Bill Burr | Advice: How Come Nobody Takes Me Seriously?

Bill Burr
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Bill reads an email from a listener who has trouble being taken seriously.
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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 1 072
Matthew Centner
Matthew Centner 2 days ago
Sounds like a laugh track on this.
Noor Nasri
Noor Nasri 4 days ago
> Dark humour , wants to be a comedian > Loves to laugh, wants others to laugh > Everyone expects him to always be happy, smiling > He can't get anyone to take him seriously > Reaching a breaking point > Picked on most of his life > Socially awkward? This dude is the joker.
unusual score
unusual score 6 days ago
when did bill start using Audience laugh sound clips and the fake audience from those introduction of the producers of MATLOCK
Jose Villanueva
Jose Villanueva 7 days ago
I take you seriously Bill
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 10 days ago
Im digging this bill, u should keep it up! Its fantastic thanks!
The Emperor [Star Wars Legend's]
One way to take you seriously is if you look like you should not be f**ked with. The stoic, stone-face seems to have that affect on people.
Hajime Chan
Hajime Chan 12 days ago
Sounds like it is written by Joker.
muddyfalcon 13 days ago
I say just go psycho and shoot everyone that made you feel bad. It worked for me! Now I am surrounded by people in prison who respect and fear me. Some even call me the baddest dude in the west!
4exgold 13 days ago
next active shooter... Bloodbath & Beyond
Deh Man
Deh Man 13 days ago
Dave Chapelle's mom said it best: *Sometimes you have to be a lion so that you can be the lamb that you really are*
Cyberpunk 14 days ago
this couldntve come at a better time, i live in a refugee group housing and some times people just knock on you door and wanna come in, and you know them for a couple of years or so, not close friends, just the "hi, hows life goin" kinda talk. so they knock, and sit and smoke and bother me (if you're an introvert who wanna be alone and play video games, that kinda annoying) and im a nice guy or atleast i try to be , but some of these people, this annoying irirtating type is either naive or they try to push your buttons (because they see how nice you are and assume and thing goes) and shit but im tired of it and i will have a short term conflict for a long term relief. sorry for the incoherent comment but i'm 25 and at one point you're just tired of people and thier shit, especially when you come across the same type over and over again.
3rdVoid Men
3rdVoid Men 14 days ago
That's how Joker script got started.
maximumhate666 15 days ago
Hardly anybody accepts this but we don’t trust or respect people who we deem harmless. You only do that with people you know can be dangerous. At least your subconscious does that for you. You are a fool to underestimate people’s ability to go beyond acceptable behavior when they are pushed.
Nic Ford
Nic Ford 16 days ago
Been there done that. Lemme help (to all those people not reading this) 1. Realize the world is rough. People aren’t nice. Nearly everyone, even good ppl, will take advantage of you if you let them. Fair? No. But that’s reality. It’s tough out there. 2. Stop being nice. Don’t be a nice guy. Nice is just another word for harmless. Be kind. The most fear instilling guy can be kind with soft actions. But stop being nice. Figure the difference, and implement. 3. Assert yourself. If you avoid conflict to the point of compromising what you believe to avoid a conflict, stop. Start small. Voice a different opinion that is non consequential. Be polite, understanding, gentle, but also firm in your opinion. Repeat until it’s comfortable. Move on to more consequential conflicts. 4. Confidence. Good chance you lack it. Maybe not. If you ain’t confident, learn to not give a single fuck. Scared you might mess up or fail? Fuck it. The world is going to continue to spin if ya do. What happens, happens, stop caring. It’s hard to create confidence, so start with next best: not giving a rip and just doing it. Then grow as you discover your competence. 5. Backbone. Grow one. You think being nice helps make the world go round? It doesn’t. Sometime bad things, hard things, and jarring things make the world go round. You bring nice will inhibit some people from becoming their best. Don’t let others down by being weak. Grow a backbone for others. Standing up for yourself profits others as much as you. 6. If all else fails go listen to Jordan Peterson. He is smarter than me.
