Bill Maher: Trump is winning. I'm sick of winning

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Bill Maher, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that he is ready for President Donald Trump to face impeachment. #CNN #News

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Jun 11, 2019

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Dan C
Dan C 12 hours ago
You have just witnessed the sickness that is running amuck in America. Dems want open borders, heathcare and welfare for illegal aliens, protecting criminal illegal aliens through Sanctuary Cities, killing if you prefer a beautiful baby not yet 24 hours old and turning away from American citizens living in tents in EVERY Democratic run city in America. Backing socialism vs capitalism and laying blame and guilt on white America. The same white America who had more to do through European immigration into building this nation into the powerhouse they want to give now give away. Democrats want immigrants that rely not on giving and contributing but taking from the coffers brimming over from European blood sweat and tears because they are VOTES. Now you tell me if ALL I have said is the truth. These are the diseased minds that Donald Trump has revealed through his victory. The silent Majority in America has had enough of favoring illegal aliens over patriotic American citizens, enough of this PC b.s. and white guilt, enough of crying over children being ripped from their "purported" mothers at the border but are all in for ripping a living beautiful child at 9 months and BEYOND from a Americans mother body. Sick, demented, diseased of which if an animal we would put out of its misery for its own good out of compassion. This is what Democrats stand for but will be swiped away like a irritating knat with Gods speed. BTW the God of which they constantly denounce even as He was mentioned by the founders. Begone Satan.
Carlos  Rivera
Carlos Rivera 14 hours ago
Hah Democrats are known to fight against the rich but tax the poor
Spiritual Gangsta
Spiritual Gangsta 14 hours ago
The average American citizen does not like Hilary! When you fools wake up!!
Duke White
Duke White 16 hours ago
WINNING! I'm not bi polar I'm bi winning ruvid.net/video/video-h5aSa4tmVNM.html
James Adkins
James Adkins 19 hours ago
Jesus Christ is the true God!!!! Know Jesus, Know peace!!!! No Jesus, no peace!!!!
Equity Not Equality
Equity Not Equality 19 hours ago
Cuomo is an absolute laugh!!!
Equity Not Equality
Equity Not Equality 19 hours ago
Better for Trump to spend money on tax cuts for all, than for Democrats to initiatewars that cost 10 times as much and Americans die!!
Equity Not Equality
Equity Not Equality 19 hours ago
Bill Maher must believe in Windlessmills"!!!
Shane 21 hour ago
Footsie under the table
youngarnold4 Day ago
You can't impeach Trump because you got your feelings hurt. He has not defiled the Constitution.
Steven Sweeden
Well these comments are the same old stale, ineffective, vainglorious slogans coupled with the usual fare of derision, exaggeration and meltdown so...nothing new here folks. But that was a great piece by CNN; two astute heavy-hitters telling it like it is. That's my style.
Omar M
Omar M Day ago
You're just as clueless as these two clowns. Probably more. Get your head checked.
kinematic Day ago
Mahr likes beto, enuff said.
kinematic Day ago
two losers coming to the realization their pathetic party is rekt by Trump.
Steven Sweeden
Yeah your shits a slogan, written at juvenile level. Those two astute, heavy-hitters spoke such an enormous amount of truth, your only possible angel and hope is to select a 1/100th of it and make the greatest imaginary hay and feed your hundred million. But you didn't even do that, no just common type garbage slogans that avoid all of those hard facts and heavy truths and instead dabble in playdough.
Trev S
Trev S 2 days ago
"Looking at our phones & thinking dear God what did the mental patient di now"
Matt Meade
Matt Meade 2 days ago
I guess dumacrats don't understand
Matt Meade
Matt Meade 2 days ago
Does this idiot have a radar station and and watch stealth planes hello they are built to be basically invisibility to enemy radar
msw7qw11 2 days ago
There must be a lot of stupid real estate investors, property values along shorelines have never been higher.
msw7qw11 2 days ago
So out of touch, douche bag elitists and his propagandist buddy
msw7qw11 2 days ago
It’s really rich to watch Bill Maher talk about facts with CNN.
Jim B
Jim B 2 days ago
Too funny. Bill Mayo clinic. The comedy stooge that would cut everyone down for the last 25 years. Now sides with cnn? Ahahahahahaha poor billy needs ratings and goes to a sinking ship? Ahahahahahha. Hey billy, go phuck yourself, your comedy ca-rear is over, you always sucked ass bitchch. Take your cnn stooge backstage and go phuck yourselves.
Antony johnson
Antony johnson 2 days ago
If we cant agree on fact then the fact need to be reevaluated
A Thule
A Thule 2 days ago
