Beyonce - Spirit | Original Song From Lion King | Reaction|

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Im blown away by this song and I will be going to see this at the movies. Keep ya crying kids at home.


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Jul 10, 2019




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Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall 2 months ago
Gently...fuck us up....GENTLY
blueeses 5 months ago
"Oh, you 'Love on Top'-in us on this shit? You gon' 'Love on Top' us?" 😂
Texting Stories
Texting Stories 7 months ago
man i love your reaction vids, pls don’t stop!
Not Another Beauty Guru
Fawk me up.... Gently bih!!!!
Chenise r
Chenise r 10 months ago
U got me fucked up ... 😂
Midget :D
Midget :D 10 months ago
Go watch Lemoncè SNATCH YOUR WIGS and react to Spirit. It’s seriously so genuine and funny 😂 m.ruvid.net/video/video-egWRpFUPu6I.html
A R 10 months ago
Yoooo 🤣🤣🤣 I live for your reactions 😭
Mel B
Mel B 10 months ago
I was wait your reaction... 😉🙂. Long time no see... 😏
pre celebrity
pre celebrity 10 months ago
yall heard him w that spirit noteee💅🏾🔥
Ruth Nambowe
Ruth Nambowe 10 months ago
"Oh you Love on Topping us on this shit" Dying 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂
Sunshine 10 months ago
😂😂 lol 😁 u funny!
T Lo Brown
T Lo Brown 10 months ago
That top note was a Bb5 in falsetto. She almost hit us with a Emotions C6.
JayJay Hibbs
JayJay Hibbs 10 months ago
Haha loveeeee it
10hooper 10 months ago
Beyoncé has a whole album based on Lion King & its out this thursday night/friday. You should check it out!
Robin Carter
Robin Carter 10 months ago
U sleep Wake up the video droped omg ❤️😍😍
astrid654 10 months ago
That falsetto is just 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Itoy Walker
Itoy Walker 10 months ago
Gently fuck us up!😂😂😂 That took me out!😂
Itoy Walker
Itoy Walker 10 months ago
I got Free Willy tease from spirit! Muva definitely coming for that Oscar! Fits perfectly with the movie. The composition of this such is superb!
mary 590
mary 590 10 months ago
that note was bb5
kataka nelson
kataka nelson 10 months ago
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Gariyon Croomes
Gariyon Croomes 10 months ago
Love your reactions they are the best
The Bragg Breezys #webraggdifferent
She murdered this song
Blake Downing
Blake Downing 10 months ago
"You gonna Love On Top us!!" HAHAHA I said the same thing!! Great reaction!
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle 10 months ago
Them Fuckin Melismas, cresendos, that Falsetto that damn Eb5 and oh that *POWER* Bey didn't come to play with the girls
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle 10 months ago
Beyonce put her Mofo Heart, Soul, Foot, Ankles, Edges & all into this damn Song 🙏
Ross 10 months ago
“It’s a Beyonce Note “ I’m WEAK!! Hahahaha
Ross 10 months ago
“You ain’t bout to hit me with no side note” 🤣😂
Steve B
Steve B 10 months ago
Great reaction as always! I love how passionate you get about singing. You literally lose it and I'm totally here for that! I beg you react to Nightwish Ghost Love Score live in Wacken. You'll love the vocals I swear!
Dalon contreras
Dalon contreras 10 months ago
React to Beyoncé i will always love you at revel !!plzzzz it’s amazing ❤️
Lae W
Lae W 10 months ago
Yas gently sir her runs are too much
205XFactor 10 months ago
OMG Bey adopt me please!!!!!!
Saundra Cunningham
Saundra Cunningham 10 months ago
“What are we calling that note? What is that called?” 😂 same 😂
Mia D
Mia D 10 months ago
Damn bro you can SING
ThatSingerReactions 10 months ago
Thank you lol
ThatSingerReactions 10 months ago
Thanks man lol
Matheus Alves
Matheus Alves 10 months ago
Queen the world🔥👑
Dora Mpunga
Dora Mpunga 10 months ago
0.01_0.30 language from east Africa especially in Tanzania country, uishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme, wooh am so proud to be tanzanian
Franka Mateša
Franka Mateša 10 months ago
"U gonna love on top us?" Aahahh ❤ Yes she will!! She can spit on me with that vocals xD
francis ayitey
francis ayitey 10 months ago
Yeah you right... Next year she's coming for the Oscar n golden globe award
Jazmyn Williams
Jazmyn Williams 10 months ago
“You gone love on top us” 😂
Politicking with Mr.Weeks
I said Beyonce is the most versatile vocalist in music history
Arohi Sengupta
Arohi Sengupta 17 days ago
where's the lie
R L 11 months ago
Dont stop stream. Let at night on replay. Cmon bees. This woman deserves it.
Christian Friis
Christian Friis 11 months ago
"What are we calling that note?! What is that called?!" 😂
The Dàncîng Jêwëłś
“You gon do the shit again” i busted out laughing 😂😂😂
Keyana Bynum
Keyana Bynum 11 months ago
Let’s get this Beyoncé speechless live coming bby boy lol ( black and white polka dot dress ) it’s here on RUvid
Tonya TK
Tonya TK 11 months ago
I have always been in love with your reviews
blackkatt777 11 months ago
You are my "Spirit" animal. 😂 You understand. The way this song was arranged, especially with the choir... This felt like a tribute to Africa and the many who suffered and died along the journey of it's people. What they endured for us, to get higher in our journeys. We feel their spirit of strenght as they watch over and guide us. Love it.
Ruth Nambowe
Ruth Nambowe 10 months ago
Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson 11 months ago
5:47 “Oh you Love On Topping us with this shit” 😂
Nia R.
Nia R. 11 months ago
React to Can you feel the love tonight Bey and Donald full version.
Joy 11 months ago
