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Studio Ghibli has a bit of a monopoly when it comes to anime in the west. This video series, Beyond Ghibli, takes a look at the best of the business outside of their bubble.
In this video I take a look at the best directors in Japan, both living and dead, and my favourite films from their portfolios.
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(01:01) Mamoru Hosada and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
(02:59) Tezuka, Rintaro and Metropolis
(06:21) Makoto Shinkai and The Children Who Chase Lost Voices
(10:12) Satoshi Kon and Tokyo Godfathers
RADWIMPS - Sparkle [Off Vocal]
Kiyoshi Yoshida - Natsuzora
Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Loving You
Toshiyuki Honda - Metropolis
Anri Kumaki - Hello, Goodbye & Hello
Susumu Hirasawa - A Drop Filled with Memories
Susumu Hirasawa - The Girl in Byakkoka

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Mar 13, 2017




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Comments 80
A . A
A . A 10 hours ago
I must say, even if I still hate Makoto Shinkai and I think he's incredibly overrated, I love this video. Finally someone talks about these amazing directors that don't get the love that they deserve (and you gave me new films that I've never eard about and that I want absolutely to watch now, thank you)
Nick Schlabach
Nick Schlabach 5 days ago
Millennium actress is criminally under appreciated. If you enjoy anime. Watch this film.
JTR Preznz
JTR Preznz 8 days ago
Metropolis looked cool so I watched it and it was honestly a huge waste of time. Doesn't matter how dope the animation is, if the story and characters are all half baked it feels fucking pointless. "a film with a very strong sense of identity" is a terrible lie. Don't watch it, it never pays off.
Ian P
Ian P 2 days ago
@Colin Geer If an entire two and a half hour anime requires a final frame at the end of the credits to suddenly do it justice then I doubt the first two and half hours are even worth it in the first place.
Colin Geer
Colin Geer 4 days ago
It might help if the ORIGINAL last frame, and I mean the very last frame after the credits had finished, had been retained in the western release of the film - it changes the ending and therefore the films entire message!
Daniele liburdi
Daniele liburdi 12 days ago
the boy and the beast was 5 years ago?!, i've watched it in theater when it got published and it feels like 2 year ago. The time goes too fast
KidJV 13 days ago
i never knew my faves (one piece, the girl who leapt through time, summer wars, wolf children, boy and the beast) had the same director..neat :D
los jueguitos de Ferdo
I wonder why everybody is talking about a silent voice as a masterpiece and blablabla (when it's no more than a good movie, and even mediocre as an adaptation) but no one is talking about the absence of Yuasa who is probably the most important young anime director nowadays. All of his works are great, impregnated with a really expressive and genuine style. He's the director of probably the best anime I've seen (and one of the best ever made): the tatami galaxy
Kaipyro67ALT 4 days ago
​@VISHAL SHUKLA As someone who is half Japanese and has lived there and has studied their culture more than many of their own citizens, yes I am quite sure Japan is a very sexist country. Japan has a culture that is very similar to the United States. One both obsessed with sex, but publicly find it shameful to even talk about it. Only in Japan, this is even more extreme due to things like Idol culture, sexualizing young characters in anime, and the way Japanese boys and girls are raised and socialized. They aren't really taught things like sex education by their parents. This is something shameful to talk about in polite company. And the way that schools teach is from a very analytical standpoint, never going into the personal or cultural issues of sexual expression. Recently, men in Japan have actually become terrified of modern women. In school, they are mostly taught separately and by the time they become adults, they find mature women intimidating and they'd rather just watch porn than actually try to get into a relationship with a woman. This type of behaviour is so common that they even have a term for men like this. They call them "Herbivore men" and you can read and watch videos about this phenomenon. Japan also has an extremely high rate of sexual assault-- mostly unreported to authorities-- and when they do go to trial, the attacker is often given a laughably light sentencing. As for the animation comment I made earlier, the reason I mentioned Kyoto Animation being such a standout animation studio is because not only do they try to hire a diverse group of workers, they also pay a full salary that almost no other animation studio pays. This studio was targeted by a man who killed 36 people (Most of whom were women) who died via smoke inhalation and being set on fire. He didn't kill them with a knife or a gun, but burned people alive with, screaming "Die!" So yes, when considering all of the above, I consider Japan's sexism a very important part of A Silent Voice's story. Naoko Yamada (the director) is a talented filmmaker whose voice I hope to hear more of in future animation projects.
