Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Billie Eilish surprises Jimmy when she reveals she used to love his The Electric Company "Pocket Full of 'H's'" music video growing up, explains how she sprained her ankle (again) and describes her first eco-friendly world tour.
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Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour




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Comments 80
Oihana Esmoris Arrillaga
Billie is "Beuryfor people”
Aishu Aishu
Aishu Aishu 8 hours ago
Oh my god I thought I was the only person who watched electric company!!!
Panic! At the Disco’s M&M’s
My dad is obsessed with i love you. He likes the others too, but I’ll play him the album, and he’ll be like can we listen to I love you😂😂
Jasmine Hay
Jasmine Hay Day ago
Like who falls? y'know
Mmyod 06
Mmyod 06 Day ago
She looks like scarlet johanson
Isa Koorevaar
Isa Koorevaar 2 days ago
Is she still going on tour?
Nancy Gatoru
Nancy Gatoru 2 days ago
I love her too much *•-•*
william te whata
william te whata 2 days ago
Can u imagine Billie eillish at 30 or 40 that would be so rad
M. M.
M. M. 2 days ago
And now he thinks H's are ew. Lol
aditya m.b
aditya m.b 3 days ago
Come on how does no one see it?! Shes obviously the love child of Emilia Clarke and Scarlett Johansson!
General X
General X 3 days ago
She is so cool🥰
Diego Febbraro
Diego Febbraro 4 days ago
I like his music, because it is innovative, it seems 8D
Larisa Pravitel Paige
I am your sad day 1 fan ❣️
Holz GJ
Holz GJ 4 days ago
If I was one of those 14 people I would like !!!!!!! 😂😂
Isabella Faulds
Isabella Faulds 5 days ago
Omg I saw that too I watched the kids show she was talking about if you type in Pocket Full Of H’s you can find the song I loved The Electric Company
Different Bryan
Different Bryan 5 days ago
🤟🤟ELECTRIC COMPANY 🤟🤟 😭😭 I haven't heard that name in a while...
billie 5 days ago
Well I'm 14 but i can relate to all billies songs
Happy Newman
Happy Newman 6 days ago
Billie.. help me think about what direction I should take?
Happy Newman
Happy Newman 6 days ago
Yeetus Ur Fetus
Yeetus Ur Fetus 6 days ago
“15 billion times” wait a goddamn minute
Claires Clothes
Claires Clothes 6 days ago
is it just me or is the way she sits with her legs up on his couch kinda disrespectful
Аджей Дьиган
Thats the way people should sit on chairs.
Yusuf Shaikh
Yusuf Shaikh 6 days ago
The way she says bad guy n I love u OMG she's sooo cute
🔥 This is a wonderful little movie. 1:20 🎥💜 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡
Tabassum Khan
Tabassum Khan 7 days ago
Billie is American Boney Kapoor!! How much gold she have worn
Riko H
Riko H 7 days ago
who watching this again in march crying because shes talking bout tour cuz it was postponed ;(((
Harley Ihrig
Harley Ihrig 7 days ago
Billie is truly one of a kind.
yep ok
yep ok 8 days ago
Ahhhhhhhh just watched the kimmel interview and was highly disappointed, but these two have so much chemistry the whole interview was fun and you can tell they both really love eachothers work😂💕💕
MSC MSC 8 days ago
It’s astonishing how pretty this girl is.
Utopian Strivings
So I love "Pocket Full of H's" and looked it up because Billie Eilish mentioned it.
Andres 999 huncho Died
So adorable💚😍😍😍🤣
Infinity Spirit
Infinity Spirit 9 days ago
Even my mom like her songs and she is 70. Hope Billie stays herself. She is great how she is.
Arun Nair
Arun Nair 9 days ago
She's damn childish..
Sunny cream Corn
Sunny cream Corn 9 days ago
I love how Billie act when she saw the tonight show I think if Billie is only 17 years old then I think also need a boy friend bc that’s the age that we rlly need but my bro was 19 years old and I think I has but he can learn university already but we already make the party and I saw 3 girls sitting next to him lol😂😂😂 And it was sooooooo imbarissing me when my little bro says ha has an boy friend and my big bro was rlly mad I telll my bro to not do that again bc when I’m next to him it’s imbaris me very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunny cream Corn
Sunny cream Corn 6 days ago
It’s not funny boy
yep ok
yep ok 8 days ago
varun biju
varun biju 9 days ago
Billie at 18: *multi platinum album* Me at 18: *Watching this on a cracked phone screen*
varun biju
varun biju 7 days ago
@S.M. Phoenix im not 18, im actually 14. But i do have a phone cracked screen. Guess i have 4 years to be a global superstar
S.M. Phoenix
S.M. Phoenix 7 days ago
I feel so attacked... because same.
Nayana Pari
Nayana Pari 9 days ago
She is a an army of bts right?
Teresa Huggins
Teresa Huggins 9 days ago
I needy meet her
fRᏋ𐌀k𐌀𐌕𐌕𐌀Ꮳk 69
She is so fearless!
