Billie Eilish - bad guy (Live From Saturday Night Live)

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Sep 29, 2019




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Comments 80
mehrave .B.E F.E
I love America, but it's a pity I'm not American
mehrave .B.E F.E
Bilie eilish is super girl i love you bilie eilish
Nona Hajatyan
Nona Hajatyan 8 hours ago
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 9 hours ago
The rotation wobble is pretty obvious and should've been done a little more professionally, but still great energy from her as usual.
Sabby Bunny
Sabby Bunny 14 hours ago
Billie: white shirt Me: opposite of white tho...
Darkboi awesome
I remember watching this on snl
Glory Nguvauva
roxoce boucher
Billie is very Nice!!!!!!!!love you realy i love !!!!!!!!i hope you will answer me soon or like☺️❤️
Аружан Дисенбаева
люблю Билли😘
Lee Scott
Lee Scott 2 days ago
ok If you guys say so BUT I think ill pass and find something great this just don't cut it .its good at best see its nothing new...I want an element of danger in the music where did that all go everything so safe and guaranteed it sucks. she a marketing ploy for the masses mostly kids under 12 that don't own credit cards .....yet. Billie whatever if it wasn't you it would have been someone else because the money goes round. and kids love things that suck because they don't know better? it's not talent its timing and marketing that what your liking...you feel like she's talking to you personally yeah because it's made like that.
KJ Hafdahl
KJ Hafdahl 2 days ago
a doll
nубиk Wøpîиk 0.2.
Все гивнасты так умеют?0_0
Divinity In Motion
30k subscribers with NO videos
Bille: yesssirrrrr (the neck drop tho) (right at the red light) Me: wish l could be like u (jealous)
30k subscribers with NO videos
Bille: be blue I’m green! Me: if l would will you make my merch🤍💛
Layla Pelnar
Layla Pelnar 4 days ago
After this video, watch this video! (It isn't mine) It is a parody of Billie''s song Bad Guy by "The Holderness Family" called Bread Guy! ruvid.net/video/video-E9lIhgWNjC8.html
Richard Christiansen
This is what passes for talent now? Watch out Lennon & McCartney!! (Extreme sarcasm).
Ronda Doolin
Ronda Doolin 5 days ago
PILL music
Tea Stoickova
Tea Stoickova 5 days ago
Lalrem i
Lalrem i 6 days ago
Wtf!!! I rotate my phone. It confused the hell outta me. Thought i turn outo rotate. Then i come to the comment section. Wtf!!! But i love Billy she's so amazing!!!
Jonny Lebepe
Jonny Lebepe 6 days ago
What the fuck am I high
Tea Stoickova
Tea Stoickova 7 days ago
earth worm sally IS BETTER THAT BILLIE
Tea Stoickova
Tea Stoickova 7 days ago
billie sucks
kathryn wright
kathryn wright 8 days ago
I saw that she said that her mom helped her choreograph the wall walk while she had at least one sprained ankle. Her mom is incredibly talented as an acrobatic, dance, music and performance teacher.
kathryn wright
kathryn wright 8 days ago
I remember reading that she asked her mom to help her with the wall walking, and then I found out that her Mom is an incredibly talented acrobatic and dance teacher (among her other skills. Also, Billie had at least one injured ankle at the time.
Den kraynik
Den kraynik 9 days ago
She is model 2020
StuffedPeeps 9 days ago
LOL IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO REALIZE HOW SHE WAS WALKING ON THE WALLS. The room is rotating along with the camera, you can tell by the lighting
Dayy. 9 days ago
Billie is gold
Grace Melgaard
Grace Melgaard 9 days ago
her shoe coming untied is the best part of the whole thing
Horselover 4 ever
Horselover 4 ever 10 days ago
My sister hates her me 😐😑😡
Smaran Pasupulati
Smaran Pasupulati 10 days ago
The fact that she able to walk on the walls and ceiling even with her sprained ankle lol.
Billie Eilish FAN
Billie Eilish FAN 10 days ago
Billie: starts walking on wall Me: MoM I NeEd MeDicInE nOw!
Kass 2009
Kass 2009 10 days ago
OMG I love you so much Billie Eilish you’re such an amazing talent
shaima zeweri
shaima zeweri 12 days ago
This is how many people should definitely like Billie’s music videos instead of Charlie D’amelio’s tik toks
Kendall Media
Kendall Media 12 days ago
Yahoo Billie Eilish
Zyfo 12 days ago
I’m the bald guy
Danish Fikhri
Danish Fikhri 12 days ago
SNL did the same thing like hallway scene in Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010) film. Nolanfans raise up your hand please 🙋🏻‍♂️ anyone?
