Bill Burr - Breaking bad | Full standup special

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bill burr
bill burr breaking bad
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Jun 14, 2018




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Hunter2847 16 hours ago
He’s mushing the muffins....alright I’m on it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Berendsen 20 hours ago
he's dressed like he's in reservour dogs ahahahhaa
adam matyas
adam matyas 23 hours ago
I love every bit of Bills' comedy...That being said, As i'm watching this & I heard him give out a stream of "YA KNOW" & from then on out I started to wait to hear him say it. I understand it is a totally natural way of speaking & there's nothing wrong with it
Karthe 2 days ago
He's terrified of kids for the same reason I'm terrified of woman; He doesn't want to be a pedophile and I don't want to be a sex offender for saying saying hello to the wrong feminist.
Texoak 2 days ago
This guy....... πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ top 5 so damn funny
stiflingmystrife 2 days ago
High School High. Parody about the white teacher going into the inner city.
FranLuthier 2 days ago
"...he's dressed like he's in Reservoir Dogs". That great line got lost in the laughter.
Star 123
Star 123 2 days ago
β€œthats the funny thing about Hitler” *room still laughing slowly everyone processes what Bill just said and then shocked, Quiet, awkward silence* *me alone in my room playing tiny tower while listening to this weird comedian that I just found* . . . . WAIT WHAT
Paul DiRico
Paul DiRico 3 days ago
Holy fuck, I spit my water out because I wasn't prepared from that transition of him talking about movies and then he goes "You know what i haven't sen in a long time? A dog's balls." Totally unexpected and fucking hilarious.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 3 days ago
Drinking game for this special: Drink every time Bill says "evidently"
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye 4 days ago
Balls on a dog...remember that!! Dogs used to have balls...lol....
Thomas Thorpe Larsen
How do you stay consistently funny for 50 minutes straight, this man is a GOD.
Porridge Boss
God would be roasted by Bill Burr
Kadar Shahir
Kadar Shahir 7 days ago
MATTIC 7 days ago
I’m just going to read the back of these m&m’s
Gaby Aka Niko
Gaby Aka Niko 7 days ago
After watching this, somebody asked if I'm happy. I said "Reasonably"
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson 7 days ago
The deer didn't put a hole in the ozone layer. Hilarious!
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson 7 days ago
They're gonna steal the paddles. LMAO
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson 7 days ago
You were being a d**k but you were also being very funny, so. Still watching/laughing.
Sean Baca
Sean Baca 8 days ago
Do you hear this women? This is how we feel...
jigar Vyas
jigar Vyas 8 days ago
Race to the microscope!!
Bob Daniels
Bob Daniels 9 days ago
Bill Burr enough said!!!!
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 10 days ago
I love Bill Burr
MW 10 days ago
we need french subtitle please :x
Ludmilla Gutomo
Ludmilla Gutomo 10 days ago
"get that thing the fuck away from me" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Phillip Wolf
Phillip Wolf 12 days ago
They’re going to steal the paddles. πŸ˜‚
Ahmed Gomaa
Ahmed Gomaa 12 days ago
bull out ahhahahhahahhaha
Benoit McMartin
Benoit McMartin 13 days ago
Bill Burr was there when my ex drove me crazy. I had to take my shit and go home for a few days. After 5 minutes i was like: β€œ fuck that bitch”
John 13 days ago
7:23 did someone fall down a well?
XxEVIL_KFC_DUDExX 11 days ago
Lmao, I didn't catch that at first
InsideTheJoshMind 13 days ago
I love this man. Gold all the time. Just gold.
US Patriot
US Patriot 13 days ago
Bill Burr is hilarious.
Shawn Shakur
Shawn Shakur 13 days ago
28:55 good camera work
Shawn Shakur
Shawn Shakur 13 days ago
Mans a legend
TweaksterXOXO 16 days ago
Bill is one of the funniest guys alive
ample 16 days ago
Hibou Owll
Hibou Owll 17 days ago
The muffins. Me: Do I "accidently" trip and fall on the table?
Dead Grubber
Dead Grubber 17 days ago
This guys ace, can't believe he's not more well known in the uk.
Tek Trick
Tek Trick 18 days ago
I think this is the most intelligent humour I've ever seen!
SirParcifal 18 days ago
My wife and I went to see Bill two xmases ago! (*it was part of her xmas present) and she loved him!
ENZA ZA 19 days ago
Bill burr, Ricky Gervais and Jim Jeffries are the best
Dead Grubber
Dead Grubber 17 days ago
Three of my favourites, I'd throw Rich Hall in there too, as much for his documentaries as his standup.
Ronn0k 17 days ago
Check out Tom Segura as well!
Sany One
Sany One 19 days ago
Friends should go to comedy , not couples . That should be a rule.
TheSpy InTheCab
TheSpy InTheCab 19 days ago
He's a goddamn Genius. . . . . If Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle & Louis CK came together like some sort of Comedic Voltron, It would propel us into a new Golden Age of Humanity. . . . . & Louis CK jokes in 3....2.....1........
A A 20 days ago
bill burr points out real problem in the western society. that's why i moved out of it.
Spooky Moo
Spooky Moo 20 days ago
So true I get grossed out by straights kissing πŸ˜‚
Donna Mauer
Donna Mauer 21 day ago
"Does that mean I'm fucked up?" LOL No!
bill smith
bill smith 21 day ago
Pure genius. Best comics are the ones you imagine yourself sitting next to at a bar drinking and talking
mrsunicornchest 21 day ago
Omg always grade A talent from a guy like this!
Daniel Elliott
Daniel Elliott 21 day ago
basically this guy is the dogs nuts...😁
Hulk Smash!
Hulk Smash! 22 days ago
Step_drop_d 22 days ago
Bill burr for president
Johnathan Taylor
Johnathan Taylor 22 days ago
Faaking awesome!!πŸ’ͺ😜
Choke And Bite
Choke And Bite 22 days ago
I should get some sort of tax refund for fighting overpopulation and global warming by not having any shit babies πŸ˜†
hairburger62 22 days ago
Child molesters/pedophiles are nothing to joke about! Yeah you are funny but that's not the thing to go for!! Times are fucked up! This guy doesn't hold a candle to Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, George Carlin or anyone that don't make a joke about pedophiles!
MultiRibrob 22 days ago
Contender for worst audience ever
Chris Norman
Chris Norman 22 days ago
hisvorpalsword 23 days ago
just nibblin'!
Guy Kittredge
Guy Kittredge 23 days ago
Lol,what happens when there are too many prey animals is more predators come,coyotes and wolves have more offspring, the deer actually do eat enough vegetation to force smaller prey into other areas ,take all that and mix it together and you get the answer : too many deer/elk s harmful to the local ecosystem. But in a population of 1700 deer the fish and game department would only allow about 200 deer tags to be sold
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos 24 days ago
Hitting women doesn't work to make them sensible. My female friend got hit as a child and hit in the relationship before me. Last time I visited her I tried to tell her not to scream so much, since her ptsd neighbour's son woke up scared by my the screaming. After the conversation she thought I was talking about her being evicted, since I couldn't get the word in between her screaming. She know it's a problem, just not then and there. "Just start opera", I've started telling her. And continue with "...asshOoOoOOOoOOOOOOleh!"
Exodus D
Exodus D 25 days ago
How the fuck can you say that is 720p ? It's 240p scaled as fuck and sound is horrible.
Mad9977 Productions
14:46 I'm dead (again) πŸ˜‚
Simon Pollard
Simon Pollard 25 days ago
Unfuckable ah hhhhhhh
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