Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World

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Bill talks about being very white, traveling around the world for his comedy tour, the Patriots, and pushing a woman down a hill in Iceland.
Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies ruvid.net/video/video-PqDBlReFZb4.html

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Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World


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Sep 12, 2019




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Comments 60
Αχιλλέας Κατσαρός
I travelled from Greece to England to see this man! Best 3 days of my life.
Jimmy is Promo
Jimmy is Promo 7 days ago
Bill burr does not live in 2020 haha
The Watchful Hunter
Why does the Federal government serve capitalism instead of the Amercan people? Did that happen when it hired young, poor American men to fight against any state refusing to submit to Federal authority? Just curious as to why capitalism rules us.
SpaceMonkey 9 days ago
I'm Polish and I'm offended. What is this hill story crap.
TruDragon88 9 days ago
Irish white is different than Protestant white. The Irish were hated in America in the 1800’s and early 1900’s
Francisco Fuentes
Francisco Fuentes 10 days ago
the "hey man" always gets me😂😂
dj karliscious
dj karliscious 17 days ago
..."well you should have"...PERFECT example of why 87% are DEFINITELY stupid.
Champagne Papi
Champagne Papi 19 days ago
Let’s admit Conan is the best talk show host because he’s so natural actually funny and extremely intelligent in delivery and in being super informed. But kümmel isn’t half bad the real problem is Fallon. He’s a script reader and very uninformed. Colbert and the rest are average they have their good days. The only good thing about Fallon are his game shows, because he finally gets to be sort of himself.
Casual Analysis
Casual Analysis 25 days ago
3:36 jimmy is actually laughing for the first time
Sam K
Sam K 28 days ago
ull ACTUALLY be happier if u get a divorce. :)
Benfica é o Melhor
jimmy is genuinely enjoying bill's company
Zser Month ago
He pushed a woman down the hill? Then why didn't he just say he was sorry?
Ian Armbruster
Ian Armbruster Month ago
I remember Ricky Gervais saying the same thing about how logical everyone gets in eastern europe
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox Month ago
Logic is what most Americans lack (democrats)
DJ JDB Month ago
Burr mocking the "white privilege" BS! Love it!
Garrett Graf
Garrett Graf Month ago
Kimmel has the fakest laugh. I'm so sick of it!
Cole Hunt
Cole Hunt Month ago
Boy that Antonio Brown part of the interview didn't age well.
Maik Lok
Maik Lok Month ago
Not sure if he was smoking a sigar there
Hayden Antonino
Hayden Antonino Month ago
jimmy was really laughing during this interview, he’s nothing like fallon where he fake laughs the whole time, kimmels are real
Amanat Rai
Amanat Rai Month ago
anyone else here after season 4 of f is for family
niteshmurti Month ago
that rolling down the hill girl wanted the D
Mau ro
Mau ro 2 months ago
mid west of Europe .. Budapest ??? o_O
Jason Fallon
Jason Fallon 2 months ago
Real laugh from Jimmy 😂
Jimmy's So Fake... He's a REAL PUSSY.
SellItlike Mike
SellItlike Mike 2 months ago
Kimmel is a hypocrite
Peter Smit Gary
Peter Smit Gary 2 months ago
Europeans speaks more than three languages, Kimmel! Including the one you can barely speaking of.
Anthony kordula
Anthony kordula 2 months ago
Of course she was Polish hahahahaha 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Sultan Aman
Sultan Aman 2 months ago
This interviewer is consistently ANNOYING !! ... could he ever shut the F up?!!
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 2 months ago
For real
Sucheth Hegde
Sucheth Hegde 2 months ago
Bill's "hEy mAn" sounds the exact same every time, it's insane.
Mr K
Mr K 2 months ago
This interview was after someone on his podcast wrote an e-mail about white privilage. It's awesome to see he is still mad at it in this interview hahaha Bill is awesome. The guy in the e-mail said something "white people are not used to be told they can't do or say something" and Bill went of on him LOL
Devashish Mulye
Devashish Mulye 2 months ago
I've been to Poland. Warsaw actually has a lot of uneven land many small parks built on slopes. Rolling down them is a very common activity for children. It is called The Roli Poli.
جديد الساحرة المستديرة
still much better than his interview with colbert
Creed Bratton • 26 years ago
Hey maann😂😂😂😂😂😂
Moshe Couzens
Moshe Couzens 2 months ago
man jimmy had NO IDEA what to do with that story
Miguel Amaral
Miguel Amaral 2 months ago
Bill come to Portugal 🇵🇹
Aarif Iqbal
Aarif Iqbal 3 months ago
Jimmy's pretentiousness is unbearable.
Yon Slash
Yon Slash 3 months ago
You know the comedian is really2 good when the host himself can't help but laugh intensely
vince33x 3 months ago
red v.
red v. 3 months ago
this is the very few times a white person can talk about white privilege w/o it trying to get brownie points at the same time lmao
Anish Dangol
Anish Dangol 3 months ago
Wow awkward
Dustin McMullin
Dustin McMullin 3 months ago
He is drunk
Drew D
Drew D 2 months ago
Nahh he is mega sober
Roger Limoseth
Roger Limoseth 3 months ago
Conan is the only host that knows how to have Bill on as a guest. Everyone else keeps to a script or format but Conan let's go of the leash and laughs his ass off in the ensuing chaos.
e equals mc square
e equals mc square 3 months ago
If you are on a Bill Burr spree just avoid the Colbert, it's terrible
Solomon Sankari
Solomon Sankari 3 months ago
Missed opportunity for a “Roly Poly” joke.
Jarrett Henderson
Jarrett Henderson 3 months ago
I only clicked cuz it was Bill Burr I don't care for Kimmel
WhatsHis Face
WhatsHis Face 3 months ago
sainters7 3 months ago
Sometimes you just gotta go for the ol' Polish Roll
Adam Osiem
Adam Osiem 3 months ago
Much love from Poland:) Nice to hear good stuff ab my country. BTW in the stand-up world you are golden. When you have time go to Rogan's podcast please, you know you want it too.
H2X2E2532 3 months ago
Sorry but England is anything but white and that’s why the right wing politicians have led people to believe that Brexit would fix it.
Sean Huffert
Sean Huffert 4 months ago
3:36 Kimmel’s laugh so real and pure
bravetherainbow 4 months ago
1:20 it's like he realises how boring this conversation has just got, and this deep sadness just grips him
Paul Collins
Paul Collins 4 months ago
Being a Patriots fan that Antonio brown thing didnt work out and now brady is gone cause of it
Tahmid -
Tahmid - 4 months ago
Bill Should Stay in Conan only
Gabe L
Gabe L 4 months ago
You can hear the nervous laughter of the white people in the audience
A K 4 months ago
John T
John T 4 months ago
Bill Burr is awesome, Jimmy Kimmel suck..
Mycloset byASN
Mycloset byASN 4 months ago
I was about to watch it then I noticed it was w Kimmel and I stopped it. That guy is not even funny and annoying the it comes to politics
hanna degerlund
hanna degerlund 4 months ago
Torille 🇫🇮
Whatyalookinat 4 months ago
Budapest, Vienna and Warsaw - definitely not the mid west of Europe lol. It‘s completely on the eastern side
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