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart 13 days ago
Tie you’re shoe laces before you sprain you’re ankle for like the 5 time!
jaxson playsgames
jaxson playsgames 13 days ago
I was having a seziure 2:07 to 2:38
Tinna Whale
Tinna Whale 13 days ago
i luv it when Finneas and Billie wear matching outfits
Arthur Nunez
Arthur Nunez 14 days ago
How is the room rotating....it not shes walking on walls
Ravi Pillay
Ravi Pillay 14 days ago
Spider-man and that guy from 'panic at the disco- high hopes' be like: DAMN..
코스모스 14 days ago
Abigael Careen
Abigael Careen 15 days ago
Wtf is going on why is she rotating and my mind too
KADABRA 15 days ago
Billie casually defying gravity 😂
Paulo Gianni
Paulo Gianni 16 days ago
Hi guys! I make covers of many artist if you wanna support! Thanks @
Raymond Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez 17 days ago
My 🐱 is more talented
Almuhusena Oyshi
Almuhusena Oyshi 17 days ago
at the end of the show 3:35.just look at her face . she looks so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Andri Fanou
Andri Fanou 17 days ago
Billie eillish I am a spidergirl
Roblox gamer_girl
Roblox gamer_girl 17 days ago
3:03 she hit that hard
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 17 days ago
SonicTheMLG 17 days ago
Me:sing let it be bile elish: starts to walk on wall
Valentina Varela Vasquez
Billie Eilish*
brianna glover
brianna glover 18 days ago
You are the best👍😍
Mica Cabrera
Mica Cabrera 18 days ago
quiro sabr como s sub al acho
LT Afton
LT Afton 18 days ago
RUvid: how many likes do you want SethEverman: Yes
Peter Me
Peter Me 19 days ago
One of my favorites, iLuBillie 💫
Marie Bynt
Marie Bynt 19 days ago
So creative! Saw the behind the scene how they did this. AMAZING~!
shark man
shark man 21 day ago
i am the bad guy
tleeg74 21 day ago
Cool performance..... Too bad Billie Eilish sucks and her music is crap. She doesn't sing in her songs...she talks. It gets old after the first verse in all her songs.
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 21 day ago
What’s the real floor
Hellmark Channel
Hellmark Channel 23 days ago
Is she a Jojo fan? She go hard as Jolyne.
Hami Ghani
Hami Ghani 23 days ago
J'adore Billie
silja2470 24 days ago
nul à chier
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever 24 days ago
Great performance! Great Song! Here's my cover version of this song: ruvid.net/video/video-vFcwn_ZZw18.html
Kerri Celmer
Kerri Celmer 25 days ago
Now this is just messing with my brain
Nani R
Nani R 25 days ago
Billie ellish
Abdulova Hadi
Abdulova Hadi 26 days ago
Поставь лайк если ты русский
Cheryl Martin
Cheryl Martin 26 days ago
who else loves billie and the song bad guy meeeee!
Владимир Лучкин
Tyra May Lambert
Tyra May Lambert 27 days ago
This performance was soooo sick! 😆🔥
Honore deBalzac
Honore deBalzac 27 days ago
J'aime les tambours. Mais, j'ai rendu de compte de ce chancon apre c'etait utiliser comme publicite de tele pour une nouvelle voiture. French to English translation: I like the drums. But, I discovered this song only after it was used in a TV commercial for a new car.
MONSTER 27 days ago
am moveng me phone trlleoon wats the camera
Elias Dinda
Elias Dinda 27 days ago
bears nelsom
bears nelsom 27 days ago
This video is trippy
Eybet 28 days ago
Every one gangsta till Billie starts walking on the wall
Lisa Hall
Lisa Hall 28 days ago
Billies GROSS
Abby and Chelsea's Web
Is anyone going to talk about how pretty her hair is in the thumbnail?
Kaedence Herr
Kaedence Herr 14 days ago
Its pretty in general
Brittany Snedeker
Brittany Snedeker 29 days ago
Dominic Wolf
Dominic Wolf 29 days ago
Meine traumfrau 🤭
Abigail Thomas
Abigail Thomas 29 days ago
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