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Trevor and Bill Gates discuss coronavirus testing, accelerating vaccine development and how the world will rebound. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BillGates
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Lavalambtron Hour ago
They can’t force the people to take his vaccine, would be like Goebbels forcing his children to take poison.
Maddy PRESLEY 4 hours ago
Ask him why he sponsors millions per year to WHO and CDC? Dr Fauci and Gates should be in prison. He couldn't even stop the Microsoft virus but thinks he can save ppl from the coronavirus? Wake up. This man's the devil's advocate.
Joska Bünte-Koch
Joska Bünte-Koch 6 hours ago
Bill Gates has not vaccines his children. I don't believe him, he is not a philanthropist, just playing it. Wake-up People. Since we startet to use vaccines, we have AUTISM and other neurological chronicle illnesses ! They want to make us sick to treat us and earn more money ! The same with cancer treatments !!! Greetings from Switzerland.
Lavalambtron Hour ago
Joska Bünte-Koch I have been diagnosed with autism which I now, after reading so much about this, am almost sure was caused by the vaccines they forced me to take as a child, criminal to say the least they have sealed my fate.
Pete Shepherd SOULutions!
You are promoting anti-american policies: ruvid.net/video/video-CVYUfDLRgno.html
Ng ck
Ng ck 8 hours ago
Someone who speaks with lots of hand gesture, seems like trying to BS us....
Cheri 'mary; Thompson
Did you see how he almost peed his pants talking about trillions of dollars the guys enough will never be enough for him he wants it all
Cheri 'mary; Thompson
This guy "bill" is pure EVIL.EVIL
Ernest Jones
Ernest Jones 12 hours ago
Keep your vaccines 💉 you first Bill
Sciama Francois
Sciama Francois 12 hours ago
Great, interviewed. Well asked questions.
Lisa G
Lisa G 12 hours ago
Why bother listening to this. There are all lies. ✋🏼❌🚫⚠️🛑‼️‼️DONT WATCH THIS‼️‼️‼️‼️ I JUST SAVED 20 MIN OF YOUR LIFE. YOUR WELCOME
Lisa G
Lisa G 12 hours ago
He won’t ever get the vaccine.
Jerrell Logan
Jerrell Logan 16 hours ago
You have to be a damn fool to get vaccinated.
yoni yasmini
yoni yasmini 19 hours ago
He programmed the windows he also found a cure Doctor Norton
philile shongwe
So people with a dissenting view are called Conspiracy Theorists these days...interesting!
Steven Kroeger
2 clowns
utpal Bagchi
utpal Bagchi Day ago
He's evil.
Infinite Vortex Of Light Production
Bill Gates is a nazi with money that people listen to for no reason. PERIOD
Karen KT
Karen KT Day ago
You can see the lies in his eyes .. all he does is bring vaccines up. . The only thing he wants is to vaccine everyone in the world definitely not!
Food Critic
Food Critic Day ago
Look up Melinda Gates’ interview on The Today Show. She is wearing an inverted cross. Also, you might want to look into Bill and his parents’ view on eugenics. These are not the people to be giving mandatory vaccinations. Who elected these people as our leaders?
Julia Shell
Julia Shell Day ago
I don't trust the guy on the right. His body language is not trustworthy. His words are hiding the truth. The truth will get out very soon. Those 436 000 kids in India who were paralysed after the vaccine of the so called humaniterian work of this guy on the right - those kids do not trust him as well.
Joan Namupa Louw
X James
X James Day ago
Replay this video two months later, shocked by how American people welcome this virus.
Eric Shigali
Eric Shigali Day ago
Foul play here. In the history of man kind there has been alot of serious disease that no one talks about. Say Malaria and Cholera has been wiping millions of people but no whistle has been blown over them like this covid. With a 90% chance of survival, why is this so special that the world now has to stopped first and look at it? Well so unfortunate for the People with a history of chronic diseases. Vaccines for the whole world? 🤔 What's really inside those dose? I heard Fauci saying that states in the U S should be locked for a while until He finds a vaccine. Did we just give a single man this kind of power to decide? So staying indoors sorts what for people? So is that living or being alive? Covid or not, we all die at some point. But did we even live in the first place 🤔
Eric Shigali
Eric Shigali Day ago
X James well i think it was better to shut of for a month then later return to the new normal after the line has flatten and now dropping. But oh well you represent you by yourself. In my country most people are blue colour employed living from hand to mouth. Same as so much places in earth. With governments not having good plans to support their up keep if say on lock down, this people will not agree to stay in because hunger is a threat to them than the covid. We are apparently over 7.5 Billion people. So your view and take on it, based on how you live or would want things to be, will not apply to others. And for that reason some win, some loose, but all affected.
