Billie Eilish - xanny

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Director: Billie Eilish
DP: Kevin Hayden
Production Designer: Pele Kudren
Editor: John Paul Horstmann
Choreographer: Matty Peacock
VFX: Ingenuity Studios
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing xanny. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records




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Comments 80
i love black pink
i love black pink 30 minutes ago
😘OMG YOU look so cute billie😍
Angélica Segundo Celote
Billie eslish si estás leyendo esto es para decirte que me gusta tu música
Jose David Coy Xicay
Jose David Coy Xicay 39 minutes ago
Tas bien pendeja
dark knight
dark knight 43 minutes ago
Wtf is this song
Hi, I'm Kevin.
Hi, I'm Kevin. 59 minutes ago
I think she is in some sort asylum (as someone mentioned earlier) and cigarette burning means picking on her for being such a "whimp". Personally, im the same. I dont drink and I dont do drugs so I get her point of view.
Und dann kam
Und dann kam Hour ago
Victim of Illuminati and Adrenochrom. Sorry. Wish you good ways
Emin Erkan
Emin Erkan Hour ago
وصفات طبيعية لجمالك
خامجا محسبتكش هكداك
สุวรรณ พันธุ์แตง
Emily Goodyear
Emily Goodyear 2 hours ago
OH MY WORD billie eilish is so pretty and has an AWESOME voice
Abhtat Ayoub
Abhtat Ayoub 2 hours ago
Julian Music
Julian Music 3 hours ago
Dear Billie, a friend of mine asked me to cover one of your songs (lovely) What a masterpiece! It was difficult to analyze all your amazing background vocals, but I think we nailed it! 🎶🎶 My friend is a huge fan of your voice and we hope, we made you proud.
Alex Nowikow
Alex Nowikow 3 hours ago
Billy you an anjel! Keep it secret! Stay in wave! You futute elviss presley! And prodigy! U know...miss da kiss...
Ileana Rivera
Ileana Rivera 4 hours ago
Is it just me or she looks like mini Adele
atgas the vampire cat
I can relate to the song because there's someone important in my life that smokes and she's already mentally sick enough, everyday I watch her getting close to death...
taytays way
taytays way 4 hours ago
Can we all appreciate the color of her hair right now
Arina Носорожки
I love billi
Isabelly Vitoria
Isabelly Vitoria 5 hours ago
A Billi é linda
Abrahan Guillen mallma
Me encanta sus canciones son lindas te amo 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
William French
William French 6 hours ago
Billie: "better off without them" Everybody else: vibing Some random person in the crowd: PERIOD!!! Like if you get the reference. Comment if u don't.
Gacha XULIGANKA 6 hours ago
Эм есть тут кто русский?!
Kylie Byrd
Kylie Byrd 7 hours ago
anyone that just came to her youtube and listen to her music and dislike it is freaking crazy.
Jennie Love
Jennie Love 7 hours ago
What is a xanny
A t s u s h i—k u n uwu
Woof Woof
Woof Woof 9 hours ago
This woman is creepy. No offence
MS DonY 9 hours ago
Mathehsh Muralidharan
crying to meet u
Аlona 13 hours ago
Billie Eilish I love💖🥺
Taha Bhai
Taha Bhai 14 hours ago
I love you billie eilish my name is taha im from pakistan you Com pakistan
Is the devil she used her angelical voice to attract masses that's also why she dresses with such mystery that's why she won all the Grammys the devil payed her back take notes all her videos have satanic vibes the voice effect the videos in general portrait the devil people wake up!!!!
Natolie OwO
Natolie OwO 2 hours ago
your joking right
sadboi aaron
sadboi aaron 17 hours ago
That_kid 20 hours ago
Every time I listen to this I think about this one girl who said “PERIOD” her concert
Skin E Legend
Skin E Legend 20 hours ago
Im wearing headphones and 0:55 made me jump lol
Mary Marenco
Mary Marenco 20 hours ago
She looks Cute with brown hair x 🥺
Marnie Lloyd
Marnie Lloyd 20 hours ago
Wait did they actually burn her with their cigarettes?!?!?!?!
