Beyonce's Daughter, Blue Ivy, Steals The Spotlight In "Spirit" Music Video!

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When I was 7 years old I was watching Rugrats and playing with my Lite Brite, but Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy couldn’t be having a more opposite childhood. She just slayed in Beyonce’s music video for “Spirit” and we are all shook.
What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we all know the Lion King comes out this weekend I’ve heard the hype is worth it. I already have my tickets.
But until we can see the movie, Beyonce’s is holding us over with a stunning new music video for the song Spirit from the film’s soundtrack.
And the whole video is a work of art. Who knew Beyonce could literally pull off wearing every color in the rainbow?
Actually, I did, I knew, but we got to see it all first hand in one video, so I am here for it.
Queen Bey served up all these looks while executing choreography perfectly and while belting out Spirit beautifully...
But the real winner of this video wasn’t necessarily Beyonce or the gorgeous computer-generated animals.
Move over Beyonce because Blue Ivy Carter just won all of our hearts.
She was twinning with her mom in matching dresses and although she was only in two scenes, Blue proved to be quite the scene-stealer, and the internet couldn't help but fangirl.
Blue Ivy Fans are taking to Twitter to gush over the 7-year-old icon.
One person wrote quote, “Blue Ivy ft. that girl from destiny child #SpiritMusicVideo”
And another said quote, “Blue Ivy on Beyoncé’s #Spirit video is like: Bitch, I have to take my place... as Queen! #TheLionKing”
But my favorite was this user who called out the sweet mother/daughter moment saying quote, “When Blue Ivy & Beyoncé connected hands tho #SpiritMusicVideo #Spirit”
And I agree, I can’t get enough of these two together.
But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them twinning and slaying.
Blue and Beyonce have rocked matching outfits to red carpets and even just around the house.
I wouldn’t expect anything less from Blue and Bey.
Now I know you have the song on repeat, so let’s all sing it together in 3. 2. 1. SPIRITTTTTTTTT. Watch the heavens open.
But I want to know what you guys think.
Did Blue Ivy totally steal your heart in this music video? And would you like to see her in more of Beyonce’s vids? Let me know what you think down in the comments below.
Then when you’re done with that, if you haven’t already. Go ahead and subscribe and click that bell so you don’t miss a single thing. After that make sure you click here to watch another new video. Thank you so much for watching. I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Antanasia Coleman
Antanasia Coleman 5 months ago
Rosa Lights_YT
Rosa Lights_YT 7 months ago
you were singing on your own XD
wolfbabe 8 months ago
Did they dye Blue Ivy's natural hair or is she wearing a wig?
Latoria Smith
Latoria Smith 9 months ago
Blue ivy ugly and she not better than northwest
Latoria Smith
Latoria Smith 9 months ago
Just kidding she the best kid ever
Tamiya Fairley
Tamiya Fairley 9 months ago
Olatunde KOLADE
Olatunde KOLADE 9 months ago
You have a nice voice!
rosa avcacoda pits wright
Her style maybe a little different but she has the form ...leg straight, Demi pl. Perfectly done , while the other girls are all off ... balance!!! Do your you thing !!!
jillian oquist
jillian oquist 9 months ago
His voice tho
Antonio Funaro
Antonio Funaro 10 months ago
love your contents!
Mrs Kitten
Mrs Kitten 10 months ago
I'm so glad that blu ivy is in this video with beyonce. For people to talk negatively about her child in the past and look at her now. Im glad beyonce and jay z are raising blu to be strong. I think that she has a very bright future ahead of her.
Seroled Art
Seroled Art 10 months ago
I wanted to actually hear the song. You're sick blocking out the song.
ROYAL_EMPRESS 10 months ago
She did..so cute
Eunice Akinlami
Eunice Akinlami 10 months ago
Rubbish. Just wasted my time
Erica Erica
Erica Erica 10 months ago
Kristina Chestnut
Kristina Chestnut 10 months ago
Um...you can sing!🙂❤️
NUNE 242
NUNE 242 10 months ago
Blue Ivy is a blessed child.💕
Regina Robbins
Regina Robbins 10 months ago
Ummm YEZ😍
Adrian Hornsby
Adrian Hornsby 10 months ago
Exploitation of a,child its disgrace full shallow minded people with money
swahili Mandela
swahili Mandela 9 months ago
Well said I can't beat them.They are so greedy.She is just normal looking.She isn't exquisite
Skyflower 007
Skyflower 007 10 months ago
remember when ppl used to make fun of her as a baby, evn b4 she was born (mean , hateful broads) now where they @ ? (we dont know and we dont care, we dont bully babies or evn adults) keep on shining Ivy !!!
Mana Krissy
Mana Krissy 10 months ago
Blue ivy is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!
Brenda Kidd
Brenda Kidd 10 months ago
Good job... Alright Mom and Daughter
Haja Ndoleh
Haja Ndoleh 10 months ago
nice to hear this one
patricial walter
patricial walter 10 months ago
Bro, I hope you are in the choir????? You've got the voice too 👏👏👏
shemeka jordan
shemeka jordan 10 months ago
Spartanishous 10 months ago
Why didn't you show the video?
Princess Di
Princess Di 10 months ago
Poor child entering witchcraft like mother like daughter. Athaliah and Jezebel.
Iamjust Zyaire
Iamjust Zyaire 10 months ago
The lion king was just sooooo🤯🤯😍😍😍 ! It was so beautiful and it came to life !! And there were soooo many emotions 😍😍😍
caramel luv
caramel luv 10 months ago
That child has no talent y'all ate delusional because it Beyonce.
