Billie Eilish Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Billie Eilish tries her best to focus while answering your fan questions, ranging from her upcoming set at Coachella, the first song she ever wrote, to the story behind that iconic blue hair.
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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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Comments 100
Simsobeauty -
Simsobeauty - 52 minutes ago
What the fuuuu poor PIKACHU.
You think see is annoying now? You should've seen her 4 years ago
Secret bish that likes stories
She litteraly said I'm Billie EyLaSh
I'm A Sad Potato
I'm A Sad Potato 2 hours ago
And this is why I love humanity. Plus the earth song.
HEIDI INGA 2 hours ago
thats cute
Dakota Turtlestar
Dakota Turtlestar 2 hours ago
An alle Leute die Deutsch sprechen: Kommentiert mal alle mit Lachemojis, damit andere Leute denken, ich habe was lustiges geschrieben😂😂😂
KC Cads
KC Cads 3 hours ago
Make-up artist: what make up so you want? Pickachu:
Angga Prakoso
Angga Prakoso 3 hours ago
Why does she looks like scarlett johansson? Anyone?
ilove puppies
ilove puppies 3 hours ago
The people who disliked are allergic to dogs
Adeline MECHIN
Adeline MECHIN 3 hours ago
3:30 - 3:37 me: im 13 and I think this year is gonna be a long and messy one...
Swerving 3 hours ago
What a fucking weirdo
kincaid Spellbush
kincaid Spellbush 4 hours ago
I m so sick of seeing this retard
billie eilish
billie eilish 4 hours ago
where are the avocados?
john nedeau
john nedeau 4 hours ago
this not lil zan ?
jjk jjk
jjk jjk 4 hours ago
1:15 - I fvckn love that little growl she does when she said "hair".
DEBRA 4 hours ago
Her hat is everything!!
Ninja 5 hours ago
5:01 grey dog licks black dog's ass -- 6:26 billie eilish kisses the grey dog on mouth Wtf
BluxePupxies !
BluxePupxies ! 6 hours ago
free fire bala990d mata
beautyandfashion 7 hours ago
is anyone talking about 5:02 i’m dead
Zee Bruuhsss
Zee Bruuhsss 8 hours ago
I’m late on the train but Billie is everything
The Hammy Yammy
The Hammy Yammy 8 hours ago
Zara Marquez
Zara Marquez 9 hours ago
Western Unity
Western Unity 9 hours ago
Hollywood infantalizes western women to discourage them from procreating.
EMMA THE SCONES 10 hours ago
Amy Salmeron
Amy Salmeron 10 hours ago
Can u make a video with bts u two would sound great 👏❤️
Digital Zee
Digital Zee 11 hours ago
Dogs can sense good people. Billie is one.
Kito 13 hours ago
Nobody: No one: Not even a single soul: Edit: OMG GUYS THNX FOR THE LIKES!! ❤❤❤
cass 13 hours ago
5:49 gets me, too cute 😭😭
Paperflip Studios
Paperflip Studios 13 hours ago
Billie's pikachu hat is awesome
Nakama 08
Nakama 08 14 hours ago
Billie is wayyy more talented than Ariana
liliana puppy
liliana puppy 15 hours ago
5:49 Laughing my head off what was that😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CreativeAylin 15 hours ago
Who else thought her hat was pikachu in the dumb nail.
Shadow Chan
Shadow Chan 15 hours ago
Who knew Billie was a such a softie?
Angie Zhang
Angie Zhang 15 hours ago
She seems so happy with the puppies but in her songs she’s so sad.
CreativeJ Arts
CreativeJ Arts 15 hours ago
Those puppy’s were probably Bragging to there friends “I licked Billie eilishes face”
Alisha 15 hours ago
Her hair story literally had me cackling I can't breath
THANOS _ 15 hours ago
The puppy's face at 1:17
Taylor Harder
Taylor Harder 17 hours ago
At 5:47 - 5:52 WHAT KIND OF LANGUAGE WAS THAT!!!!!!?????? I WANNA LEARN IT!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!! lol!
Elle's World
Elle's World 17 hours ago
I love her smile 😊
ricky infante
ricky infante 17 hours ago
1:12 best fucking part of the whole video xD good job Billie Eilish!
M NOP 18 hours ago
Is she trans? I’m being serious.
Sass music
Sass music 18 hours ago
Me: I love blue fav colour Billie: I hate blue worst colour Me: yeah same, I I hate blue
Zmenace Angel
Zmenace Angel 18 hours ago
I don't know if people here are hating Billie or just joking...
