Billy Joe Saunders Reportedly Suffers Fractured Orbital Bone, Taken To Hospital Post-Fight

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May 8, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders from the AT\u0026T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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May 8, 2021




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Comments 0
rose grennan
rose grennan Day ago
I've never heard from Billy Joe since he's gone very quiet.
L P 3 days ago
I would believe him when he said “you’re in big trouble now”…
Мартин Хороши
He's mouth should of been broken not he's eye
Мартин Хороши
That happens when you open your mouth and someone needs to shut it , Now he's filling sorry for himself
threebears  sandoval
Rumor has it,blow joe saunders traded his binoculars for a telescope since he only can see with one eye 😂
Canelo literally put his fist through his face 😂😈
Have some respect 🤠😅😅😅 boy
King K. Rool
King K. Rool 21 day ago
He had billy joe saunders crying. Tough luck kid. Fight people at your level next time.
Nad Mahmood
Nad Mahmood 23 days ago
Billy jo 🐷😆😆😆😆😆💩💩💩💩💩
Gio Z
Gio Z 26 days ago
Canelo Álvarez, the Optometrist.
Quinton ward
Quinton ward Month ago
I cant think of a single fighter in any weight class that would have had the heart to come out that corner with the injury BJS had you can see his whole cheek bone was gone!!! I dont understand some of the fans hate the man won rounds and made Alvarez miss a few times by a mile if his eye was just swollen and he threw the towel in thats quiting but his face was fractured and his corner threw it in not him but i guess he had to die in the ring to leave with respect on his name smh
HAM 28 days ago
Well, we will not hate him, but we hate him for being cocky and trash talking canelo. But yeah, respect to him for fighting canelo on their prime.
Renteria 45
Renteria 45 Month ago
El orgullo nunca es bueno
Dedulce G
Dedulce G Month ago
What a humiliation 👁.
Corazon de Poeta
Sorry ....Billy ....canelo was just trying to fix your big mouth ....🤣🤣🤣
DsrTrey Hab
DsrTrey Hab Month ago
Canelo would have let him lose with a dignity if he didn’t quit but he lost it first when he decided to chicken out
Simon Carl
Simon Carl Month ago
Remember Dubois my guy
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
Like canelo said . It ain’t the same calling the lion than seeing it coming 🔥☠️
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
He talk himself into that beat down it was inevitable, Viva El Canalo ,what a statesman you are inside and outside of the ring, you are amongst the greatest of all times .🙏🥊🙏
Ernestina Gómez
Viva canelo Álvarez, 🥰
Estefani jacquelin Rojas amaya
Qwedo como perro recien nasido jijii
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Month ago
I felt really bad for him. Even after he sustained the injury the crowd kept booing him everytime he was shown
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
I hope he’ll be okay. It’s always terrible when there are serious injuries in entertainment.
Emanuel Paun
Emanuel Paun Month ago
Not all travelers are tyson fury.
vega Month ago
Big mouth always get smashed ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Farid Mohd
Farid Mohd Month ago
Brits boxer and their orbital fracture
pg123ab Month ago
A jog in the park for 8-9 rounds than seal the deal. Mayweater did the same with Connors.
Nuggifresh Month ago
He quit and all the announcers trying to make excuses for him lol y’all sad and somethings never change
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
I hope Billy remembers every time he looks in the mirror to not open his mouth 2 wide.
i95 Wolf
i95 Wolf Month ago
Far cry from dying in the ring like he said he would
Lewis Chacon
Lewis Chacon Month ago
Humberto Martin
Humberto Martin Month ago
Jus another English clown
Julia Medina
Julia Medina Month ago
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
That's what he gets when he fights against Canelo! HAH!
Kent Morgan
Kent Morgan Month ago
Saunders was a vicious trash talker of the highest order, he finally and much deservedly got his mouth shut for him.
SAVAGE AF Month ago
I hope he’ll be okay. It’s always terrible when there are serious injuries in entertainment.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
"Get mad boy.” - Billy "You’re in trouble now.” - Canelo  壘
Chris Dela torz
Chris Dela torz Month ago
Instant KARMA hahaha
Ouija Board
Ouija Board Month ago
He knew the ko was coming so he quit and then his mate fury left him behind
Ouija Board
Ouija Board Month ago
All the tibbs videos have been taken down funny that he quit we all no it try cover it up as much as you want and Eddie I'm disappointed in you you are scared of fury and Bjs or anyone with a mouth in my opinion
Tambovsky Month ago
Canelo proved, that sonders is sucker!))
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
Some people still don’t believe in karma
Clark Parker
Clark Parker Month ago
I'm praying for BJ. He is not the quitting type. Must be serious.
Padre Antonio Raygoza V. Raygoza V.
PhantomX93 Month ago
poor guy he was doing well though
Jamel Taras
Jamel Taras Month ago
Lovely to see a smaller boxer beat up a big talker
Juan Perez
Juan Perez Month ago
Number One? hahahaha. Te retiraron saunders. Haber si aprendes a cerrar el hocico. Se mas humilde.
Bob Cummings
Bob Cummings Month ago
That's what he gets when he fights against Canelo! HAH!
nuwlight 76
nuwlight 76 Month ago
What's with the UK and these eye sockets
111 Month ago
Saunders talk too much,is big dosser. Quit the fight lire a ..🐱
urnii urniia
urnii urniia Month ago
Nothing wrong with his eye...
