Bill Burr is LETHAL

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A short compilation of Bill Burr clips pulled from my Instagram. Since the time limit for a video on Instagram is one minute most of these clips are a minute long otherwise I would have provided more context to what is being said. I hope you can still find value in this.

Here is a link to my Instagram, check it out if you want to see more clips on a variety of topics instagram.com/a_reluctant_hero1/

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Aug 21, 2018




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rob rick
rob rick 12 hours ago
1:07 I can't believe Bill use to wear a piece. Really disappointed. It looks totally fake too.
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer 15 hours ago
How’s this dude a Democrat?
Gina Day ago
During Trump's second term he's going give sleepy Joe a Televised kiss on the Cheek back by Wham Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Nelson Robert Willis
*Bill is Burrilliant!* *Bill + Conan* *= Great Comic Combo*
Greg Terrell
Greg Terrell 3 days ago
Not lethal The TRUTH>>>>>>>>
Neozzick Mixes
Neozzick Mixes 4 days ago
@5:30 meteor 2020
Justin 4 days ago
most honest man in history... just sayin' wut everyone's too chicken shit to say... plz disagree
Valmont334 4 days ago
Conan was acting really weird about the Bilderberger thing, seriously. So....I'm not going to go super far down the rabbit hole, in that the number of actual planning sessions/things said at a single meeting are probably not earth shattering (in that global policy conferences are never decided at a single annual thing, it is probably more the result of thousands of more informal meetings, and its not like politicians or industry leaders, good or bad, are constrained to a single magic meeting), but the thing DOES exist. It isn't really super secret, just not actively talked about (more of an open secret thing). So...it's weird to attack the *existence* of the thing as a conspiracy theory or thing to be ridiculed. Like, here it is, right here, they have an actual website. bilderbergmeetings.org/index.html I also think Burr was talking about Bohemian Grove, or partially conflating the two. That's also a real thing--but again, not really a secret. TLDR: Even from a "taboo" standpoint, Conan was being very nervous and defensive. It just struck me as odd because it's not like saying "I think X person/group killed JFK" or "Any Epstein related theory here etc." Like, why did he care so much? On the conspiracy theory spectrum it is basically a decaf latte. And it was weird that he didn't try to defuse it or go along with it if it really bothered him so much (like, why try to deny the existence of a bomb that has already gone off?). Anyway, I'm rambling (while still trying to be objective) but that part really stuck out to me and kind of ruined the tone of the interview. Bill Burr wasn't even being extreme, he was in a super laid back mode. Just...really weird, the whole exchange.
ajsbrush worksLLC
Everything he said about politics is absolutely correct. And we still don't get it.
TurboDolphin 5 days ago
Bill Burr is gay as fuck
JacksTip 5 days ago
Yahweh is the name of God. That man is a sinner like the rest of us, but God will welcome him with open arms. Fuck religions. All praise Lord Shiva, Jesus, Muhammad, the Earth, Nikola Tesla, and Yahweh.
The RA
The RA 5 days ago
If you're reading this, you can read.
V Isaac
V Isaac 6 days ago
Hope Bill comes back. It was cruel what they did to him.
James Holliday
James Holliday 3 days ago
Am I missing something?
LoveAndLight 360
LoveAndLight 360 7 days ago
Some guy always has to be the sensitive mary in the group. Lame
Jason Ruspic
Jason Ruspic 7 days ago
Exactly right bill.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 7 days ago
He is the cacuasian version of me ...😂😂😂🤙
YAHWEH !!!!!
Anonymous Fella
Anonymous Fella 9 days ago
I fkn love bill burr
Thrown With Great Force
Well that was dull. Is there a joke coming?
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 11 days ago
I do wanna hear your theories thpugh
rusty cuyler
rusty cuyler 12 days ago
Sounds like MAGA
glint 8 days ago
here libby libby libby libtard
372HGS 12 days ago
Eyes wide shut parties.. .lol
Morgan Stone
Morgan Stone 12 days ago
I love Bill Burr and he's one of my top 5 comedians (Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Bill Maher, Wanda Sykes) but a person isn't dumb simply because they don't like a particular comedian
Aashish Goodman
Aashish Goodman 12 days ago
Did Obama put a sandwich on your table ? 🤣🤣
mrbigg151 13 days ago
I truly believe comedians are some of the smartest people around. You gotta listen to their messages.
gary roseborough
gary roseborough 13 days ago
I love this dude. He tells it ""EXACTLY"" how it is!!!
Snoop Catt
Snoop Catt 15 days ago
Bill Burr's super super on it, super intelligent! no one can tell me different!
Sara Meira Gootblatt
“The psycho” was Trump
Sara Meira Gootblatt
Bill burr was funnier before he started going to anger therapy. Bring bill burr back!
