Billie Eilish Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Billie Eilish goes Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about how Riff Raff's music got her into Jordans, potentially working with Jordan Brand on a shoe, and why she likes men's sneakers.
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Mar 4, 2019




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Comments 31 181
Complex 10 months ago
What’s a sneaker that’s hard to pull off that you guys like to rock?
ITZ ZION 5 months ago
@Curserium ™ yeezy
notalot 5 months ago
My lightning mcqueen crocs
Johnny blaze It 420
Johnny blaze It 420 5 months ago
PotatoheadNick 6 months ago
Complex converse
Maz Melly
Maz Melly 7 months ago
Af1 mid
莆田鞋Jsz5940 21 hour ago
Jason Juarez
Jason Juarez 22 hours ago
why is she wearing MARPAT 😂
karanika _
karanika _ Day ago
Bring bhad bhabie to the show
Ethan Ault
Ethan Ault Day ago
The are ducking stupid
Natalie E.
Natalie E. Day ago
I have a small Vans dick
Pat D
Pat D Day ago
What's with the sneaker shopping videos? I would say "Who cares about what celebrities wear on their feet" but apparently a lot of people do. Weird feet fetish people, I assume.
ThAtch Day ago
Vans=Small dick Offwhite=Fucked up eyebrows
Saynt Borg 23rd
Vans=small dick Says the bitch that makes mainstream pop music fomf
ThAtch Day ago
She dresses like a retarded anime side villain
Ivan Renteria
Billie eilish on the big fan of you my name is evon
I like air max 270 shoes those are better
S u n n i i__exe
Who's watching during the Grammy's? Oh, by the way, if you check on the Grammy's website, You can see that When we all fall asleep, where do we go? won album of the year!! :)
100,000 Subs without a video
Billie Ellish looks like she’s wearing her blanket lmao
Dasbuch Derbücher
idk tho, but all of those sneakers thats she has boughed are looking dope as hell
Raul Gonzalez Jr
She needs to fix that left eyebrow
ilobilliee Day ago
for the last time y’all... if you don’t like her, leave!!! we don’t want you here!
Damn, how is there so much in-person content with her? I've been hit with more videos on her opinions than I have on her actual music. All my favorite music stars, it was never like "Grocery Shopping with Pearl Jam" or "What are your thoughts on paperclips, Tori Amos?" 😅
Daisy Duke
Daisy Duke Day ago
gangster trash
Christina Waldrop
I saw those bright ones at the beginning and said to myself she’s probably gonna pick those up and then she did😂
Chuck Dimanche
Chuck Dimanche 2 days ago
"I like things that people hate" *only buys off white nikes* suuuuure
Billie :v
Billie :v 2 days ago
Ok so I have a small dick
stefi 2 days ago
do they pay for the shoes themselves?
Mute 2 days ago
F in chat for anyone who wears Vans 😂
Nikita Orlovskij
Nikita Orlovskij 2 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about her eyebrows? 😂
TheSwat 2 days ago
biilie rica
Flavius Belisarius
She really does look like a young Scarlett Johansson.
Puddin 2 days ago
Why does she buy shoes that fit, but wear clothes 5 sizes to big? Put some size 13 shoes on!
mr sharp
mr sharp 2 days ago
Since she likes chunky shoes she should get the monarchs 🤣🤣
carlos medina estrada
What happend with US people? She is a famous artist?
Master Kyurem
Master Kyurem 2 days ago
Hey she likes the 15s I like the 15s
Эрик Макрецкий
Делайте перевод для русско говорящих
Maddie Hailey
Maddie Hailey 2 days ago
cashier: alright billie your total is $2,388 billie: *casually hands over credit card* me: tHaT rIgHt ThErE iS mY LiFe SaViNgS
Nol Valdez
Nol Valdez 2 days ago
I like this Billie girl she should make music!
Keyania Ellison
Keyania Ellison 2 days ago
I like the same shoes she likes
Unknown 2 days ago
Damn this girl sings for 12 yo white girls but she swears more than slim shady
A_IRISH_SLAV 2 days ago
Its just me or biliie is a Midget
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez 2 days ago
Not as melancholy as I thought it would be.... lol
Edgardo Vicario
Edgardo Vicario 2 days ago
hiwhill 2 days ago
'Vans = small dick' says by the person who wears a blanket as a shirt lmao
Lil Veins
Lil Veins 2 days ago
I love Billie eilish personality
Darcie Banks
Darcie Banks 2 days ago
Billie: I like them chunky Me: *billie you need too do a colab with moto moto*
Greg Mmamadi
Greg Mmamadi 3 days ago
Raymond was checkin on her ass 8:53😂
J 3 days ago
Small dick energy!!! 😂😂
Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez 3 days ago
I like them chunky 😂
It's Sam
It's Sam 3 days ago
I bet she'd like filas cause they hella thick
Abrany _
Abrany _ 3 days ago
Someone wearing weird ridiculous shoes, opinions:wtf what are those! Someone famous wearing weird ridiculous shoes, opinions: whoa so unique unlike other people
Yesmin Akter
Yesmin Akter 3 days ago
Love lov love billie
beltreezy Sanchez
I see nobody commenting about the small dick energy on vans because y’all lil dick niggas but hurt 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
callum james
callum james 3 days ago
"I like tacky clothing"
good vibes
good vibes 3 days ago
You can't even count how many times she said "fuck, fucking" !!!!
itsjustkashii 3 days ago
Tyler Ponce
Tyler Ponce 3 days ago
She kinda hot
your commenter liker
when she was 11 (two years ago) hahahaha
Leave me Alone
Leave me Alone 4 days ago
Thought i was the only one that thought that abt vans 😂 i hate them
fun lobby
fun lobby 4 days ago
She's hot af ,,
Facundo blanco
Facundo blanco 4 days ago
7:50 what a rich foot 😍
Derek Rivera
Derek Rivera 4 days ago
FAR FRESH 4 days ago
i immediately took my VANS off.....🙊
ck hk5
ck hk5 4 days ago
i like em big, 1:16
Daniel 4 days ago
No idea who this is.
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