Bill Hemmer set to lead breaking news coverage, 3 pm show

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'Bill Hemmer Reports' will air on Fox News Channel weekdays at 3 p.m. ET starting on January 20. #FoxNews

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Comments 80
mesa45 7 days ago
Totally off subject but man this guy is HANDSOME, .....true story
Voi Vod
Voi Vod 23 days ago
Bill’s finger will no longer smell like Sand...
LEO Month ago
Tucker Carlson please.
panic buyer🤪
panic buyer🤪 2 months ago
Bill hemroid Open border operative for obama apparently
Joel Rausch
Joel Rausch 2 months ago
Does Hemmer ever hold his friggen head up straight???? The guy is like "Nipper" the RCA dog cocking his head as he hears his masters voice . If his head is not crooked , he's leaning to the side giving some stupid eyeball to the person he is interviewing . He has that news anchor mentality like he is the most analytical truth seeker on the planet..........NIPPER...
Meegan Fixler
Meegan Fixler 2 months ago
Happy for you Bill Hemmer! Congrats!
Micha Grobi
Micha Grobi 3 months ago
Congrats Bill! Keep up the good work. TRUMP2020
Zulu Voodoo
Zulu Voodoo 3 months ago
Bill Hemmer is the man, I was so glad that he didn’t move to another network for more money like many do..
Nate Lamp
Nate Lamp 3 months ago
Congratulations to bill hemmer on this prestigious honer of going to the 3:00 pm time from the americas newsroom(9 :00 am- 12:00 pm) he certainly deserves this honer he will do good come January 20,2020 all the best to him
Richard Willette
Richard Willette 3 months ago
So someone from the Trump WH will replace him?
Tzsahall Thomas
Tzsahall Thomas 3 months ago
Hemmer is slow. Just watched a show with the liberal was misquoting the Trump call several times saying "Can you do me a favor" Hemmer NEVER corrected the liberal with the correct statement "Can you do US a favor" Bill has got to wake up and make sure he knows what he is doing. We have enough fake news without Fox joining in the false fake news. Thank you fox for being honorable!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 3 months ago
Hemmer is the man!
Tic Tac
Tic Tac 3 months ago
We holding u to it
jgarno100 3 months ago
Bill Hemmer does an excellent job at Fox News. Congratulations, Bill Hemmer!
Donny Pearson
Donny Pearson 3 months ago
Congrats, Bill!
Mohammad Bin Laden
Mohammad Bin Laden 3 months ago
Foxnews is actually controlled by Soros.
otto von ottsville
otto von ottsville 3 months ago
Big whup
Reality 3 months ago
Trump is getting impeached because he just plain to stupid to keep the job. Once he is out of office, we might get some truth from that house. God Bless America, we will heal soon and be much stronger.
synseer 84
synseer 84 3 months ago
Matthew Groves
Matthew Groves 3 months ago
Bill hemmer well done you deserve it 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
ziggy2009 3 months ago
Get rid of Wallace and Cavuto.
NGH NGH 3 months ago
Bill Congratulations!!! I have been watching you since your CNN days am I glad you’re not there anymore. Best Wishes & Good Luck
Dave S
Dave S 3 months ago
Cool dude 😎
Chatla Suresh
Chatla Suresh 3 months ago
Bill Hemmer is endorsed to side by side new office and a closet shelf to make news broadcasting. Gets a new office and sitting newsroom since the date. Hey gals stop teasing him and he is crying. Does robots cry?🤭
1994CPK 3 months ago
Good, shitpard Smith didn't deserve it
WTF Again?
WTF Again? 3 months ago
Nice distraction from the IG Report released today. No deep state and the FISA warrants were valid. 😂😂😂😂😂
Greg Parks
Greg Parks 3 months ago
Hope he doesn’t cry like smell my Sh*t Smith did.
Lea Lane
Lea Lane 3 months ago
Congratulations!!! I've always loved Bill Hemmer and thought he should have his own show. Also... Very handsome!!!
Joe Mancilla
Joe Mancilla 3 months ago
Criminal trump 🤥🐁
Erik Rudolph
Erik Rudolph 3 months ago
Wheres the latest air force 1 videos with paid spokespeople?
