Biffy Clyro - Space (Orchestral Version) - Live at Abbey Road

Biffy Clyro
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Available now on Amazon Music: Space (Orchestral Version) - Live from Abbey Road as an Amazon Original. Stream at biffyclyro.co/space-ao
Space, the latest single taken from 'A Celebration of Endings'. Get your copy of the album here: biffyclyro.co/acelebrationofendings
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Biffy Clyro's biography begins in Scotland starting in 1995. Their lineup has stayed consistent for the duration of their activity, with Simon Neil on guitar, James Johnston playing bass, and Ben Johnston handling drums. Simon Neil serves as the primary vocalist and lyricist, but all three have participated with vocals and songwriting.
Over the course of their previous seven albums, Biffy Clyro have topped the charts, headlined numerous huge festivals, performed all over the globe, including tours with Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, and Muse and earned countless awards.

Biffy Clyro’s biggest hits include “Many of Horror (When We Collide)”, “Bubbles”, “Black Chandelier”, “Biblical”, “Re-arrange” and “Mountains”. The iconic Biffy Clyro catalogue also includes the albums “Blackened Sky”, “The Vertigo of Bliss”, “Puzzle”, “Only Revolutions”, “Opposites” and “Ellipsis”.

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Oct 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Flux881 23 hours ago
Sitting on the couch, doing nothing special. Then hearing this song and start crying. That's something only music can achieve :)
Naqi_ Day ago
don't be shy, drop this on spotify
Paula May
Paula May Day ago
Absolutely beautiful! Love it!
eddy gee
eddy gee Day ago
This shows you how ridiculously good this band is 👌 A stroke of genius
Eerika Eensalu
Can't stop listening.... (and crying :D )
I didn't think this song could get any better, but I was proved wrong, holy shit!
Christian Wellman
Just got some ear pods f**k me what a piece of music well sung and well arranged!!! Brilliant!!
opwill69 4 days ago
I can't express how much I love this. It's just so beautiful. I love Biffy Clyro the Rock Band but this is just amazing.
Joshua DeHaan
Joshua DeHaan 4 days ago
This is mine and my wife's song. I won't be seeing her for 3 months I'm starting my army training tomorrow, Recently married too, hard time ahead but this song is gonna be special for us both I love you Janine Bloomfield-De Haan
Jesse A. Kluesner
Fuckin brilliant lads !!
Alexandre B.
Alexandre B. 5 days ago
This needs to be on Spotify
christopher Davidson
Fcukin awesome version!! Love it and this song!! Beautiful production!!!! 👏👏👏👏
SSC Hyper15
SSC Hyper15 5 days ago
Should have been an instrumental, beautiful music.
Trevor Brubaker
Trevor Brubaker 5 days ago
Damn this is incredible
Carlo Punto
Carlo Punto 6 days ago
OMG epic!!! 😱😱😱
BlakeKaleb Buzzell
So good.
steeler3258 6 days ago
Im a 59 year old band teacher and I dig the hell out of this guy! My son turned me on to him a year ago with Rearrange. I've liked him ever since!
Iori Howells
Iori Howells 6 days ago
i keep playing back the long held note simon sings
Iori Howells
Iori Howells 6 days ago
how can someone dislike this
Iori Howells
Iori Howells 6 days ago
work of art
MixLex 8 days ago
One of the most beatiful Songs I´ve ever heared!
TROJAN CELIAC 8 days ago
Those lovely people who put thumps down must be tone deaf 🦻. This is the kind of song that NASA should put into SPACE!!!
tallinn30 9 days ago
That's one of the most amazing arrangements of music I've ever heard. Beautiful.
Princess Secillie
Wonderful ❤️
Europa 1
Europa 1 10 days ago
i lik dis songe.
Michelle Herzig
Michelle Herzig 10 days ago
Favorite song forever 💛
Maria Rizzo
Maria Rizzo 10 days ago
Ti amo
Ornella Day
Ornella Day 12 days ago
Nothing makes the heart soar more, than a beautiful piece of music. This is a beautiful arrangement.