X James
X James Day ago
@Eric Shigali Yes human rights, or liberty? The first time I learned the liberty is "Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins", my life has been affected, a lot, which could have been better. So I need to stay quiet and watching other people destroying other's lives all over the country? I felt heartache when Bill Gates need to express those common senses and people still don't get it.
Eric Shigali
Eric Shigali Day ago
X James But those people that is what they feel pressing them than the covid pandemic. And so to them its how they respond. Is it stupid yes. Is it for you to decide noo. You've played your part. You've taken your stance, yes. So let them be. In the end we all going to be taken out of a fridge like cold beer. CDC will calculate in that way because it started long ago. The race shit has last so long that it is away of living. And some have problem with it, and feel the way to respond at it is risking others or hitting out and proving it. Its not upon you or me to decide what other person will do in their own bracket of "human rights" actions.
X James
X James Day ago
@Eric Shigali Take a look at the CDC man, OK? If I am racist so does the CDC. Tell them to stop calculating cases based on different races. There are lots of countries not even China succeed to do the lockdown and controlled the virus without people like you've said playing some agenda thing. Are the US people so special that they must fight against those bad guys outside every day? What a heroic!
Eric Shigali
Eric Shigali Day ago
X James In the turn of events you can only watch self distruct bombs you just hope you'll not be in the radius of explosion. Who are you referring to as the black, white latino? Are they some people in specific or a number of individuals who feel its what they'd do best for their intrest? You don't talk of a race anywhere. You speak of the involved parties only. Leave the rest to the rest. They might get out there to sort their intermittent threat, and just because for you its unnecessary risk as to your own view, mean everyone should follow it. We all just try to live. And there is no specific way for living when everyone is networked differently at conception.
Greg Richardson
Gates is lieing
Bill Gates yes you do feel like you told us so.You and your hypocritical wife go giving African kids vaccines but no one knows what the hell is put in those vaccines .You’re a billionaire you could’ve funded scientists to find a vaccine years ago.You are a liar and you are also like a walking cancer to the population and I’m shocked that Trevor isn’t asking questions that make sense
Bill Gates is trying to kill everyone,
Brian Bailie
Brian Bailie 2 days ago
Seems like Trevor had also sold his soul to "The Cult". As so many, I have stopped being a fan. I can't even find myself to laugh at his humor nowadays.
Connie De Vos
Connie De Vos 2 days ago
What people need most is honesty. In the end God will win. Only God knows. Our God is just...
Van Vador03
Van Vador03 2 days ago
This piece of shit is shamelessly spouting new planet prison programming covertly but directly in our faces. These mofo's fear the net because of its ability to connect the world. Basically because that means that it's only a matter of time before the world realizes that we have to take the planet back from the 1% . Trevor has just been given orders the he could not refuse, we already know where he really stands. Fk these pieces of shit.
Rupesh Kafle
Rupesh Kafle 2 days ago
what camera is gates using
Gerald Ramirez
Gerald Ramirez 2 days ago
B.S. Brain wash!!!!!!!!!!
James Armel
James Armel 2 days ago
Lol...2 sellouts period how they both can sleep is beyond me...I’m just trilled that we have a GOD who see’s an knows all an he has a place for these evil people...as you see he’s being asked easy question but not the hard one bill has killed millions around the world Africa should be having him charged with genocide period any country he has his had in with those evil vaccines 💉 he’s a murderer an doesn’t give shit about humanity....on thru Jesus Christ we will find the truth an love we as humans deserve..hard to “love thy neighbor” if it was for that I’d wish he’d would DIE DIE DIE
Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor 2 days ago
SHM. Trevor failed to ask the real questions. And so now I question Trevor Noah.
MikusM 2 days ago
What a nutjob epidemic in the comments
CARL 2 days ago
bill gates from hell is the enemy! Don't listen to this evil man.. bill gates from hell, fauci, and china is behind this virus! Don't believe me go follow Young Pharaoh channel and catch up with whats going on.. bill gates from hell is not our friend but our enemy!! Facts...
yvonne hopkins
yvonne hopkins 2 days ago
Why would I take a vaccination. He will not even vaccinate his own children.
Queen of Judah Judah
Greetings Nefer Praise Yah, You're done for Trevor. QoJ
OliGuaya Sebesteves
Bill Gates is the biggest lier alive
The Thingie
The Thingie 3 days ago
I am so glad that I have ability of common sense and logic thinking
Abdullah salah
Abdullah salah 3 days ago
U can tell from his face that he is laying!!!! He wants to kill 80 percent of the world!!!! He even didn’t answer any of the questions! Guys focus on what he is saying,, no answer
Abdullah salah
Abdullah salah 23 hours ago
Ilse Smith No need
Ilse Smith
Ilse Smith 23 hours ago
@Abdullah salah Ah. Was just wondering if I needed to have my eyes tested.