VISHAL SHUKLA 4 days ago
@los jueguitos de Ferdo I get ur point ... As someone who hasn't read the source material , the movie was absolutely brilliant to me ... But I could see how u wouldn't think the same way as u have read the source material and that can change a lot
VISHAL SHUKLA 4 days ago
@Kaipyro67ALTno offense or anything but I want to know whether u jumped to the conclusion that Japan is sexist in animation industry just from the fact that they have less percentage of female writers/animators/workers ... Or you know more than I do and have more reasons and you took them into consideration too ... Because the former reason is not enough to conclude that Japan is sexist as it could be that females don't prefer the animation industry as they prefer stem fields less
los jueguitos de Ferdo
@Kaipyro67ALT I don't see where does shoya (in his childhood) like nishimiya, if the bullying is about love is probably the other way (shoko loving ishida), which I think it isn't. Also I never mentioned shoya'd family as lacking development, but shoko's family. I'd like to make clear that it is really a good movie but not a masterpiece, I am not saying it is bad or mediocre at all (as a movie)
Kaipyro67ALT 9 days ago
​@los jueguitos de Ferdo It adds to the conversation because Japan is EXTREMELY sexist, especially when it comes to animation and directing. The studio that she worked at, KyoAni, was one of the only studios in Japan where they paid good wages and had a large (40%-50%) female writing and animating staff. That same studio was attacked for that very reason and the piece of shit who did it killed 36 people, most of them women. Now, real life issues aside, the movie does not adapt everything from the manga, no, that would be nearly impossible. But for the things they changed, they changed them for the better. Shoya bullies Shoko because he likes her, which is a VERY common thing among young boys, myself included. Boys aren't socialized to share feelings, so they show aggression instead, which is something boys are VERY good at doing. That was a good and very realistic change. As for Shoya's family dynamic, it isn't very important to the overall narrative, which is about self-forgiveness. He has his moments with his mother, but the story largely focuses on him and his friends, reuniting with them and all managing to not only forgive each other, but forgive themselves for the pain and heartache they all caused. I agree, the movie isn't a good straight-adaptation. A straight adaptation probably would not have been as good. But the changes they made turned it into a far superior movie.
N Tan
N Tan 18 days ago
Great video man im going watch all of these animes during my time in lockdown!
Sirwaich Ali
Sirwaich Ali 19 days ago
your oratory skills are absolutely brilliant. Maybe it's just your pacing, voice and accent but you should definitely look to lend your voice to some audio books.
Noah Schiller
Noah Schiller 19 days ago
only movie this is missing is Tekkonkinkreet!
Bien Voyager
Bien Voyager 8 days ago
agree, great one, love the music too !
darknessblade 22 days ago
Sadly now it is 2020 Left twitter is ruining Japanese anime. With their Wokefied"artstyle" or demanding a main lead being black, even when the series is over 20 Years old and Fully finished.
VISHAL SHUKLA 4 days ago
@Boris Boef facts bro ... U think people would try to solve real race problems in their own country instead of forcefully trying to influence japan with this bullshit ..but no why do the real thing when u can just whine
Boris Boef
Boris Boef 9 days ago
It's exactly that....nobody (except really racist) mind seeing different races represented....why would you mind? But it's indeed forced upon people and that's why it is annoying. In this day and age I first inform myself if a movie or whatever entertainment is woke (forced) bs and if so I'm not spending money.
