Beyonce's Best Live Vocals

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Aug 17, 2017




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Comments 80
Daniel Emega
Daniel Emega 23 hours ago
I can't believe people actually think Sia is better than Beyoncé in vocals, like WTAF!!!!!!
TheyCallMe Teddy
2:33 Those yes runs though Speechless... girl goodnight!
Inevitable Difference
I am so happy this woman exists
Dai Nogueira Rosa
she's a angel of the heaven. God says me.
Deadly Relic
Deadly Relic 3 days ago
Is she the sun ☀️ 😱😆
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan 3 days ago
Vocalist of our generation
Fernanda Costa
Fernanda Costa 3 days ago
Carol Chikwa
Carol Chikwa 4 days ago
Wig snatched 😌
Ye Ong
Ye Ong 8 days ago
Please update her live performances after 2016...
Saw Dust
Saw Dust 12 days ago
That "Pretty Hurts" performance was probably one of her less good performances lol
N G 13 days ago
One of the best after Mariah and Whitney
Nandipha Geza
Nandipha Geza 13 days ago
I think I going to get beyonces song damn
John Mark Balladares
2020. Who's still watching?
Rayan Ghorayeb
Rayan Ghorayeb 17 days ago
i CANNOT believe they didn't include "countdown", her vocals in this song are just as good as her other performances.
Pillow 21 day ago
the Stevie wonder tribute >>>>
A M 23 days ago
I wonder how Stevie Wonder felt watching Queen B
A M 23 days ago
Been watching these Best Live Vocals of singers for like an hour and videos of Michael Jackson performing live were everywhere I wonder why
Callie Tanner
Callie Tanner 23 days ago
Who doesn’t love Beyoncé
Evan Douglas
Evan Douglas 14 days ago
Haters whos not happy and insecure and have no money 💰
tionnanicole95 29 days ago
Can we talk about how when she was performing “Sex on Fire”, she was still killing it vocally while LAYING DOWN?! that is hella difficult
Blurrxed Jxstice
I’d this was true it would be 38 years long ......
Dany Duchant
Dany Duchant Month ago
True vocalist
Kauter BAIZ
Kauter BAIZ Month ago
If I were a boy at the grammys?
Andrea Varela
Andrea Varela Month ago
Who’s been here more than one time?🙋🏻‍♀️
Amy Adamson
Amy Adamson Month ago
Retro Nile
Retro Nile Month ago
2:50 Beys feet was making an appearance that day 💀💀💀
Luís Eduardo
Luís Eduardo Month ago
Is God a woman? Yes and i can prove that!
Jason D
Jason D Month ago
Top vocals in the game: bey, Whitney, young Mariah, and Ariana dont @ me
Jason D
Jason D Month ago
Like.. she’s a literal god
JustLynn Month ago
just listen to her breathing between belts. its crazy
Baymax Tadashi
Baymax Tadashi Month ago
I always love her voice. The vibrato, runs, uniqueness, such a queen
L Taylor
L Taylor Month ago
I feel like people overhype beyonce but her songs don't get listened to enough WHY AREN'T PEOPLE LISTENING TO HER!?
Fariz Andrian
Fariz Andrian Month ago
even her performance when she was sick can be included to her best vocals.
Rockford Reck
Rockford Reck Month ago
10:59 - 11:06 That's all that needs to be said about Beyonce. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
Imani Hayes
Imani Hayes Month ago
I absolutely love Beyonce. She is and will always be the Queen Bey!!!!
Taylor Mebane
Taylor Mebane 2 months ago
Lea Lippard
Lea Lippard 2 months ago
I'm not a fan, but what is really, really fascinating to me is how she is able to move and dance and still sing just flawlessy at the same time. Great to watch.
Justin Seldon
Justin Seldon 2 months ago
Where's the performance of her slaying Alexandra Burke on The X Factor UK?
explicit neva
explicit neva 2 months ago
Ingrid Velloy
Ingrid Velloy 2 months ago
Alexey Taygishkin
Alexey Taygishkin 2 months ago
Beyonce has really good live performances, but why do you add also lipped perfomances? I guess it's not fully live (I mean Love on Top)
Green Hornet
Green Hornet 2 months ago
All of these were live including love on Top. She’s really that good.
Charles Lasko
Charles Lasko 2 months ago
Was love on top rlly sang by a human that was mad impressive
S S 2 months ago
Where’s Resentment??
Brianna B
Brianna B 2 months ago
Her consistency in vocal quality is legendary. Best mainstream vocalist right now, NO comparison.
