Bill Burr Thinks Women Are Overrated - CONAN on TBS

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Bill is nostalgic for a time when parents hit their children and you didn’t have to believe all women.
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Aug 23, 2018




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Comments 14 040
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley 6 minutes ago
I wouldn’t even believe 10% of women
O L Hour ago
This audience sucks. I’d be pissing my pants from laughing so hard.
Jt Jaster
Jt Jaster 6 hours ago
Society: believe Women Bill burr: "ALL OF THEM"
Jt Jaster
Jt Jaster 6 hours ago
This man is Genius
Jt Jaster
Jt Jaster 6 hours ago
Kidz have WAY too Much power Well said
itsEthan 8 hours ago
Bill Burr: "Women are overrated" Conan: "so you have chosen...death"
Nana Yaw Badu
Nana Yaw Badu 8 hours ago
This is best talk show ever
LSB 9 hours ago
womun iz bitchez
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers 19 hours ago
It's a scary thing that people won't applaud justice. Due process and evidence and everyone's quiet. Truth hurts
bigheadbob37 20 hours ago
He knows the score does bill
Ephemeral Q.
Ephemeral Q. 21 hour ago
0:35 Why did they randomly clap at that point? Was it a delayed reaction or....?
LKH Day ago
savage brutal rekt !
Sina Rouhi
Sina Rouhi Day ago
I love F and him.
JDL Day ago
I think the crowd was afraid to laugh are they don't even understand how different things have gotten.
Tim Dore
Tim Dore Day ago
He isn't angry he is explaining his opinion there is a difference.
Faisal AL-Maiman
"Believe women" Like, all of them?!!? 😂
OSSIE Day ago
Fucken men have lost there balls because the system is agents us and these bitchs know it
shadowmane55 2 days ago
Lmao that one guy in the audience tho. Legend
Mötley Crüe
Mötley Crüe 2 days ago
He’s this generations George Carlin
Dros Hill
Dros Hill 2 days ago
Arthur Cribben
Arthur Cribben 2 days ago
Children should get disciplined this includes being smacked and spanked
Americo Pedroni
Americo Pedroni 2 days ago
666 999
666 999 2 days ago
Conan is the biggest wanker on earth most unfunny human in the world
DeLuca Piano
DeLuca Piano 2 days ago
Tougher parenting and evidence. He totally nailed it.
James Sandlin
James Sandlin 2 days ago
Bill Burr this guy hasn't been neutered by feminatzi liberal social justice warriors conan is part of that 100% liberal cowards club so he has to cover up Bill=puttin the man back in man Hollywood is pathetic and worthless
Jodee Rebecca Davey
I Had a Single Mom Who Had to Get to Work Super Early Everyday Before I Went to School,&,Usually Got Home Super Late After I Got Home From School,so I Usually Just Ate Stuff Like Leftover Pizza For Breakfast,&,Dinner While Watching The Boob Tube,But I Actually Kinda Consider Myself Lucky to Have Been a Latchkey Kid Because I Discovered a Lot of The Stuff That I Really Grew to Like Back Then
Vic Holtreman
Vic Holtreman 3 days ago
Bill Burr looks like the mask Ryan Gosling wore in Drive.
Live Live
Live Live 3 days ago
I love and respect him kids those days are spoiled have no respect to any one and they are entitled to everything !!!!
phil mortlock
phil mortlock 3 days ago
Can you hear feminist vaginas slamming shut after every word classic.
American Patriot
American Patriot 3 days ago
Bill is spot on!
Bjørn 3 days ago
So true 😂
AJ Lynch
AJ Lynch 3 days ago
oh the irish lol
Naylor Broughton
Naylor Broughton 4 days ago
Relate well. Was parented in the 1970's
Vanessa Shimoni
Vanessa Shimoni 4 days ago
LOL this is funny
Daniel Stephens
Daniel Stephens 4 days ago
When raid shadow legends is both of the ads.
Jebediah Clang
Jebediah Clang 4 days ago
3:13 Conan trying to save his marriage
Axil 4 days ago
Look at the sellout Conan trying to stifle a fellow comedian from saying something controversial and true.
Raptorias Vaughan
That's why Bill Burr is awesome.
Francis Muiruri
Francis Muiruri 4 days ago
that was offensive.
Francis Muiruri
@Brian Sizeloveit was a joke i like this.
Brian Sizelove
Brian Sizelove 2 days ago
Lighten up Francis 😏
Brian Sizelove
Brian Sizelove 2 days ago
Lighten up Francis. 😏
Blot 4 days ago
Wow, Conan is so pathetically annoying with his "WAIT WHATT!!?!11"
This is what happens when you throw an honest, logical conservative on a talk show with an audience of brain-washed liberals.
Ben Richards
Ben Richards 4 days ago
Why would a ging who loses it on top, grow it on the face?!...
J Pennington
J Pennington 5 days ago
Bill dropping red pills like CRAZY!!!!
Albert De Castro
Albert De Castro 5 days ago
Bill has common sense because he grew up Christian. He needs to come back!
Anthony Speedster
I love how RUvid reccomended me this on Women March Day.
Pooja Hegde
Pooja Hegde 5 days ago
This guy is brilliant 😂 not one F*** given. Good stuff
Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes 5 days ago
I am 6.5 inches tall big man my mum was 4ft 9 tall if we give her crap we where getting a winger lol
Preston Cormick
Preston Cormick 3 days ago
This is definitely a British comment
Graviton AS
Graviton AS 5 days ago
this guy is so funny when he is on Conan, yet his standup is awful. Same Sarah Silverman, when she is on Kimmel, she is funny as hell. but her standup is just rubbish
Athala Parlambang
Isn’t this a little sexist?
Crumbum 5 days ago
id punt my kids so far...
Joe Morales
Joe Morales 6 days ago
I can see Johnny now, calling all talk show host PU$$ys😂😂😂
Matt Pando
Matt Pando 6 days ago
It's almost like our prophets tell uncomfortable truths...
I love this guy.
George Blair
George Blair 6 days ago
Enclave communications Officer
I am honestly surprised this doesn’t have more dislikes
Space Pioneer
Space Pioneer 4 days ago
It gives you perspective, not all people agree with mob mentality. In other words, use your own experiences to form an opinion and not what the media forces down our throats.
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 6 days ago
Pussified parents have kids weak in knees
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 6 days ago
Need to beat them down one day, they won't forget it.
ilya Macintosh
ilya Macintosh 7 days ago
Michael Tampa
Michael Tampa 7 days ago
This is absolutely correct.
Pacer Vault
Pacer Vault 7 days ago
"Your father was acting like he would, but he never did. Your mother did"...Very true in my case!
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