Ava Sulzmann
Ava Sulzmann 10 days ago
Streamed 15 billion times
Divany Vallejo
Divany Vallejo 11 days ago
Cute moments 1:00 , 1:13 , 1:53 , 5:45 , 7:31 billie eilish 😄😄
Priya Nora
Priya Nora 11 days ago
Okay. This is extremely random, but, Those who have watched/played Life Is Strange, I think we can agree that if a movie were to happen, Billie could definitely play Chloë Price. She’s got the attitude, the care free thing I DONT KNOW I just wanted to share this thought...... Bye
a little bit of Everything
I thought my mom listened to her song 15 billion times now I’m like wow
Madi-Shyrock 11 days ago
Billie’s voice in this interview is precious and so soft oml
Josue David
Josue David 12 days ago
4:03 OMG the "yes sir" was soooo cute
Vanya Hargreeve Is little
there’s no way Billie’s straight look at how she’s sitting
ivan graye
ivan graye 12 days ago
she literally change the pop music right now dude and wait her for more. . .
Erin Maurer
Erin Maurer 12 days ago
I love this young lady. I hope beyond hope that the industry doesn't suck the life out of her. Don't let those mother fuckers in your head, girl!
adrian macias
adrian macias 12 days ago
I am a fan of billie Eilish
Marissa Mack
Marissa Mack 13 days ago
Billie and Moschino rlly be collabin here
Souvik Das
Souvik Das 13 days ago
Chains: Billie take us tonight Billie:why not honey 😌
M_e_ E_m_
M_e_ E_m_ 13 days ago
This is actually one of my favourite interviews of Billie. She just seems so open and happy in this❤️
M_e_ E_m_
M_e_ E_m_ 13 days ago
1:01 it’s sooo cute how Billie claps her hands and smiles😍😂
georgeann killough
georgeann killough 14 days ago
defiantly saw the pocket full of h’s from electric company!!!!! ahhhhh
Masoood Khannn
Masoood Khannn 14 days ago
I thought the word green referred to the color green or the theme 😂😂GOD!!!!
I love Billie Eilish, J80, MrBeast and doggos
Love her personality. She's so different
Siddharth Gupta
Siddharth Gupta 15 days ago
She looks like the endgame 's black widow and the quite place' Emily blunt ..
Marissa Spark
Marissa Spark 15 days ago
She is so amazing I love her s much
Sergio Abadia
Sergio Abadia 15 days ago
She so pretty.
Gachalogic_ NewtS
Gachalogic_ NewtS 17 days ago
Jimmy has been exposed
Did someone notice that billie eilish was having a tic attack at 0:14
Tial 15 days ago
Probably bad form to point it out.
Natalie M.
Natalie M. 17 days ago
I went to her first one in Miami and jlo was there I know have a area in my closet with a shrine
Papenfus Charlie
Papenfus Charlie 17 days ago
I’m soooooooo glad to hear the Billie says the letter h correctly!
15K Subs In 2020 Challenge
Billie at 18: *sings songs about depression, sadness, anxiety, global warming. Wins 5 Grammys and global star Me at 18: *cries because my Minecraft dog fell in Lava
Dahnbee Chung
Dahnbee Chung 4 days ago
Idk 8 days ago
That is painful I have been there 🤣🤣
abdul 12 days ago
I killed mine :"(
HaS EeB 13 days ago
ok dude , i am making a video in which i will assemble some screenshots of you posting the same joke on every billie ellish video.
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 16 days ago
ok but the pain is real there
Jordan Gray-Spann
Jordan Gray-Spann 17 days ago
She is such a lil baby!!!Look at her little clap when jimmy sings at 1:02
Adham MP
Adham MP 17 days ago
Ranjit Mandal
Ranjit Mandal 17 days ago
Oleksiy Mokhun
Oleksiy Mokhun 18 days ago
If you want to be a good singer maybe you should have some good manners and not think not having them is cool.
Billie Eilish Bruh
Billie Eilish Bruh 18 days ago
Somebody please reply will she be doing more world tours?
Turkay Marangoz
Turkay Marangoz 16 days ago
She was actually doing one but it stopped because of coronavirus. I still think she will do more.
Not many people you see on TV or in front of big crowds or audiences are humble enough to admit they don't know something that they perceive they should know and that everyone else knows except for them like the word specializes. It's a good quality that she's not afraid to ask a question because she wants to know if she's wrong or not and makes herself open to correction that many people would be too embarrassed to admit.
Subscribe Me. Love y'all
Am I the Only one who loves her Eyes?
Chloe Vega
Chloe Vega 19 days ago
I wanna see Billie and zendaya have a day together😂
Chloe Vega
Chloe Vega 19 days ago
Bitch what?!! I watched the electric company too!! That was the shit back in the day😂😂
LJ Virtudazo
LJ Virtudazo 19 days ago
I dont like one Billie song I love all of them
Ghala 19 days ago
I literally can't stop smiling
Kaushi Dh :-]
Kaushi Dh :-] 19 days ago
She’s amazingly weird❤️
edis Ahmetovic
edis Ahmetovic 20 days ago
Guetsfey Cek füstrse
Kylee Sparklez
Kylee Sparklez 21 day ago
Anyone else look up the h song? It’s really cringey 😬 😂
Jessena Prisno
Jessena Prisno 21 day ago
carolina gonzalez
i llloooovvvveeeeee her ssssssoooooooo much like if you do to
Tubo 1
Tubo 1 21 day ago
She looks like she's 26..
Courtney Denise
Courtney Denise 22 days ago
It’s official guys!!!!!!!!!!! Billie is a secretly a VSCO girl!!
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