Bill Burr - Let It Go - 2010 - Stand-up Special

Comedy of Bill Burr
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Jun 12, 2016




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Tiisetso K Helium
Says what im always thinking 😂
Edith Dlp
Edith Dlp 2 days ago
20:03 my brother gets mad at me and says "why are you yelling at me?" and I say "this is my normal tone of voice you should know by now" and he just hangs up on me. 56:30 he just described my parents. My mom is 67 and still sharp and in good shape but my dad is 74 he has parkinsons and looks like he is over 80. He even uses a walker. His mother is 93 and she looks like his sister.
KareN Collins
KareN Collins 3 days ago
I'm passionate about all of my opinions and I'd like to hear them all, before you get to talk again, hahahahaha ...... This is Me 😀😊
Richard Beyer
Richard Beyer 4 days ago
Richard Beyer
Richard Beyer 4 days ago
Poisoness snakes dont exist.
Neel Ghosh
Neel Ghosh 5 days ago
42:52 I mean there is no gold behind the dollar. It's called fiat money, look it up.
1234 5678
1234 5678 6 days ago
16:35 fax
Night mare
Night mare 7 days ago
watching this in 2020 feels so weird... his hair is on the wrong side of his head
Barry O
Barry O 8 days ago
do you recognize me?? Cause I don't fuckin' WORK here !!! Lmfao
Youth Seeker
Youth Seeker 9 days ago
Best standup I've watched in a long time
Logan Last Name
Logan Last Name 10 days ago
I laughed very hard at some of this shit. Feels good
J R 12 days ago
Scottie Pimpin
Scottie Pimpin 12 days ago
Bill Burr is way smarter than he thinks he is. Literally everything he says is spot on.
Modise Mokoena
Modise Mokoena 13 days ago
2020 stll here🤣😂🤣😂
Eccentric Lullaby
Eccentric Lullaby 14 days ago
His standup specials are awesome, they're so funny! I really like how he includes physicality in his jokes 😂😂😂
Anguel Roumenov Bogoev
Still one of the funniest around.
1Peezy1 18 days ago
What bill says at 5:30 is so spot on, most women I've met have such an inflated ego mixed with a bit of superiority complex and sprinkle on the woke misandry and you get these beasts, I won't even call them women because they act nothing like women. This is Seattle btw
lazarus 115
lazarus 115 23 days ago
10 years later and this has been and always will be an amazing show.
Joseph Petro
Joseph Petro 23 days ago
pritam de
pritam de 23 days ago
Love billy boy from Boston
Charlie 23 days ago
Cleansing his brow.....😂😂😂
Francesco Barsotti
Francesco Barsotti 24 days ago
this is brilliant
herman lim
herman lim 25 days ago
2019 and I still love this stand up
Eddy Pero & Remy Labbé Big Band
The punchline of this show is epic!
Bif Webster
Bif Webster Month ago
"Pennnyloafer... flying down the third-base line...." Hahahahahahahahah@hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!!!!
Bo Reed
Bo Reed Month ago
Hooker is 2000 a week my brothers Italian wife from Sonoma 1500 a week so think about it ! raw
warley almeida
warley almeida Month ago
Best comedian
Days Of Funder
Days Of Funder Month ago
seba buzo
seba buzo Month ago
Gina Repetto
Gina Repetto Month ago
The hidden fear to feel a bit gay!!!
Gina Repetto
Gina Repetto Month ago
I love this guy. Hes hilarious funny and clever
david krzywanos
david krzywanos Month ago
I don’t know how to get a hold of Bill Burr but I wanna tell him that he looked and million times better with hair why the fuck did he start shaving his head he wasn’t balding why did he start shaving it
Erin K
Erin K Month ago
The dog part is soooo funny! Bill, you are hilarious!
“This Asian mother fucker”😂😂😂
Andres C.
Andres C. Month ago
Lil Billy burrrrr
MisterCrazyFace JM
What special is it where he calls dude out for wearing sandals? Legs dont get cold guy...? Someone please help
Dillon Cobb
Dillon Cobb Month ago
Bill is my inner voice
Keebo Sneds
Keebo Sneds Month ago
Star Strudel
Star Strudel Month ago
I was grinning so fuckin hard my cheeks had 6 packs and when he got to the part where he poured the water on the kid I BELTED OUT LAUGHIN, this guy is great
Bradley Moore
Bradley Moore Month ago
That old man joke is probably the greatest joke I've ever heard.
Wheels On
Wheels On Month ago
By far the greatest 1 hour of stand up comedy ever recorded 👌🏼
Wheels On
Wheels On Month ago
Fuck you fuck your kid and fuck Jupiter
harley cortez
harley cortez Month ago
I used to not like his comedy but man as I get older it makes more sense
Jordan Doronin
Jordan Doronin Month ago
For someone with German descent he is way too funny. Wish there were comedians at least half the level of Bill. German comedians are hilarious, it's so hard to laugh with them.
Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins Month ago
He speaks for every man on the Planet...HaHa!!
rkidlat Month ago
Bill is the Bruce Lee of comedy. Savage!
Elemental7891 Month ago
Thank you Bill Burr for making me feel better talk about a cure for depression lol
Eddy Pero & Remy Labbé Big Band
Netflix just deleted this show two days ago. Morons.
kevo0830 Month ago
Kelli Torrence
Kelli Torrence Month ago
Bill is the truth,,,but n real life, scenarios, just venting, all the bs, tht irrationally pisses him off, only n America, right,,he hurts my stomach,,,,,SMDH, ,his wife has to laugh at some point right, He’s the best. God Bless Keep it moving Bill OGMAMAKELLI
Neon Shark69
Neon Shark69 Month ago
Bill Burr is my spirit animal
J.J. & Jeff
J.J. & Jeff Month ago
I wish he did the "f*g" bit in 2019!!
Bob Shlong
Bob Shlong 22 days ago
J.J. & Jeff i hate gay people
J.J. & Jeff
J.J. & Jeff Month ago
the "he's got an umbrella" gets me on the floor every f**kin' time!! ahahaha!! f**kin' Burr!! ahaha Legend!!
Angelus Umbra
Angelus Umbra 2 months ago
Bill Burr is what our society needs a lot more of. Less SJWs and crybabies, more angry Philly sounding ass holes. Edit: He just did the bit about guys calling each other a fag. I laughed so fucking hard. And I quote: "This is how it works with guys. Any time you do anything remotely sensitive, heart warming, anything that's gonna make you more of a loving caring individual, immediately all your guy friends suggest maybe, just maybe, you wanna suck a dick."
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions 2 months ago
so agree with the automated stores
Alex Pusher
Alex Pusher 2 months ago
That "eyes wide shut" party tho😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Lynch
Andrew Lynch 2 months ago
"It's like a gun you can pet"
Wade Sharp
Wade Sharp 2 months ago
First opening joke was lame..rest was good..not his best gig
Xander Ellem
Xander Ellem 2 months ago
By ill burr is my spirit animal.
Brian Stoltz
Brian Stoltz 2 months ago
You really have to be an imbecile to give this a thumbs down. Bill Burr is the best!
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