Passion4Chelsea FC
This is the part I hate about boxing love the sport but people booing a fighter for not continuing with a busted eye socket like they would of carried on fighting. Especially coming up against someone as relentless as canelo you can’t possibly fight with one eye against a top fighter and protect your mental and physical health. Boxing should not be a sport where it’s encouraged to hit a man that can’t protect himself and billy was no longer in a position to protect himself and fight back that’s not safe and just asking to get brain damage. Trainers did the right thing here. And canelo was sporting not to do further damage when he could see the fight was done. Props to Canelo
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
a career ender. The thirst for failure people have. Will only hurt them if they ever see the light of success.
Laroche Jimmy
Laroche Jimmy Month ago
Retired,sit your mouth.
Emmett North Jr
Emmett North Jr Month ago
Yes! The fight could have gone on except Billy Joe's punches had not much steam on them and Canelo was taking them well to me it was still one sided because i thought Canelo would win,Emmett aka Emilio***
Ай Бор
Ай Бор Month ago
Все писали что сондреса ограбят, Канело выйграл
Ian C
Ian C Month ago
Some people still don’t believe in karma
น้าปรีชา เมืองแมว
สุดยอดไปเลยครับ 🤼‍♂️🤼🤼‍♂️
Meechieboy BoxingCLUB
He made canelo not like him. See the results
Joe Montes
Joe Montes Month ago
He quit! 🤣💯🖕
Ishmail Nganga
Ishmail Nganga Month ago
Canelo hits so HARD 🥊🥊🥊
Kenny Green
Kenny Green Month ago
Wy worry about the eye hes got the gypsy magic ant he lol
Ramon Ayala
Ramon Ayala Month ago
Jonathan Guerrero
Canelo's Irish Ancestors are rejoicing over the win against this fragile Englishman
Don King
Don King Month ago
Canelo destroyed his face!!!
Richard King
Richard King Month ago
Billy got fully violated by canelo AND Eddie!!
shawn Month ago
It's amazing the poor sportsmanship that exist in our society. Trash talk is a part of the fight game. To take that kind of punch and not see black instantly is amazing and could be a career ender. The thirst for failure people have. Will only hurt them if they ever see the light of success.
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres Month ago
Where's the beef billy?
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia Month ago
He was crying under the towel smh
Cristian Merchan
😔أميرة الحزان 💔🥺
مراد علمدار
😔أميرة الحزان 💔🥺
مراد علمدار
Crazy Chris Loves Retics
Look at the thumbnail, his eye was not swollen shut. He could see, he quit! Tibbs wanted another round out if him and would have thrown in the towel if he got hurt anymore
godofredo cuz
godofredo cuz Month ago
Did anyone watch it live and see when Saunders eye filled up with blood they cut it out 🥶
Lakerboii Mamba
Lakerboii Mamba Month ago
d-bo……u got knocked tf out 🤣🤣🤣
Cracy McGravy
Cracy McGravy Month ago
I read somewhere that he is asking for bigger bed in the hospital
Lloni Bravo
Lloni Bravo Month ago
He couldn't see no mas le metio el ojo padentro....
The Scorpion Channel
He asked for extra large hospital bed...
Marcelo Ferreira
Aaron Lindahl
Aaron Lindahl Month ago
People are booing you can literally see his eye caved in
reformed09 Month ago
Billy Joe Saunders suffers from knowing if he goes back out there he is gonna get Knocked out in front of millions of people and spared himself an embarrassing beating.
Oscar Martin
Oscar Martin Month ago
Que se ponga las gafas de sol del cara a cara. Así no se le ve el agujero que le han dejado.
David Moran Silva
Where was the Gypsy magic? I must have missed it
Oscar Martin
Oscar Martin Month ago
Alan Heyes
Alan Heyes Month ago
Dude might’ve had his career ended with this injury. He isn’t The Undertaker in WWE. He cannot avoid trauma to the face if he makes a return. It’s gonna be such a weak point for him and it might cost him the sight in one of his eyes.
RECHEETO S Month ago
Everytime BJS looks in the mirror at his deformed face he will remember Canelo and regret the disrespect towards Mexican People..
Josh Padilla
Josh Padilla Month ago
I remember him saying "I've got the beating of him" Hmmmmm
stoke bloke
stoke bloke Month ago
he only has to do one shift a year. coward
zefe flor
zefe flor Month ago
Perro que ladra no muerde....
Fidel Hurtado
Fidel Hurtado Month ago
Brits are victims of Mexicans and their punches from the Gods lol
STEVE- Cockney Rebel
LEGIONARIO1970 Month ago
We have a saying in Mexico: "No es lo mismo llamar al leon que verlo venir" in English would be something like: "It is not the same calling the Lion, than seeing it coming".
cris ruiz
cris ruiz Month ago
Training your trash talk won't train your muscles, you can pass the mouth test but the physique... Is another story
Alexander Muhammad
Brutally Honest..
LoLo the Lop
LoLo the Lop Month ago
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
KritZ Month ago
Oh billy boy😥
Juan Carlos Amador Godínez
Cuando la lengua no tiene hueso 😃 es muy difícil de controlar.🤭🤫
Steve CJ
Steve CJ Month ago
What a man Billy joe you done us all proud , they couldn't let you fight on with that injury
Kokiri Forest
Kokiri Forest Month ago
He came British, then he gone asian
Dies Irae
Dies Irae Month ago
Karma is real
Salvador Velazquez
The white people is mad
mike riolo
mike riolo Month ago
Its a barbaric sport !
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez Month ago
CANELO ,No solo hiso pedazos tu cara 😣💥🤛🏼SAUNDERS también tu ORGULLO y tú CARRERA ,y vas a tener que vivir con eso
Pong Amos
Pong Amos Month ago