Big or Little Gun in World of Tanks?

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World of Tanks. Today I'm playing the Borsig and asking the question: which is the best gun?
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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 576
Karol Skowronek
Karol Skowronek 5 hours ago
3.57 how the hell ob.263 kill arta???
Blink Witzer
Blink Witzer Day ago
So he does confirm the Soviet Bias Tanks by saying in 2 Barreled guns? He plays German tanks but talks about it😂😂😂
I alternated every other game or so on the borsig which I found fun, but ineffective for getting used to a certain play style since they are slightly different feels.
urbit22 Day ago
gold ammo
=NolePtr 6 days ago
They use natural log in the calculation. It's actually 1/e, not 1/3.
wot #1fan
wot #1fan 8 days ago
Yes please modules guns mainly that change a tanks play style. We need more conway's and heavies and rhms in the game. Good no great idea.
wot #1fan
wot #1fan 8 days ago
If you like HE/HESH changes you need to quit wot. QB.
Zetsu Gameing
Zetsu Gameing 9 days ago
What a shame that you have to download a mod to see your real time aim time isn't it?
FF Hermawan
FF Hermawan 10 days ago
22:12 *"AEECHHH"*
MΛRCUS HΞLIUS 11 days ago
Bigger alpha is almost always better in this game, if you get to take only 1 shot at an enemy before he finds cover or shoots back, you want to deal as much damage as possible... The only exception I think is for fast tanks that can easily flank enemies and circle strafe them, where DPM is better.
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez 11 days ago
Personally I’d rather have low alpha for highly rate of fire.
christophe Dohet
christophe Dohet 15 days ago
It is a great tank but man will you hate the tier 7 just before him , that sturer emil still gives me nightmare time to time :)
Harrison Minix
Harrison Minix 16 days ago
I’m a fan, btw...
TRUE YETI 16 days ago
I’ve always wanted to get the waffle but haven’t gotten to it yet
Florian N
Florian N 20 days ago
Why we still don't have dispersion values in the garage?? Because if they were directly visible, everyone could immediately see how good the "unreliable, derpy russian guns" really are, and WG could not get along anymore with the bullshit, that soviet tanks are balanced by their "bad" gunstats.
SCARLET★STAR 20 days ago
You can sometimes bounce things in this tank by using your gunbarrel as a shield. Mostly only doable for slower shells and far enough distances to get more time to move the gun. Or facehug situations where you can just point your gun through the enemy barrel to block the shell. Might kill your gun though, but better than taking dmg right?
Mark Imler
Mark Imler 21 day ago
I just play the 15cm because derp
chi uhauha
chi uhauha 22 days ago
"Stands behind you and serves you sauages"
Jacob Zekveld
Jacob Zekveld 23 days ago
From 6:12 to 8:25 he should have loaded High Explosive exclusively. Kinda triggered me :P
Suryo Bramasto
Suryo Bramasto 24 days ago
I have 60% WR with rhm bwt. IMO if you have free exp., unlock all guns. When you are considerably new with this TD, use the 128. When you are experienced enough, use the 150, but please do not engage IS-7 ever. But anyway right now I am suck with the wafflecock, only manage to have 39% WR with the top small gun (the top big gun has not unlocked yet).
Tiny mod
Tiny mod 24 days ago
Stop rolling your fucking 'r' s Germans don't speak like that. ..
Knight Tim
Knight Tim 24 days ago
'Remember to reverse into the bush'
A B 24 days ago
I prefer the small sausages, but in a dozen pack
Idris Akhtar
Idris Akhtar 24 days ago
Size doesn't matter
CreativeJuice 25 days ago
Did you just say you can summon a Sausage Stand? Do you watch JoJo Bizarre Adventure Quickybaby? Also [STANDO POWAH]
treeefrogUK 25 days ago
I still prefer the 128mm on my Rhm for all the reasons you mentioned: accuracy, aim time, dpm, penetration and reload time.
Jesse Roseberry
Jesse Roseberry 25 days ago
My mind was not in the gutter. It was in the Mariana trench
Shurahbeel Tariq
Shurahbeel Tariq 25 days ago
One shot-ing Skorpion G with HE in 50tp with a fire. Feels good :D
pish180 25 days ago
@QB... You didn't mention ANYTHING about shell velocity... This is a HUGE deal for this tank. The large-caliber is HORRIBLE, 645ms and 516ms! The 128mm is 920ms and 1150ms. I recently starting playing this line and I HATE the large caliber gun for this sole reason.
AirMaster K
AirMaster K 25 days ago
Caliber of the gun? I'm sure you have no issues in that area.
2016KTM450 25 days ago
The RHM with the 150mm is one of my favorite tanks in the game. Have thousands of battles on it with the 150mm. Love all three rounds, the AP, the HEAT, and the HE. All three rounds are fantastic. And spamming HE in the RHM is priceless. Incidentally, the tier 9 WT auf Pz is my all time favorite.