Lebo M the original South African composer of the movie and theater composed this song. And I’m proud to be South African. I also just learned it’s mostly a South African cast too. Can wait to hear Dr John Kani as Rafiki
Maurice Randolph
Maurice Randolph 11 months ago
Love your videos you bring us joy with them
J 11 months ago
Emmy for Homecoming Oscar for Spirit Fuck the Grammys
Bryon B
Bryon B 11 months ago
Your reactions are hilarious!!! When she went into the second part of the bridge into her falsetto, the FACE you made reminded me of Wanda from in living color. I was waiting for you to say "I'm ret ta go"🤣🤣🤣😂
Lanzie Woods
Lanzie Woods 11 months ago
Beyoncé Is just a big inspiration to me Her Vocals are just so pure and beautiful 🐝
Conversations w KEV
Conversations w KEV 11 months ago
If you ended the video @ 6:03 that would’ve been EVERYTHING!
Ayyee.S 11 months ago
Subscription added👐🏽!!
None Ya Damn Business.
“We was down hell somewhere” I hate you😭😭😭😂 P.s please react to jhud aretha tribute in the white dress!
Funkdafied 89
Funkdafied 89 11 months ago
Keke Wyatt, jennifer Hudson, ariana Grande, and lady Gaga, could NEVER!
Happy2bFree 10 months ago
@Funkdafied 89 ,oh my bad! lol
Funkdafied 89
Funkdafied 89 10 months ago
@Happy2bFree I was agreeing with you😂😂💛
Happy2bFree 11 months ago
@Funkdafied 89 ,no I wasn't comparing the 2,just saying Brandy could have taken on this song,and sung it in different octaves as well! Brandy and B,are my favs!
Funkdafied 89
Funkdafied 89 11 months ago
@Happy2bFree brandy is another fave of mine and she loves and respect Bey, so shes off limits in my case!😂😂💛
Happy2bFree 11 months ago
Brandy probably could have!
Badass G
Badass G 11 months ago
Beyonce is the queen of everything..... 😍😍😍👸👸👸
Asia Means
Asia Means 11 months ago
LOVE YOUR REACTION VIDEOS!!! Beyonce is the Queen of ALL melodies, harmonies, genres, I mean I guess the real question is... what can't she do?? Answer: NOTHING!! THERE IS NOTHING SHE CANT DO! PERIOD. POINT BLANK. END OF DISCUSSION.
micayla 11 months ago
youre so good at mimicking beyonce lol
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Attempting lol
micayla 11 months ago
im sooo happy you're back i missed your reactions
Phil W
Phil W 11 months ago
I would love to ask Beyoncé what is her thought process after she’s finished arranging a song. Does she do it in one recording and multiple recordings? This song gives me chills, it’s fucking beautiful. The harmonies, the runs, the boldness and power of her lower range, the harmonies as she’s running all over this song, the modulation, the head voice, OMFFFGGGGGG WOMAN!! If she doesn’t get the Oscar for best original song, I’m going to be pissed. 😭😭🤣
KB Media
KB Media 11 months ago
Your reaction at 4:50 is what I came here for ahahaha
Kiara Hampton
Kiara Hampton 11 months ago
She had all of us fucked up bruh. I cried listening to this
Carla L. Morgan
Carla L. Morgan 11 months ago
No one is going to be able to cover that song...it’s a wrap! Great reaction video and I APPRECIATE you playing it all the way thru and THEN going back to talk about what you liked. I hate that stop and start shit. Great job! 👍🏾
Lucian wilbrod
Lucian wilbrod 11 months ago
i love the starting part with KISWAHILI "UISHI KWA MUDA MREFU MFALME" meaning live long the king
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
How do you guys know that lol that's amazing
doesitmatter 11 months ago
How did I not know you were back? I love your reactions. Can you react to little mix woman like me at bbc radio 1 big weekend and bounce back mv?
Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren 11 months ago
Sorry for the double comment but specifically from otr 2, since you haven’t covered that tour yet.
Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren 11 months ago
Can you start doing Beyoncé live reactions again. That’s how I came to know you and they’re always so funny.
Sanitizers Sanctuary
Sanitizers Sanctuary 11 months ago
Can you shut up and actually listen to it ... you can fan girl afterwards
Sanitizers Sanctuary
Sanitizers Sanctuary 10 months ago
Can you stop breathing for 15 minutes then come back
KAA06 10 months ago
Can you shut up and get off this channel? He does it right. You're supposed to react during the song and give a summary after.
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Umm no
Sass_King5 11 months ago
Sean Henry stfu
Numahayseta Trawally
Numahayseta Trawally 11 months ago
Please more Beyonce is best
Music Head
Music Head 11 months ago
Lol “who is she” 😂😂
Eli 11 months ago
Vocals. She’s all that and more.
angivens86 11 months ago
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 11 months ago
A day late but Beyoncé snatched more wigs especially with that falsetto Bb5 (that took me out). Great entertaining reaction btw.
Reina De Corazones
Reina De Corazones 11 months ago
"We wuz down HELL somewhere!!!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Portia Mojatau
Portia Mojatau 11 months ago
I love your reactions and appreciation of talent...I always look forward to watching you.thanks from South Africa
Nick is Living
Nick is Living 11 months ago
Love your Beyoncé reactions ❤️🤗
lutu sammid
lutu sammid 11 months ago
Did you notice the background voice before beyonce's part, are Swahili🇹🇿 words that sounds as' "ishi mda mrefu mfalme" which means' _live long King_
Erica Dickerson
Erica Dickerson 10 months ago
guilherme p.b
guilherme p.b 11 months ago
be humble sit down
be humble sit down 11 months ago
Your reactions are always the best
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