Abdullah salah
Abdullah salah 23 hours ago
Ilse Smith lying I meant
Ilse Smith
Ilse Smith 23 hours ago
He isn't laying. He is sitting.
Bromhead Day ago
stop it, get some help
Chrissy p
Chrissy p 3 days ago
What keeps him up isn't helping families and small children achieve immunity, what reaalllyyyyy keeps him up at night is how to demand mandatory vaccines for all people worldwide so he can have his nice little return on investment egg and sit on it with his little liver spot chicken ass in his nice little ivory tower.
Bromhead Day ago
will you grow up and a stop with this stupid useless no good conspirracy theory!
Gab Jaq
Gab Jaq 3 days ago
He said he dont mean to say I hate I told you so but... so in all he really just ratted himself out
janusmaiden 3 days ago
Ventilators killed a lot of people. This man could not keep viruses off Windows. Not a Doctor-- not even a degree. Gates hosted EVENT 201, holds a coronavirus patent, the ID 2020 060606 nano tech patent linking your biometrics to some future cryptocurrency. He comes from a known eugenics family. Wuhan was the only city China quarantined-- while their manufacturing hubs were never shut down. Apartheid was also about separating the blacks from killing other blacks... Rwanda anyone? Now the blacks are attacking the whites in SA. Why would we need an immunization for something with a 99.7% survival rate with most of us having no symptoms or nominal symptoms-- and a cure-- hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Z-pac.
I V 3 days ago
Fahad Baig
Fahad Baig 4 days ago
Firstly arrest the billgates
Andy Cunningham
Andy Cunningham 4 days ago
All these companies are out here for money they're not here for us 😠
Felix Kubin
Felix Kubin 4 days ago
Censorship is illegal. WTF do you (Daily Show) cut down dislikes? ruvid.net/video/video-QBNZXRcwmkA.html
Andy Cunningham
Andy Cunningham 4 days ago
You need to go on are in show everyone you're taking the vaccine and I want to see the bottle when you
Andy Cunningham
Andy Cunningham 4 days ago
You're full of s*** Bill Gates
Pat 4 days ago
Comment section made me realize MAGAs like watching Daily Show too
Sämir E. Tarcheh
A comedian and a programmer talking about health issues. A great combination of gaslighting and brainwashing.
Issa Omar
Issa Omar Day ago
Nope. Outsiders to any profession are blessed with the freshest of viewpoint. As long as they are truly interested, of course. Seismic isolation was first used by a medical doctor.
philile shongwe
Samir E. Tarcheh you summed up perfectly
Mahabat M
Mahabat M Day ago
Sämir E. Tarcheh absolutely...sadly
guitarmario 4 days ago
Ask him when his children got vaccinated 😂🤣😂👏👏
guitarmario 13 hours ago
Check this out, there's more if you want....there is not worse blind than the one who doesn't want to see💜
guitarmario 13 hours ago
@Sjaak m.ruvid.net/video/video-NcTYbDH4O0A.html
Sjaak Day ago
@guitarmario of course you don't have proof for any of that.
guitarmario Day ago
@Sjaak because she lies, they are behind a huge bu$ine$$ and not for the good of humanity....few countries are asking for The Gates head already..... Wake up....
Sjaak Day ago
Not sure why you find that funny. Melinda Gates has already explained all her children are vaccinated. When? I suppose at the age the doctor recommended it.
Rabbit Potato
Rabbit Potato 4 days ago
Let's ask Bill Gates to fix our police Edit: #GeorgeFloyd
What does that technocrat say now as the pandemic is on retreat without any vaccine?
Wreed Wreed
Wreed Wreed 4 days ago
Trevor expose this murderer Bill Gates, be a man. Grow some balls !!
Wreed Wreed
Wreed Wreed 4 days ago
Depopulation Gates paralyzed 500.000 kids with his poison vaccins and killed many people with his vaccins. He's the biggest criminal in the world. Arrest Him !!
Yaser Al Jabary
Yaser Al Jabary 4 days ago
Bill Gates is the virus
Henrik 4 days ago
Make no mistake: Bill Gates is in it for the money. The man is a monopolist who suffers from Megalomania.
Andrea 4 days ago
And always that knowing grin... I don´t want your vaccine, I´ll give it to you and your family. He´s megalomanic!
Keitho Charmers
Keitho Charmers 4 days ago
why did you put your staff off in October 2019 after your bunker was built!