Diesel Diesel
Diesel Diesel 17 days ago
ask yourself something: are you someone who can be stepped on and walked all over? you talk a lot about wanting people to treat you differently and respect you, and to not treat you like you're a pushover, but *are you* a pushover? we don't actively choose if we respect, pity, envy, like, hate -- whatever, we don't choose what we think about people. our brain sees them, analyzes them, crunches the numbers real fast and puts it in the "bears teeth and will bite" category or "bears hooves and will run" category. you are IMMEDIATELY slotted into "big guy" or "little guy" whether that person wants to categorize you or not. you can change your standing in their mind through interaction, because you might reveal to them things about yourself that would facilitate being recognized differently. are you the sheep or the dog? you can be either one, it's up to you and it starts in your brain. the way people look at and speak to you is a result of who you are. if you want to change the way people are with you, be somebody else.
Brady Neal
Brady Neal 18 days ago
This is scary. Some random person, exact same age, career, mindset, tactics, etc., asking Bill for advice, and He says the exact same advice I've heard from my peers. Guess us 7,000,000,000 people aren't so different.
Zdravko Perkovich
Zdravko Perkovich 18 days ago
I love asking Bill questions through other people.
byron p
byron p 18 days ago
It actually took me to the age of, oh, 26, before I twigged to the fact that I didn't really know much of anything, anything important. Before that, of course, I knew everything.
Chewy Gum
Chewy Gum 19 days ago
How come bill sits like a girl😑
Nicola Morales
Nicola Morales 19 days ago
"You talking to me? You talking to me? You don't respect my idea?" Lmao
John Sunlight
John Sunlight 20 days ago
Generally speaking, primates are dicks.
Cvlt Verum
Cvlt Verum 20 days ago
BE ASSERTIVE thats all
Top Ramen
Top Ramen 21 day ago
Wow I’m literally going through the exact same shit
Sean NA
Sean NA 25 days ago
This was surprisingly introspective at the end with the writing, glad I watched
Shounak Kulkarni
Shounak Kulkarni 25 days ago
Been through the same situation as this guy. I think he's just not being himself. He needs to stop focusing on other people, trying to please them. He just needs to introspect on his own goals, like Bill said, and just work towards them. Everything else automatically falls in place.
Anders Lund Covers
Anders Lund Covers 26 days ago
I feel the same way sometimes. I have always made people laugh and in school i was the class clown, while at the same time maintaining serious focus on working hard. But yeah, people have a tendency to read that as weakness. The older I get the more cynical and jaded the people around me get, but I never changed. I think it comes down to jealousy. Sad people hate to se someone else have fun in life. Like my uncle. The other day I was at a Christmas lunch with family, and I talked about the difficulties I had getting a steady job. I brought up some things I wanted to pursue and that I had been thinking about getting into carpentry. My uncle then injected that i was "Too lazy" to do that kind of a job. I was a little stunned by his bluntness. Because i had never heard that before. I asked him what he was basing that on, seeing as I have always gotten the opposite feedback from my employers. Then he went "well, I mean.. just look at you". I have gained some weight in the last year due to some medication I had to go on. But he didn't know that. He made me feel so shitty and he just made everybody uncomfortable. After that I have been reflecting on my life and yeah. Maybe some people doesn't respect me because I am too nice. But I dont wanna change because of a few assholes.
Willz __
Willz __ Month ago
Sit down stand up/podcast? Also guy sounds like a typical puss millennial who wants to please everyone.
Googlee Dood
Googlee Dood Month ago
I thought retail was clothes???
little Do
little Do Month ago
This set up is hilarious lmao
ethan willier
ethan willier Month ago
Just saw you in mandalorian, was awesome but what's up with the back gun is it an ai or controlled by you?
Ra Souldier
Ra Souldier Month ago
What starts with an "e" and ends with an "e" and contains one letter? an envelope.
Youssef Kasmi
Youssef Kasmi Month ago
Is this the live podcast?
najm elyakin khobayb azzeb
If you're nice people will shit on you. Don't be nice!
