Bill Burr Thinks Women Are Overrated - CONAN on TBS

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Bill is nostalgic for a time when parents hit their children and you didn’t have to believe all women.
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Aug 23, 2018




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Comments 80
Kyle Moss
Kyle Moss Hour ago
I’m laughing with you, guy in the audience
TP Productions
TP Productions 2 hours ago
Sean Mooty
Sean Mooty 5 hours ago
That one guy lol
Anddres Torres
Anddres Torres 5 hours ago
Comedians are modern day philosophers.
Speaking real truth
Jared 8 hours ago
Only reason people got quiet is because he changed subjects to something completely unrelated with no segue.
Andy McLafferty
Andy McLafferty 10 hours ago
Audience reaction here is one of the the most genuinely disturbing things I've seen in a while
Zackisen 14 hours ago
The kid can clean it up.
Corey McMillan
Corey McMillan 15 hours ago
Conan is such a douche
Cringle 17 hours ago
Why is everyone talking about one guy laughing? I here a whole fake crowd laughing
Larry Quicksave
Who is bill burr? Iike him
Carter Cruz
Carter Cruz Day ago
A lot of people confuse hitting with punching One is discipline and the other is illegal, so calm down
Melanie Walden
Why did i have to watch a vaginal health add before this video 😢
Jock Mackay
Jock Mackay 9 hours ago
You tell us Melanie, you tell us
Dave East
Dave East Day ago
The funny thing is women love guys like Bill Burr
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 Day ago
Bill burr speaks the truth!!
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Day ago
Gen X becoming Boomers right before our eyes.
Justin Patterson
You heard it here first folks- having a partner is overrated.
Luke Day ago
Wear a damn condom.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross Day ago
Bill Burr is dropping some major red-pilled truth bombs/knowledge in a 5-minute clip. You could hear all the guys cheering and all the ladies in dead silence.
Zeenix 2 days ago
Well no hitting a kid for doing something wrong is just gonna make him know if he does it he gets beat, It doesnt teach him why its wrong.
srkxn848 2 days ago
3:46 that was pretty random.
sevzernov Day ago
mmmmm not really "One of the most iconic-and disturbing-scenes in Glenn Close and Michael Douglas' 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction is when Anne Archer, who plays Douglas' wife in the movie, comes home and discovers her daughter's rabbit boiling in a pot of hot water."
Marquiz Milton
Marquiz Milton 2 days ago
I don't understand why the lil brother wouldn't get a waffle if he finished his steak.. That's not fair.
Gaznaz 2 days ago
He’s too quick and too witty for 90% including Conan to keep up with him.
Ryan may
Ryan may 2 days ago
Aw mom I wanna a waffle
Scott M
Scott M 2 days ago
Sounds like my house growing up. And I’m better for it.
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 2 days ago
Sooooo true
TheMrTipZy 2 days ago
Why are fact so fun to listen to?? Because it's Bill Burr.
Tonyaa5 6
Tonyaa5 6 2 days ago
This pisses me off so much. This guy doesn’t know the half of what women today have to deal with because he just wants something to complain about and will look for any reason to get upset at women just because we aren’t AS oppressed. Although we still are and if you don’t believe me check the numbers because they don’t lie. The moment we say anything or gain even a little bit of freedom men like him misogynistic, sexist men who not only do not listen to us but throw temper tantrums the moment we state the truth and speak up. He’s saying they listen too much? Don’t make me laugh. If I had a dollar for the amount of times a man has listened to me I would be broke. The entire reason women are still fighting for rights is because they don’t listen. As for the comments on this vid...you tried your best...✨🧚‍♀️💖stop trying 🥰💘💫😌. Oh and i don’t argue with unreasonable people so don’t try 🥰😘
Jock Mackay
Jock Mackay 9 hours ago
JUMPINGALMO 2 days ago
This goes both ways. You need a reality check
Travis Stockwell
Travis Stockwell 3 days ago
"I miss tougher parenting and . . . evidence." Lol!!
Samuel JLS
Samuel JLS 3 days ago
That Glen Close comment! 😂 Like I didn't even know he was there listening That came outta nowhere
ozmo69 3 days ago
The amount of likes proves to you how many of us still believe in what is right. and the Dislikes tells you the powers that are trying to change our belief. WE ARE more then them > DO NOT LET THEM CHANGE US. HOLD STRONG!
ozmo69 2 days ago
@NekiTamoL1K Why should I. system is turning against straight men. We need to stand up
NekiTamoL1K 2 days ago
Bharath Bhat
Bharath Bhat 3 days ago
He is probably the only comedian who gets going by pissing off the audience. 😂😂
Quattro 4
Quattro 4 3 days ago
MTran0708 3 days ago
rare to have someone still speaking from his soul
AT Series
AT Series 4 days ago
mr raodman69
mr raodman69 4 days ago
I didn’t know this was frank from f is for family wtf I was t prepared for this I’m scared help me please
Astral Flick
Astral Flick 4 days ago
I wish my parents were tougher on me
TT101 4 days ago
I feel like Bill Burr has people accusing him of things
wurly-dualach 4 days ago
Honesty kind of killing the room there as everyone tries to feel out what was ok and what wasn't. So lame
Nicolás Salazar
Nicolás Salazar 4 days ago
"ohh these telephones!....mmm Gam bUm Dhim"
Big Ding
Big Ding 4 days ago
I like that abrupt segue from cube steak to "women are so overrated".
