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#BigJayOakerson on how #feminism is a two-way street, being #politicallycorrect , and why he's a little grossed out by his daughter growing up.
Big Jay Oakerson stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2016.
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 814
Michelle B
Michelle B 4 hours ago
Is there really toilet paper there guys?
Frankie L
Frankie L 8 hours ago
ChipFreeSpace 8 hours ago
This man ended a set with a story about his daughters bush!
FJ C 10 hours ago
He has nice eyebrows. Just saying..
Chris Demeo
Chris Demeo 12 hours ago
The fun is the comments by people who never walked into a Stand Up set. Keep postin up
Demonmixer 14 hours ago
He's good, this geezer.
Red Pilled
Red Pilled Day ago
Guys want feminine women. Guys don't wanna date another guy...
LumabeeLumabop 4321
Chino when hes fat
BTS CTS Day ago
Too damn funny. 🤣
YouTube is watching YouToo
This guy looks like he was born and bred in Canada.
Ludmilla Ludmilla
i guess this is the difficult time for all comics..people are more & more sensitive
potatogrower 2 days ago
That is one beautiful big boy
Taylor Moss
Taylor Moss 2 days ago
James 2 days ago
Dude has best crowd work in all of stand up. Crackle crackle.
Ghastly_Grinner 3 days ago
Mennonite Jay Oakerson
DegenerateGringo 5 days ago
“Listen to the hatred around the words, not the words” bro tattoo that shit on me now
Athenais LaMar
Athenais LaMar 7 days ago
Great endinv!
Jenna Klinghoffer
If I was his daughter is fucking murder him
rjphilla 9 days ago
Suck on that Canada 😂 Crackle Crackle!
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams 10 days ago
He probably doesn't even have a daughter, but he def has a chain wallet
American Patriot
American Patriot 8 days ago
Stephan Williams he does have a daughter
vangerwen79 11 days ago
One of the sons of Gary.
Ben Wood
Ben Wood 12 days ago
Looks like a bouncer in a junky meth club that only metal bands play at. If he if was, he would be better at whatever that was
ItsSortaNerdy 13 days ago
This set is perfected in his Netflix special check it out if you guys haven't, The Degenerates.
kize32 13 days ago
I thought he'd say he got a boner, but this is much worse lol
Dis Boi
Dis Boi 17 days ago
How much you wanna bet she is going to get bullied in school now?
Looted Corpse
Looted Corpse 21 day ago
I like how absolutely close his jokes are to the edge
Ayodele Ojuroye
Prestige212 w
Prestige212 w 19 days ago
There is no edge in comedy.
Milton Lopez
Milton Lopez 21 day ago
Why he got to expose his daughter like that 😂
Eric H
Eric H 17 days ago
its comedy moron, Milton, figures
M Mehrinfar
M Mehrinfar 22 days ago
Dude huge fan but a little weak
Cameron Owe
Cameron Owe 22 days ago
Lmao he looks and acts like one big 6th grader.
Aeson 1
Aeson 1 23 days ago
he's the voice of reason yall sjws need rn
Chase 23 days ago
I can imagine his daughter now.. Hey friend let's watch this video of my dad...... nevermind
cuttygrass 24 days ago
love Jay, one of the few just not giving a fuck, the way comedy should be..
Vanessa und Max Hartmann
I have a daughter, i hope that scares you :D
Grawlix 27 days ago
*Crackle Crackle*
PH4T JOKER 28 days ago
This is Josh without drake .
os terminal
os terminal Month ago
This guy literally has a micro dick hahahaha
Well, my peach is clean thanks to showering and actually cleaning it properly. Sorry that he dates girls that don’t know how to wipe yet.
Arron Nash
Arron Nash Month ago
Feminism is cancer
ATOM FILMS official
Them frosted tips tho
ATOM FILMS official
@Buck Fuddy I could be wrong tbh
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy 25 days ago
ATOM FILMS official I thought it was just the shine of whatever product he is using on the lights
Lord Penguin
Lord Penguin Month ago
So I am assuming this booing happened in Canada
lilbabykitten Month ago
Okay uhhhh thought he was funny until his started talking about his daughter's "bush"
3Way Entertainment
3Way Entertainment 20 days ago
Why? Its hilarious. Ya prude.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds Month ago
This wasn't comedy, this was preaching for comedy! You tell them, Jake! 😎👍
Liggy Month ago
The more it's on In the background when I'm typing the more disgusted I am with you, the truth will come out about you dude
Liggy Month ago
Fuck you dude your comedy is bullshit they just want to champion "a shitty dumb cause"??? The fuck you don't understand shit you as a fucking person is held to a god damn standard and I'm also being Frank ASF with you because look at the state of your aura/mind state fuck you dude you're fucked up you don't deserve a fucking stage
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy 25 days ago
Andy D Smith someone also forgets that punctuation exists huh?? Edit--must've misplaced them in that meltdown..(n all those "F 💣💣💣")
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy 25 days ago
Liggy wow..issues much?? I'm sensing they run DEEP..so deep that u felt the need to vent on a comedy video🤷🏻‍♀️
Andy D Smith
Andy D Smith 25 days ago
Public meltdown
Liggy Month ago
Sick in the fucking head and this is just what you feel COMFORTABLE talking about even if it's comedy like everyone that can look at that fucking dude for who he actually is its sick
Liggy Month ago
The emotions and words in the jokes are narcissist asf what the fuck?? To everything you're saying the fuck??
merces47letifer Month ago
I love this man. No homo. But nothing is off the table.
J. Weatherford
J. Weatherford Month ago
I always wondered what happened to the big one from insane clown posse. Dude's got chops.
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne Month ago
Do you who Big Lenny is? (The Tom Platz of abs)
Bo Jack
Bo Jack Month ago
When my girl insults me, I go hard on her and mention her nasty butt-crack with bits of toilet paper right outside of her asshole.
lilbitchanair parow
Hes angry because he can't say tranny wow
Bo Jack
Bo Jack Month ago
Fa990t. Go back to Twitter.
Steven Pivornik
Steven Pivornik Month ago
I don't understand how he can look at a full bush as a pedaphiliac term. I would rather a woman with a full bush than nothing at all. To me, a bare skinned va jay jay wouldn't look right. At least full bush shows a natural side, a sign of adulthood.
Andy D Smith
Andy D Smith 25 days ago
Big Foot
Big Foot Month ago
He looks uncomfortable in that bar stool.
Melvin Johnson
Melvin Johnson Month ago
I have 3 daughters. This man speaks truth lol
that guy from tv
Joey Fatone really let himself go
T Month ago
When I was 14 my burgeoning breasts literally broke a bra, largely because my dumb ass didn’t find out I was and had been D, not a B, until I was like 22, and my mom told the dressing room attendant that my tits burst my bra and thus we needed to stop to buy me a new one. If I knew she made money off that comment, I would not have been pissed about it at all. Shit, she could talk about finding my first vibrator if it paid the bills. I know that different people have different opinions, but I don’t think his daughter cares too much.
kuroichan101 Month ago
This guy is hilarious but his tranny joke was offensive because of the context and not the word. He implied transwomen are unattractive in general. Gotta let my pc out there
Ben Bramble
Ben Bramble Month ago
this man is a god
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Month ago
He really did his daughter like that......smh
NOFOOD? 2 days ago
- clorox bleach
Ben Ruckus
Ben Ruckus Month ago
"Pussy in a cast" bit was quite good actually. Rest not so much.
Leviathan Month ago
Jay is fucking hilarious but the daughter thing was weird af
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