Beyonce | XO and Halo | Kobe Bryant Memorial | Reaction

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Beyonce did exactly what I knew she would do and that was delivered for the great Kobe Bryant and it was amazing. Rest in paradise to him, his daughter and those other beautiful souls involved in the crash ❤️


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Mar 4, 2020




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Adrian Anderson
Adrian Anderson Month ago
MarvKevea Campbell
MarvKevea Campbell 2 months ago
king music
king music 2 months ago
When the phone rang😂😂
Black Anthem
Black Anthem 3 months ago
Thanks! As usual, I love your Beyonce' reactions.
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 3 months ago
Beautiful tribute. Perfection as always ❤️
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas 3 months ago
Beyoncé killed it one of the best performances I’ve seen in awhile the performance literally gives me chills basically when she starts singing halo omg.
QueenBeyFan 3 months ago
Can you please react to Jessie J Ain't Nobody live on Singer 2018 !! It will leave you shook!🔥
Tronnn 2020
Tronnn 2020 3 months ago
You’re back!!!!!
Tahler Corbin
Tahler Corbin 3 months ago
Praise break!!!! @9:55
Tahler Corbin
Tahler Corbin 3 months ago
I swear you can never come prepared when listening to Beyoncé and that's periodt!
Tahler Corbin
Tahler Corbin 3 months ago
I have made another channel, and I'm still waiting on the Mr. Talkbox reaction videos lol. But I'm glad you're back in action !
Jovantai Lewis
Jovantai Lewis 4 months ago
I was waiting for this!!!! You're my favorite!
Nickey Hammock
Nickey Hammock 4 months ago
Was never a fan of basketball or his because I don’t watch basketball but I always knew who he was. This loss for his family has broken my heart for them. I literally cried for him and his daughter. A beautiful family. God be with his family, friends and fans. I don’t know much about him, Gigi or the other souls that passed but they are with God. God bless.
Daveena S.
Daveena S. 4 months ago
I 👏🏿 BEEN 👏🏿 LOOKIN' 👏🏿 FOR 👏🏿 YOU!!!! So glad you're back! I have been on your channel looking for updates CONSTANTLY these past few days!!! Glad to see you!
10hooper 4 months ago
The Queen
andrea collins
andrea collins 4 months ago
I don’t know why I can’t see you anymore on this!! Been there since day 1! How you doing nick?
ThatSingerReactions 4 months ago
I'm doing good miss you how you been?
Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark 4 months ago
(REACTION REQUEST LINKS BELOW) 9 year old Angelica Hale runner up on America’s got talent. Hope ya react, patiently waiting. Y’all will love her CLARITY : ruvid.net/video/video-odwElNh0CtY.html WITHOUT YOU : ruvid.net/video/video-sCkI3EAozg4.html SYMPHONY: ruvid.net/video/video-OWf0Y9iR6xY.html
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry 4 months ago
When she took that fade away down and then went right back tf up i shouted!!!
LaTonya Darrisaw
LaTonya Darrisaw 4 months ago
Thanks for reacting!!! ❤️👑🐝
Texting Stories
Texting Stories 4 months ago
i was waiting for ur reaction for hella long lmao
Mara Stotts
Mara Stotts 4 months ago
Beyonce did an amazing job...love her voice
Nate J
Nate J 4 months ago
Yo, Christina Aguilera did AVE MARIA. Please react. Peace and Thank you!
charlene WL0318
charlene WL0318 4 months ago
She absolutely DID THAT!!!! she’s perfection personified on her voice !
keesha abron
keesha abron 4 months ago
You held it together I cried right after XO... she was absolutely amazing
keesha abron
keesha abron 4 months ago
I’m so glad u came back... truly missed you🥰🥰
Marq Mac
Marq Mac 4 months ago
Dope reaction bro
Reina De Corazones
Reina De Corazones 4 months ago
B!@#$, I MISSED YOU!!!!! 😠😠😠😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Bey77 1
Bey77 1 4 months ago
Can you react to Beyonce trust in me
Jarinna Glover
Jarinna Glover 4 months ago
We’ve missed ur reaction
Dominique Moore
Dominique Moore 4 months ago
I would like to see u do a break down of the variety o runs beyonce, brandy and jasmine sullivan can do and their strengths over one another
1st Tenor Acclaimed
1st Tenor Acclaimed 4 months ago
Baby I felt this message 💯%!! This was a great remembrance for Kobe & Gianna Bryant..🙏🏽
ThatSingerReactions 4 months ago
It really really was
Javien Smith
Javien Smith 4 months ago
The fact that you try your hardest to catch the Holy Ghost is sending me lmao
ThatSingerReactions 4 months ago
I know lol don't even realise I do that lol
Javien Smith
Javien Smith 4 months ago
Brielle Rowe
Brielle Rowe 4 months ago
I have an reaction video you can react to it jasmine Sullivan I have nothing please do it
Gregory Eskridge
Gregory Eskridge 4 months ago
Please react to jennifer hudson's tribute to Kobe Bryant at NBA all-star game
KNG N 4 months ago
