Bill Burr - HBO One Night Stand (2005)

Sai Kumar
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Bill Burr - HBO One Night Stand (2005)

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Apr 25, 2018




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Tiisetso K Helium
Dark humour❤❤❤
Charlie Herk
Charlie Herk 3 days ago
Bill your the KING dude
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 5 days ago
”shockingly caucasian” ” Corner of Malcom X and Danny Glover” 🤣😂😆🤣😂😆
Andrew Chavers
Andrew Chavers 5 days ago
My dad was the same way 😂
Morii Des Vu
Morii Des Vu 6 days ago
His Chris Rock impersonation is fuckin on point
Marcusce20 6 days ago
This is a great special, but this crowd is annoying af. Stop clapping, its a comedy show not a ted talk
Stuart Forbes
Stuart Forbes 9 days ago
If your going o poke fun at a religion, at least have some basic facts in your play book. And the catholic church is really, and I mean really screwed up. That;s with a capitol "screwed." And would someone please give Islam a shot. Sure, they're going to kill you if you do but show some balls. That said Bill Burr is one of the funniest stand up;s around. He is in Dave Chapell territory. My rant is officially over.
sage red
sage red 11 days ago
Much respect to this legend
yep yep
yep yep 11 days ago
i use to watch black comedy stand up only for so long seen a few randomly non but didnt remember, this dude has to be first I fd with , i was laughing my ass off, tom segura pretty good too
Efrain Benitez
Efrain Benitez 12 days ago
Joe Duke
Joe Duke 13 days ago
He will not lie to the audience, he swore on the life of his first born... he'll NEVER get married! Oops.
Velpoem 13 days ago
Every time they go out. They have All New Shit. It’s called drug dealing or boot legging.
Salaam47 15 days ago
This crowd sucks big time !!
firebrandsgirl 18 days ago
Bill is right. A black pope and we would have had so much material.
Caleb Donovan
Caleb Donovan 20 days ago
Top 5 comedians alive
Caleb Donovan
Caleb Donovan 20 days ago
Black Pope...about time
FENRIR 27 days ago
I miss these 4*3 aspect of videos. Nowadays my whole iPad screen is useless.
Kevin M.
Kevin M. Month ago
I’m in stitches! 😅😂🤣
Dylan Masterson
Dylan Masterson Month ago
Is that pesto? Is that pesto in your omelette?! Oh it's asparrragus. ITS ASPARAGUS, I THOUGHT IT WAS PESTO!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Month ago
Aaaaaah soooo dam cool ...funny as heck😂
Somnath Padhy
Somnath Padhy Month ago
"White people scared now...White people is scared now yeah the pope is black and shit" 😂😂😂
david stewart
david stewart Month ago
the candle store , haven't had that problem in a long time.
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird Month ago
This still rules
elchiponr1 Month ago
goddamn this stuff is so fuckin seamless and perfect
iron.f16 Month ago
I think I’ve watched all Bill’s stand up in RUvid. If anybody knows a hidden gem please reply with the links. Thanks
John Rodriquez
John Rodriquez Month ago
16:29 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
ToBeHonest Month ago
Bruh this guy is goldennnnnn
Tomfoolery 2 months ago
classic pre MMP bill
The Rican
The Rican 2 months ago
TY for posting. LMFAO all the way thru!
Jamrock guld
Jamrock guld 2 months ago
2005 to 2019 Why is ppl still getting married😂😂😂
Crentha Brannon
Crentha Brannon 2 months ago
Too cute loved it!!!
SolvingOurKreation 2 months ago
"Oh, It's asparagus. IT'S ASPARAGUS, I THOUGHT IT WAS PESTO!" Haha
quad comparator
quad comparator 2 months ago
Classic standup !!
Shme 2 months ago
OMG yes, when he talks about being scared when his dad comes home, this is exactly how me and my two brothers were with our dad, minus the standing sideways trying to look like a lamp. We would turn off the TV, make sure there was no sign that we were ever in the living room or kitchen and go straight to our rooms for a few hours until we would hear our parents bedroom door close, we knew he was going to bed and we could breathe normally again. I guess there are more dads out there like ours.