Vicious Zero
Vicious Zero Month ago
Well shit, I may as well have been the one who wrote that letter (I'm even a 23 year old guy). I'm not as chastized as this guy seems to be but still. Bill was on point, and his comparison to Travis Bickle was fuckin' hilarious. Good stuff.
paul byron
paul byron Month ago
Love that word everyone is a cunt Pure British word Everyone is a cunt Until proven otherwise
paul byron
paul byron Month ago
Cunt is a great word
Ramona Lee
Ramona Lee Month ago
From what I know, everyone has the problem of how to confront people but confront them in a constructive way. I have a tendency to get angry when I have to confront someone but when that happens your point gets lost and then you things go sour.
Nakul Menon
Nakul Menon Month ago
The smiley face, journal .Holy Shit! Bill was a potential joker
RunningShovel Month ago
Bill's advice here was actually pretty wholesome too! 👍
Vernon Stone
Vernon Stone Month ago
Lame. This BS didn’t even show the whole bit. What kinda shit is that
Haxwell Eddison
Haxwell Eddison Month ago
Do some drugs.
LEAD BELLY Month ago
Retail is clothes.?.....you know Bill is astoundingly ignorant sometimes,you know for such a worldly fella!
joeybeann Month ago
fuck Burr. Get out there. Figure it out yourself.
joeybeann Month ago
this actually helped
Connor H.
Connor H. Month ago
I never got confrontational up until this past year (i'm 31) and my biggest hang up was always anxiety. Like the guy writing the letter, and bill himself, my problem was being nice and then becoming an asshole (and not a funny one) because I thought that would shift people's perception of me. What really changed things, honestly, was getting some therapy and getting fucking medicated to where I now get to experience what all you normal people feel like instead of triple guessing every decision I make to the point I talk myself out of it. Anyway, some rich asshole was talking down to some lady when he was clearly in the wrong (stopped his suv on a bike path to look at his phone) and yelled at him to fucking move, from like 6 feet away from his open window. watching the fear of god pass across this dude's smug shithead face before he took off was like a religious moment for me. I haven't gone out of my way to scare people since then or anything, but since then I've had a much better sense of self and it was a real turning point in that i don't think about others as much in regards of validating my self image any more.
music man
music man Month ago
bill burr for president 2021
sno86 Month ago
The guy just needs to be more confident in himself, wing confidence to begin with and then after a few months it will be come naturally
Bebe Enderson
Bebe Enderson Month ago
I thought retail was clothes too...
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker Month ago
Bill Burr may be my favorite podcasting comedian. He just recognizes that subtle funny stuff and he doesn't try to be outrageous or wild. He's just super smart and funny and isn't full of himself.
Erneez pix
Erneez pix Month ago
You criticize mgtow, but didn't marry until 46! You need to wait awhile. Naive
Zero11 Month ago
I kinda liked these better when i imagined bill sitting in the garage alone doing them
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron Month ago
A 23 year old MALE musician who works at BB&B can't figure out why people don't take him seriously? That entire fucking sentence is exactly why people don't take you seriously.
Throttle Kitty
Throttle Kitty Month ago
I'm a very nice person with an asshole line! No, not my buttcrack! It's a line in the sand, if you cross it, I'M AN ASSHOLE NOW!
Tyler Lavoie
Tyler Lavoie Month ago
You gotta break some eggs here to get the omelet going I think, i swear my life isn’t going to be complete until I get advice from Bill Burr
Tyler Lavoie
Tyler Lavoie Month ago
“I did that , it didn’t work for me, look at the angry fucking luna- look what I was sitting on”
Tyler Lavoie
Tyler Lavoie Month ago
“You’re gonna have to take someone down to the matt so they respect ya” lmao i got a kick out of that but when he says “and also they say they cant picture me mad” well get fucking mad about something in front of them! Anybody i’ve worked with sees me pissed off until 12 everyday
Damn, this resonates super hard. What I did to try to get people to take me seriously is tell less jokes and have a more serious demeanor and respond quicker to assholes.
theredbaron057 Month ago
I could listen to bill for hours
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker Month ago
Once in a while a smart funny dude comes along. The dude rules.
The Irish Celt
The Irish Celt Month ago
Sometimes in the land of dogs you have to bark... 😎
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