Bill Burr Stand Up Comedy You People are all the Same

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Aug 1, 2018




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Bubbernub 2 days ago
I kind of feel like ive heard it all at this point but wow Bill still suprises me. Ive heard lots of edgy shit and philosophical junk but i wasnt expecting to be like "oh shit hes right, why havent i thought of that? Why havent i paid attention to that". Enlightening and hilarious, a wonderful form of media, an absolute treasure of a person like others have said.
Christina hale
Christina hale 3 days ago
43:23 😂😂😂I’m ded
Alexander Hsu
Alexander Hsu 3 days ago
Bill burr is a hero 🦸‍♂️
Jut Nie
Jut Nie 4 days ago
I married one of them that's generation died, she listens to my horseshit, calms my anger, makes me feel right with the world. The when things are good and I have the energy she challenges me. Fucks my shitty state of mind and forces me to acknowledge my shitty stupid attitude and makes me choose between being a stupid shitty asshole and a passable father and husband and convinces me that being being passable is best. That's a women, she dont take no shit from my dumb ass, but forces me to be acceptable, whether I want to or not.
Edward Reese
Edward Reese 5 days ago
Talking about Arnold the Terminator. Cause y'all know a player can't spell his last name. Why didn't dude think he could bang his maid and get away with it? He's been in the zone for 40 years....f'ing classic. A sad truth, but f'ing classic.🤙✌️👌👍✊
No Dinner For Sinners
Carol Lee Pirro
Carol Lee Pirro 8 days ago
Love Bill😇😂😂😂😂
Goncalo Ferreira
Goncalo Ferreira 9 days ago
In Europe we have the option of having Prenuptial Agreements that protect you from gold diggers as the wealth you have prior to your marriage or acquired by you goes back to you after the divorce. Not only that protects your assets but also helps you see and reveals who is actually marrying you because they love you.
STALK ZOID 9 days ago
what bill said about cobies missus isnt harsh ..... shes a CUNT!!!!!!! HA!! ,,LOL.... WEH!!
Fezii 10 days ago
Idkkkk overrated, maybe?
Kablou 10 days ago
Sad thing is he got rid of his dog but still has the gun. 😯
Stevie Ray
Stevie Ray 11 days ago
"Just rub one out. It's the champagne of victory."
amir abid
amir abid 13 days ago
I love bill bur but i could land a boeing 747 on his fucking forhead
Al Capone
Al Capone 14 days ago
this guy broke into sketch comedy in the middle of stand up and it worked perfectly
Thomas McMichael
Thomas McMichael 14 days ago
Pause @ 12:08. Burr looks like a total different person when he has that face LOL. Also, NO WHERE in the U.S. do you have to "register" a pistol.
Cayla Greenawalt
Cayla Greenawalt 11 days ago
What do you mean? Yes you do
Jock Kerr
Jock Kerr 14 days ago
Bill I laughed all through two shows you make real life so funny 👍
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 15 days ago
Sometimes when he laughs, he sounds like Winslow from CatDog
Eric Mills
Eric Mills 16 days ago
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson 16 days ago
Me: What do you want for Christmas, Honey? Wife: I want to get a face lift for Christmas. Me: Fuck that! Wife: why? Is it too much money? Me: Nope. I just dont want you to look like a 28 yr old lizard. Wife: Huh? Me: let me show you this clip of Bill Burr's stand up. Me: thank you Bill for saving my marriage. 😎
Michael Kaufman
Michael Kaufman 16 days ago
What happened? Did you not see it? Were you F*&king with it? LMAO
Tim Gould
Tim Gould 16 days ago
A perfect set.
jason bishop
jason bishop 17 days ago
Sorry , stupid fuckes..... TRUE....AND THE N WORD....
jason bishop
jason bishop 17 days ago
Hollywood ,,,, I don't give a function....on people on bikes....... motorcycled....no problem
Raider Nation95
Raider Nation95 17 days ago
Bill "I Don't Know" Burr
kevin Pender
kevin Pender 18 days ago
BB is to funny..he is in my top 5 now..
νικος γιώργος
Yeah, he's BB KING
Steve F
Steve F 19 days ago
This is the best Bill Burr set I’ve heard
AJS Hutchison
AJS Hutchison 20 days ago
29:22 Best. Advice. Ever. Similar to what I've told my eldest son as well. 👍😎
Stickerz 21 day ago
I Came here after the 'Just for Laughs' video. The crowd in that video was dryer than Bill's body before lotion.