Jake 11 days ago
@himo kadah its perfectly fine for any character to be any race, when done organically. there's nothing stopping any media company from doing so and it's already been done many times. the issue is when people force it to push some political ideology and the quality of the media always suffers as a result
Ez Golf
Ez Golf 13 days ago
himo kadah I think what he’s trying to say is that some people are demanding for main leads to be some other race(probably sees it as for no reason other than representation), when their source material explicitly shows the race of said main lead.
darknessblade 15 days ago
@himo kadah I don't have any issue with it. I have a issue with that Left woke Twitter demands all this. And the industry is nearly forced to Abide to their command. Left woke twitter Ruins the industry. Lets say Your Favorite Anime/Series gets a English dub, but Left woke Twitter went FULL Nuclear on it, Having any Line fit their Agenda. Would you be okay with this?
Tranqpvp 23 days ago
To be honest, Kiki's delivery service is "only" okay
PsyQoBoy 19 days ago
Get her to watch Grave of the Fireflies.
Ha Ta
Ha Ta 23 days ago
Instant like as I read Satoshi Kon. He is so influential, possibly one of the most influential, yet under-radar, under-appreciated. (Looking at a few of the most widely acclaimed, mind-bending blockbusters in Hollywood.) I always learn new things the more I watch his films.
crusherjoe8519 25 days ago
The late Robin Williams was a huge fan of Satoshi Kon. Kon autographed a copy of a Paranoia Agent DVD for Williams. Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams - Williams named his daughter after the titular character in Shigeru Miyamoto's The Legend of Zelda video game series from Nintendo - a few years ago tweeted a photo of the autographed Paranoia Agent DVD. Kon wrote on it, "To Mr. Robin Williams ... From Satoshi Kon."
Larisa West
Larisa West 26 days ago
VISHAL SHUKLA 4 days ago
Oh it was beautiful !! The only anime movie that affected me in the way that it did , not even your name made me feel like that
Colin Geer
Colin Geer 4 days ago
Me too!
Sad Potato
Sad Potato 27 days ago
i gotta say, makoto shinkai's 5cm per second still breaks me to this day
Juliardi 11 days ago
5 cm per second's story is pretty close to our everyday reality. Having a first love only to be driven apart by distance and time. I think many people have that experience. It may not enough to make you cry, but the story and coupled by that amazing "One more time, One more chance" song really can make you feel empty after watching it.
ZV Production
ZV Production 23 days ago
at least they can still easily contact each other, "voice of a distant star" on the other hand....
sandra basilo
sandra basilo 25 days ago
@Arolema Prarath how im trynna be
Arolema Prarath
Arolema Prarath 26 days ago
I'm sorry but I didn't cry. Not the slightest.
Karl Björn
Karl Björn 27 days ago
WeeblyWhaaaaa 27 days ago
I've never seen a Ghibli film, and i don't plan to. Mamoru is my favorite director in Japan right now. Desperately waiting for what he'll do next.
Bannyc 15 days ago
@Arolema Prarath First you're saying "We didn't ask you to comment" then afterwards you're telling me Anime sucks while having an Anime profile picture. Weird and hypocritical of you.
David Rohrer
David Rohrer 17 days ago
Nausica: Spirit of the Wind is well worth your time (not *technically* a Ghibli film either so you could still claim you hadn't seen one if that's your jam)
Ethan Patch
Ethan Patch 20 days ago
Arolema Prarath foh
Arolema Prarath
Arolema Prarath 20 days ago
@WeeblyWhaaaaa Anime sucks.
WeeblyWhaaaaa 20 days ago
@thomas hickey I aint trying to cry anymore Clannad destroyed me enough
therealdebater 27 days ago
Honorary mention of Mamoru Oshii.
Phillipa Soo Cinnamon roll
Garden of words is amazing in an animation perspective, but I just couldn’t get behind their relationship.
Colin Geer
Colin Geer 4 days ago
@Larisa West Exactly what you said, Larissa! They don't have a relationship as such, but they strengthen and help each other cope in a shared moment of adversity. Beautiful film.. almost each frame is a masterpiece!