Kin san Lee
Kin san Lee 4 days ago
Bill gate want to reduce human population he is a monster
Kin san Lee
Kin san Lee 4 days ago
Bill gate is a criminal he supost to be in jail for the crime to human because he and dr Fauci vaccination produce autism . I have a son autism because the vacine
A G 4 days ago
I like how neutral Trevor is. And I didn't know that Gates is a Dr.
Donnell 2 days ago
What is Bill Gates saying about the unrests?
The Thingie
The Thingie 2 days ago
yvonne hopkins I dont want to live on this planet anymore
yvonne hopkins
yvonne hopkins 2 days ago
He may have a doctorates degree but he is not a medical doctor. He should stay up at night for trying out vaccines on african people. He knows that they will kill them.
Queen of Judah Judah
Greetings Nefer Praise Yah, He is not period.
The Thingie
The Thingie 3 days ago
did he claimed he is a Dr. ? I dont think so
Lions Club
Lions Club 5 days ago
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rpm 5 days ago
trevor wanted to interview bill gates to makes him more likeable,, WTH
senadbosanac195 5 days ago
What channel is that? Cartoon Network? 🙃
Naina Mahtani
Naina Mahtani 5 days ago
pl ask him what are the composition of the vaccine he wishes to impose on the world and previous vaccines have not worked vaccines will make trillions for him he is a businessman at the end of the day
Sqrt -1
Sqrt -1 3 days ago
Naina Mahtani I thought they could be known with a google search, but ok. vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/vaccine-ingredients
Rosa Taisague
Rosa Taisague 5 days ago
His goal is to eradicate people NOT the disease! He paid scientist to create the virus! That is why he prepared himself 6 months prior to the pandemic!!
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime 5 days ago
Muziwandile Hlongwane
So.r people are confused They spend their life preaching population management and it happens now that the pandemic is taking it's toll on the population and the same people are now preaching preserving human kind
Gertha Giles
Gertha Giles 5 days ago
Hear Young Pharoah on RUvid
Gertha Giles
Gertha Giles 5 days ago
Frankenstein wants a worldwide lab to experiment.
gnawh 5 days ago
karlo lasala donato
Stick to comedy trevor. You dint know anything about this. Stop being an apologist for bill gates.
legasiguy 6 days ago
This was a great interview by Trevor! He asked very intelligent questions! He's a comedian but like Conan O'Brian, Dick Cavett and David Letterman in his later career, he can be a serious journalist! I tried to find his educational background on his wiki but it was unclear if he went to a university but by his witt and intelligence, I'm sure he did!
Seyyit Omer Ozdaslar
Mr Bill Gates, don’t forget, what goes around comes around,we human will not forget this time what happened to us
Maddy PRESLEY 6 days ago
Gates is a devil
Dealva 1
Dealva 1 6 days ago
You suck
Dealva 1
Dealva 1 6 days ago
You said to B. Gates"we need you" did you mean to make us of un-noble birth slaves or to poison and kill us! And this time its not even a racial issue. Have you done any research on this meglomaniac or are you also on his payroll? Shame on you! Watch "meet bill gates" on youtube and educate yourself! I thought you were smart! Shame on me!
Violet Frankson
Violet Frankson 6 days ago
Since when is Bill Gates known for Changing Humanity for good causes & Being Spiritually chartoble? ?? Please: give me a break He's a Hit Man for the Cabal & doesn't even know it.
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 4 days ago
@HawkMeadow you're the kind of people who are actually intelligent and not believe conspiracy theories...Bill gates has helped a lot of countries in eradication of many diseases and working on solutions for everyone's good. He has got so many awards for serving humanity.
HawkMeadow 4 days ago
I can't post links here, but if you look up "bill gates water and sanitation" on Google, then you should find one of the top results to be exactly what I am talking about.
HawkMeadow 4 days ago
When the Bill Gates and Melinda foundation helped provide fresh water for people in Africa? You do know he's received a Medal of Freedom from the former president of the United States right? Bill Gates is a huge philanthropist and not just some nobody who just thinks he knows everything. He has scientists that help him and he knows this stuff because he researched it.
daniel weber
daniel weber 6 days ago
Well, perhaps your story would be more believable if you weren't saddled with a totally crooked, ”Big Pharma” who much earlier than 2015 had agreed to disclose ongoing transparency regarding ingredients and proven tests with positive results...in exchange for protection from being sued!!! So, how is it that you haven't yet produced any proof that the products your pushing is safe, only a trail of horror stories that conveniently and quietly get swept away with anti-lawsuit protection?? So just how ready are you now for full disclosure... for all the world to see in our hour of need because with your total lack of transparency within a corrupt system I'm not at all buying your bs, big shot!
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