Dave Harry
Dave Harry 12 days ago
Amazing songwriting is Not dead x
nemolab lamantin
nemolab lamantin 12 days ago
Daniela Pereira
Daniela Pereira 13 days ago
Luis Teixeira
Luis Teixeira 14 days ago
No, no tears here!
Paul Gellatly
Paul Gellatly 14 days ago
Stunning, mon the Bif.
pHaTe 64
pHaTe 64 15 days ago
Immer wenn man denkt, dass einen musikalisch und emotional nichts mehr triggern kann, kommt Simon fuckin Neil um die Ecke. Thx & Mon The Biff
Pete Darby
Pete Darby 15 days ago
The song of the decade. Goosebumps with this version. Utterly wonderfully flawless. I cant stop damaging my tympanic membranes with this song. Oh well
Winfried Krause
Winfried Krause 17 days ago
one of his best songs, great Biffy
Nick Shillito
Nick Shillito 16 days ago
HIS?? You realise Biffy Clyro is a band right? 😉
Grubby Music
Grubby Music 17 days ago
this is so good it brought me to tears
David Blakemore
David Blakemore 18 days ago
Have never been a big fan of Biffy, but this is just a fantastic song, one of the best recent years
Rachael Blue
Rachael Blue 19 days ago
I love this. Its beautiful, and could be for anyone you care for. Id sing this with the songs ive written at my own wedding as wedding vows when i do get married. Lol
ALberto De Luca
ALberto De Luca 19 days ago
Fabiana Pozzobon
Fabiana Pozzobon 21 day ago
From 2:06 it feels like the gates of heaven have just opened ✨✨
Claudio Tosato
Claudio Tosato 23 days ago
certainly the most beautiful song of 2020
Seelengrund Company
Give us enough #space to fill our hearts with magical music. #Weloveit ❤️
Gareth Brown
Gareth Brown 26 days ago
The lady in the blue glasses is beautiful 😍
KLDC 2 26 days ago
Absolutely stunning in every way!
Anto dN
Anto dN 27 days ago
Ci sono cose di natura non umana, ma divina.... Questo brano, ogni singolo istante, nota non sono umane ma di natura superiore.... Divina. Grazie a tutti voi!!!
wrutherfordx3x 29 days ago
I'm just loving that these guys are Ayrshiremen and sing in their own tongue. Just as a growing many are. We're not American and we're not English. We are Scots and we should sing like we are. Let others see the splendor in our difference. And if you don't understand then learn. I don't understand everything Americans or our English friends say, but I'm able to learn. I'm sure they are equally as capable.
Joanna Mehlich
Joanna Mehlich Month ago
to było piękne
Mila D'Am
Mila D'Am Month ago
La bellezza infinita
Thomas Mccallion
This was used as tribute to Marius Zaluskas,ex Hearts player who sadly passed away this year,beautiful tribute 💚
Nicole Klement
Nicole Klement Month ago
emlortnoc tonod
emlortnoc tonod Month ago
The love for the world is in this space. I can feel it.
Martin P. Nairn
Martin P. Nairn Month ago
This is one of the best things of the last 20 years
sophspalding Month ago
anyone else get euphoric Aslan galloping across Narnia vibes right here? 2:53
Molko Holic
Molko Holic Month ago
Max B
Max B Month ago
I'm not crying. I'm just doing a bit of angle grinding and a spark got in my eye.
James Mckendrick
Incredible version :-)
Alec Sheen
Alec Sheen Month ago
3:11 epic :)
Francisco Amor
Francisco Amor Month ago
Someone else cried?
Jennifer Russell
I'm not crying! I've got dust in my eyes!!
Giorgia Maria Canzi
I watched this video at school. I loved it!
Europa 1
Europa 1 Month ago
How do we forgive ourselves for all the things we did not become?
