Bill Burr - Let It Go - 2010 - Stand-up Special

Comedy of Bill Burr
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Jun 11, 2016




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Comments 60
J P 9 hours ago
Best comedian ever.
firebythewater 16 hours ago
That fuckin sandwich story lolololol
L 21 hour ago
Fuck me. Had such a terrible week. This really cheered me up. Bill deserves his success.
Tim Skarin
Tim Skarin 2 days ago
You asked for it bill
philip bush
philip bush 4 days ago
No Expert
No Expert 4 days ago
reuben manners
reuben manners 5 days ago
He predicted corona virus
Not Sure
Not Sure 5 days ago
He is spot-on about the microchips.
Naveen Gurnani
Naveen Gurnani 6 days ago
Mother Nature finally did it's thing. Sadly still alot of weaklings survived
38:15 the precise reason I hate toddlers/little kids, their gross
Devonte King
Devonte King 8 days ago
Chris Rock was my favorite comedian but Bill Burrs like-minded with more grit and animaniacs surpassed. I'm recommending this to all my associates.
thebigguy 8 days ago
IDK why but the last part about old people blew me up... I almost spilled half of my tea and now I got a bellyache out of laughter
Albin Bennich
Albin Bennich 8 days ago
"-Where is this relationship going? This feels weird, we need to talk. - EY FUCK YOU LADY!!"😂😂😂😂
Owam Hoyi
Owam Hoyi 9 days ago
Bill called it😂
VPXM 10 days ago
Yep, it took somebody famous like Bill, to say all the stuff I've been saying all along lol Awesome 👍
Emir Brkic
Emir Brkic 10 days ago
3:00 anyone here during corona virus
Ron S
Ron S 10 days ago
I haven't belly laughed like this in years. Thank you Sir
Brandon C
Brandon C 10 days ago
This guy is one of the best comedians ever! Love this guy! Thank you Bill for always making me smile and laugh.
dan alex 77
dan alex 77 12 days ago
The ASPCA skit with the one eyed pug named pookie literally had me absolutely dying laughing I was crying lol at 48:00
fearlessjoebanzai 12 days ago
34:32 can anybody please tell me what the hell Billy red nuts says here? Judging by the gulp he takes immediately after I'm guessing he doesn't even know, but the crowd seemed to laugh at it!
A Mercer
A Mercer 13 days ago
Wow, 1300 faaaaaa6s disliked this lol
Nuclease-free Man
Nuclease-free Man 14 days ago
We wanted some weaks to go, then here we are, we got boomer remover 😂😂
Vercetti 14 days ago
2:47 Curb your enthusiasm theme song starts playing
Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray 14 days ago
3 minutes in "we need a plague....."
Raul Moran
Raul Moran 15 days ago
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 15 days ago
Bill called it.
André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
In Alaska some stores have a jar to put money in when you picked the stuff you need. No one steals bc everyone knows each other.
Tomás Galleguillos Oviedo
Geez! Sunday, 07:30 am, in the middle of this fucking pandemic shit...ROFL because of this guy. Billy the Best and the Beast! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Mike Zak
Mike Zak 16 days ago
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 17 days ago
Still the best BB special 🤘
Nick Lake
Nick Lake 18 days ago
I went to get my hair cut and they asked me for my phone number I'm not sure if this is normal or not but it seemed odd to me
grobbler1 19 days ago
Tour de Force.
Bendy Snowball
Bendy Snowball 19 days ago
2:52 Evidence that Bill Burr was behind the coronavirus pandemic
marry sweety
marry sweety 19 days ago
paw patrol
uasinoby 19 days ago
Here is me watching this stand-up in 2020 and going like: "A plague that is going to kill only the weak" - Check
Cartbarnguys™ 9 days ago
Bill pretty much predicted what was gonna happen.
Pope Dank
Pope Dank 20 days ago
Who knew 10 years later, we would get a pandemic
Tommy 20 days ago
2010 @ 2:43 "..we need a plague!" 2020 😳
Showmik Hossain
Showmik Hossain 21 day ago
10 years later and the Earth heard Bill's request
Lamar Marciano
Lamar Marciano 23 days ago
Little did he know cornona happens four yrs later not the plague u wanted but the virus we needed ig🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂
Aaron Vivar
Aaron Vivar 14 days ago
It’s been 10 years not 4
Matthew Lloyd
Matthew Lloyd 24 days ago
65 minutes of seriously well-honed material. Burr’s insights coupled with his delivery is a 1-2 combination headed straight for the funny bone. And his stock character voices are hilarious. He’s in my top 3 list of working comics today.
The Exostentionalist
Bro, this is pure Nietzschien philosophy. Genius
Kkenny Kkacz
Kkenny Kkacz 24 days ago
When Bill burr was skinny
This guy is funny why didn't I know
Beer Me
Beer Me 26 days ago
cov 19 aint gonna kill shit reg flu kills more and has vacc
B Plus
B Plus 26 days ago
Savey-Save, F*cky-F*ck Card! I"m in TEARS!
jack rach
jack rach 26 days ago
Bill: wee need a swine flu and plague 2020: hold my corona virus
john smith
john smith 27 days ago
2:48 Your wish came true Bill 😎
Jordan Woodson
Jordan Woodson 27 days ago
game grumps undertale
Jaime Giraldo
Jaime Giraldo 27 days ago
This guy is my hero! All he says without research, FACTS
ѕмσкє. _
ѕмσкє. _ 28 days ago
Crazy how he predicted a virus and the micro chips exactly on the year he said
Aaron Valla
Aaron Valla 28 days ago
What makes Bill Burr hilarious is his authenticity. Many comics present made up stories. From Louis C.K.'s rather believable, grounded tales to Dave Chappelle's ludicrous fantasies. Bill Burr seems to observe the real world and just be constantly filtering it through his inherently funny mind. If we were witness to things Bill saw, we'd likely think nothing of it. His cynicism is almost contagious. What I mean to say is that this doesn't seem like an act. It's more like a born comedian telling us about his day. That's authenticity.
Ved Madhu
Ved Madhu 29 days ago
I want his jokes no more to be relevant
Mike Keller
Mike Keller Month ago
I cry with laughter everytime I watch this, but Bill should have ended his set at 102:20. Just a thank you good night and people wouldn't know what hit them
Qusay Al-Aalawi
Qusay Al-Aalawi Month ago
This didn't age well 2:44
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Month ago
"We need a plague!" "So that the egg McMuffin lady can breed with the-" ... Did Bill Burr just predict 2020?
Katherine Concepción
I luv him he's hilarious ❣️ af!!!!
King Cosmas
King Cosmas Month ago
3 minutes in, Bill Burr predicted corona😳
senpai Martinez
senpai Martinez Month ago
My dad did roofing and he had me constantly hosing him and his workers with water, we live in new mexico: i stopped the water for like five seconds they almost threw a hammer at me
Sheryl_Lynn Month ago
His woman voice is the absolute best!! 🤣🤣
Jake Month ago
One of the greatest specials of all time
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