Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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Aug 12, 2019




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Comments 100
saved fox
saved fox 6 hours ago
Try crescendo limbo, trail chorus few times, concert type... Live new music, in auditorium. Hundred angles? Seat sections, balcony, catapillar cocoon into butterfly in each day, and each stage video. Fast.
Solo Yo
Solo Yo 9 hours ago
I really miss my gf sara. But she broke up with me. I really love her. :((
Юлия Евграфова
At Mile Aylish SKOLOV 40 LAMOV
Beatriz Machado Martins
Beautifull, I love tou❤️
Paula Mirelly
Alguns trechos dessa música me lembram MUITO Hallelujah. Mais alguém?
Getting goosebumps🖤
Amaash Day ago
Shes hurt and it shows up in her voice..hits differently
אירית לוי
Dietrich Klassen
Thank You!
Hannane Day ago
Amara K
Amara K Day ago
I swear they're sibling goals
lily corrinne
i’m in love
Rafa 2 days ago
i'm crying so hard.
kaka 2 days ago
kaka 2 days ago
dont mind me these are just my favorite lyrics
kaka 2 days ago
kaka 2 days ago
حذيفه الكيالي
يعني لغنيه دمااااااااان ولله عشششق 🥺😔💔
Zahara Nagy
Zahara Nagy 2 days ago
Im sorry but if u can listen to this without crying you have some sort of super power.
Kaiya Leary 21
Kaiya Leary 21 3 days ago
We all gangster until the bed falls down
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana 3 days ago
Batool Abdullah
Batool Abdullah 3 days ago
its sad that the majority of the audience are just kids:(
GlistxningAmber 3 days ago
im sorry that I love you~
Melinda Shahan
Melinda Shahan 3 days ago
They make a great team. I love it when they sing together.
Cocr borc
Cocr borc 4 days ago
This song ruined me, but still listening
Delfi Peralta
Delfi Peralta 4 days ago
Peyman Rashidi
Peyman Rashidi 4 days ago
My damn tears
Saad Sumra
Saad Sumra 4 days ago
Dad @ 2:18 don't cry damnit don't cry. Hold it together...oh shit...oh no....tears
عادل كاظم عادل
هل من عربي هناااااااااااا........🙂
Asma Akter
Asma Akter 4 days ago
Love u Billie Eilish 😍............from Bangladesh.....😘😍
KJ Space
KJ Space 4 days ago
Black Tower
Black Tower 4 days ago
piece of heaven
Jasmine Bestal
Jasmine Bestal 5 days ago
2:07 same girl, same😭😭😭😭
Petr Zabilka
Petr Zabilka 5 days ago
Wow 😍
Bárbara Lira
Bárbara Lira 5 days ago
Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi. 🇧🇷
Lawrence Mastromarino
I love you Billie 🥰
Xiller 5 days ago
Rip xxxtentaction
Assadouryan Sara
Assadouryan Sara 5 days ago
Life as sahar Fakhoury
I wish I had a brother like bille's brother
Diana Jones
Diana Jones 5 days ago
This song really make me stop and listen to my own heartbeats
Hülya Balta
Hülya Balta 5 days ago
in god we trust
in god we trust 6 days ago
Perfect 👌 Bravo 💞
Arpan Shrestha
Arpan Shrestha 6 days ago
Leaving this comment as a reminder so,that whenever someone like it I'll come back and listen this one ❤️
Annora Omolu
Annora Omolu 2 hours ago
Now come listen
Annie Pedros
Annie Pedros 6 days ago
Billie eilish: I'm so sad Me:aw don't kill yourself please your the only one who made me happy
Sophie Siwanator Henry Danger Force
This song literally hits different after you lost someone you love..... I heard this song before and I didn't know how it felt to lose someone cause it never happened to me. But the day came, my dad told me my dog died. 13 years together. < 3 I just wish I said goodbye, cause I never thought ehat was going to be the last time seeing him...
B E R N A R D O 6 days ago
We love you Billie Eilish! Thank you for your songs. From the Philippines.
Amina M
Amina M 6 days ago
Мне так жаль Билли Айлиш 🥺
CA1959 6 days ago
After hearing a guy sing 6 feet under on Idol, I looked up Billie Eilish. I am glad I stumbled on to this incredible song. The words, the music, and the singer who is projecting sadness and pain at an amazing level. I can't think of another singer I have ever seen do it this well. You would think someone would really have had to experience this emotional pain in real life to even write these lyrics and sing it like she did. I love the emotion in the crowd and their singing too.
