Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Bill talks about being very white, traveling around the world for his comedy tour, the Patriots, and pushing a woman down a hill in Iceland.
Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies ruvid.net/video/video-PqDBlReFZb4.html

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Bill Burr on Performing Comedy Around the World


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Sep 12, 2019




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Comments 1 804
Brian Bozo
Brian Bozo 2 days ago
Jimmy also obviously loves talking to Bill,laugh seems fairly genuine.
Ivan Pokupec
Ivan Pokupec 2 days ago
How the flaming f*** did I miss his european tour ?????!!!
Soso Mama
Soso Mama 2 days ago
Where’s Conan and a better crowd?
Mike Maben
Mike Maben 3 days ago
Wondering if the illuminati gets everyone who gets famous ?
Mackenzie Rhodes
Mackenzie Rhodes 7 days ago
Definitely like Conan better but I think that Kimmel did a really good job during this interview! It was genuinely enjoyable to watch unlike with Stephen Colbert and it felt like they were both just having a good time.
Prudent Student
Prudent Student 9 days ago
Hmmm. That Antonio Brown situation........................
Wow, that Antonio Brown comment did not age well
Blaze Rocker
Blaze Rocker 15 days ago
When the video finished I got a cruise ship ad and it made me think of Bill's bit about sinking cruise ships to thin out the population. XD
Zorica Jovanovic
Zorica Jovanovic 16 days ago
Come to Belgrade Serbia!
OreoMask 16 days ago
Bill burr is the only white dude id allow to call me a nigga
jason bishop
jason bishop 16 days ago
Thought of that this morning....tour the world.... different languages?%
Agra Nam
Agra Nam 16 days ago
As long as its not that SCHMUCK COLBERT we'll be fine 😂🥳
Shawn Shakur
Shawn Shakur 17 days ago
conan and burr have better chemistry for the following reasons. same humor both brom boston redheads pale LOL
GLR 18 days ago
GLR 18 days ago
pulling off for an interview..... YOU'RE HIRED!!!!!!!!! AHAHHAHAHAHA
Superjoint 19 days ago
Kimmel sounds like one of those Mars attacks aliens when he laughs.
Peatear Griffin
Peatear Griffin 20 days ago
Better Kimmel than Fallon.
surfitlive 20 days ago
3:04 Maybe they thought he was a professor (the bald head?) and not a comedian via misprinted flyers/ads? Flyers/ads made using Google translate?
surfitlive 20 days ago
3:04 A true comedian......when you can take a 'bombed performance' and turn it into something funny for your next session/interview! : ) Recycling at it's best.
Frank Morales
Frank Morales 21 day ago
@ ~3:00 min and on...why didnt you say you were sorry... I think Kimmel actually laughed at this one instead of the usual accommodating, fake sht
Akhil prasannan
Akhil prasannan 21 day ago
It's 3 months already, when is he going on Conan?
Craplatte 22 days ago
I was at the Vienna show and my back hurt from laughing!
Irish Guy
Irish Guy 24 days ago
Bill looks like he has a little dry mouth going🤔
Gabriel Moline
Gabriel Moline 25 days ago
Yea, going from the cultish United States, and go to someplace where they like to have an evidentiary conversation, it must be a shock.
exdoode 25 days ago
" why didn't you just say you were sorry ??" 😂😂😂
Michael Dally
Michael Dally 26 days ago
Bill Burr isn't funny. Just putting that out there.
Irish Guy
Irish Guy 24 days ago
Michael Dally you have no idea what you are talking about. Just putting it out there
Paul DeGregorio
Paul DeGregorio 26 days ago
Jimmy wouldn’t bite on any of the White Privilege material for fear of losing his coveted virtue signaling trophy.
Exceptional Pleb
Exceptional Pleb 29 days ago
Only bill Burr can come to LA and make fun of raiders fans like that
Rudolf Szente
Rudolf Szente 29 days ago
I'd love to see Bill in a The Mask role.
chris morton
chris morton Month ago
650 dislikes. Wankers
Marcus Martinez
Marcus Martinez Month ago
This crowd sucks so hard
Jedi Dvo
Jedi Dvo Month ago
Bill Burs is one of the Most Natural Stand-Up Comidians of all Time!!!!
Twisted Blessing
Roley Poley.
slyjokerg Month ago
Bill Burr, yet another person who doesn't know what humble/humbling means.
Mythagoras Month ago
Indy Studios
Indy Studios Month ago
TheToonKing Month ago
I was there in Budapest woop woop
Lulú Arauz Castex
what a waste of an interview... Bill should only talk to Conan...
AbdelTube Month ago
3:40 this got me good 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ADRIAN G Month ago
Come to Australia!
Michael Johnsen
Michael Johnsen Month ago
Good set of teeth.
pharao010 Month ago
mofo is in Star Wars......
Jean Cristian
Jean Cristian Month ago
"If you get into countries where they don't believe in an afterlife, people are very logical." Good insight Bill
Tapio 86
Tapio 86 Month ago
Look up the jokes of Ismo...and for example his logical take on the use of the word "ass".
Larimer Bixby
Larimer Bixby Month ago
bill burr is the reason to watch most things
C J Month ago
I love how Antonio Brown was cut a week after this interview hahaha
MackayHare Month ago
the o'l polish role
Marc Manzano
Marc Manzano Month ago
Lol Never seen Jimmy laugh that hard before.
Conan has the best chemistry with Bill by far. They bounce of each other like their cousins
szmörf TV
szmörf TV Month ago
Do a special in Budapest!!
ThyDomIsMunk Month ago
Why is Kimmel so astonished that Europeans recieve American comedy very well? Most of Europe is pretty Westernized you ignoramus. English is pretty much Europes second language. Although, yes, they have Netflix and the internet and can practice, that isn't the primary reason why a lot of Europeans can speak English, very well might I add. I don't know about all, but I know most European school systems out their make English a mandatory language, and they start young. And they're not snowflakey and sensitive, and they dont have that "lets protest everything we're offended by" impulse, *cough* Kimmels audience *cough*
Joel Coward
Joel Coward Month ago
I came to say I can't stand Kimmel
Scare Crow
Scare Crow Month ago
625 people are in-the-way types.
Richard Larsson
Richard Larsson Month ago
First thing he does mocks the SJW's i love him
Peter Steven s
Peter Steven s Month ago
Burr outclasses all these clowns
Richard Boyle
Richard Boyle Month ago
its not Conan
acastelarac Month ago
I don't think most of Kimmel's (lame) audience would enjoy Burr's most recent special.
MARCO FARO Month ago
You know, props to Jimmy. I thought this was going to be a disaster when i saw it was a Kimmel interview. Not even close to his interviews with Conan, but not bad. I think Colbert is still the worst when it comes to Burr.
Kira The Cat Girl
Pats cheat
Matthew W
Matthew W Month ago
First Jimmy Kimmel video... How is this man working? He is an idiot I will never watch a video with him again.... If bill Burr is not present! They should switch places. Imagine Bill Burr hosting a late night....hahhahaha
Hoenir Canute
Hoenir Canute Month ago
The closer you come to Sibiria you need drunk jokes, people laugh with a grin there. Nobody opens their mouth all up, its dangerous in the cold.
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