Larisa West
Larisa West 26 days ago
Actually if you read a little about the directors intention, it isn't a romance at all. It was a bout two strangers struggling with isolation and loneliness... one of the points of the film is that the boy is so young that he mistakes the emotions he feels for love, which it is not. He knows himself so little and he isn't all that social so within forming a connection with a woman he automatically assumes romance. Teacher never thought of the boy in a romantic way but she was so isolated in her life, it was nice to have any form of companionship. They both learn from each other and grow a different points in their lives, it's actually pretty complex.
zEUs zockt
zEUs zockt 28 days ago
Where was Mamoru Oshii?
SomeSortofWeeb 28 days ago
did anyone else notice that women about to jump off the FREAKIN BRIDGE??! 12:22
Colin Geer
Colin Geer 4 days ago
Yes, and I didn't see it when I watched the movie! Guess I'll have to watch it again ;-)
SomeSortofWeeb 28 days ago
@S35Somua it didnt seem like that, just some background guy but if you say so
S35Somua 28 days ago
They stop her from jumping in the movie
800pieds 29 days ago
I don't remember much of the details of Kon's work but the first image I saw in this video, I knew it was him
Respectable AF
Respectable AF Month ago
I was lucky enough to meet Satoshi Kon a short time before his passing. He was amazing man and the world surely miss out on a great talent.
Respectable AF
Respectable AF 17 days ago
@Photopaint Photo It's magic ;)
Photopaint Photo
Photopaint Photo 17 days ago
Is your profile picture moving?
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'Souza Month ago
Rookie mistake, the first Ghibli movie you show your parents to prove that anime is not "cartoon" or "just of kids" is "Grave of the fireflies", I made mum watch it and she split, the water works could not staaappp xD. I know it's cruel, but I felt so much at peace for some reason xD, of course I too burst into a puddle of salty water....
Bien Voyager
Bien Voyager 8 days ago
it is a low kick but still legal, great move :D
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'Souza 15 days ago
@ZV Production muahaha
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'Souza 15 days ago
@Sandeept PREACH
ZV Production
ZV Production 23 days ago
accidently came across that anime on tv thinking it was going to be a light hearted drama boy.... was i wrong
Sandeept 26 days ago
The most heartbreaking movie I've seen till date.
Dana Schmidt
Dana Schmidt Month ago
I really enjoyed this relaxing and inspiring video, the "insights", your soft and calm moderation, your respectul descriptions of the anime plots... i knew some and others not and now i got a selektion to watch this weekend.... thank you so much!!!!
Tshim Muaj
Tshim Muaj Month ago
You really set the mood at the beginning and gave me a bunch of different emotions from the song from Your Name called sparkle
rave recage
rave recage Month ago
Your Name nailed the feels..
SomeSortofWeeb 28 days ago
It really did
rifqi bahtiar
rifqi bahtiar Month ago
Nope, akira is superior
Nick Schlabach
Nick Schlabach 5 days ago
Amazing animation. Horrible plot.
SalamiimalaS Month ago
This video is perfect
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'Souza Month ago
Oh common.... Akira?? Really.... I admit the anime is one of a kind and everyone in the anime industry and out must must watch it, a place where literally new colours were invented. But... Story wise the anime is complete crap. I mean they named the movie after a boy who isn't even alive anymore. The story is wack to the max.
Novgeny R. Ermiawan
don't give spoiler man!!!!
Dom Anthony
Dom Anthony Month ago
As soon as that music started, it got me...
Freemon34 Month ago
While all these directors are great and deserve their praise, Naoko Yamada in my opinion, is the best Japanese director currently, but I guess at the time of this video A Silent Voice wasn't out in the UK yet, and her only directorial films at the time were the K-On! Movie and Tamako Love Story which were just sequel movies to series made by KyoAni. And even though the films aren't as good as A Silent Voice or Liz and the Blue Bird, all of her movies are fantastic.
A Silent Voice
A Silent Voice Month ago
A Silent Voice that was a masterpiece.Still my Favorite.