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
After seeing his obvious disdain for President Reagan when he visited the Reagan Library, it looks like the 3PM slot is for just another lefty. This time without the sexual assault and the running down with an automobile a news colleague, so there's that.
Odin31b 3 months ago
She is so gorgeous.
Alisha L
Alisha L 3 months ago
Hot hot hot!
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
Dolores Cook
Dolores Cook 3 months ago
Awesome, you will have a good time as always, Bill.
Sandra Young
Sandra Young 3 months ago
He deserves it. He's good, way more fair & balanced than Shep.
Frank William
Frank William 3 months ago
Fake news Fox
Kognition Design
Kognition Design 3 months ago
Jesus Christ. Just do the job
andrea bella
andrea bella 3 months ago
John Borealis
John Borealis 3 months ago
Congratulations!!!!!! This is great news!!!!
ZZ Trump
ZZ Trump 3 months ago
He'll do much better than that Shepard Smith. Couldn't stand that guy.
Bargertunes 3 months ago
Yeah, sucks when facts show up in your safe space.
Craig Wall
Craig Wall 3 months ago
Lincoln Lloyd Redley
Mi- 😳 Mislead? 😳 Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr💥
coolguy5555551 3 months ago
If there's anyone more deserving of this, it's definitely Bill Hemmer.
Nat Mon
Nat Mon 3 months ago
I prefer Bill with class and professional Not hard on the eyes
great outdoors
great outdoors 3 months ago
Where do we want Trump?.....Locked in a cage. When do we want it? NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Lea Lane
Lea Lane 3 months ago
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
LOL still not facing reality--TRUMP is the president.
MisterTwister 3 months ago
great outdoors TDS is strong with this one ☝️
Mykill Myers
Mykill Myers 3 months ago
another liberal democrat leading Fox News
William Matthews
William Matthews 3 months ago
Hemmer should go the way of Shepard Smith.
Lucius Sulla
Lucius Sulla 3 months ago
William Matthews he’s actually not bad at all
Gregor Resch
Gregor Resch 3 months ago
All the GOP can do is come up with pitiful arguments against the process, no facts because it is a clear case that Trump is GUILTY.
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
Guilty of what? Winning the election because that's when the impeachment talk started.
MisterTwister 3 months ago
Gregor Resch This video is about Hemmer, yet you feel the need to interject Trump into the comments. He lives rent free in your head, doesn’t he? 🤪
Kim K
Kim K 3 months ago
Will be proud if you tell real News and use facts
one crying in the wilderness
Hemmer and Smith are deep state supporting leftists.
A Guy
A Guy 3 months ago
Bill Hemmer is actually pretty good, slightly conservative. Sandra Smith is a moderate who hates Trump but also doesn't like Dems. Will have to see how they do on their own now.
Lea Lane
Lea Lane 3 months ago
Smith was... but Hemmer is not!!!
Kim K
Kim K 3 months ago
Interesting Will Bill hemmer tell real news or more fake opinion crap?
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin 3 months ago
Great pick! Bill is a really good reporter.
human zalez
human zalez 3 months ago
Breaking news trump swallows putins going to be a mouth daddy
H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X
Congratulations, Hammer
@T Stewart because you said so bot or cultist!
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
@TRUMP FOR PRISON 2020 go back under your bridge troll.
@MisterTwister am I?
MisterTwister 3 months ago
TRUMP FOR PRISON 2020 Yet you’re here watching....hmmm 🤔
dee jay
dee jay 3 months ago
Trump should not be bashed by these 2
Eagle wolf Solitario
I watch FOX to see what the evil side is doing
Eagle wolf Solitario
@MisterTwister Thanks Lao Tzu
MisterTwister 3 months ago
Arnulfo Marquez Profound
Eagle wolf Solitario
@MisterTwister Do you.
Eagle wolf Solitario
@T Stewart Oh ! Ah! Ha!ha thats brilliant, what a genius comeback. You sir are hilarious. I am abandoning all forms of comments, you sir have set me straight. GTFOH moron.