Marie 10 months ago
Love the the matching out fits they both look great.Absolutely marvelous Beoncye is a wonderful mom.Blue Ivey is definitely her daddy baby.Looking just like Jay Z
Patricia Bell
Patricia Bell 10 months ago
I admire Beyonce for supporting and be a black woman she's has always supported black women no matter the income thank you for being Proud to be a black woman and showing love always and I know Blue Ivy will to God Bless
Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison 10 months ago
Boy..... You betta SANG!!!! YEZZZZ!!!! Great video!!!
Sheena King
Sheena King 10 months ago
You just got yourself a New subscriber.. When you started singing lol!! 💖
Nicholas97 10 months ago
Blue has the look the being the persona of a living live Queen within herself. She does not need to be told. She holds her own just fine! She is a real live living legend unfolding before our eyes. GOD BLESS YOU BLUE!
Deatrice Scott
Deatrice Scott 10 months ago
Grow up to be fabulous like your mom n dad
Deatrice Scott
Deatrice Scott 10 months ago
Go Blue Ivy ♥
Deatrice Scott
Deatrice Scott 10 months ago
She's gorgeous like her mama. I love seeing her mom teach her what she learned when she was her age.
Jessica Luís Felício
Shante Gause
Shante Gause 10 months ago
Beautiful BEAUTIFUL 💋💋. Brown, White, Dark skin whatever color God attended you to be its all about your character (HEART). Remember it's one heaven and God created everything BEAUTIFUL and GOOD. 🙏🙏🙏
American Warrior
American Warrior 10 months ago
Beyonce is exploiting her daughter.
Janet Jiles
Janet Jiles 10 months ago
Bra your voice is on point
antonis antonis
antonis antonis 10 months ago
Anese Collins
Anese Collins 10 months ago
Blue Ivy is amazing
Amanda Celestine
Amanda Celestine 10 months ago
Honeeeyyy.....you can sing.👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
Yep_ itsB
Yep_ itsB 10 months ago
You betta SLAY BLUE IVY CARTER!!! It's not really possible for anyone to level up a Beyonce video. Normally Bey is the level up BUT MS. BLUE IVY CARTER just elevated this vid to a level unknown.
Daphne Nielsen
Daphne Nielsen 10 months ago
Christopher Belfield
Christopher Belfield 10 months ago
Wow you could sing
Jernetta 10 months ago
I had to give this video a like👍 for your singing Sir and you shouldn't have stopped.
natalia williams
natalia williams 10 months ago
I absolutely love Blue and her mom together!😍 The holding of the hands scene so touching/affectionate, but to say she stole the show from Beyoncé...slow down folks she’s only 7 but give it some time!! 😄
Chanel Johnson
Chanel Johnson 10 months ago
Nobody steal bey spot light Idc Idc Idc🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝lol
Shae La Vie
Shae La Vie 10 months ago
Sang boi!!!
YOLANDA JOHNSON 10 months ago
You sing very well also.. Blue Ivy is sooo cute.. train them up .. I am soo happy for them
Katrina Woods
Katrina Woods 10 months ago
Love your voice
Ms Love
Ms Love 10 months ago
A little bey 4real
S O 10 months ago
1:45 you killed it mate.
S O 10 months ago
I sure felt the spirit that's for are. I was crying 🤣
Alva Rae
Alva Rae 10 months ago
Stop sending me this BS the world is an illusion the celebrities are wicked blue ivory is a boy Beyonce is a male and jayz is a female. In the scripture " those who has eyes let them see those who has ears let them here. I was born gifted with Spiritual eyes and the Spiritual world is real. Wake the fuck up! Celebrities are demonic own by the illuminatti. All celebrities are flipped gender..Sodom and gomorrah
MzKeylazy 10 months ago
Your voice is beautiful oh and I love the video
Stacey Donald
Stacey Donald 10 months ago
I love that part of the video when it's mommy and daughter.
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey 10 months ago
She looks like a boy
Chandra Durr
Chandra Durr 10 months ago
Stephanie Clarke Pelton
Tracy Birden
Tracy Birden 10 months ago
NaDroj LleCrad
NaDroj LleCrad 10 months ago
When he sang yes gaaaawd
peggy brooks
peggy brooks 10 months ago
P03ticJustice 10 months ago
Kim Kardashian straightens North natural hair black people go crazy. Blue ivy wears a while wig of a looser texture..... crickets
althea smith
althea smith 10 months ago
Yes I cried.. She has something special beyond what we see..
India Miller
India Miller 10 months ago
Blue & Bey 💙💙💙😍😍😍They All Looked Fabulous....Awesome Song & Video also...🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾#MotherDaughterSlayingTheShoot #Yassss
Blu Carter
Blu Carter 10 months ago
She did stole it
Angela Buchanan-Sparks
The Best Video In Year's. Blessings to Blue and What's Her Name 😁 Just Kidding. Great Move Beyonce & Jay.. Now for The Twins..💕
Marisa Perkins
Marisa Perkins 10 months ago
Blue Ivy stole it and just by making an appearance.....I really wanted to see more
Lush Jay
Lush Jay 10 months ago
They should've put you on the sound track too cause you got vocals
Cristazzi Babi
Cristazzi Babi 10 months ago
Blue Ivy slayed
DeBora Gross
DeBora Gross 10 months ago
Excellent commentary & Yasssssssssssss More BLUE PLEASE
Shenice Says
Shenice Says 10 months ago
dimanshe1 10 months ago
Can Blu Ivy sing? Any videos showing her actually singing? The host can sing though! Whitney’s daughter couldn’t sing bless her soul, hope Blu Ivy is the opposite.
CHERISH Love 10 months ago
Blue ivy is gorgeous!!
I just fell out THE chair😅😅😅😅😅😅😅...good 1 hun
PrincessArmy 10 months ago
When i saw blue ivy my heart melted with joy, beyonce and blue looked beautiful 😊❤
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