Billie Eilish - when the party's over

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Listen to "when the party's over" from the debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, out now: smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing when the party's over. © 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records




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Comments 80
DarKyo 36 minutes ago
Michael Scarpone
Michael Scarpone 40 minutes ago
What a scumbag and her music sucks
juan carlos reynaldes
juan carlos reynaldes 45 minutes ago
Melissa Caetano
Melissa Caetano 47 minutes ago
Mi love
Zoe Caicedo
Zoe Caicedo 48 minutes ago
Te amo mucho
Moises Pulido Briones
Moises Pulido Briones 59 minutes ago
Medio miedo
Marcos Barrera Moreno
Marcos Barrera Moreno 59 minutes ago
Eres mi cantante favorita te amo Billie Eilish
Florencia Romano
Bili no sé si me puedas entender porque yo soy de Argentinay yo soy tu fan soy tu fan siempre te miro miró todo el día tú canciones
Mauricio_ Frias
I love billie eilish
Davi Clemente
Davi Clemente Hour ago
Música legal
EZ4 Enz4R
EZ4 Enz4R Hour ago
Dis istre best song ever
Naim Paredes
Naim Paredes Hour ago
Me encanto 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Alberto Rodriguez
another boring song this is crap
Gonzalo Araujo
Hatim Algamdi
Hatim Algamdi Hour ago
Ballmeat69 Hour ago
This bitch is weird
kelly santos
kelly santos Hour ago
kelly santos
kelly santos Hour ago
👍 yes go" name
Cade os BR 2020 ??
Musaaaa rainhaaaaa
mr nubb
mr nubb 2 hours ago
Look like gangster sound like angle
Bliss Osuna
Bliss Osuna 2 hours ago
Anyone here after Billies post?
Terry Lopes
Terry Lopes 2 hours ago
Eu adoro essa música 😢😢😍😍😚
asha john
asha john 2 hours ago
She very bad she is a kind of mad
Juan Gonzales
Juan Gonzales 2 hours ago
Puras vainas diabólicas man
meus jogos da locura
Adoro essa música
Serena Pintus
Serena Pintus 2 hours ago
Mi viene da piangere nero come lei😂😍❤️
Santiago Alonso Hinojo
Fabrii Chayle
Fabrii Chayle 2 hours ago
me produce miles de sentimientos este tema.
Dré G.
Dré G. 2 hours ago
Honest to God, this song is such a f*cking masterpiece. Truly gorgeous
nelson marcelo rios
👍👏👏🙃wave billie eilish i love you so much
Влада Воропай
😣 depression
emre alk
emre alk 3 hours ago
güzel olmuş :D
은아야 3 hours ago
She's my age wtf. All I do is sleep and eat all day xD
Anatalicio Paiva
Anatalicio Paiva 3 hours ago
e você é muito parecida com a Tati zaqui Billy você é muito você é muito besta avisar que brilha e você cara dela parece que é irmã
lejdi lala xd
lejdi lala xd 3 hours ago
I love.
Alena Gasha life timi
Billie? Is it really you? I ADORE YOU ! I LOVE YOU !
Ayleen Quintero
Ayleen Quintero 3 hours ago
I like youre song 🙂🙂🙃🙃
Conexão Bugada
Conexão Bugada 3 hours ago
Call when the party's over!
Emyli Yasmim
Emyli Yasmim 3 hours ago
Te amo Billie
Conexão Bugada
Conexão Bugada 3 hours ago
Wew wew wew o pau de selfie da Billie está cum mieunl
OCEAN VIEWS 3 hours ago
🖖She has to be from Mars🖖👽 ruvid.net/video/video-RCnnoS5gVFE.html
Bakmen Reagan Ivan Lyngdoh
The Best Music Video Till Date
nahlia beadle08
nahlia beadle08 3 hours ago
is this real thing......am so sad
He3JIo6uH Games
He3JIo6uH Games 3 hours ago
я один русский?
Carlos Cortés
Carlos Cortés 3 hours ago
La mejor 👑👑
Abdulla Junaid
Abdulla Junaid 4 hours ago
Itzsk8 4 hours ago
cant reply to the comment ''my depression is depressed'' so i thought 'd write down my reply in the comments. Tbh even tho i have been extremely depressed i actually laughed at that comment, ik it may sound rude and i can get a lot of hate but i just thought it was hilarious in my opinion
Nazile Nebiyeva
Nazile Nebiyeva 4 hours ago
Happy birthday Maggie
Sai k
Sai k 4 hours ago
So schön
Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza
Satanic. Get this out of your heart and go to vaticanocatholic.com RUvid channel, please.
Sai k
Sai k 4 hours ago
So cool und krass
Adrianna Marcia
Adrianna Marcia 4 hours ago
I dig that drink
Stephanie Milene
Stephanie Milene 4 hours ago
Algum brasileiro🇧🇷
Carley Challis
Carley Challis 4 hours ago
How did that stuff come out of your eyes its CREEPY
soviet Cruz
soviet Cruz 4 hours ago
My depression is sad!
Nicole Simonetti
Nicole Simonetti 4 hours ago
Renan William
Renan William 4 hours ago
Helo l'm Brazilian
Conexão Bugada
Conexão Bugada 3 hours ago
Edq Gültekin
Edq Gültekin 4 hours ago
Edq Gültekin
Edq Gültekin 4 hours ago
When the party over
Edq Gültekin
Edq Gültekin 4 hours ago
Very very very good I love you billie . I love you so much I think your very different . You very beautiful. So I love you
vinicius paulo
vinicius paulo 4 hours ago
Brasileiro esta em todo lugar
Dari Hossamy
Dari Hossamy 4 hours ago
Ik vind haar geil man
Jhenete gamer
Jhenete gamer 4 hours ago
Eu odeio vc eca🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢
ÁdÁm Udvari
ÁdÁm Udvari 4 hours ago
FleurChantes PrettySoliel
I dnt like dark sh*t cuz I'm a scared ass little b*tch. But this girl holds my hand through the process....she says if you close your eyes the pain won't feel soo bad!!....but her and kanye should do a song together!!!
Will Ruiz M
Will Ruiz M 4 hours ago
Dear child Do you know Lady Gaga?
Camila Díaz
Camila Díaz 5 hours ago
I love ☺
Dee side X
Dee side X 5 hours ago
Wow!!! 😚😚😚
Nadja Galesic
Nadja Galesic 5 hours ago
All i Want to now is who disliks her music she is such a great singer ❤️❤️❤️
Tudo é divertido
Tudo é divertido 5 hours ago
Thao Phanthithu
Thao Phanthithu 5 hours ago
Bà chị này ở dơ qué
DMK CHANNEL 5 hours ago
moonlightbae 5 hours ago
Well It is over NOW
Lucas Gabriel Antunes Dos Santos
Qm e do Brasil caixa o like
Ginapgpiip9hp9p ppuiu18hp9up8p7p8p7p8o0y5 Gemin
I feel so sad for billie eillish who cries like that with ink
Dalia Abu matar
Dalia Abu matar 6 hours ago
Omg Its so amizang I love you so much Billie 💖💖💖
Pedro Jose Ledesma
Pedro Jose Ledesma 6 hours ago
No se como llegué aqui
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