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
LOL and really all you have to do it look in the mirror to see what the evil side is doing.
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick 3 months ago
DO OR DIE⚰ 3 months ago
DAMAGE INC. 3 months ago
Bill is a sellout commie gayboy
oderus urungus
oderus urungus 3 months ago
Master Kuma
Master Kuma 3 months ago
I'm sad to see him leave the morning show he has been great to start my day with. Glad he will be around for a bit longer and really excited for him to get his own show. I wish nothing but the best for him and smitty.
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
@Master Kuma either that or dumb as a rock.
Master Kuma
Master Kuma 3 months ago
@T Stewart yep I'm real fake lol
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
Fake comment.
James L
James L 3 months ago
Who cares about fox news
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
@James L Very typical for every lazy, worthless demonRAT. It is such a shame you party went from JFK's party of "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?" to selfish, worthless hypocrites in 1 generation.
James L
James L 3 months ago
Yep took the time to share how much i dont care. I have plenty of time for that
T Stewart
T Stewart 3 months ago
And yet here you are commenting.
MisterTwister 3 months ago
James L Evidently, you.
OH Yeh!
OH Yeh! 3 months ago
calm your boobies everyone
Rose Treiger
Rose Treiger 3 months ago
Let's hope he doesn't turn into the new Shepard Smith or he can kiss that job goodbye
Ambre *Celeste
Ambre *Celeste 3 months ago
2 big ugly infamous heaps! 😝
Puppy power
Puppy power 3 months ago
No difference bill and Shep
J MG 3 months ago
Wish him all the best but I doubt it will be that hard for him to do any worse than his predecesor (and Don Lemon's White half-brother) Shemp!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 3 months ago
This fembot is an activist not a journalist.
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund 3 months ago
So is everyone on FOX prime time.
Markos Mwendwa
Markos Mwendwa 3 months ago
So this is the New target and victim of Tr umps Imbecilic tweets when he is given factual News...
Eric Zahn
Eric Zahn 3 months ago
They finally got home fitted with that bridle.
The Verbally Abusive Clown
I don't care for Hemmer. He seems so fake.
paquiao manuel
paquiao manuel 3 months ago
Should move to CNN scumbag
David Motyka
David Motyka 3 months ago
No you two can’t break up.
Timmylehin 3 months ago
Who cares but hopefully you will be truthful and not bias, we just want real news and not spinning.
ron lloyd
ron lloyd 3 months ago
Question : Why does the GOP keep repeating that the Ukraine is the THIRD MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY in the world. How foolish is that statement. I've looked and looked and the best I can find is that they rank 120th in the world. One Hundred and twentieth. Where are the facts. The GOP never stop with the FAKE NEWS. How embarrassing! !!
David Adrian
David Adrian 3 months ago
Great show, Bill, Sandra
John Milton
John Milton 3 months ago
Doran Vee
Doran Vee 3 months ago
@John Milton Did he say that? Great minds think alike
John Milton
John Milton 3 months ago
@Doran Vee Just send the link to Hannity's monologue since all you can do is blindly parrot his talking points.
Doran Vee
Doran Vee 3 months ago
@John Milton I know your joking. There is no way it will happen You know too This is biggest hoax in history
Pete Edwards
Pete Edwards 3 months ago
John Milton Excellent points Mr Milton! The pro Trumptard comments here are likely from Putin’s Russian troll farms! If not they are really dumb, uneducated, and un-American Trumptard supporters!!!
Pete Edwards
Pete Edwards 3 months ago
John Milton
John Milton 3 months ago
John Milton
John Milton 3 months ago
Pete Edwards
Pete Edwards 3 months ago
My Rushmore 2.0: FDR, Carter, Clinton, Obama! Best Presidents of the last 100 years! Trump the “dumbest and worst” - George Conway
Doran Vee
Doran Vee 3 months ago
@Pete Edwards I imagine neither one of you were even an adult for when both were President.
Pete Edwards
Pete Edwards 3 months ago
Doran Vee
Doran Vee 3 months ago
And zero thumbs up. Today is opposite day.
John Milton
John Milton 3 months ago
Next videos