SUDHIR PATEL 15 days ago
It's funny how what Bill says is already in our heads. Only he reminds us of it. We are just like him with less enthusiasm until he gets us going.
agontop1 15 days ago
Mr Burr is lightyears ahead of our time! The mesiah of men! I relate to him as a young George Carlin. We need an anti-me too with him as the leader
Jim B
Jim B 15 days ago
"It'd kinda be cool if you could all just stop yelling at each other"- You're my hero Bill
Bobby P
Bobby P 16 days ago
Act accordingly.. or you get the convertible ride in Dallas lmaooo #savage
ahmed yehya
ahmed yehya 16 days ago
system of a down toxicity
ray gor
ray gor 16 days ago
"That covertable ride in Dallas" this dude is real.
Bartoszek90 16 days ago
my favorite comedian ever ralphie may was good to
Kundalini Airport
Kundalini Airport 17 days ago
YES .. I couldn't agree less.. IT'LL BE A GOOD THING IF MOST OF US F@#%ING DIE !!!
D Bon
D Bon 18 days ago
No, I really don't want to hear your fuckin' theories. It's obvious you're ill-informed. And to compare the left to the right and say they're both equally guilty for the hate and vitriol is moronic. In every instance, someone starts it. In this case, it was the left calling the right bigots and haters. Saying they were less than human. And if you can't see that, you're opinion is meaningless.
Josh Hop
Josh Hop 19 days ago
LOL!!!! Bill Burr voting for the phyco (Cause there's no corporate money behind him)! 5:35 TRUMP 2020!!!!
D Bon
D Bon 18 days ago
Except Trump isn't a psycho.
Grant Sturgeon
Grant Sturgeon 19 days ago
Wanna buy some land and start passing laws? or would we looking fucking insane doing that?
James Teacher
James Teacher 19 days ago
Who knew Billy Corgan was so hilarious?
Ron Tungol
Ron Tungol 19 days ago
Yours goes want want Mine goes want a fucking wannnt
totalherenow 19 days ago
Holy shit he was wrong about the president. That fucker is on the news every fucking day. He's more like a stalker than anything.
D Bon
D Bon 18 days ago
Awwww! Poor baby. You hate it that Trump can go around the fake news media directly to the people.
Spam Cunt
Spam Cunt 20 days ago
What a fuckin bald headed egg
Rave Nation
Rave Nation 20 days ago
Rave Nation
Rave Nation 20 days ago
Saad S
Saad S 20 days ago
When you realize Bill Burr was talking about the "Spirit Cooking" and Satanic sex rituals they have under the mountain when referring to Hilary Clinton.....
Errant 21 day ago
When he is talking about the guy that owns all the water i think about the one dude from the Addams family
Noname 21 day ago
Jimmie B Rustlin
Jimmie B Rustlin 21 day ago
What is that comedian round table thing called in the second clip?
HexagramMan 23 days ago
HexagramMan 23 days ago
This is my #1 issue.
TheTeethgrinder 23 days ago
Some poor editing, but still gets a like
Julie Davis
Julie Davis 23 days ago
Im definitely a believer in the Lord and I have many times had that thought and gotten angry. That was hilarious.
Michael L.
Michael L. 23 days ago
bill burr 2021, or 2020. idk man, whenever the damn election happens.
Phil Adams
Phil Adams 25 days ago
Great mix. Gave me a much needed laugh today
venge jin
venge jin 26 days ago
there are comedians, and there are philosophers camouflaged as comedians and that's bill burr.
Fbodieslive 26 days ago
"You flow down the river or you get that convertible ride in Dallas" LOLOLOLOLOL
Cameron Metz
Cameron Metz 26 days ago
Bill stick pointing out facts that people will only take as jokes. Some of these “jokes” are serious issues that no one puts any energy into
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 27 days ago
B. B. is a Brilliant Man. T.O.P. = Totally On Point
Robert Baur
Robert Baur 27 days ago
you made me this is YOUR fuck up this is epic
Michael Marchesan
Michael Marchesan 27 days ago
There’s a picture of Bill Burr in urban dictionary for “DGAF” 😂👌🏻
The Palooch
The Palooch 28 days ago
Bill Burr is slowly becoming the George Carlin of our time.
Breydon Kokas
Breydon Kokas 29 days ago
Love how this man comes up with shit on the spot
LuCiFeR Month ago
This bill guy sure owns a dog house
TheJStale Month ago
I love Bill Burr. He's frickin hilarious
Crescent City Kid
Bill Burr's an ignorant rageaholic. But hey, he appeals to plenty of other ignorant rageaholics!