Payton wheeler
Payton wheeler 25 days ago
“If you want to kill something quickly the smaller caliber guns are better” 152mm M-10 and 203mm B-4 would like a word with you
Derick Greenaway
Derick Greenaway 25 days ago
I've been playing this tank for years and had to switch between the two guns.. the small gun for long periods of time will just miss all the time! Fully aimed short distance it will just miss for no reason. The big one always hits but will pen less often as expected. I really do feel like they Nerf the small gun in a unrealistic way just do even some matches out
TSD_ Ju 25 days ago
8:58 ... HEY! Yaaaah maan! This isn't Twitch bruh! :P
Damian 25 days ago
Big guns make it harder to penetrate frontally. Remember that kids.
Damian 25 days ago
Petition to change the name of video to "Does Size Matter?" In World of Tanks you muppets.
Y2A Alkis
Y2A Alkis 26 days ago
Chat on screen IS NOT making you "more interactive".
Avvid 26 days ago
tooooooo much talking got headache now
Filip Karas
Filip Karas 26 days ago
Little Big one :D
Wargaming Super Noob
Penis jokes are always welcomed QB
MurderByNumbers 26 days ago
Waffle truck
noupperlobeman 26 days ago
Having multiple competitive modules and guns would be a great step forward for this game. Instead of being reliant on the one best in slot configuration, players could tailor a tank to their own playstyle while still keeping the unique nature of each vehicle.
g hood
g hood 26 days ago
Love the t8 Rhm, much more than the Skorpion. But the t9 WT is just crap.
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez 26 days ago
Use big one,small one you have on Scorp G:)
Paul Z
Paul Z 26 days ago
Premium rounds main reason i dont play for years and many others.. Pay to Pen... Pay to win thats what WOT has been for nearly 5 years.. Least old days it was Gold most of us used it in clan wars only earned from clan wars. Who wants to play when all you see is premium rounds spammed at you.. Also why auto aim, sixth sense, wot is a baby game now. Your even told before you fire if you can pen a target before you fire... Noobville, so it becomes like a FPS reaction skills to pixel shoot. Dont you ever get sick of playing the same 10 maps 3000 times quicky..
AnimDroid Edits
AnimDroid Edits 26 days ago
Big or Little Gun in World of Tanks? more like "DPM or Alpha?
Kostyantyn Halanets
RHm..?? BIG gun or GTFO
Osaka2407 26 days ago
Also QB, at 4:10, don't forget about 2 calibers rule. If the gun caliber is 2 times higher than armor it hits, normalization of the shell is increased, effectively increasing penetration of angled plates. Anyway, as always, great video! Thank you for your time and effort. Even though I am not playing WoT anymore, it's nice to watch you play. Cheers! PS. Think about releasing QB voiceover mod instead of participation in this BS commander event :D
The real question is RUSSIAN GUNS or MORE RUSSIAN GUNS?
oXI ENIGMAZ IXo 26 days ago
I like playing 128 on Borsig and 150 on the Pz IV.
DCabrera004 26 days ago
Got my LOVE from the 0:16 mark. Btfu
jelle riemslag
jelle riemslag 26 days ago
I'm neither of the type of borsig-players you just said, im the memer who just starts blasting HE at everything i can see XD
Sven Westerlund
Sven Westerlund 26 days ago
Ok, selected my Borsig named Brunhild while watching your vid on my right monitor. On the left monitor there was some mingling jingles and the center monitor just displayed myself playing Brunhild like a total loser. I have no ability to multitask...
Mike Moseley
Mike Moseley 26 days ago
Awesome content, Can you please rate the Tier 9 Tanks, I see what you have rated for the Tier 10's and the Tier 8's(both Premium and not) so I can decide what ones I want to have. However I have not seen a Tier 9 Rating of the available tanks in the game and I know from some of your videos that some of those Tier 9's are sneaky good
Depipro 26 days ago
I think for the Oktoberfest Stand Spell to work, you should not pronounce Börsig as Borsig. ;)
Corne 011
Corne 011 26 days ago
@Quickybaby what are those headphones?
Ryonz Ezrick
Ryonz Ezrick 26 days ago
This used to be my go to tank in WoT till the SU-130PM came out.
John Hyman
John Hyman 26 days ago
Great video, yet not one single reference to the enormous difference between the two calibers shell velocity. Aiming and hitting from distance is quite challenging with the larger gun. More so when trying to lead a quick antagonist.
Tobias Kolbe
Tobias Kolbe 27 days ago
I play the Borsig with the 15cm because its more fun... its like with the Type 5 Heavy Thanks QB, great content!
Kratatch 27 days ago
I get happy when i see Rhembrants (Rhm-B WT) with the big derp gun on the enemy team and get sad when they are on my team. It usualy means they are bad.
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