Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now: smarturl.it/NoTimeToDie
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See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
cum Minute ago
Rick astley is better
Anahy Miranda
Anahy Miranda 55 minutes ago
Yo te amo neta💖💖
Cassandra Lainez
This is awesome
Emanuel HZ
Emanuel HZ Hour ago
Me encanta
Abigail Torres
Abigail Torres 2 hours ago
Cuantas emociones y sentimientos... De una realidad que no se quiere ver
SkavenUK 3 hours ago
Billie is great. In terms of bond songs this isn't up there unfortunately. I'd put Adele's Skyfall over this easily, and some others too. It's good though
Apeach _01
Apeach _01 3 hours ago
Idk I think I prefer Adele’s better 😅
Giraffe Sushi
Giraffe Sushi 3 hours ago
I didn't know this song was gonna be on the movie but everytime i hear it in like damn this should be a james bond movie song
Mike Rojas
Mike Rojas 3 hours ago
This was the only movie I was looking forward to this summer 🤦‍♂️ snatching tickets as soon as November hits 🔥🤘
عبوس عبوس
عبوس عبوس 4 hours ago
I love this song 💔
Fabio Virgili
Fabio Virgili 5 hours ago
excellent !!!
Zara Rouf
Zara Rouf 5 hours ago
This sounds like a depressed, dark Disney song but without that fucking “prince”
Music RP M
Music RP M 5 hours ago
Amelka Rusinek
Amelka Rusinek 7 hours ago
I love you
Patrick P
Patrick P 7 hours ago
Quite James Bondish, but i've heard better.
NoSoMuSk 7 hours ago
I‘m fine with a bond song being a bit melancholic but this is just plain depression. These movies are supposed to be fun action movies with cool gadgets and campy one liners.
S R 7 hours ago
I love ur music it's just so calm and beautiful and sad but not in a bad way I understand ur music it's so good I love it so much keep doing what u love
Flimstar Official
Flimstar Official 8 hours ago
Look up the Sound Rush Remix
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under a parasol... A thaï salad, Perfume of coriander. A pulpy fruit for dessert. Hmmmm..... No Puppy, pulpy, not Puppy. No, not my ear ! Oh.... Billie.... Draw me a dragon.
miyu han
miyu han 9 hours ago
引き込まれる、、 高校生でこんな曲作れるなんて素敵すぎる
sucriperson Sevilla
Totally Tech Tips
Totally Tech Tips 9 hours ago
This song is perfect for a Bond movie
mars samy
mars samy 10 hours ago
Is it just me or does this pretty much sounds like ‘Writings On The Wall’?
Adam The Red Dino
Adam The Red Dino 10 hours ago
there was a oof logo
Adam The Red Dino
Adam The Red Dino 10 hours ago
look likes bille eilish has played roblox.
Juanita Cao
Juanita Cao 11 hours ago
lol all these hate comments saying she mumbles yada yada yada. she can mumble all she wants. she is the youngest singer, so far, to be entrusted to sing a Bond soundtrack. she's achieved way more than you lot have when u were 18.
7edr 11 hours ago
ZhbI’m so is it’s his igdbibeiy with ego dog is ohdb
Jean Marin de L'Isle
I did a looping, Over your house, Before to land in your street. In cool morning, Yawning and stretching, Pulpy Billie. Hmmm... That you are so beautifull, Is not innocent. I lose head. When you smile, I feel fragile. When you smile, I am mystic. When you smile, Silence. When you smile, Adoration. Oh,... Birds are singing : " She's so...! She's so...!" Sun is smiling. Good morning, Billie, Billie, Billie ! Smell of coffee. Give me a sip...please... One more... Sunny today. Jean-Yves
Kayla C.
Kayla C. 11 hours ago
My favorite Billie song. Fr! I
ALICE 12 hours ago
Covid19: I'll kill y'all Billie:
김강현 12 hours ago
한국인 좋아요 ㄱㄱ링
oneniggo 12 hours ago
Depends a bit on your counting, but this song has 69 bars * Lmao Just in case your wondering, I'm currently arrenging this for my school's wind orchestra
Sofija Bula
Sofija Bula 13 hours ago
Corona: it's time to die Billie: NO TIME TO DIE..... DUH
Sophia Itule
Sophia Itule 15 hours ago
3:22 I CANT BREATH THAT NOTE SHE HIT WAS BEAUTIFUL OMG. my heart fell out of my chest
Matt G
Matt G 15 hours ago
$1 store version of Lorde.
Roonie mand
Roonie mand 19 hours ago
You don't have to like her music, but at least respect her success and accept she is talented.
dea marta agustina
dea marta agustina 20 hours ago
Love you billie
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under stars... To roam softly, On peach skin. To taste beauty of the world, Our flowing shapes. Silky hands. Smoothy lips. And always this perfume, In warm air. Under stars... Good night Billie sweetheart, Good night dear Puppy. Sweet dreams... Jean-Yves
Eric Payne
Eric Payne 22 hours ago
why is no one talking about how beautiful this song is?