Raydoffa Braziel
Raydoffa Braziel 2 months ago
We love to see it 😍
Kartel Beatz
Kartel Beatz 2 months ago
Such a powerful singing voice
alishba Fozan
alishba Fozan 2 months ago
im confused as to how they managed to fit all her best vocal moments into this 14 minute video
Dennis Etang
Dennis Etang 2 months ago
I finished the video without noticing it😁
Benjamin Browning
Benjamin Browning 2 months ago
Halo at the Superbowl is my all time fav of hers
Evets Zerimar
Evets Zerimar 2 months ago
How could jay z cheat on this goddess?! Smh
Ludmylla Pinho
Ludmylla Pinho 2 months ago
Emely Lopez
Emely Lopez 2 months ago
Klay Torres
Klay Torres 2 months ago
This compilation frustrates me. There are FAR better vocal moments of the queen. Ugh!
Green Hornet
Green Hornet 2 months ago
I agree They other better ones but these that were shown were pretty good
Beri Clara
Beri Clara 2 months ago
My musical idol since my 2 year😍😍😍😍😍😍. She's made for it😘
Lorenzo Segatta
Lorenzo Segatta 2 months ago
There's was a Voice Once. I didn't remember to have seen Her in a Window.No no. It was just My Illusion.She was wearing a Blue dress. Just Details.
Flo officielle
Flo officielle 3 months ago
Power ❤️🔥
Cherry 3 months ago
This bitch overrated acting like only Beyoncé can sing her ass off
Green Hornet
Green Hornet 2 months ago
Nobody said she was the only one who can sing. And she’s definitely not overrated
Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders 3 months ago
Fuck shes a beast✊✊
name less
name less 3 months ago
Idk why this women has hater
bificalera 1
bificalera 1 3 months ago
4:59 you can hear Ariana Grande
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 3 months ago
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 3 months ago
MASSKAYAEXODUS ! 4 months ago
Somebody give this girl a record deal. LOL lawd!
Larissa Fagundes
Larissa Fagundes 4 months ago
kalynne kalynne
kalynne kalynne 4 months ago
A Billie Elish ganhou o Grammy de melhor vocal esse ano ( 2020 ) concorrendo com ariana grande e Beyoncé , eu gosto da Billie Elish e reconheço que a voz dela é bonita mas vamos combinar que concorrendo com as duas rainhas do pop a Billie é coadjuvante. Essa é minha opinião e eu não tenho a intenção de ofender ninguém, mil desculpas se eu ofendi . ❤✊ Billie Elish won the Grammy for best vocal this year (2020) competing with Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, I like Billie Elish (I'm also a fan of her) and I recognize that her voice is beautiful but let's agree that competing with the two queens of pop Billie is a student. That is my opinion and I have no intention of offending anyone, a thousand apologies if I have. ✊❤
artsy A
artsy A 4 months ago
I'm just honest, Ariana g is nothing compared to queen b
Наргиза Кадырова
Love her soooooooo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Janet Tetteh
Janet Tetteh 4 months ago
Seriously this is! THE BEST. 😘
QUANG VIỆT ALVA 4 months ago
Kyo Ksenomorf
Kyo Ksenomorf 4 months ago
ну такое
Yasmin Putrialifa
Yasmin Putrialifa 4 months ago
Love on top is just 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Екатерина Гуща
Голос сильный. Но она постоянно орёт
Vitor 4 months ago
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ queen of the world!!! Beyonceeee
Isabel Queiroz
Isabel Queiroz 4 months ago
Even Celine Dion was "bitch, you're flawless"
Magdiel Alfaro Calderón
Y existe algún en vivo que no sea el mejor? siempre la he escuchado cantar así de increíble.
iatira.c 5 months ago
she isn't overrated ya'll she's just god's finest duh
Benjamin Stevenson
Benjamin Stevenson 5 months ago
Each one of those songs were complicated and big, I mean really big. Amazing stories to be told and she acted each one out dramatically. However, I'm not sure they were sang live, no hate!
Dude Cipher
Dude Cipher 4 months ago
The only lipped song in this video is Love on top. EVERYTHING else is live
Tanja Manojlovic
Tanja Manojlovic 5 months ago
The problem are her songs. She is not a true artist/songwriter...her songs are trash. She is 'just' a singer. There are a lot of good singers in the world, but far fewer musicians. Her contribution to music is miniscule.
Dude Cipher
Dude Cipher 2 months ago
Green Hornet period
Green Hornet
Green Hornet 2 months ago
tirtunemdouq her contribution to music has huge. She has broken several records and changed how the artists release music
Dude Cipher
Dude Cipher 4 months ago
Yall never have that same energy for Whitney
Black And white
Black And white 5 months ago
Well, as long she can deliver the best performances tbh I don't care if she doesn't write her own songs. Her main jobs is the performer and singer not songwriter. Her stage presence and her vocals are unmatched lol.
s.a 5 months ago
Crying in the first minute with pretty hurts
Julia Lau
Julia Lau 5 months ago
So basically take every live video of Beyoncé and buy it into this and say it’s all of her best vocals
Sugar Smacks
Sugar Smacks 5 months ago
That flaws and all gets me everytime 😩 but there will never be another Beyonce I'm thankful I was able to witness her from DC to now 💞
Rachael Sakala
Rachael Sakala 5 months ago
Best vocals ever
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