Παναγιωτης Ζαφειριου
The goosebumps I get when the whole theatre sang I love you ... I cant describe it .. ❤
FancyTopper 6 days ago
Who watch this also 2-3 times a Day??
Andrea Arias Rodriguez
agradezco a wonho el que haya echo el cover de esta canción y así poder conocerla
luna vondeling
luna vondeling 7 days ago
evertytime this song just make me felt sth different than anything else
Alexis Díaz Valdez
Hello 🥺
Punhal Khan
Punhal Khan 7 days ago
iloveyou billie :)
Auriane Cordier-Duperray
a chaque fois que j'eccutoute cette chanson j'ai envie de pleurer bravo a Billie Eilish pour cette merveilleuse chanson 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Lian Vazquez
Lian Vazquez 7 days ago
Izabela Bujnowska
Uwielbiam cię i love you
ezgi Ark
ezgi Ark 7 days ago
İ Love you
Judy Domagalla
Judy Domagalla 7 days ago
She brings out the deep thoughts in you...2021...
Phebz Peters
Phebz Peters 8 days ago
Beautiful ❤️
kethully kerollaynny
A apresentação mais linda que eu já vi na vida
ALEATÓRIO_ LC 8 days ago
bolt Update
bolt Update 8 days ago
9.5k dislike, dame they cried so much that they couldn't see the right button.
Rage At Your Own Risk
I love this song
Isabella Tines
Isabella Tines 8 days ago
Obg billie por mé fazer chora :)
This song writer wrote it for sulli....😭🥀
Farima Mahdi
Farima Mahdi 8 days ago
Love you 😍
SLOW 9 days ago
Q&N 9 days ago
عشقي الاغنيه😭☺محد حيفهم👽
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav 9 days ago
Love from India
Ferri Paterson
Ferri Paterson 9 days ago
Although I never told you, I have always loved you. You left very soon. Maybe I'm late. I love you Fatima M. You are in my heart forever.💖💖
Devika 9 days ago
anyone else crying watching this ahh she is so talented omg
DeLia Cummings
DeLia Cummings 9 days ago
The Greek is such a great venue. Beautiful
SLOW 10 days ago
Kerry Evans
Kerry Evans 10 days ago
This took my breath away...nothing can compare.....Greetings from Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪 Exceptional.... There is Hope.... Billie Eilish = Empathy Yes we are all in this together ❤ Thank God for music..
my Queen Fatma
my Queen Fatma 10 days ago
مين عربي زاي
Jennifer Rodriguez Paola
Sad 😢
Disha Ghosh
Disha Ghosh 10 days ago
Billie I love you 🖤 I can feel your pain
Violeta Luchía Puig
billie and fineas I am shure you are not going to read this but you guys are incredible they come of an other planet and I love the conection that you have bouth of you
Michael Rowley
Michael Rowley 10 days ago
This was absolutely Beautiful Billie you are truly So AMAZING 🤩
A.M. Language Info- zone
Amazing dear😢
Money na net
Money na net 11 days ago
Money na net
Money na net 11 days ago
Dave Bonawits
Dave Bonawits 11 days ago
kind of reminds me of that one Duncan sheik song
sassy 11 days ago
U just amazing
Emmazon 11 days ago
This is the song that makes ur heart ack because of how much u can releat to it😔 ...We love you Billie💕
Alana Evilla
Alana Evilla 11 days ago
Eu sou muito sua fã
Gloria Isabella Solis
“The smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying “
mzori mzori
mzori mzori 11 days ago
mzori mzori
mzori mzori 11 days ago
mzori mzori
mzori mzori 11 days ago
kimiasadat mohammadirauof
Isn't this an Iranian?😐
kimiasadat mohammadirauof
یعنی ی نفر ایرانی اینجا نیس؟😐
Avrasya Araştırmaları Reha Yilmaz, PhD.
Amazing. I dont know how many time I listen it. Thanks Billur gör this amazing song. Thanks.
Jungkook Obama
Jungkook Obama 11 days ago
look at all those young fans crying with you. you have so many people who truly care and adore you. you are blessed. count your blessing in presence instead of looking back to your traumatic past.
Eri 12 days ago
conocí esta canción por el cover que hizo wonho es super relajante
Prettygirl kjsdlksdjkdjds
I pray I get to meet the girl who got me through the hardest time in my life
Jabour Ayoub
Jabour Ayoub 12 days ago
Of all the lies "i love you" was my favorite
Davidbruno Bruno
Davidbruno Bruno 12 days ago
No dia do meu aniversário kkkkkk
Jacek Rzechowicz
Jacek Rzechowicz 12 days ago
Każda kobieta na to zasługuje
ASTRO 아스트로 - ONE M/V
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