Bill O'Reilly Really Got Cancelled | Joe Rogan

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Taken from #1314 w/Charlamagne tha God & Andrew Schulz:

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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 1 324
WiildLight 12 days ago
Bruh Said It's Bill O'Rogan. Andrew dumb as a muaafucca🤣🤣😭
Araworn 14 days ago
Hey Joe, their are no other conservative people than whites? Fucking retard ass.
F Fu
F Fu 17 days ago
whats NDA?
jonathan meyer
jonathan meyer 19 days ago
The same group that took Bill out is trying to take out all conservatives. They tried to take out Hannity, but Hannity and Fox fought it....And give Jamelle Hill props? If it wasn't for her hating on Trump nobody would ever hear about her
Johnathan Myers
Johnathan Myers 18 days ago
with a name like that you should know better! the so-called "left" and "right" is total bs, they go to the same parties, they are from the same crime families... you do know that Pro Wrestling is fake right?
Dursun Sahin
Dursun Sahin 20 days ago
Bill O' Reilly Experience
Dan-baba Oat
Dan-baba Oat 20 days ago
He got cancelled by the totalitarian leftists.
will Boog
will Boog 20 days ago
Somebody need to cancel that bullshit breakfast club
kyle payton
kyle payton 21 day ago
Yall hella late if you dont know that Bill o'Reilly is cancelled.
The- potato-warrior
Black Lives don’t Matter
-- 21 day ago
Bill was the man, easily the smartest and most down to earth news guy on TV. Then they took his job to be safe in the eyes of the public when the reason why had nothing to do with his job. It's pretty sick.
Aristides Gonzalez
Said no one ever
Rick Graham
Rick Graham 21 day ago
That O'reilly lawsuit charged a "non consensual sexual relationship". That apparently has a different meaning to me than the court...
Juggernaut 333
Juggernaut 333 21 day ago
Theresa Ganainm
Theresa Ganainm 21 day ago
These faggots are sooo wrong about Oreilley. He is dominating and doing fine. He is flying under the radar so people like these faggots don’t get all faggotty on each other.
Wolfman7870 22 days ago
Jesus, O'Reilley, go piss away your millions on coke and lady boys in Thailand. This is just embarrassing.
Shafer Hart
Shafer Hart 22 days ago
The roast of Bill O'Reilly
Joe Whiteside
Joe Whiteside 22 days ago
They called him a instagram hoe.
Him Bike
Him Bike 22 days ago
I’m conservative and I think Bill O’Reilly is the worst ever. Holier than thou phony
billywilliamjr 22 days ago
Hating on bill. I bet bill orielly could shut each one of em up on the spot. In adult convo.
Heer Kommando
Heer Kommando 22 days ago
Sounds like (((Schulz))) is projecting a little hard.
Western Homestead & Off Grid Living
Never followed the guy, but like that at end, pointed out he has 3 million followeres and 500,000 views on the video they were clowning, btw this video had less views. Like they said there is no one main stream of viewing anymore, thats what You Tube, Twitter, FB and Google are trying to stop now that they are the dominant forces on their respective internet platforms, block these guys off the internet.
Silver Star
Silver Star 22 days ago
32 Million?! I could think of how to spend 1 million and make the issue go away.
Justin Looney
Justin Looney 22 days ago
Bill O'Reilly needs to get on 3Speak.
Pokemon2019 22 days ago
keith michael
keith michael 22 days ago
Someone cares what Jemelle Hill or Skip Bayless has to say? Who??? C'mon, which one of you give a rip about what either of those clowns has to say?
Gunman610 22 days ago
Settling a lawsuit isn't the same as breaking an NDA.
T Pickle
T Pickle 22 days ago
Why is Rogan sitting down with this race baiting pos
Jackson K
Jackson K 22 days ago
Joe should invite Bill O’Reilly on. Smart guy, can hold a good conversation I bet
Jackson K
Jackson K 22 days ago
Roshan Ailani Im 20 years old and would enjoy hearing his take on his cancellation. Im sure others would to.