HUNTER 1427 Month ago
Thank you Studio Ghibi for making your films
Kevan Walter
Kevan Walter Month ago
All of the movies talked about here are fantastic but at least for me Children who Chase Lost Voices is my top pick, probably one of my favorite films in general.
Thevilone sfr7
Thevilone sfr7 Month ago
@Kevan Walter Then i should give it another go too. Science fiction and fantasy are also my favorites.
Kevan Walter
Kevan Walter Month ago
@Thevilone sfr7 well I'm definitely bias when talking about this movie so I might not be the best judge for someone looking for an objective take. For myself, I'm a big fan of the beautiful art and animation. Although almost every film on this list hits the same mark of visual quality. I'm also big into metaphysics, science fiction and creature fantasy so this film checks a lot of the boxes for me. It's not for everyone, just like every other moviy mentioned in the video but for me it hit home perfectly.
Thevilone sfr7
Thevilone sfr7 Month ago
Is it that good? I saw 20 minute of it yesterday but didn't continued. Should I ?
Eman Lacuata
Eman Lacuata Month ago
wow great lost. time to find these movies :) thank you
Alex First
Alex First Month ago
Such a great video, I cried at the end, so good
guy remote
guy remote Month ago
Love this content but it's geoblocked in Japan
Puiji Saluji
Puiji Saluji Month ago
Metropolis was like my first childhood cartoon man really made me understood what anime was
JTR Preznz
JTR Preznz 8 days ago
You had to be a kid with no other frame of reference of good story telling to like that shit. Suck to be a hater but I'm so disappointed at how lackluster the whole shit was. Only good thing about it was the fluid animation.
TheSaint7770 Month ago
Lovingly commented, well done.
StefhanJKR Month ago
Before I played the Video I thought of five directors, Kon, Hosuda, Shinkai, Otomo and Takahata. I thought you wouldn't say takahata because your channel is called beyond ghibli but you said the other four. This is a good list.
jholotan best
jholotan best Month ago
Do adult Americans actually watch dubbed films?
The willow Of the North
I hate people who act like subs are the best
Ah yes, the sub snobs have appeared.
Olivia Petersen
Olivia Petersen Month ago
I do. I watch both but it really depends on the film and setting. And of course if the dub is good or not
devon brady
devon brady Month ago
I do!
naejin Month ago
I like the works of all these directors, but I think Yuasa Masaaki should have been on this list.
naejin Month ago
Some parts of the movie Tokyo Godfathers kind of reminds me of the Japanese Movie Tanpopo.
Laurens Alkemade
yesss, came to this video to see if you included anything from Makoto Shinkai and you open up with the song from "your name" perfect :)
Komi Kek
Komi Kek Month ago
Garden of words is disgusting, its literally pedophilia
Komi Kek
Komi Kek 5 days ago
@Jyant Trivedi the logic is lacking in YOURS cuz ur so far up the movies ass to realize that theres a fucking issue, which can be spotted with LOGIC and not bias against the movie, grow tf up.
Komi Kek
Komi Kek 5 days ago
@Nick Schlabach still sick. Still sexual tension, and still creepy af, literally the student teacher shit u can find on Hentai. Not a good look lmao
Nick Schlabach
Nick Schlabach 5 days ago
It deals with a lot of touchy issues but it threaded the needle in my opinion. Also the age of consent in Japan is like 14 or 15 so technically not illegal although still not a good idea and the movie doesn’t go there by the end anyway. Gorgeous animation.
Jyant Trivedi
Jyant Trivedi Month ago
@Komi Kek Don't watch that movie again or if you are so fucked up why don't you file a complaint against it...there is no point in arguing with you because logic is absent in your arguments.... .
Komi Kek
Komi Kek Month ago
@Jyant Trivedi i respect wtf i want, and i can throw the damn "art" out the window if the plot, as i said, even INITIATES a relationship or companionship or wtf, i dont CARE, its sick, refusing his feelings or not in the end scene they fucking run back to eachother, what the fuck does that tell you?