BOI 21 hour ago
Billie eilish I like your voice and your personality
Pocket Game
Pocket Game 22 hours ago
Warga +62 mana suaranya 🔈
cherie 22 hours ago
That *sigh* she did..i felt that..she lost a friend 2 days before..
kole Hector
kole Hector 22 hours ago
now, i dont know what this song was written about specifically. but i really hope Billie eilish knows that some of her songs reach so many others in different way. i had a really rough childhood with parents that struggled. we were in poverty for most of my life up until i got out of there. i know my parents tried their best, but they were also frequent druggies and pill poppers. and for some reason hearing these lyrics its almost like someone telling me my childhood, like a story. i was always right there trying to make my parents do better. wondering why they did the things they did. still just being young and innocent. but doing my best to be the parent to my little brother, and try and get them to both get their shit together. now i know i didnt have it as rough as some others have. but my situation impacted my entire life to this day. and idk this song just hits me there. it really makes me realize it wasnt my fault i guess and that i did the best that i could. its really astonishing how a song can make you feel.
lillian garcia
lillian garcia 23 hours ago
Billie at 18:has a Angel voice Me at 18:sounding like elmo
Alexander Weiland
This is trash
Rockstar Day ago
I Russ
Rockstar Day ago
Кто Русский
Rockstar Day ago
Angel Yas
Angel Yas Day ago
Bored: blue outfit Bad guy: yellow outfit Xanny: ivory outfit What color we gonna do next?
Barča Day ago
I gave you the subscription
Bxtterfly Mxrelly
MustafaK BurakK
Bilie: Brown Hair Fallowers: WTF Bilie: Green Hair Fallowers: OH, So Cute.
Aww Billie what did u do to your face?
Eve Trust
Eve Trust Day ago
This shit hit different in earbuds Seriously
Oliver Abiakl
Is billie eilish beautiful ? Yes : like No : comment 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
sterling samspson
Director: Billie how many cigarette burns do you want? Billie: yes
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie Day ago
The ending harmonies just got me in the feels. So beautiful.
Miss Krystle
Miss Krystle Day ago
@Taylor Marie Xanny is sooooo good. and of course. You seem to understand music and have passion for it. I love meeting people like that. As a music artist myself it means everything.❤️
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie Day ago
Miss Krystle definetely Xanny, Bellyache, When the parties over, Wish you were gay and idontwannabeyouanymore :)) Thank you for reponding to my comment!!
Miss Krystle
Miss Krystle Day ago
What are your favorite Billie songs?❤️❤️
06_ 29_.
06_ 29_. Day ago
0:33 , ashtray bitch!!!!!!!!!
Maria Alejandra Chávez Da Silva
Party? Over Xanny? Don't need Friends? Buried All the good girls? Go to Hell Addiction? Strange I Love? You I'm? Bored Listen? Before I go Time to Die? No I like? Ocean eyes You are? A Copycat I got? A Bellyache I have to? Watch I Don't want? To be you anymore ~( ̄▽ ̄)~* (★ ω ★)
MARCOS-029 Day ago
creed it looks like the woman is dying really bad it
Eleanor Guseva
But are those cigarettes burns real tho? Since she likes to do all her stunts ?
Nancy Gatoru
Nancy Gatoru Day ago
Who else was kind of scared when they put a frickin cigarette on her cheek?
RezyPero Day ago
ninchoebo sad xart damenaxet :ddd
Danae Morgan
Danae Morgan Day ago
I swear bro she is so beautiful💗💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞💞💘💘💘💘💘😓😓
Klara Höhling
Klara Höhling
Natalie Apablaza
Omg when was her hair brown?!
Maryory De leon
Lalissie Day ago
What's your name
Lalissie Day ago
My name is merve
Lalissie Day ago
Billie eilish
Shunandrei Delgado
All the people that unlikes uses a xanny😅
Татьяна Шульц
Eu fui baixar essa música. É bemm baixa o áudio
Sanne Slot Hansen
me at first: why is this so normal? -puts cigarette in face- me: oh there we go
niken alya soraya
McKayla Jasso
I went to the consert and when she sag this song i herd some one yell period xD
똠냠 Day ago
끅 .. 언니 너무 이뻐요 끅.........
Very good song :)
Aamisha Dahari
Why tf do i hear xaurel?
Jessica Hanley
Hi Billie I know you will never see this comment as there is sooooo many but you don’t understand I would cry and be so happy if I ever met you or you replied your amazing don’t let anyone get you down your so awsome and I know this might sound crazy but I’m your biggggessttt fan in the holllee world my friends make fun of me but I don’t care your amazing
Aniz Catalan
Aniz Catalan Day ago
Me: "Why is everything so normal?".........Oh nevermind
Saisha Mallya
Put it on the highest speed
Daniela Ghica
Omg 1:00
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