Brinley Rhodes
Brinley Rhodes 23 hours ago
Hai Billie! I just wanted to say you are the best singer in the whole world and your so talented and pretty!!! my mom doesnt let me come to your concerts, but if I did, I would literally cry and come on the stage and sing my heart out for you! I love you too much! and I love how you died your roots green! it looks so good!!!! And honestly there isn't no time to die with corona and that's on period. LOVE YOU!!! (and fineas) sorry f I spelled anything wrong! -Brinley
๖ۣۜßบbble Teค 𐐚eสr
Aaaw, same here
Yara ackerman
This song showed my favourite vocals of Billie , she so fucking talented.
Said Moran
Said Moran Day ago
spectre-radiohead >writings on the wall-sam smith
Layris Ferreira
essa música é linda e fácil de cantar
FunOfficial Day ago
Who’s here before 100 mil views
Nata Day ago
Ok. I did... I cried... I love you Billie so much! ❤
Szilágyi Áron
Why this feels like it's from an Assassins Creed trailer?
Leon Vanderschaaf
This is her last song ever. Emilee makes more music than her now.
Jazzi_gacha Day ago
Y❤️ you
Taelice Shipper
I don't have any comment. She is really queen.. No capiton.. 👑👑👑👑👑 Real queen BILLIE EILISH. 💚
Jean Marin de L'Isle
In this summer's day, To bite a peach, Under a parasol. Yes Puppy, I know, weather is warm. Oh... I wish you a sweet day.
Adam Sobczak
Adam Sobczak Day ago
Daniel Craig def brought about a change to this franchise.. The movies n music have been absolutely amazing
Ms Houndoom
Ms Houndoom Day ago
That's already 4 months ago?! Goshhhh my inner clock is broken 😅😂
Silke Lambeck-Effinger
Spricht Ihr Alle Englisch
Tasneem Alabri
صرت مغرمة بهاي الاغنية ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Daniela G
Daniela G Day ago
Sounds like a movie
oliver yates
oliver yates Day ago
no lie this is an amazing representation of talent by a unique person
Cricco Papippa
Jean Marin de L'Isle
On my plane, I picked up gas in Memphis. In cool morning, Beauty of the rose. Hmmm.... After a coffee... Let's go on your flying carpet. We could be adventurous today. I want to track coyote and rabbit, In a desert. And regain discreet springs birds know. To taste tenderness of our caresses, Near thorny bushes. To feel holy, 'cause you look at me with love. To feel lucky, 'cause your eyes on me. Oh, all beautifull things. Song of birds, smile of sun, For you. Good morning, Billie delicious. Smell of coffee, And something smoothy on your cheek. Sunny today. Jean-Yves
Rustam Day ago
Very cool indeed, but I personally like Garbage's 007 theme better
Jeymz Habruh
Jeymz Habruh Day ago
This sucks on ice
shlaaty X
shlaaty X Day ago
your brother is a fucking god in music composing
lois neish
lois neish Day ago
💜🌈✨ love this! ✨🌈💜
Любовь Алексеева
Take care of your family!!!
Умар Джакыпов
Ваау 😻😻😻❤️
sayo M
sayo M Day ago
How beautiful
Tootsie Whoopsie's Life
I kinda like Lana Del Rays "High By The Beach" for a James bond movie. Maybe Billie and Lana should collaborate.
Melissa Manning
This giving me James Bond vibes
Jimbob1708 Day ago
Anto Valea
Anto Valea Day ago
Carlene Licorish
This one's makes me cry sometime 😭
dog with needle
Billie : *no time to die* Corona virus: *knock knock*
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. Day ago
Billie at 18: singing the new Bond theme. Me at 18: probably still a better singer than her. And I’m shit.
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. Day ago
Rapunzel, please stop with the mumbling. You know how I hate the mumbling.
Jean Marin de L'Isle
Under stars... You're silencious. I hope you feel good. You're silencious. An enigma. I ask the Pythie. I see your knees. I put little hearts, On your shoulders. If you want. In warm air, A mysterious perfume. This is my love. Under stars... Good night Billie, Good night Puppy. Sweet dreams. Jean-Yves
hao yaaar
hao yaaar Day ago
and i don't have money to buy poison
Vanessa Silva
Essa é a melhor música do mundo Billie eilish vc é perfeita maravilhosa amo as suas músicas e com certeza eu sou uma avocada para sempre 😍💚🥑
Lucho Romero
Lucho Romero Day ago
De rutaaaaaa
natalie enriquez
Amo con locura está canción
Melyouche 2 days ago
I really like this very sweet song perfect for dancing ☺️
Someone 2 days ago
Her voice was made for this.
Em Hudock
Em Hudock 2 days ago
What are your guys' interpretations here? It's so emotional for me I have so many moments in my life that have killed me on the inside but also on the outside. I've survived two attempts on my life (separate people) but they were the people I trusted with my life and were closest to me (which happens more than I thought once I started treatment) But "falling for a lie" "you were never on my side" and how I was the only one who didnt see any of it? Because they were so close to me? I just cant keep thinking what I couldve done... Then I never reported the attacks. First one I was around 12 and I didnt think people would believe me. The other i was barely 17 and there was drinking. So for so long i bottled it up and i refused to show how mauled I really felt. Never let anyone see past the facade. Sorry if this was triggering at all, I'm just struggling so badly with my PTSD and this song just gives me peace (? Not sure what) but makes me feel less alone I keep repeating "you're no longer my concern" Music like this is what keeps me alive. Keeps me fighting.
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