Vote Yeezy
Vote Yeezy Month ago
Crescent City blows, signed, Gold Beach.
derp Month ago
...except the part where he describes how Trump being president won't change anything. And the part where he said we should vote for a psycho with no corporate money behind him. That was a whiff.
Rextrent Month ago
Bill Burr quite excellent. When he gets confronted by the typical celebrity tool such as Conan O'Suck-up with the Trump-bad Hillary-good declaration test he begins a quick rant that leaves the nearly-dark bulbs laughing because they don't know what else to do except keep in step with the jackass ahead and try not to "look bad".
Lopiklop Month ago
bill burr is more "woke" than he would ever admit
Easy Name
Easy Name Month ago
“Ya know what else they’re doin?!”
UToobUsername01 Month ago
The fat guy getting tased is proof the angels and God exists. Or maybe the cops tasers were broken hahah. They are trying to shock him and it's not working because he hacked the matrix. LOL We all thought The One had to look like Keannu Reeves and do Kung Fu but nope it's just a random fat guy who eats a lot of burgers and watches porn and wants to be a superhero fighting for justice and freedom but he skipped gym class because it was unecessary if you are naturally immune to harm.
Alan Mejia
Alan Mejia Month ago
He is no George Carlin.
Bruno G
Bruno G Month ago
Bill is so underrated honestly
Fletcher Williams
My favorite conspiracy theory is how this video cuts him off every time he starts getting too real.
BeatsBySkorze Month ago
My brain is creating an animated Frank Murphy in every scene
Grant Dowling
Grant Dowling Month ago
“And you act accordingly or you get that convertible ride in Dallas” holy shit😳
alabama joe
alabama joe Month ago
10:34 the guy whose stand-up career is based on him yelling just wants people to stop yelling...
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Month ago
Gaelen Williams
Gaelen Williams Month ago
A lot of comedians have tried to match his message but I think Bill really nailed it he keeps his commentary objective and requests that they treat his material in the same way rather than suddenly becoming obsessed with one part of his act.
Blud Stanes
Blud Stanes Month ago
bill burr to host the oscars
Dead Alive
Dead Alive Month ago
So much of this is out of context, missing key parts, and confusing lmao
Mike Hat
Mike Hat Month ago
4:34 The guy that works at Nestle is Gilbert Gottfried?
Mitch Month ago
Bill Burr IS Lethal when it comes to straight up common sense in a comedic blast of truth. Disclaimer: I may have had a few beers!
Ronn Vanderhoff
Ronn Vanderhoff Month ago
Hands-down he is my favorite comedian and he honestly speaks the truth about most things in life. I do believe he does walk a fine line on saying too much in this shitty political atmosphere of these days but push comes to shove he will say it
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Month ago
that cut at 4:54 was so great
Never RIP
Never RIP Month ago
The media are disgusting opportunist... theyre probably not offended by Bill Bar, they need a filler for their 24hr news bullshet. Theyre leaching money from Bill Bar's awesomeness.
M Y Month ago
“Or you get that convertible ride I’m Dallas” 😂
ERP Experts
ERP Experts Month ago
F is for Family :D
Dominic R.
Dominic R. Month ago
Hannibal looks different here...
Boris Nedialkov
Boris Nedialkov Month ago
Context missing on a few of the clips.
Soothsayer98 Month ago
you can look at conan at 5:28 his expression goes from laughter to serious pretty much instantly, you can tell he was worried about bill because he was talking some serious stuff, nobody wants bill to ""suicide"" randomly after that quip and i am glad that conan cares about him, we all care about you bill
Sandra F
Sandra F Month ago
Bill is hilarious. The bit about God? Not cool. Don't opine on a topic if you are clueless about the subject.
Evelio DLeon
Evelio DLeon Month ago
Sandra, your displeasure gives him energy. Newsflash, the God bit was hilarious. Want to know why? Because it’s true and Bill is a comedian.
John Arch
John Arch Month ago
"vote for the psycho" done and done Trump 2020
Diana De Paepe
Diana De Paepe Month ago
This guy is the baddest man on the planet en i like it
MrMusicGuy1980 Month ago
He totally predicted Trump as president. lol 5:30
Mihail Month ago
What does he say at 5:30 : "You vote for that guy that says...towards the planet". English is not my native language so I can't get it
Mihail Month ago
@woobagooba thanks
woobagooba Month ago
sorry, "headed right toward the planet" to be precise
woobagooba Month ago
"...that says, like, there's a meteor heading right towards the planet"
Norman LaddleSchnitzel
55:36 "you vote for the psycho" i think we took that one to heart Mr. Burr.
myklmusic Month ago
That Yaweh guy is a true American.
Leonardo Watch
Leonardo Watch Month ago
I live for his anti capitalism
Mattie Norml
Mattie Norml Month ago
Bill Burr is a philosophy teacher disguised as a comedian.....
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