Rocco Casadei
Rocco Casadei Month ago
Time to update this video with Naoko Yamada, Isao Takahata, Masaki Yuasa, Katsuhiro Ōtomo, Mamoru Oshii, Tomomi Mochizuki
Laura Palka
Laura Palka Month ago
Love it! 12:54 I wonder if that scene is inspired by David Lynch's Wild at Heard (1990), The Good Witch: ruvid.net/video/video-hWtr9Xk8kBM.html
Anthea Johnson
Anthea Johnson Month ago
Are we gonna talk about 10:33 or not??
Capt. Shid
Capt. Shid Month ago
That's a porn movie
Mark B
Mark B Month ago
Urghhhh. I hate people who cant pronounce ghibli properly.
Nisha Sembian
Nisha Sembian Month ago
Wait ok so what is the right way?
Cristobal Lobo
Cristobal Lobo Month ago
Noo itss not GGbiibiiiIGLU ITS jiuiblifi ok virgin nobody cares
Cristobal Lobo
Cristobal Lobo Month ago
@Mark B yeah bcs this isnt my main language you angry weeb
Mark B
Mark B Month ago
@Cristobal Lobo shut up moron, you can't even spell.
Cristobal Lobo
Cristobal Lobo Month ago
Ugh why you cant pronounce well this word that's in another language you cant speak
I guess It's ash
Wolf children = the girl who leapt through time Both are really nostalgic to me they were what got me into anime in general so I can't chose over them 😅
xj Li
xj Li Month ago
RIP Satoshi Kon. So sad he died at young age. I love all of his movies and his unique editing style.
Johnny Esteves
Johnny Esteves Month ago
My mom never finished to watch a movie until My neighbor Totoro. The girls with her lovely way of passing through their problems kept her attention and heart.
Ahmed Emad
Ahmed Emad Month ago
@ 10:34 anime name pleas
M A R I A Month ago
jay Month ago
Reza K. A.
Reza K. A. Month ago
Ethan Landry
Ethan Landry Month ago
I'm a simple guy; I hear Sparkle by RADWIMPS, I like.
SodiePop Month ago
theres something about watching commentaries like this with japanese music background that just makes me want to tear up, and i have no idea why.
namulit emperor
namulit emperor Month ago
Didn't warm up to Paprika and had a really hard time finishing the book, one of the few Tsutsui works I read I didn't like at all. Love Kon's other works, though.
Isabella Soares
Isabella Soares Month ago
Thank you! Amazing video
Emilio Rodríguez
Wolf children>>the girl who leapt through time for me
Haruka F. N.
Haruka F. N. Month ago
not an unpopular opinion i think
R.I.P Betty
R.I.P Betty Month ago
Surprised that Masaki Yuasa didn't make it
Heidi Aberdein
Heidi Aberdein Month ago
Wolf children is a million times better than girl who leapt through time
Shuichi Takahashi
they're both legendary for me
gjoerulv 2 months ago
4:28 The share intelligence of those statements almost made me shed a tear. There is still hope.
space cowboy
space cowboy 2 months ago
god whenever I hear "The Girl in Byakkoka" I get an ache in my chest
mariana molina
mariana molina 2 months ago
I loved the video thank you for sharing .
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 2 months ago
Beautiful video
Celine Fu
Celine Fu 2 months ago
beint Month ago
@Queenay Enero im far from being a weeb
Queenay Enero
Queenay Enero Month ago
@beint welcome my fellow weeb
beint Month ago
@Queenay Enero thank you kind stranger
Queenay Enero
Queenay Enero Month ago
@beint if u want to DOWNLOAD the best site so far is 'Animepahe'
beint Month ago
@Queenay Enerocan you say which site please .. the ones I saw came with some kind of in built german subtitles which was sooo annoying
sikerow 2 months ago
12:17 casual suicide
Nicolas Kalt
Nicolas Kalt 2 months ago
Btw if anyone’s reading this the boy and beast is really good
Sean Castelliens
Sean Castelliens 2 months ago
Him: Talking about the awesomeness of Studio ghibli Also him: *uses Your Name's soundtrack*
W. F.
W. F. 2 months ago
Writing the names in the description 👏👏
Iliya Tseytin
Iliya Tseytin 2 months ago
Mamoru Oshii? Isao Takahata? No ?