Nicole R
Nicole R 18 days ago
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 22 days ago
I like bill burr but does he have eyebrow s?
Man of the River Rocks
Truth and wisdom here.
MacClellandMan 22 days ago
Bill Burr is kryptonite to feminists. Everything about feminist culture is what he sees as injustice.
MysticKoolaid808 9 hours ago
Stop listening to attention whores who think they become more important by saying they're a [x]ist while being terrible examples of it. I've heard women who call themselves "feminist" while proudly saying the dude should pay for their meals. Those aren't feminists, those are retards.
spidaman0112 22 days ago
Also had a gf punch me on her birthday.
Luka Waland
Luka Waland 22 days ago
I fucking love the dog jokes
Gabe Torres
Gabe Torres 22 days ago
Drinking game take a shot everytime he says "you know"
Gabe Fullmer
Gabe Fullmer 17 days ago
Prepare to end up in the hospital 😅
Fastflame500 23 days ago
Johnathan Taylor
Johnathan Taylor 25 days ago
Funny as hell. Reminds me of my home in Boston.
Normal name
Normal name 26 days ago
Oh my god I'm itchy in the winter too! I'm ashy
Azia Ellis
Azia Ellis 26 days ago
Robert A. Smith
Robert A. Smith 27 days ago
The best humor comes from Gaffigan. Who is 💯% funny bc he doesn’t swear. That’s REAL humor & talent.
Jason Popp
Jason Popp 21 day ago
Shut up
Yoder023 28 days ago
"ah fuck that was a question" Yeah.... Everyday that's me with my ranting fiancé. It's bad enough where I wish I was gay so I could just experience a relationship that got to the fuckin point for once and I don't have to listen to friends she loves yet pulls a knife on her soon-to-be ex boyfriend, while she also wonders 'where did it go wrong?' Well for starters, don't pull a knife out cuz someone said dogs are better than children on somedays
Robert A. Smith
Robert A. Smith 28 days ago
I stopped 20 minutes in. Way too much swearing man. Not funny.
CeCe GodsDaughter
I agree & I like Bill. My favorite comedian is Jim Gaffigan. He's naturally funny without all of the vulgarity.
hailey 23 days ago
Crazyyyyy but ion remember asking
Robert A. Smith
Robert A. Smith 27 days ago
Fusion Art see, I completely do not agree. I absolutely think swearing detracts from the humor of a joke. Thank you for bringing up this point to allow me my point of view to explain further.
Fusion Art
Fusion Art 27 days ago
Swearing doesn't make a joke less funny. It makes it more vulgar yes, but a joke that's funny isn't made any less funny by vulgarity
Chapin Wiscombe
Chapin Wiscombe 28 days ago
Category: *Gaming*
Tanishq Rahuja
Tanishq Rahuja 29 days ago
That poor girl bill decimates, what a moment.
sorcha vogliette
It's gonna fuckin *rust* 😂
Wicked Crypto
Wicked Crypto Month ago
Best comedian of our time
breign72 Month ago
Bill Burr is freaking hilarious. Totally underrated.
Fresco Black
Fresco Black Month ago
That Arnold S. Joke was flawless.. simply amazing lmao
Urgen Tamang
Urgen Tamang 13 days ago
That was just facts.
Tom Hinde
Tom Hinde Month ago
RHIANNA through the KEYS to his LAMBORGHINI out the window
jose guerrero
jose guerrero Month ago
Complete "Lotion" bit @11:33-17:10
SanDiegoSacario 619
God I miss F is For Family
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger Month ago
This guy is pure gold
Billy Burgess
Billy Burgess Month ago
Theboat83 Month ago
This is close to perfection.
Kristinadk Month ago
15:00 Lmao, you are so adorable
Randy Savage
Randy Savage Month ago
Can't wait to see him Feb 21 2020!
Faith Cooper
Faith Cooper Month ago
F is family got me here lol
Ally Rah
Ally Rah Month ago
This man is a freakn Gem!!!!
Jacob O'Bryan
Jacob O'Bryan Month ago
James Holmes
James Holmes Month ago
He's the white version of Chris Rock
G M Month ago
Bill is a Huge Trump supporter but like most of Hollywood they are afraid to come out.
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