Roshan Ailani
Roshan Ailani 22 days ago
Jackson K Why? Even among conservatives, no one cares about him anymore. The only ppl I know that like him are racist boomers, none of whom listen to the show
Malibu’s Most wanted
SKIEEUUPPP.. on a serious note skip Bayless is the man
Kushy OG
Kushy OG 23 days ago
He looks like Turmeric Lmfao!!!!!
#HondaGang 23 days ago
No one likes that dumb bitch hill from ESPN
Matt 23 days ago
Lol he had the highest rated show on cable for like 10 years
osman zubeir
osman zubeir 23 days ago
Seriously if someone sues me for 30 plus million dollars I’m paying somebody .5% of that 30 mil to facilitate their exit of this world to the afterlife
Josiah Haas
Josiah Haas 23 days ago
Doesn’t he sell the auto parts
MrGlenspace 23 days ago
Bill oreilly makes millions off his books that he co writes. He casts from his house but he is rich enough to do it from his house. He is also on newsmax.
Zach Lindsey
Zach Lindsey 23 days ago
Nobody gives a fuck what Jamelle Hill has to say.
MAMADUCK 23 days ago
32 million is more an indication of sexual assault than high class kink. O'Reilly is a serial sexpest and rating women's looks by their settlement amount is as loathsome as Trump's misogyny.
liacashmere58 23 days ago
Agree. 32 million? Naw, he raped that girl and she had hard proof. Shit, Drake just settled a rape lawsuit for 350, 000. That's chump change compared, to the money he has. smh
startskipsurvey 23 days ago
Charlemagne brought up a great point about the mainstream at the end, there’s more than one stream nowadays. I don’t like how he lied and said mgk beat eminem on the bfast club but forgive and forget
Meechy P
Meechy P 23 days ago
She’s got shit under her thumbnail 😂😂😂
Rotting Corpse
Rotting Corpse 23 days ago
Joe "White people did" Rogan goes full cuck sellout. Shocker.
Kelsey Faulkner
Kelsey Faulkner 23 days ago
“He looks like turmeric.” 😅
Ben Mansfield86
Ben Mansfield86 23 days ago
Fuck Charlemagne plays that race card guys a prolific racist him self the guy talks shit funny how he can say what he does and still gets all the platforms fuck that muppet
D A L 23 days ago
O'Reilly still better news analysis and fact than most other sources.
Eric Ferguson
Eric Ferguson 23 days ago
Sure, along with Rush, Alex, Hannity and fucker Carlson... They're all full of shit!
Nasho Nabo
Nasho Nabo 23 days ago
Damn Andrew you give the video some real house wives vibes. Not a fan
The Truth Channel
The Truth Channel 23 days ago
Bill O'Reilly got taken out by advertisers who were weaponized on behalf of the DNC, Obama and Clinton. The same thing that happened to Alex Jones. It was always about saving certain people's asses and they knew they couldnt attack Trump for 2 years with O'Reilly on FOX. He didnt get cancelled. He got taken out because they feared his voice.
Dave Plain
Dave Plain 23 days ago
These retards are the most uninformed and indoctrinated people spreading leftist propoganda!!! Joe Rogan, I'm ashamed off your pandering ass!!! There's an old saying"if you want to know who controls you,look at who your not allowed to criticize"!!!
Pub Euros
Pub Euros 24 days ago
HE REALLY SAID “ I don’t even think he really writes them, he just putting his name on the book” I’m dead 😂😂😂 under his breath 💀
0vermars 24 days ago
Bill got Cancelled CANCELLED
Why I Hate the World
Yeah. Fuck Bill O'Rielly
Giga 24 days ago
Bill is an utter cock
Paydrocity Alcacio
Paydrocity Alcacio 24 days ago
Although O’rogan has more views than this video lol
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