Yes you’re back !! When I saw the performance I was just waiting for you reaction cause you da best ❤️
ThatSingerReactions 4 months ago
Thanks king :)
Kourtney Hill
Kourtney Hill 4 months ago
Glad to see that you are back! Beyonce never disappoints. As many time as we hear these same songs, she manages to switch it up.
Jonah A.
Jonah A. 4 months ago
Glad you’re back! I was definitely waiting like a fiend on Friday for your post lmao Sorry to hear about your phone getting stolen! Niggas truly ain’t shit smh
queen B
queen B 4 months ago
Estuve esperando esto por días, gracias
Karla Barrientos
Karla Barrientos 4 months ago
I was waiting for your reaction of this performance !! I Love your videos!! Please react about this video American the beautiful by Beyonce. You are going to Love it. I am your fan From Peru 🇵🇪❤️❤️
Dominique Pyles
Dominique Pyles 4 months ago
I remember you saying in the Destiny’s Child National Anthem at the All Star game that Kobe was your idol....immediately wanted to know your reaction to this.
Wiltifah Boyd
Wiltifah Boyd 4 months ago
yasss finally she changed the words from crashing to laughing
Dolly Mimi
Dolly Mimi 4 months ago
I was waiting on thisssssss I KNEW U WOULD
Syed Firdaus
Syed Firdaus 4 months ago
I've been waiting for you broo. Thank you. I pressed like before the video even started LOL.
Bonginkosi Tshabalala
You are back "at last" singing in Beyoncè's voice
Caribbean Adams
Caribbean Adams 4 months ago
I love how she changed certain lyrics in XO to make it more appropriate because of how they passed.
Jo Buck87
Jo Buck87 4 months ago
“I’m not gonna cry or anything on this camera, y’all got me messed up!” This was a great performance from Mrs. Knowles-Carter. We only have a few real vocalist that are still killing it. Thank you. Oh sorry about your phone man. That’s low down someone thinks it’s ok to just steal from another person. Mankind better learn to be kind to all men.
Jo Buck87
Jo Buck87 4 months ago
tifah boyd So because I can afford expensive things I should just buy them and not use them? What kind of nonsense is that?? If you want nice expensive things you work hard for them and you use them like a watch or a car or a pair of shoes or jewelry. It’s not made to just sit on display. Honestly that’s one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever heard.
Wiltifah Boyd
Wiltifah Boyd 4 months ago
honestly this is why people shouldn't walk around with expensive things you got people who don't wanna work to get what they want anymore like us normal people
Asia Means
Asia Means 4 months ago
First of all, Sorry someone stole your IPhone, that sucks! Especially if you got info on there and stuff, plus they are NOT cheap so hopefully you had insurance. Glad you're back!🙂 GREAT REACTION as always! I've seen her performance about 11 times now and no matter what, each and every single time, I GET CHILLS, including right now, so I feel you on that! Only thing is from now on I know every time I hear Halo I'm always gonna see this song as the Kobe Memorial Song and it's gonna hit me different but that's not such a bad thing. I agree, I'm loving Beyonce's mature voice and that gospel growl! Yesss BEYONCE! FYI..Beyhive members...I hope y'all have been keeping your eyes and ears open and paying close attention. You know Mama is the surprise queen right? I mean she damn near invented the art of surprise for the music industry! Remember she signed that Netflix deal that she still has to fulfill, which means she has more to drop....ANDDDDDD y'all can't tell me that the new album, yup I said it, the new album, is already done, yup! Whenever Blue, yes Blue, cuz I'm convinced she really runs things, whenever Blue is ready she will hit the button and the album will drop on Sunday morning at 10:45am, LOL. Remember when Beyonce was rocking braids HARD last fall? And you know it don't take her but a few weeks if that to make a album, Mama don't play. And she SNEAKY as hell, y'all know that, so you never know with Mama, she just keeps us on our toes, AND WE ARE ALL HERE FOR IT! #BEYHIVEFOREVER
tiny wife
tiny wife 4 months ago
glad your back i have missed your reactions xx
Asia Means
Asia Means 4 months ago
JP Zolanski
JP Zolanski 4 months ago
Love the intro💖🔥 and another amazing reaction video 🦦
King Monica
King Monica 4 months ago
Xtina sang at the memorial too 😭❤
King Monica
King Monica 4 months ago
Naturally Angie
Naturally Angie 4 months ago
Ummm sir where you been, ya girl has been bored on RUvid !!!
Belac John
Belac John 4 months ago
He always disappearing🙄
ThatSingerReactions 4 months ago
Had no camera and it sucked ugh lol
Naturally Angie I swear. It’s nice having other reactors but BLACK reactors???? That’s like having the ultimate friend
Keith P.
Keith P. 4 months ago
I was hoping you would come back to react to this!
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