 дней назад
Please show us how to make Jian Dui
One Two Tress
One Two Tress 9 дней назад
That sreve reference 10/10
Joy San
Joy San 9 дней назад
Now I know how to make my son and *EAT HIM*
sugarfreelemonade 9 дней назад
"Let's get this onto a trey...nice." Nice. Very, very nice.
Random Potato
Random Potato 9 дней назад
Banish sounds like the culinary equivalent of Zefrank sometimes
Kayla Komonaseak
Kayla Komonaseak 9 дней назад
You are so fucking adorable! I love your videos!!
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 10 дней назад
When I saw this animation in the theater I was so fucking confused. I thought I was drunk or some shit. Like she eats her son. Wtf.
D0vahk1n 10 дней назад
I cannot fucking BELIEVE that he said that. My mind is absolutely blown.
Annicorn Baby
Annicorn Baby 10 дней назад
You know you can always trust Babish with making ethnic food
DeShawn Terrance
DeShawn Terrance 10 дней назад
5:31 caught me off gaurd and boy was it amazing
Amit Babar
Amit Babar 10 дней назад
Make Oswald's Mystery Lunch at Madame Butterfly's
Kyle Crofts
Kyle Crofts 10 дней назад
Bao is the only good thing about !ncredibles 2.
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