gblueslover2 2 months ago
Kids are often victims to adults behaviors and wishes... Having kids, supporting a family, keeping a job on the other hand can have a stressful effect on a male. Father's attitudes are based on their careers and working environment... Maybe your dad demanded order to help him regiment the family and manage the children who he knew were apt to cause some chaos. Was your dad a cop ?
ARThist 2 months ago
I've recently started watching Bill's material, he's really good hey. I'm impressed.
47RoninGaming 2 months ago
He has hair?! Weird
Mike Penske
Mike Penske 2 months ago
ᛞᚢᛋᛏᛁᚾ ᚺᚨᚴᛟᚾᛋᛟᚾ
If your dad wore work boots, and came home dirty AF it made him even scarier.
Backpacking wizard
Backpacking wizard 2 months ago
That ' what about *MEEEE* '
Backpacking wizard
Backpacking wizard 2 months ago
' you'd better not be shooting at this pope, cause a black pope will be shooting back at ur ass' ... xD classic hahahaha 18:30
INDICA KID 3 months ago
From the beginning of this set i could tell he liked black women
Rhidgy Rhidge
Rhidgy Rhidge 3 months ago
Lol, I agree with bill about marriage. Y’all are crazy signing a contract to live life with. Madness
Melvin the Mop Boy
Melvin the Mop Boy 3 months ago
To this country’s at war, son... WAR!!!
8:42 "Is it pesto? Is that pesto in your omlet? Oh, it's asparagus! It's asparagus!" Gold. The part where he turns to imaginary brunch woman's companion to confirm the presence of asparagus absolutely floors me every goddamn time.
This man. Brilliant. He's just speaking what we all are thinking and somehow makes it hilarious.
piepiethesailor 3 months ago
Unbeknownst Soul
Unbeknownst Soul 3 months ago
I'm always happy to hear a pope has died. I hate the Catholic Church. Just like he said, they're still in business after all the child rape/molestation cases, how and why??
LCarefortheworld 3 months ago
What a jerk!!!
Gillian Winterton
Gillian Winterton 2 months ago
LCarefortheworld lol
MrTruehoustonian 3 months ago
Bill Burr is the George Carlin of my time, love both of them
Blake Carlson
Blake Carlson 3 months ago
Why would you listen to a guy that's talking about a guy that's telling you what happens when you die?
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 months ago
Is it just me but when he starts talking about the black pope he sounds like Eddie Murphy or is it just me?
James Cross
James Cross 3 months ago
His black comedian bit has got to be about Chris Rock. It’s good to hear white comedians doing race jokes and killing it. I feel like white guys are too scared to do this shit
Sean Washington
Sean Washington 3 months ago
This is one funny dude. Very underrated. Kevin Hart doesn't even come close.
N g
N g 3 months ago
Playback in x.25 speed, it's like a drunk Bill Burr rant lol
west coast flava
west coast flava 3 months ago
i lost it when he was talking about ET fucking the olsen twins and brought up the glowing finger
mavastripful 3 months ago
Easily some of the funniest ish I've heard in a while!💯💯
Nadir Abbas
Nadir Abbas 3 months ago
he is the funniest comedian ever!
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor 3 months ago
One time i was banging the hottest girl i eber banged. We hammered for 20 minutes clean....she came..... A few minutes later the fuckin dick just went limp. I layed over to the other side and i started yelling at it. Hitting it with a clenched fist. The sonofabitch remained limp. This is why she left me. Am i embarassed? Nope. I could give a fuck. Go fuck yaself
cody bolo
cody bolo 3 months ago
Bill burr s worst bit is better than louis ck s best
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor 4 months ago
Absolute savagery 🔪🔪🔪😆😆😆😆😆🔪🔪🔪
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