Iliya Tseytin
Iliya Tseytin 2 months ago
@Nocturna Sure, but he made also a video about the Tales of Earthsea, which is also a Ghibli Studio's film made by Miyadzaki's son.
Nocturna 2 months ago
It's understandable why Takahata isn't here. This is a beyond Ghibli look. Takahata was the other great director of Studio Ghibli.
nassiba naji
nassiba naji 2 months ago
i feel bad and sad that i can't watch any new gibli movies anymore
Chaku’s world
Chaku’s world 2 months ago
Dreamz 4everr he retired like 9 times but continued making movies, and there’s one new coming in 2022(?) I believe
Dreamz 4everr
Dreamz 4everr 2 months ago
@Tom Vrabec i tot he retired
Tom Vrabec
Tom Vrabec 2 months ago
Why not? One of the upcoming ones is How Do You Live? which sound interesting.
farah saif
farah saif 2 months ago
WHY DO ANYONE WATCHES STUDIO GHIBLI IN DUB?? Like seriously, what's wrong with watching as it originally is, in Japanese?
White Lives Matter
White Lives Matter 2 months ago
I always watch the original dub of any movie. Hearing the english dub or other languages makes me throw up.
Aufa Putra
Aufa Putra 2 months ago
japan version always be the best
Astern 2 months ago
personally, if im watching an older one, i watch the dubbed version because it gets dubbed much further in the future, so the audio and visuals will be remastered
farah saif
farah saif 2 months ago
@wtfwasthat16 Sorry can't help be streotype since i never met a dub prefered person cause i have a lot of friends and can pretty much assure you thay despote my country's main language isn't english, a big majority of them prefer sub(note that I'm sure a tiny bit do but I'm neverherd of them). And since we don't practice English we've been reading subtitles since we were children, so really I don't have little problems with keeping up with the animation and reading the subtitles. Although i can respect why now i do disagree with conveyance of dialogue, not everything in Japanese language can be translated, you may even miss huge emotional moments since some are impossible to put in translation, and seiyuus(voice actor)'s voice portrays a character's personality. I find that it sucks a bit of life in the original character when they find another replacement. Well that's my two cents sorry I'm stereotypical abt dubs
farah saif
farah saif 2 months ago
Then i guess what i can conclude is that people who prefer sub(or no sub at all is fine like me) came for both the story and the Japanese language itself and those who prefer dub just came for the story and you guys don't really share the same interests in Japanese language as much as some do, is that what you guys mean?
Holar 2 months ago
Makoto Shinkai also has some incredibly touching short films
Mensur 2 months ago
After watching Millennium Actress, it instantly became one of my top 4 favorite anime! Run Chioko!
Parth Nagda
Parth Nagda 2 months ago
how could you not mention the works of misaki yuasa? the movies are like a dream.
Parth Nagda
Parth Nagda 2 months ago
i highly recommend watching,the night is short walk on girl, mindgame, colorful(2010). legendary stuff.
MJ Month ago
Colorful is good movie
CaliPSSF 2 months ago
another vote for Mindgame
Mohit Kalro
Mohit Kalro 2 months ago
'The Girl who leapt through time' is beautiful beyond words. 'Metropolis' is it's ending song, 'I can't stop loving you' indeed.
TheUncommonPerson 2 months ago
Thumbnail: Ghibli Photograph: Makoto Shinkai
Tajim Chakma
Tajim Chakma 2 months ago
Plesss anime dub in hindei 😞❤️❤️❤️❤️#indiawentsanime
Maven ?
Maven ? Month ago
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but almost every Hindi dub is terrible
kunal 19
kunal 19 2 months ago
That's cringe
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The Year of Yuasa
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Color full (2010) full movie