Heather Christ
Heather Christ 19 hours ago
Is bad Guy album
Campbell Derrico
Campbell Derrico 19 hours ago
What a wonderful life Billie now : *bury a friend I wanna end me jejsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjj*
Bellathebluekitten :P
5:48 I do the same thing with my dog XD
Galaxy Stars7
Galaxy Stars7 20 hours ago
This is how many times she said “hours” | | | |
David L
David L 20 hours ago
God is a pencil Billie is a highlighter God drew the world and Billie made it brighter
Rosie Gacha
Rosie Gacha 20 hours ago
A rather.... *deep question* for Billie... *do you miss XXXTENTACION?*
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins 21 hour ago
You know what's funny my name is close to Ariana Grande
Ur Tipical Fan Girl
Billie Eilish WE LUV U
F.B.I 21 hour ago
kiera 22 hours ago
This was uploaded on my birthday.
Prisciliano Pizarro
Prisciliano Pizarro 22 hours ago
Does Billie elish have a boyfriend
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 23 hours ago
I need to stop watching this before I get jealous and throw my tablet at the wall
Prachurjya Baruah
Prachurjya Baruah 23 hours ago
Your music sucks
RedNblue the gopnik
RedNblue the gopnik 23 hours ago
BuzzFeed I forgive you for now...
Erin Corey
Erin Corey 23 hours ago
Not like I am friends with Billie, but I feel like she really needed this. Not the interview part but the puppies. They made her so happy and it made me so overjoyed to see her genuinely smile.
M͓̽a͓̽x͓̽ P͓̽l͓̽a͓̽y͓̽z͓̽
my brother put purple dye in my hair shampoo and you know what the same happenned to me to to get my hair to brown again
Lourdes 4
Lourdes 4 23 hours ago
No one: Billie: wHaT a wOnDeRfUl LiFe
Inanimate Intense
Inanimate Intense 23 hours ago
Thank yuh Billie somebody believes ARIANA IS GOD AS *🎵GOD IS A WOMAN🎵*
Inanimate Intense
How dare you Billie, blue is my FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WORLD
Samuel Day ago
she is ugly and her clothes dont match
Lia Bollin
Lia Bollin Day ago
Color blue. Same. Exactly the same for me. I had blue hair and i actually don‘t like the color blue😂😂
Bryzz Lull
Bryzz Lull Day ago
Another rich spoiled little brat.
Discomfort Day ago
This is by Buzzfeed.
Any Day ago
Jessica Rangel
Do you have a mom or dad
Carolina Parodi
She likes Avril Lavigne.. ❤️
idk Day ago
I didn't know I needed this so bad but I did.
Angel Valdez
Angel Valdez Day ago
Hearing the word “like” 5 times in less than a minute... next video.
Voyd_ Bl4Z3
Voyd_ Bl4Z3 Day ago
Billie eilish is amazing person a great singer love her but one thing that I hate is she has upside down cross
Silver Addie Fun Pack
Billie and me are so similar... we both dyed our hair, we both love baking and fashion, and we both write music.
jm cres
jm cres Day ago
her laugh is so cute haha
Kimberly ann Tugagao
4:28 u must realist this song 😂😂
Waynisa Robinson
I want to see in person
I made the same mistake w blue
Lucky Chs
Lucky Chs Day ago
she cured me
ChubbyUnicorn PotatoChip
*God making Billie elish* *she should hate smiling* *She should be good at singing*
Lilly Mortimore
I loove her pikachu hat
Preston Harris
1:07 omg how many hours did she say 1:14 billie what kind of voice was that
Jason Boni
Jason Boni Day ago
My favorite song is. You should see me in a crown.
Lil mochi
Lil mochi Day ago
billie really looks like scarlett johansson to me, like really
GachaSis Kayla
Me: I love blue Billie:I hate blue Me: yeh me too...
Tam Bek
Tam Bek Day ago
Billie Eilish is legit the cutest human being in existence, like just look at her lying on the ground playing with puppies and talking to them in that voice she does, and tell me that isn’t true. I dare you
Ryan Day ago
you should be more respectful i think
Ania Nl
Ania Nl Day ago
ariana is my fav im her biggest fan but billie eilish is my secong she is amazing
bill kevin
bill kevin Day ago
ghostpg3d Day ago
Bruh she finally smiled
issmina davina
Billie eilish should make a song called 'my fun nightmare'
HorseGirl Day ago
Billie:You should see me in a crown Hater:you shouldent be in a crown me:all hail the queen
Dapper music
Dapper music Day ago
at 5:45 I laughed
D8kip8ki Day ago
Faze apex123
Faze apex123 Day ago
She looks like lol xan in the thumbnail
todoroki_84 Day ago
COOKIES!!!! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Constance Yap
A moment of innocence..
Crystal Ward
Crystal Ward Day ago
Do you have a boyfriend ????
Potato Boi
Potato Boi Day ago
Billie: I like black because I’m dark Also Billie: *sees puppies* omg they’re so cute *immediately breaks character*
MerpKat Day ago
5:49 this is Billie elish language.
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