AjayDotNL Month ago
His timing is so good. He sings it all on his own, drums just start half way and the orchestra makes it even more epic. So great! Love it.
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith Month ago
This is my favorite I listen to it several times a day.
Paul O'Connell
Paul O'Connell Month ago
music and lyrics at their finest
Inchebe Beard
Inchebe Beard Month ago
Glorious, just glorious!!
Phil Kyle
Phil Kyle Month ago
How about this for Christmas No 1 2020 ? Something magical
Helen Barbour
Helen Barbour Month ago
Even more beautiful than the original. What an amazing voice and talent.
Vonlaus Month ago
Man, this is so fucking good.
Becca Bee
Becca Bee Month ago
Bloody hell. That's not bad, is it?
Théo Chapel
Théo Chapel Month ago
Who has goosebumps at 3:21 ? What a beautiful song..
Elena Mascelli
Elena Mascelli Month ago
Good morning ❤️
Alessandro Stanziola
At the end that chorus man is about to cry
Alessandro Stanziola
Goosebumps all over my body and beyond... Authentic work of art 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Antonio Vertuccio
This version with the band is the best......
Lea Grossmann
Lea Grossmann Month ago
Miriam Silver
Miriam Silver Month ago
Melody, poetry, sincerity. This song is a work of art.
Pejuang Skripsi
Pejuang Skripsi Month ago
Yup! this song is gonna be my wedding song in the future
stuey74 Month ago
This song just goes to show that biffy are well and truly one of the best bands ever to come out of the uk. Its so beautiful, the lyrics just make you fill up!
Lyndon Fox
Lyndon Fox Month ago
Absolutely beautiful song
Sergej Lucenko
Sergej Lucenko Month ago
Simply shocking. Goosebumps.
zdoeriev z
zdoeriev z Month ago
MON THE BIFF!!! MON THE BIFF!!! (Orchestral Version)
Mike Schleicher
Mike Schleicher Month ago
Tempus fugit amor manet ♥️ Lebt euer Leben, liebt euch so als ob es kein Morgen gibt. Vergesst Corona Ihr seid viel länger Tot als das ihr Lebt. Liebe ist alles!🙃😥🙏
항설 Month ago
노래 끝부분 너무 쓸쓸하게 끝나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Carminda M
Carminda M Month ago
Muito linda😄😘
tillsunrise0192 Month ago
When you do something else on your laptop, have one of you YT-playlists in the background, then a song comes up that you don't know and you have to look who and what it is because it's so beautiful and amazing! Just, wow!!
Valeria Vega
Valeria Vega Month ago
This is another level of perfection. Wonderful!
csutton140784 Month ago
No words can explain how good that was!
helen southam
helen southam Month ago
Can't believe people have unliked this
Marc Rigney
Marc Rigney Month ago
Carmen Cadeddu
Carmen Cadeddu Month ago
WeyrdSonRecords Month ago
"There's always a space in my hearrrrr' ". Wait... "HEARRR' "??? ok, no "t" then...
Samuel joseph
Samuel joseph Month ago
See you on 22/10/2021 in amsterdam biffy can't wait ❤🇳🇱
Lynne margaret Phillips
My fave 2020 song..
CottoncandyH. Month ago
This is so insane. You’re The FUCKIN’ best 😍😍😍😭😭😭🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Ear drum organism
Ronald Wanders
Ronald Wanders Month ago
I apologize in advance for my foul language, but I had to let it go so to speak... FaCKING AWESOME...!!!! This is Art with a big A...! Beautiful lyrics, beautiful composition, beautiful musicians... Just facking awesome... Wow, that helps...
sara penazzo
sara penazzo Month ago
Wonderful version...this song pierces my soul
Les Shrubb
Les Shrubb Month ago
Every now and again a song comes along that hits that sweet spot in your soul. This is one such.
Gary Hooker
Gary Hooker Month ago
Bucket list stuff for you simon , enjoyed this a lot , keep the stories coming please big love to you guys
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