Billie Eilish Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Billie Eilish tries her best to focus while answering your fan questions, ranging from her upcoming set at Coachella, the first song she ever wrote, to the story behind that iconic blue hair.
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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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Apr 10, 2019

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Comments 21 476
gracie brown
gracie brown 31 second ago
Is it just me or does anybody else kind of wish they were the puppies
clark kitty cat
You are my favorite person
Jang - Min
Jang - Min Hour ago
I love that she dresses and acts so badass but in real life she’s a cute lil bean
Rakib Pain
Rakib Pain Hour ago
She looks so much like Scarlet Johansson ❤️
Cailin Widt
Cailin Widt Hour ago
How old are you
Kawaii CUPCAKE! 2 hours ago
Everyone likes puppies!,!
Unicorns in the nature Forever
Wow I wish I was u because I wove puppy’s Dey so adorable and cute an I keep those puppys
Nina 2 hours ago
I love her so much she's so pretty
XxxItzRosexxX Plays roblox
I love the color blue
Floofy pompom
Floofy pompom 3 hours ago
Look at the beige dog at 5:21
『 Kim Jisoo 』
『 Kim Jisoo 』 4 hours ago
5:49 asdfghjklqsefhtwckp
ASIAN BRO NATHAN 6 hours ago
She should make a shirt that says #wherearetheavocados
Una persona Mas en el mundo
I want to be that puppies :’(
Purple Hollows
Purple Hollows 6 hours ago
5:48 Billie, i feel you XD LMAO
zzzniper wolf
zzzniper wolf 6 hours ago
I loved your hair blue I was gonna dye my hair pink
zzzniper wolf
zzzniper wolf 6 hours ago
I loved your hair blue
Lil-Stankie. 7 hours ago
She scares the shit out of me
duck duck
duck duck 7 hours ago
*where are the avocados*
Kaira Sanchez
Kaira Sanchez 7 hours ago
Omg I love bad guy to
Ally Penado
Ally Penado 8 hours ago
Billie: ----"Me? I'm excited to see meehhh!" 😂 she is amazing
rainbow herron
rainbow herron 8 hours ago
Love you billie date me 😛🐼
rainbow herron
rainbow herron 8 hours ago
I wish i was da puppies i wanna be kissed by billie
rainbow herron
rainbow herron 8 hours ago
The puppies isn't the only thing that is cute sexy
pummmkin 9 hours ago
this girl is so lucky. She gets to play with puppies for 8 minutes straight.
Bianca Toscano
Bianca Toscano 10 hours ago
Not a fan of the music but her personality is on point
Squidward I'm famous from infinity war
Omfg haha 1:56
Milo And Willow
Milo And Willow 10 hours ago
Billie : *Rings loudly thump on floor* My mother : Is that thunder? Me : No mother Billie Elish put her hands on the floor
Madsy Carmichael
Madsy Carmichael 11 hours ago
Thirteen is the worst age periodt
Bo Bullchild
Bo Bullchild 11 hours ago
my dog is mean T^T
ßXime studioß
ßXime studioß 12 hours ago
she sayed "hola papi" 0:10
Sophia Wais
Sophia Wais 13 hours ago
5:01 when one dog started eating out of the other dogs butt i did not feel that.
fiona allen
fiona allen 13 hours ago
Prisia 14 hours ago
Friend: what is your wifi password? Me: 5:49
Ruby panther
Ruby panther 14 hours ago
Awww i want the rotti so bad!
Khian Playz
Khian Playz 15 hours ago
3:24 BRUH BILLIE EILISH, Thats legit my favorite song.. AND YOU SAY ITS 'The worst' DUDEEE, Do you hear yourself rn?! 😂
Leni Fast Road
Leni Fast Road 15 hours ago
I love her personality, she’s so positive... Like me everyday 😂
Roses are red
Roses are red 15 hours ago
*Those puppies are blessed*
london's world
london's world 17 hours ago
The black dog i have the exact one
Lilli Marttila
Lilli Marttila 18 hours ago
5:49 you're welcome
Edu Maluka
Edu Maluka 20 hours ago
Billie: Avril Lavigne Me: *screams* Yas, do Avril justice queeen 👌
Celeste Vazquez
Celeste Vazquez 20 hours ago
natalie 21 hour ago
wow she’s literally my favorite human
Andrea Toth
Andrea Toth 21 hour ago
The best thing I've ever seen in my life, I love u billie
Maya #
Maya # 22 hours ago
How have I never seen this?!
rae lol
rae lol 23 hours ago
Was I the only one listening to Ocean Eyes at 13 years old, thinking it was written by some 20 year old? Not someone so young?
I Love Guinevere
This is how many times billie said "for hours" | | \/
your average monkey
1:15 she looks like a dog herself lmfao
Alexandre Xyza Manatad
Yiee omg this is life bout seing billie smilee o my goshh
MadFeelings. ___________
She makes me happy
Alessandra Cantu
The puppie said omg is this billie i love ur pikachu no shot billie 2 puppy your mothers here funny
Keith Hyland
Keith Hyland Day ago
Billie do you have a dog
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