PV GOSPEL 4 days ago
I've watched this a billion times and I must say, ever since I heard the “poured a glass of milk story” , I've been fantasizing about when I'll be a father myself just to pour a glass of milk at MY son.. 😂 PS: yeah I know I'm really a good person.
alZiiHardstylez 4 days ago
That guy laughing in the background absolutely loving it. Oh man, I hope he's doing okay. I have such a similar goofy hyena'esque laugh to him as well.
LuciTulcea 4 days ago
Well said Bill Burr, about everything! :)
Thunder Whale
Thunder Whale 4 days ago
yall don’t deserve women😌 we a blessing
I changed my name so it confuses people
​@Thunder Whale alright fair point but i dont think even those people are taking it that seriously and the reason why there are so many comments like that is becouse the main demagraphic this video appeals to is probably people who can relate and took it from past expirence
Thunder Whale
Thunder Whale 4 days ago
I changed my name so it confuses people i mean i’m a feminist but definitely not a feminazi, and everyone in comments was genuinely talking about how he’s the only man who can speak the truth. maybe he meant it as a joke but clearly many people aren’t understanding that and are taking it seriously.
I changed my name so it confuses people
Thunder Whale sorry for my rude words but it’s a comedian doing a bit for a laugh
I changed my name so it confuses people
Thunder Whale did you even watch the video yall a crazy feminazi arnt you
Thunder Whale
Thunder Whale 4 days ago
I changed my name so it confuses people cause he basically said he wants women just to do what there told and he’s annoyed that men actually have to respect them now
Thunder Whale
Thunder Whale 4 days ago
wow this comment section did not pass the vibe check wtf
Les Krapps
Les Krapps 4 days ago
My friends told me I reminded them of this comedian before I knew who he was. I love this guy, and I love myself
innocent ishimwe4788
This escalated so fast😂😂😂
Yank ee
Yank ee 5 days ago
Believe no more than about thirty percent of what women tell you.
6'5, Give Me Some Leg Room
😂😂 the triggered comments
Eric Warren
Eric Warren 5 days ago
Bill Burr is Bill Maher if he wasn't a Moron.
Kimchi Bunny
Kimchi Bunny 5 days ago
Conan can be annoying.
byront 5 days ago
What the hell does Conan say at 4:53?
Mex 5 days ago
Hahah spot on ;)
mickey oh
mickey oh 5 days ago
This man is not a simp. He should run for president.
LaTesha Nelson
LaTesha Nelson 6 days ago
There are crazy women out there. Do not get me wrong. But there are men out there that make women crazy.
MyNameIsComics 6 days ago
Bro spitting facts at the end
Rafael Ulloa
Rafael Ulloa 6 days ago
How to give Zero F*cks
Liam Bredell
Liam Bredell 6 days ago
He is the anti simp
Vampie 6 days ago
Bill: women are so overrated! Me(a woman): I agree....in ways....
ᄆᄂ 6 days ago
I am a Korean man. South Korea. I'm not sure if it'll translate well. Korea is ruled in feminism. President is feminist. Please help me. It's incredibly serious. No matter what you imagine, it's more than that. Their power has grown beyond control and no one can stop them. The feminist country. Korea seems to be a free country, the support of men in the land of brainwashing.
Smikkelbeer 6 days ago
We live in a society
Ruben _
Ruben _ 6 days ago
Treu treu
V 6 days ago
African kids are still getting hit
bentpressowner 6 days ago
This guy is so close to getting de-personed across the entire digital landscape (including his own bank accounts) and home address doxed and he does not even know it. The audience is well aware that they are NOT allowed to laugh with him, as the spineless witless classless brain dead host has to constantly weasel out of appearing to agree with a word of it.
S leS
S leS 7 days ago
Women are, females & femininity isn't.
mohd athar
mohd athar 7 days ago
If an extreme conservative and an extreme liberal American couple have a baby it would be Bill Burr
George Caplin
George Caplin 7 days ago
How did Conan not get the fatal attraction reference?
NifBac 8 days ago
Who's watching in 2020 seeing these spoiled kids running around
Tinopinoh 8 days ago
Conan has to act surprised to not be canceled lmao
Saurabh Niley
Saurabh Niley 8 days ago
It needs to be said.😂 well done
upworld1 8 days ago
He sounds like Tony Soprano talking to his shrink.
gwho 8 days ago
So good
poeter14 9 days ago
Bro. He was funny but he was speaking the truth
Gaming4Justice 9 days ago
It's insane how the crowd is so full of cowards. They're not laughing because it's not OK to talk honestly about such topics. There is so truth to that but you hear how the crowd is denying it all.
Donald Watson
Donald Watson 9 days ago
Bill. Burr is f$#%×@$ hilarious
sagatya uppercut
sagatya uppercut 9 days ago
A glass of milk in the face for "I hate you mom"...Yeah, he got off light. WTF has happened to this country?
Lucky dube is the greatest muscian
Now days days truth are said to be lies and lies are said to be true If you want check out " No truth in the world by lucky dube ( luck dube was an south African reggae artist considered by many as an african king of reggae)
Contessa Adella
Contessa Adella 9 days ago
I am with you Bill.......Kids today are so molly coddled, they don’t even know how good they have it and respect is history!
Arick A4
Arick A4 9 days ago
Yes, Men are underrated
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