I'm not an American. The problem with American politics is that anyone with political opinions cannot break out of their partisanship pigeon holes. Look at Bill Maher; even Bill Maher cannot do this. The guy you didn't vote for is not a demon and the guy you did vote for is not a saint. Start gauging things more objectively, and forget partisanship.
psycleen 2 days ago
loser ray dalio
Bart Britz
Bart Britz 3 days ago
Comments below says a lot, I thought i might listen to whats being said, immense waste of time on feelings and Ad Hominem's. CNN is a disgrace.
Travellingpilot 3 days ago
😂😂😂 trump is running rings round these two fools and their completely oblivious to it!! They just don’t get it! 😂😂
Jonny L
Jonny L 3 days ago
Bills now brown butt juice
Phoenix Sky
Phoenix Sky 3 days ago
No Biden
Andrea Scacchi
Andrea Scacchi 3 days ago
I really hope the dems are kept out of the white house until they throw the socialism, racism, sjw and identity politics out of the window.
Uninstall Day ago
Andrea Scacchi I love that you haven’t been paying attention, the Democrats don’t want to be in charge when the economic crash happens. The country is trillions in debt. I wouldn’t want to be the government caught behind the wheel when it crashes. Hard to blame the opposition when they are not the one driving the whole thing. Looking at History the Democrats achieved the biggest wins and things when the Republicans were caught behind the wheel at the Great Depression.
J H 3 days ago
Couldn't stand to watch further than when delusional Bill claimed Trump thinks the stealth fighter is "literally invisible" 2:19
Tracey R
Tracey R 3 days ago
Maher is'a Communist, he almost told the truth. Demcrats are the. Ones to Blame. Maher is an Ass-wipe.
P272 3 days ago
Chris, a sea wall??? How does that prove global warming, lol. Is the ocean only rising at his club and not the rest of the coast 🤣😂🤣. Who takes these idiots serious. Chris do you know how free standing bodies of water work? And they're literally making fun of Trump when he says something so ignorant.
Jody Powell
Jody Powell 3 days ago
Oboma gave 150,000,000,000 billion dollars to IRAN to make nuclear weapons!!! Demshits believe just pass out all the taxpayers money!!!! Burn in hell lier's!!!
P272 3 days ago
Bill you're are either lying or a complete phucking idiot, which is it?
Tammy Atkins
Tammy Atkins 3 days ago
vic ovendale
vic ovendale 3 days ago
Up is down, green is orange and I just taught my cat to walk on it's hind legs while explaining string theory to my unicorn.I'm not even American and feel like I'm losing my mind. How the hell did you guys fuck up so badly? Talk about lunatics and asylums.
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers 4 days ago
I'm not always with Bill, I mean I don't always agree with him but, he couldn't have said it better.
Raul Victores
Raul Victores 4 days ago
No one cares what bill the racist has to say
sun tzu
sun tzu 4 days ago
I find it pretty amazing how the entire left has itself so convinced that they're collectively smarter than the right, yet they just keep losing everything. As they should. Trump sides with other countries? Wasn't it the democratic candidates speaking a foreign language at the debates? Maybe the left isn't as smart as it thinks it is. But that would never occur to such pompous, self righteous fools. Anyways enjoy your illusions. Just stop expecting us to play along.
Alextopolis 4 days ago
Who remembers non-partisan media?
Squirt Reynolds
Squirt Reynolds 4 days ago
It’s an easy choice for me: vote for the side that doesn’t call me a racist and a nazi because I think America should have a say in who’s allowed to come into our country.
Jimmy Jenkinson
Jimmy Jenkinson 4 days ago
cnn(I refuse to put it in capitals) slowly bleeding out makes my heart soar like a hawk ! GUFFAW
Robert Sosa
Robert Sosa 4 days ago
We need Ron Paul! END THE FED
Bill Maher has always been such a Dork....
Hawk's Hill
Hawk's Hill 4 days ago
So much fun watching the 2 of you dancing on the flames of hell that are at your feet!! LOL!! #WWG1WGA
Geneva Headden
Geneva Headden 4 days ago
They go from Hollywood 2 Bill mayhar a comedian. Other than crooked politicians these people are the only ones they want on their show. They're willing to cover up the worst scandals of the Democrat Party Plus they are motivated by hate of our duly elected president they are willing 2 throw America under the bus. They would not recognize facts if it slap them in the face. Fake news at it's worst.
Richard Afflitto
Richard Afflitto 4 days ago
Right here are the 2 biggest jerk offs on TV...
John Mackey III
John Mackey III 5 days ago
When a comedian cant tell jokes his lies become even more obviously idiotic... Mahr is trash.
Avocado 5 days ago
Um Trump is right about wind. A) we dont have the ability to properly store the energy. B) the possible efficiency of the technology is capped by the Betz limit. The only people that are proponents of wind are crony capitalists and delusional progressives.
Howdidy 5 days ago
It takes the entire far left to battle one man.Wait until the rest of U.S.enter.
Adam Feldman
Adam Feldman 5 days ago
Trump addressed climate change= reference 2:19 in
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